Vote For The Best XXL Cover of 2009 [DAY 10]

It’s the final day of XXL’s look back on our decade of dominance as we reflect on all the covers we’ve done over the past 10 years. It all started last week when we began posting the covers year-by-year so you, the reader, could vote for the Best XXL Cover from the past decade.

But the trip down memory lane doesn’t end here. Today might be your last day to vote for the best covers from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and now 2009, but next week we’ll kick off a second round of voting.

Over the weekend we’ll tally up all the votes to determine the top 10 fan favorites by year and on Monday (Jan. 18) we’ll unveil those covers so you can vote one last time for the Best XXL Cover of the Millennium, which will be announced on Friday, January 22. Before that, though, we have one more batch of covers to go through.

So without further ado, the 2009 XXL cover nominees are…

UPDATE: Due to reports of a cheat code being posted on a message board to vote more than once per day for the 2002 ballot, XXL has investigated the situation and fixed the potential problem to make that code inactive. In the interest of fairness, the XXL staff has decided to throw out ALL previous votes for that year and allowing readers to vote again for the 2002 ballot once per day until today Friday (January 15). CLICK HERE to recast your vote for 2002. We apologies for the actions of some overzealous fans, who opted to ruin this celebration for other fans.


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Best of XXL

  • Stephflow

    that jigga one is fire.

  • HollyHood

    Yeah that Jay cover is real dope. Em as the Punisher is dope as hell 2.

  • rooney

    Voted for Shady.Vengeance is Eminem

  • Rik.D

    HAHA The Rick Ross cover with the fake vuitton glasses. Ross is a Joke.

  • JDF

    mha…..not good cover in 2009…..

  • John Cochran

    The sahdy cover was dope. I still don’t understand how a man sells 1.5 mil but it still feela like he didnt get enough attention. Imagine if he had the media push Hov got. The Cam issue was hot for the fact that I didnt expect to see him. I’m praying the Dips reunite in 2010.

  • CJ2792

    As good as the Eminem issue was, my vote goes to the Def Jam issue. Pure Fire.


    Guess who?! You miss him?

  • Jamal7Mile

    Ha! The infamous LV shade cover! Didn’t Ross get a “Negro Please” for that fallout?

    The Def Jam 25 cover was aiight, but the articles were more interesting. You got the feeling that the Def Jam alumni wasn’t too please with how things were over there. I know Nikki D wasn’t.

    Nice comic book concept with the Eminem/Punisher covers (and NO, I’m not being regionally biased).
    Might vote for one of those. As for the other covers…


    • Chilly Willy

      “Ha! The infamous LV shade cover! Didn’t Ross get a “Negro Please” for that fallout?”
      That was the plot of “The Devil wear Louis”.

      Jigga and Em is a tie, IMO. But I’ll put Def Jam first.

  • Enlightened

    50 be killing me that “The Rock” eyebrow. I cracked up when he did that shit through a whole verse on that “Baby By Me” video.

    Overall, damn this was a wack year for covers. I would like to say the Def Jam but too many niggas was missin.

    I gotta go with the Jay-Z or one of the Em covers by default.

  • http://-- gaddic

    That eminem is fire

  • AZ40

    Eminem cover dope…July shoulda said “Welcome to Coon City”

  • Chris S

    not sure about the best…but july 2009 with the Shit Squad might be the worst cover for any magazine in the history of entertainment

  • Josh tobin

    jayz is doin too good its ridiculous

  • BOSS D.R.E.

    July sucked. They put four of the wackest niggaz on one cover. I couldn’t buy that issue because of them.


    i only copped two last year, Jeezy & the one w/ Jimmy, Juelz, & Zeeky (i know this is bout the best cover. but, inside that issue SUCKED. IMO)

    i gotta go w/ the Oct. Jigga issue. Classic!

  • DetroitDraper

    I vote for the fake Louis V cover…Ross a clown


  • ee bubble

    where the hell is G-UNOT killa

  • ?

    Eminem all day :]


    I would vote but it isnt lettin me. So I guess I will just state which one I would have voted for. The Eminem cover of him as the punisher where he is actin like he is about to pull the strap out.


    HAHA I didnt know there was actually 32 people who actually cared enough about Rick Ross to vote for him.

  • REAL Nigga!!!

    @ “NapTown” niggas Must be hackin the shit again just Like wit That Bone Thugs shit cause I know 4 a Fact THAT NOBODY GIVES A SHIT for this bitch nigga Ross!! the only way i can see Ross having “32 Votes is if Ross Himself and or his bitch ass Camp is voting Over and Over!!!!

    But anyway I’m Voting for that 50 Cent Double Cover Shit! but they should have Put it as one on This list cause it hit Newsstands on The same Day! but I really had a HARD time with this one cause There are ALOT of Good ones but then there are ALOT of GARBAGE ones Like The Rick Ross and That “Welcome to Gay City” Mag that shit was SOOOOO Horrible!! i’ll admit they had Buzz but do u hear about anything of them today???las thing i heard of Soulja Boy his Album FLOPPED and Gucci Mane’s But that was His Debut Album so…..

  • REAL Nigga!!!

    But Yea i Had a REALL Hard time cuz The ones That boiled Down to Me that i Thought was Good was The 50 Cent “Double Issue” Then There was The Eminem One (which i actually still Have) and that Jeezy one cuz Those are the ones That looked Fresh and Hard as Hell!!!! but to Me the Only One that stands out and sends a Message to niggas is The Eminem one cuz wit that one he was Making a Statement Like “Guess Who’s Back…..Shady!!! and i’m Back in Full Destruction Mode”!!! But the 50 Cent Double Issue Got My Vote and Of Course The Eminem one Comes in Second which i will try to vote for But This Bitch ass Website WON’T LET ME VOTE!!!

    Fix this shit already!! i haven’t Voted once i just come on here and it has The Red Bar already!!! and I haven’t Voted!!!

  • latino heat

    this thing won’t let me vote either. apparently the Bone Thugs stan club can vote as much as they want but some of us can’t vote once.

    i’ll also do a write in vote for Jay-Z for his classic B.I.G., Source cover tribute.

    i would have voted for the Def Jam cover but you guys put Juelz Santana and Bitch Ross on the cover but no LL or Slick Rick? ya’ll could’ve at least photo shopped them into the shot.

    the only issue i bought this year was the 50 issue. and not cause i’m a 50 dick rider, but only because they didn’t have anything else worth reading at the airport newsstand.

  • ASID

    lol @ the haters of Eminem

    That cover was dope man..and 50′s was fire too

    U shuda covered Young money before Wayne goes to jail

  • REAL Nigga!!!

    I Hate This Fucking Piece of shit Poll NOW!!!! It won’t Let Me Vote At all this is sum bitch ass Poll u got XXL cause ain’t can Vote including Me so wtf? are u gonna do bout…..Elt us Vote!!! shit i stated who i WANTED to Vote for but I Still Can’t Cause of this Dumbass XXL Cover Poll!!!! and I haven’t Voted Once nigga!!! and it’s been like this since last night!!!

  • Blakout615

    Black Jesus piece FTW….

  • AnothaGangsta

    I like the one with Soulja Boy. lmfao!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Where is Raekwon cover???