Vote For The Best XXL Cover of 2000 [DAY 1]

Happy New Year! While everyone is ready to win for 2010, XXL wants to take one last look back on our decade of dominance.

Anyone’s that had the opportunity to walk through our hallowed hallways will notice a wall with every single one of our covers on it. Throughout the years, various staffers and visitors have chimed in on which was the best XXL cover. Everyone has his or her favorites from the past 10 years and beyond, but for the first time we’re bringing you, the reader, into the discussion with a special online ballot.

With over 140 cover images to choose from in XXL’s existence, we decided to focus only on the last 10 years. Over the course of the next two weeks (Jan. 4 to Jan. 15), you’ll have the chance to vote for the Best XXL Cover. Each day we’ll put up all the covers from a different year (2000 to 2009) until we’ve tallied the votes and have the top 10 fan favorites by year.

After that, we’ll kick off a second round of voting from Jan. 18 – Jan. 21 to find out which one will be crowned the Best XXL Cover of the Millennium. You can only vote for one cover a day, but feel free to come back each day to vote again. The Best XXL Cover of the Millennium will be announced on Friday, January 22.

Without further ado, the 2000 XXL cover nominees are…


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Best of XXL

  • sisa

    The Number One stunna baby!

  • Pierzy

    Wu. Without a doubt.

  • Caino

    wu or outkast !!! Yessir

  • JakeL

    Em dissed you guys that year on the Marshal Mathers LP and you still gave him the cover! Ha!

    Em’s for sure

    • jonnyb61

      he never dissed them, he name dropped them

  • that nigga

    Yeah, that Em shit was hilarious. He made you guys give him the cover, basically.

  • GregSIDE

    That’s a hard pick. You got Juve when he left Cash Money. Mystikal leavin’ no limit(wich was a big deal at the time. The Em wasn’t even done with his permission so… The Snoop one’s hot. I think that’s the one where he finally said F Suge, but I don’t know 4 sure. The Wu-Tang is great, no question. But it’s between OutKast and Lil’ Kim. The Lil Kim one’s hot. I remember that shit. That was be4 all the plastic surgery and shit. She was hot back then. I’ma have to give it to Kast. They led the real Southern Rap into the mainstream.

    • GregSIDE

      Yo I hope u ain’t serious about Baby. I remember that shit. He was talkin’ about how he don’t even Rap. I give X props but he’s fucked up so much since.


      No disrespect to Outkast but they didnt lead the south into the mainstream. Geto Boys did and then UGK.

      • Truth Be Told

        Son, how you figure UGK led the South into the “mainstream” when the majority of the country(including a whole lotta rap fans) didn’t even know who the fuck they were ’till the Big Pimpin’ video in 2000??????

        ATLiens dropped in 1996 and Aquemeni about 3 years later, not to mention the rest of the Dungeon Family affilliations.

        You really not about to tell me that “Ridin Dirty” was known to anyone outside of Port Arthur, TX at the time it came out.


          Its hard to really say but to me everyone in my state was bumpin the hell outta super tight right after they saw Menace to Society and heard Pocket fulla stones.Around that time everyone I knew in my state was also bumpin the hell out of Southernplayalisticcaddillacfunkymuzic.
          So maybe in your eyes we was a head of the curve but when every where i go im hearin it,it gives me the impression that it prolly is doin the same outside of my state.

          You cant speak for the whole nation because back then they used to play somethin called videos on mtv a lot.Thats one of the ways everyone found out about new rap. I dont really think your a rap fan if you didnt know who they where before then.because they have been puttin it down before ridin dirty,
          and a real rap fan checks for new shit. I was always in the stores and listenin to what my friends found or heard about when new shit dropped.

  • Noles506

    Love that Wu-Tang cover!

  • Jamal7Mile

    For me personally, the Eminem cover gets my vote. That was the first issue of XXL I ever bought. I was instantly drawn in to YN’s candid shit talking editorials and I’ve been following XXL ever since… kinda (I stopped purchasing ALL magazines last year for some reason).

    I’m gonna jump ahead and say that I’ll be voting for the Nas cover when he was holding two flame-ingulfed copies of XXL and the freshly tarnished Source mag. Ballsy move!

    • Pierzy

      What up J?

      Yeah, that Nas cover was crazy. One of my favorite ever.

      • Worley

        @J7M: You hit the nail on the head my man. That Nas cover is the only one I’m voting for.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          That’s the one J.

          P what up! Happy MMX!

        • Pierzy

          What’s good, $yk?

          All the same right back to ya!

  • Angel

    The Wu

  • deppith

    Kim’s cover is sexy as fuck

  • Joe

    any nigga that didn’t vote Kim is gay!!

  • Maurice Garland

    wow. i still have the dmx, baby and ‘kast covers at the crib right now. ima vote baby…the color way was sick and the grey is actually metallic silver. shit was clean.

  • dockevoc


  • CheezyDoDo

    The Wayne and Baby cover is underated

    that cover showed what they came from to what they now is, and was like a family potariat of a father and son

    it should be up here

  • realreppinhiphop

    wu..thats wat hiphop is bout.

    kim was sexy too bad she look like the saw puppet now …

  • killa2010

    Y’all niggas is mad gay.

    Kim had the best cover, hands down! She was TOO BAD I use to nut on that cover all day!

  • sean_izzle

    i voted Juvenile! that Eminem cover is gross

  • super tone

    it’s between Wu, Outkast or Em…everything else can roll…fuck outta here wit Wayne and Baby…lol..both them cats posterchildren for “DON’T DO DRUGS” CAMPAIGNS

  • ?


  • jimmyrupe

    Wu. The album that they were pushing at the time (The W) wasn’t their best but that cover was cool.


    Im goin with the shady cover I have to agree with some of the others, he clowned the hell out of xxl then still got the cover. Genius.

  • waken

    Lil Kim no doubt, the fellas need to look at that mag cover again, she is bangin yo!



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  • jusblaze

    kim shitted on that cover. whut ya’ll yung niggas dont know is that there were huge billboards of that cover of kim in NYC when that it came out.

    • Jamal7Mile

      XXL should’ve moved that barcode on the Kim issue out of the way. Would’ve voted for it then, LOL!!

  • miko

    Kim got this hands down

  • Al~Anthony

    QUEEN BEE 4 LIFE!!!… Love you MAMA BEAR!!!…

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  • latino heat

    i remember everyone back then talking about that Lil Kim issue. fuck the cover, the pics inside were sexy as fuck. way ahead of it’s time for a rap mag.

    everyone remember Kim’s rhyme about the issue on, How Many Licks?
    “this goes out to my niggas in jail, beatin they dicks to the XXL.”
    she knew she killed that cover.

    h.m. to the Wu cover though. the Wu in Yankee jerseys was genius.

  • TJ


  • ??????

    I’m Having the Hardest Time Tho I Love That Lil’ Kim one Tho she Looks So Fucking Hot on That one especially her holding her tits and She Has Blue Hair and I Never saw that one!!!! But then That Eminem one was Crazy at The Time!!!!

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  • Taj