Webbie Memorializes Pimp C on the Anniversary of His Death

Two years ago today, Chad Lamont Butler—better known as Pimp C, one-half of the legendary UGK—passed away in an L.A. hotel room. The Port Arthur, Texas-born rapper suffered from a respiratory depression brought on by an accidental overdose and a pre-existing sleep apnea condition. Pimp’s death came just two years after his release from prison, following a grassroots “Free Pimp C” campaign spearheaded by his partner in rhyme, Bun B.

Prior to his incarceration in 2002 for parole violation, Pimp had helped get Baton Rouge-based label, Trill Ent., off the ground. The flagship artists were two teenaged MCs by the name of Webbie and Lil Boosie. Although Pimp was serving his sentence as the rap rookies’ stars started to take off, he was still very instrumental in their respective careers. In remembrance of his fallen mentor, Webbie reflects on the life and times of the one and only Sweet James Jones.

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Pimp passed—it went that quick. It’s harder for me ’cause every time I open my mouth I’m screamin’ Pimp C… I miss the motivation he was givin’ me. Every time I talked to him he’d make sure I kept my head up. I miss that, but I know if he was here he would be tellin’ me to keep goin’ so I’m just goin’. He put me in the game, ya know. Like right now, they call me Sweet Jones, Jr. For real that’s what they be callin’ me—Sweet Jones, Jr. So you know, I’m keepin’ him alive as long as I can.

When Pimp was locked up he used to call home and we would talk. It was free Pimp C everyday and then he finally came home. It’s just sad he had to die [soon after] he did come home… I don’t know if it would have been better if he would stayed in jail a couple more years [and maybe he wouldn’t have died] but, you know, it’s all a part of life. But I miss him, man.

It was hard dealing with his death. It hit the whole Trill family hard. That just let us know we gotta work hard. Pimp wouldn’t want us to lay down because he died, that means we gotta work harder. It’s so sad, you know, ’cause we can’t turn back.

People were drawn to Pimp C ’cause he was real. He was trill, you know what I’m sayin’. They’ll remember him for holdin’ down Port Arthur. A lot of people thought he was from Houston, but he holds down the whole state of Texas. You know Pimp C was hoppin’ out of Bentleys in a big fur coat and a diamond rock. His swag was tremendous. Whatever was on his mind that’s what he would say; whatever he wanted to do he would do. He was a boss.

One day we was on the phone—I’m not gonna say what record label or nothin’—but they offered us some small change, like a couple million, [to sign me] and he got on the label. He was like, “Fuck that shit!” It tripped me out. He cursed them out for like five minutes and then hung up in they face. He told me, “Nah, we ain’t settlin’ for no muthafuckin’ pennies we tryna be the biggest thing in the muthafuckin’ world, so we gotta be prepared to just ride it out.”

A lot of people looked up to Pimp C. He had that voice. Ain’t nobody have a voice like Pimp and he was a great producer. He produced as good as he rapped. He was talented man. My album’s comin’ out [next year] with a few Pimp C songs on it that we did in the studio so we gonna keep him alive.

If I knew Pimp was gonna die and had a chance to talk to him again I would tell him I’m gonna keep on goin’ like I know he would want me to do. I’m gonna keep on goin’. I’m gonna ride ’til the motor stop for Trill Ent. —As told to Anslem Samuel

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    damn, two yrs? Pimp C was definitely one of the realest, most outspoken, charismatic figures we ever had in hip hop. there will never be another. i wish i had got to soak up some more of that good game.

  • heartlandG

    RIP to tha PIMP, Free Boosie, caint wait! fo Webbie to drop dat album

  • http://www.resurrectedmuzik.com LUBY562


    Man I still get sad when I think about it. Pimp just got out and passed away before he really got to blow like he was suppose to…

    I caught on to UGK in like 1995 when I bought Riding Dirty.
    Actually, I bought it twice.
    In fact that tape(yes tape)saved both our lives that night my nigga B Nut crashed his whip at 4am coming back from the town(Oakland). The day before Christmas Eve.
    “One day your here and then your gone….”
    Was playing when we walked away from my homies totaled car! My Fav UGK song of all time.

