Vote For The Best XXL Cover of 2004 [DAY 5]

It’s day five of XXL’s look back on our decade of dominance as we reflect on all the covers we’ve done over the past 10 years. Throughout the years, various staffers have chimed in on which was the best XXL cover and for the first time we’re bringing you, the reader, into the discussion with a special online ballot.

From now until the end of next week (Jan. 15), you’ll have the chance to vote for the Best XXL Cover from the past decade. Each day we’ll put up all the covers from a different year (2000 to 2009) until we’ve tallied the votes and have the top 10 fan favorites by year.

After that, we’ll kick off a second round of voting (Jan. 18 – Jan. 21) to find out which one will be crowned the Best XXL Cover of the Millennium. You can only vote for one cover a day, but feel free to come back to vote again for the best cover of 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003. The Best XXL Cover of the Millennium will be announced on Friday, January 22.

Without further ado, the 2004 XXL cover nominees are…


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  • Ali

    this isn’t good for the site….it just shows how repetitive they are with their cover choices

  • Jamal7Mile

    Aaaah, yeah I remember this period. Complaints started to escalate because the covers were either Aftermath, Biggie or Pac. YN even admitted that as long as he sold issues he wouldn’t change.

    Can’t be mad at that. I bought XXL for what’s inside anyway. Not sure how to vote though.

    • Jamal7Mile

      Too bad our votes aren’t going to count. A Bone fanclub just used a hack code to bomb the Day 3 vote with fraudulent votes for Bone Thugs. Here’s a screen shot from their site:

      Now that it has been established that the votes are worth shit, there’s no point in continuing with this poll.

  • General

    I will say without a doubt 2004 lacked any true standout covers…

    And co sign Ali, this does seem to just point out how unimaginative the staff is at putting together covers for their magazine…

    I hope they gave Jimmy Iovine anything he wanted because its obvious that the Interscope machine is what carried XXL to the top over the Source…

  • ladidadida

    These are starting to look real repetitive………. not much of a fan but this was crunk music’s 15min or (2 years) of fame time

  • venemez

    If it’s not broken don’t fix it. At the Time G-Unit, shady and aftermath would sell magz.

  • brand-new

    i gotta go with august with banks and buck…it was nice to see them on there without 50 cent because banks and buck both paid their dues and earned it. their mixtape and live show grind was heavy at that time.


    Hands down the best cover that year was the sex issue w/ lil jon on the cover. All the (female) celebs in there talking that freaky shit. Very cool, y’all should bring the sex issue back.

    • yoprince


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Chingy??? Nah!!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Dave Chappelle!!!

  • E

    Dave Chappelle, no question.

  • Ben

    2004 was a shitty year anyway.

  • ?????

    Yeah!!!! That G-unit one is Sick!! I so Forgot About That one,I’m gonna have to Get That Back Order!!
    I’m goin to Have to go with The G-Unit One For Sure Cause Everyone has to Admit They were The “World’s Most Dangerous Group” Cause That year Buck Stabbed Someone at The Vibe Awards 50 Got into That two and That was Just a G-Unit Year Cause Banks and Buck Both Put Albums out That sold a Quick Million……so u Have to Give it up for Them!!!! They Were on There Grind!

    • ?

      get a new name

  • beanoo617

    none of them are signed to aftermath today

  • Gift

    this list was ok I guess. G-unit and interscope were definitely paddin pockets or something, as many covers as they had, but in the same token, they were runnin it hard at that time. I thought the Biggie issue was the better one though. Good articles. Hell I still got that issue. Chingy should have never recieved a cover. FOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!SMHHH!!!!!!!!

  • Harra$$

    Vote nas Niccas! Lol

  • mikel

    y’all gotta let us see the covers bigger

  • Fireforreal

    I think the aftermath one was good because it showed you what aftermath COULD have been. The game,Eve<busta all no longer on the roster and Dre STILL has yet to drop detox. What’s signing to a lable with a big name ceo,Producer,rapper etc…… if you never drop or get dropped after one album ?

  • Tator

    B.I.G. cover cause I appreciate “The Making of ” issues a lot.


    Aftermath could have been the unstoppable force that it was starting to be but lacked the producers to contain all the talent and big egos that where there. Everyone wanted to work with Dre he could do only so much not to mention he takes his sweet ass time with beats so that was the major drawback. So they had to trim the roster like any other sensible buisness would do. To bad they let go some of the best talent on the roster though.

  • sisa

    Wish I could say it was the Dre, Eve and Busta cover…but nothing came out of the two artists, even Game didnt last long. Tempted with that BIG cover- but that Dave Chapelle, backpackers issue was very refreshing. It broke away from overly gangster images (and best off all, anything Interscope)…

  • latino heat

    i voted for the Chapelle issue fully expecting it to not even be in the top 5 when i pressed the “vote” button. damn sure didn’t think it would be number one. goes to show people are happy to see something different on the cover. although i can’t deny that Aftermath cover was powerful and almost got my vote.

    can ya’ll imagine Kanye sharing a cover with that many people ever again? especially with people he know doubt sees as beneath him today. i miss young and (somewhat) humble Kanye.

    lol at the 19 and 13 people that voted for the Nelly and Chingy covers, respectively. ya’ll better all be females or just be joking.

    h.m. to the Lil Jon cover for having Esther Baxter on the cover with him. too bad she wasn’t standing up though.

  • PeRsOn

    Shyne Po!

    Mannz dont get enough credit. No cover for bein a dope artist who sells albums, cause he dont sell too many i guess? But he gets chucked on there with a mug shot looking cover and a wrap sheet. Dudes ill and it’s good he’s out.

  • King B

    I voted for Jadakiss, that’s when the album kiss of death was bout to drop and that nigga was on some other shit when dropped that mixtape the champ is here classic joint

  • ?????????

    The Lil’ Kim one i like it but Remember That was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY B4 she got all that Plastic Surgery and shit!!!!! now These days she Looks Fucked Up!!!

  • Fireforreal

    Does the add for the Omarion album look like some Fake shit a former label would release to make some money or is that just me ? I mean look at the picture LOL I just had to share because it’s right there in plain site.

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  • A-Game

    That Shyne cover was pretty ill to me

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  • REAL Nigga!!!

    I voted For that G-Unit one!!!! That’s one is Crazy as Fuck!! G-Unit is “The World’s Most Dangerous Group” and i still Believe that and The One with Lloyd Bank$ and Young Buck cause There were On they Grind That Year Cause they Both Put Out Solo Albums and, Yes it was a Refreshment of Seeing Them without 50. But 50 is The Shit!!! almost Got My vote But the Best one to Me is The WHOLE G-Unit one That has all 3 of Them…..That one is Just Classic nigga!!!!

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