Vote For The Best XXL Cover of 2007 [DAY 8]

It’s day eight of XXL’s look back on our decade of dominance as we reflect on all the covers we’ve done over the past 10 years. Throughout the years, various staffers have chimed in on which was the best XXL cover and for the first time we’re bringing you, the reader, into the discussion with a special online ballot.

Last week we began posting the covers year-by-year so you can vote for the Best XXL Cover from the past decade. We’ll continue putting up all the covers from a different year (2000 to 2009) until this Friday (Jan. 15), when we’ll start tallying the votes to determine the top 10 fan favorites by year.

Then, next week we’ll kick off a second round of voting that’ll run from Jan. 18 – Jan. 21 to find out which one will be crowned the Best XXL Cover of the Millennium. You can only vote for one cover a day, but feel free to come back to vote again for your favorites from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. The Best XXL Cover of the Millennium will be announced on Friday, January 22.

Without further ado, the 2007 XXL cover nominees are…

UPDATE: Due to reports of a cheat code being posted on a message board to vote more than once per day for the 2002 ballot, XXL has investigated the situation and fixed the potential problem to make that code inactive. In the interest of fairness, the XXL staff has decided to throw out ALL previous votes for that year and allowing readers to vote again for the 2002 ballot once per day until this Friday (January 15). CLICK HERE to recast your vote for 2002. We apologies for the actions of some overzealous fans, who opted to ruin this celebration for other fans.


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Best of XXL

  • BGZ

    Sept. – pause.
    Nov. – yyeah right. Any of these guys still got a record deal?

    Overall I’ll go with Nov. though, bcuz I liked the concept.

  • Jamal7Mile

    The Jay-Z skyline/glasses was some pretty cool artwork.

    XXL said: “We apologies for the actions of some overzealous fans, who opted to ruin this celebration for other fans.”

    I’m still gonna nominate yall for the 2010 DN Tournament. Yall should win something.

  • IndyKid

    All of these covers are tight

  • abdulnasir

    Was there a year 50 did not get a cover people?

    • GregSIDE

      He didn’t grace the cover till March 2003 with Em and Dre, which should be the best of the decade. But they cashed in on 50 to much. Which I think really hurt his career. Not just XXL, the hype he had was to much. When ur held 2 that extremely high standard and then you start slippin’… Honestly I don’t think it’ll be long be4 his career is over. I’ve said it be4; when 50 gets dropped or the label pisses him off it’s gonna be 50 vs Em and well Em will put the Nail in the Coffin. Again

      • Cal

        If there’s one person 50 seems to hold to a higher degree than anyone else in the game in my opinion its Eminem. The guy treats Em like the big bro he never had, I mean he’s bad mouthed Dre plenty of times but never Em. I doubt he’d go at him if things at the label went sour.

    • thextccc

      the source was the best rap magazine and thanks to 50cents eminem and shady/aftermath’s beef wit ja rule murder inc benzino and the source XXL magazine turned out to be extremely successful

  • D

    watch 50 get another XXL cover this year ….SMFH…he will probably have the most covers in the history of the XXL Mag..

    Can any rapper please kill 50 cent career ?,this madafucka probably gonna sell big in 2011, I want hov to kill him, he killed my fav rappers career (rick ross),

    How da fuck Before I Self Destruct is ending up selling 500k+ In USA& 1mil WW ?, it was a fucking mixtape, fucking stans.Who ever bough it should Kill themselfs

  • Jon Dog

    @D – He’s on the cover of the first issue of 2010. XXL, you need to get off 50′z dick. I know I ain’t the only one who thinks so. There are tons of rappers that would rap circles around 50, but have never blessed the cover. Why? Too many politics I guess. All I’m sayin’ is that Tech N9ne better be on a cover in 2010. Or Atmosphere, or Brother Ali, R.A The Rugged Man, MURS… Or how about an issue on Canadian hip hop? I know people think it’s a joke, but we have some wicked artists. Classified, Sweatshop Union, Kyprios, Swollen Members, Moka Only, Choclaire, Maestro (Fresh Wes), Razkalz, Kardinal Official, Saukrates…. Enough with the 50 Cent an G-Unit shit at least, please.

  • http://-- gaddic


  • Gift

    @jon dog

    I ain’t from canada, but I remember seeing a video years ago on Choclaire, and that nigga is pretty sick wit it. As far as the covers, I’m not voting because the page is not showin all the covers. Could be this shitty computer I’m on too. SMH. might vote later.

    P.s. tech n9ne should have been on a cover for xxl. I always see him on murder dogg covers though.

  • united

    who the fuck votes for that ugly ass wayne/bird cover? anyway i voted jay z

  • Todd_Base

    I actually copped that Nas issue with the platinum dookie rope chain….so I voted for that one.

  • Macc

    Lil wayne and birdmans cover came out in 06, not 07. I remember it pretty well cause it was the last one I bought in stores and it was while I was at an airport.

  • dockevoc

    rough year

  • KiLLuMaNaTii

    i cant even see half the covers…

  • latino heat

    i don’t know which one to vote for. and not cause there are so many good ones, but because they’re all pretty bad.

    Buck cover is horrible, USDA did not have enough buzz to justify having a cover. especially after Jeezy already had a solo cover that year. that Jay-Z cover looks like some shit from the 80′s. the Grand Hustle cover was a good idea but nothing really came of it. B.G.’s new album is hot though.

    isn’t it sad that out of all the talent on the freshmen 10 cover that the most successful artist on there is fuckin’ PLIES! wtf people?

    the Wayne / Baby cover is just all bad. 2 shirtless men should NEVER put their arms around each other. EVER! if “homo thuggin” was in the dictionary that is the picture that would be next to it.

    i’ll vote for Nas just cause i haven’t voted for any of his other covers.

  • Anotha Gangsta

    2007 was the shit. That’s when real rappers like Soulja Boy, Plies and Flo Rida came out. The south is doing it big these days.

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