    RIP PIMP C!!!!

  • DazzOne

    I got love for Pimp C, but he didn’t die due to natural causes, and the ‘syrup’ didn’t attack him, he did this to himself. It’s too many of us dieing over complications that can be avoided by taking better care of yourself, and by stop over indulging.

    It’s kind of like when Easy E and died of A.I.D.S. complications, there is a tape where Easy said that Dre and Cube would tell him about himself, sleeping with random women unprotected, and would chastise THEM by calling them R.A.T.S.-Rappers Against Thrill Seekers. All that thrill seeking lead to his death.

    It’s the attitude that ‘I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT, FUCK YOU, YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, EVEN IT’S FOR MY OWN GOOD’ mentality that killing us right now.

    Maybe A.I.D.S. became more real after that in the Hip-hop community after he died, but, should it have come at such a cost? And now, because I believe people confuse respect for the dead with ignoring a lesson that would be well learned, people just won’t mention how culture and over indulgence well eat YOU in the end.

    Rest in Peace to Pimp C. Nothing but Love.

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    Its sad that Pimp C and Ol Dirty Bastard both died like a couple years after they had been in prison. Pimp C was a boss and if it wasn’t for him the world may never have known true talent like Boosie and Webbie. They got the ultimate cosign from the real king of the south.


      ^^co-fuckin-sign. you right on w/ that one.


    Rest In Peace to the Pimp. We’re still holding you down here in Texas … you’re a legend around these parts.

  • Village Kid

    R.I.P Pimp C…..
    Chi-Town Showin Love…to a Underground King..
    Sippin all weekend for fo Sweet Jones..
    Pourin Up..all day!!!!!!We miss Ya PIMP..

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    R.I.P. to sweet james jones. I still wish he was alive because I know musically he was gon continue to elavate. And of course I would luv to hear his opinion on sum topics going on
    “still ridin dirty”

  • alderman j



    I will forever be RIDIN DIRTY!!!! Thats always number 10 in the disc changer, never leaves the deck!!!!

  • latino heat

    damn 2 years already. i remember logging on to this site and reading the news that day. then calling and texting everyone with the news and nobody wanted to believe me. just sad.

    R.I.P. Pimp C

  • gift

    Damn I miss that bwoy Tony SNOW aka PIMP C aka Chad butler aka JACK TRIPPER, and the list goes on and on. He was defnitely the most influential out the great state of TEXAS. Pimp really had it on his mind to do a complete makeover of the rap game as we know it, especially concerning the souF (not south).
    He will never be forgotten, and in the words of the late PIMP C, “SMOKE SOMETHIN BITCH!!”

  • http://yahoo low end

    mane i still cnt believe its been 2 years but every year i send out a txt saying r.i.p pimp c day

  • detroitdraper

    That last double disk UGK was a classic. From front to back both disk. The coruses the musical soundscapes Pimp created was the shit. I truely miss Pimp because I knew he had more good music to give. That was my selfish reason not knowing him personally but R.I.P mane and I fucks wit Webbie hard…not so much Boosie


  • Derrick H

    Long Live The “Pimp”

  • Caine

    Pimp you will forever be missed..RIP

  • DP

    Big up to Webbie aka Young Savage,for holdin’ down The Pimp…R.I.P. Pimp C!!! Webbie and Boosie are the last real Trill niggaz in this southern hip hop game today. Keep dat Trill shit goin’, and dat gangsta musik ridin’,Piiiimmmmp!!! What up Bun-B..UGK4LIFE!!! Long Live Pimp C!!!

  • snap capone dyt

    r.i.p pimp c in dayton we fucks wit ugk and trill ent man its crazy 2 bricks [years] done passed damn webbie and boosie doin dey own things bad azz ent and savage life ent crazy man get back 2gether

  • http://www.yahoo.com liiyah pooh