50 Cent may have started removing his earlier tattoos, but it seems like his rap peers can’t get enough of theirs. As the trend of getting inked continues to go mainstream, rappers have continually pushed the boundaries. Back in the day getting sleeved up was considered extreme, but it was only a matter of time before some MCs started taking it to a whole other level.

Game was one of the first to up the tattoo ante when he got a butterfly, then L.A. then a star, etched on his face. Lil Wayne started with his eyelids, before using the rest of his face as a canvas for several other tats. More recently, Birdman pushed a-head in the tattoo race by crowning himself with a blood red star on top of his dome. Based on the growing number of face and head tats, XXLMag.com decided to shine light on some of hip-hop’s most notable ink heads.


When the Cash Money CEO posed shirtless on XXL’s monumental 10th anniversary issue was already knew he was running out of skin. After getting a tat scribbled on the side of his head, the 5 Star General just went for the crowning glory and got this red stunna on his dome. Hmm, wonder where the other four stars are.


Since splitting from Goodie Mob, Mr. Green has gone on to be quite the ladies man. In fact, the Gnarls Barkley frontman got a rose tatted behind his left ear. It is a recession and tossing flowers in the crowd night after night can get a bit costly, so it makes cents sense.. right?


The Pittsburgh MC’s name is synonymous with tattoos, as close to 80-percent of his body is inked up, but surprisingly he hasn’t jumped the shark yet with a full blown face tat. Rather than going all out with his grill, he started off small—literally—with a star on the corner of his eye. Gee, Wiz.


Ross is not only the president of Maybach Music; he’s also a walking billboard for the label. Often obscured by his numerous fancy sunglasses, the Boss’s face is adorned with a mini logo of the company he owns. It’s skin deeper than rap.


Say what you will about the kid and his Garfield pendant, how many rappers can say they got a face tat done personally by Lil Wayne. Tyga must have had way more than lime and coconut in his cup to let Weezy go in on his grill.


Game can be considered hip-hop’s face tattoo guinea pig as he went through a few changes before getting his right. First was the butterfly under his right eye that symbolized change. When he was tired with that, Game “changed” his mind and put his hometown’s initials over it. Then, his face art morphed into a red star. Yup, he’s a game changer.


Tek made his mark in hip-hop circles as one-half of Smif-N-Wessun. Now the Brooklyn MC made a mark of another kind with a tribal tattoo under his left eye. No, Lisa, but that’s crazy sexy cool.


Where do you start when it comes Wayne’s and his facials? (Pause!) From his eyelids to his forehead he’s covered in various inspirational messages (i.e. “Fear & God,” “Misunderstood” and “I Am Music”), tear drops, stars and even a throbbing vein. He’s probably plotting on a way to top Birdman right now.



The former heavyweight champ shook up the world (again) when he popped up with half his face covered in a tribal markings. Mama said tat you up.


The NBA outcast is one unique individual. An avid fan of hip-hop he followed the tattoo trend of some of rap idols by getting a star alongside the side of his dome. Either that or he was really trying to push those Starbury sneakers of his. Just $14.98. Call now, operators are Marbury is standing by.