WEB CANDY: Medge is XXL‘s Miss November

NAME: Medge
REPS: Boston, Mass
MATH: 36C-26-40
HIGHLIGHT: Blackmen’s magazine photo shoot
QUOTE: “I’m shy, but in a relationship I’m much different. I love role-playing and leaving my man in amazement. Ask the ex’s…I’m unforgettable!”

***Don’t forget: CLICK HERE to vote for Eye Candy of the Year. Polls close Dec. 17th.***

Photos courtesy of www.underharlem.com

***Don’t forget: CLICK HERE to vote for Eye Candy of the Year. Polls close Dec. 17th.***

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  • gift

    I’m a sucka for dark chocolate. Shawty would get it hard!!!!



  • Vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    chocolate deluxe all day!

  • Worley

    That’s one tasty looking treat for sure.

  • guttaman

    hey beautiful.
    if u happen to read this,
    HOW much $ wuld it cost to get u to pose for my
    new website? http://www.candidBACKshots.com
    if it wuld cost over two hundred dollars nevermind.

  • Rebel

    Shorty looks too good

  • http://jakkibrowne.blogspot.com/ jakki B

    She’s cute!

  • Bdot

    Damn gorgeous! After seeing these sexy ass pictures I wouldn’t forget you either… I love my dark chocolate baby!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ndiva09 Ndiva

    Awwww Medgy, you look great! Congrats again!!!

  • scooby dong

    damn shawty thicker than a snicker.. she can get it

  • skatta_mallz

    damn sis…. when is the calender comin so i can cop one

  • http://www.awesomebods.com/ AwesomeBods

    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ;)

  • Gary Wade

    Let me say it again “dazzlin” and let me add “astonishin”. Trust me I know beauty when it’s there.

  • http://www,myspace.com/chantel.r chantelr

    yes sexxy Medge! its def chocolate time!!!

  • http://KarmensKorner.com(comingsoon) Medge (loved ones call me Medgy) :-)

    Thank you everyone, I appreciate it! Ndiva… I love you!

  • brianna

    One word gorgeous

  • Mo Rose

    Go Girl…. DO THE DAMN THANG !!!!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    XXl r u guys finally listening to me? It’s about fuckin time. That’s my Hershey’s Special Dark. I need that shit in my life u bastards. Thank you. Medge, my chocolate honey summer bunny, what’s really good?!!

  • E-Z Caramel

    Damn, can’t even think straight, this thang is too sexy!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/mercedes-nichole mercedes-nichole

    u look gorgeous

    xoxo cedes

  • Sophia

    Medgie….get it…your the hottest chick on here…let em know how Beantown gets down!

  • TD

    Awwwwww look at my Brownskin Bestie Medgy!!!
    You Go mama.
    Men always be hating on our sunkissed Brown Skin… but we in! ;-)
    You look GREAT!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/jronin J-Ronin

    Looking good girl! I’m liking the pics. Stay grinding! Gonna get you up in a video soon!


  • Shawty J

    Niiice. I especially dig that second image.

  • feeva

    Congratulations medgy!… you look stunning!

  • yoy

    yall need more pictures

  • Brandon

    Yea the second pic is crazy! Stop teasing us like that Medge you know we want more

  • Gloria

    Medge you look so beautiful!!! Congrats Gurly!!

  • Lisa B

    Medge is my girl and she is just bad in person as she is in these pics…its about time she gets recognized for her natural beauty…love u mama


    CONGRATS MEDGE, YOU LOOK GREAT! Good luck with all of your endeavors… Show them some what Boston has to offer, because they definitely sleep this talented State!


      CONGRATS MEDGE, YOU LOOK GREAT! Good luck with all of your endeavors… Show them some of what Boston has to offer, because they definitely sleep on this talented State!


    HOLY DARK CHOCOLATE! yes ma’am you are most defintely the Ebony Piece of Beautiful African-American Women, You keep it Coming! Yea BOI! Bang,bang,bang,bang,Bang! }:-)

  • AngelaButler

    Congrats Medgy! I love the pics! You always looks amazing and I’m glad millions of people can see that! A beauty with a booty and brains!

  • Ashley Julien

    Medge is beautiful! Her body is to die for!!!

  • Jasmine

    Congrats Medge!

  • Tim “Makin Money” Murph

    Damn f…. a dime shit u a 25 piece did i hear somebody say 5 star chick yea she got it!

  • YOM

    Medgy,You’re Beautiful!!

  • Immesoluvit

    Congrats mama, keep up the great work !! you look Gorgeous!

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Remember to VOTE for Medge……..Definitely Eye Candy of the Year!!

  • O Smooth

    Miss November should be miss all year round… pretty face a slim waist and a apple on her bottom, sheeesh certified 5 star

  • Jsimone

    She is flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! go ahead girl

  • mr a.n.t

    ok i see u didnt stop goin to the gym lol but i think u should be miss 2009 nov too short :)

  • curt

    She’s a very pretty black barbie! Sexy, very very sexy!

  • jason

    sexy chocolate can we be friends

  • ev

    shes d fuckin best

  • http://yahoo.com yummie

    one of the most beatiful black women I’ve seen.This sister brings it home for all of us darker skinned sisters that were over looked because we don’t glow in the dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U GO GIRL!!!!!!

  • aaron

    i love my chocolate ;) tihs was defintly a hell of a treat…

  • aaron

    i love my chocolate ;) this was defintly a hell of a treat…

  • The Truth

    dammmmmmmmm i love me some chocolate oooooohhhh weeeee

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