Ink Heads, Hip-Hop’s Most Off the Dome Tattoo Addicts

50 Cent may have started removing his earlier tattoos, but it seems like his rap peers can’t get enough of theirs. As the trend of getting inked continues to go mainstream, rappers have continually pushed the boundaries. Back in the day getting sleeved up was considered extreme, but it was only a matter of time before some MCs started taking it to a whole other level.

Game was one of the first to up the tattoo ante when he got a butterfly, then L.A. then a star, etched on his face. Lil Wayne started with his eyelids, before using the rest of his face as a canvas for several other tats. More recently, Birdman pushed a-head in the tattoo race by crowning himself with a blood red star on top of his dome. Based on the growing number of face and head tats, decided to shine light on some of hip-hop’s most notable ink heads.


When the Cash Money CEO posed shirtless on XXL’s monumental 10th anniversary issue was already knew he was running out of skin. After getting a tat scribbled on the side of his head, the 5 Star General just went for the crowning glory and got this red stunna on his dome. Hmm, wonder where the other four stars are.


Since splitting from Goodie Mob, Mr. Green has gone on to be quite the ladies man. In fact, the Gnarls Barkley frontman got a rose tatted behind his left ear. It is a recession and tossing flowers in the crowd night after night can get a bit costly, so it makes cents sense.. right?


The Pittsburgh MC’s name is synonymous with tattoos, as close to 80-percent of his body is inked up, but surprisingly he hasn’t jumped the shark yet with a full blown face tat. Rather than going all out with his grill, he started off small—literally—with a star on the corner of his eye. Gee, Wiz.


Ross is not only the president of Maybach Music; he’s also a walking billboard for the label. Often obscured by his numerous fancy sunglasses, the Boss’s face is adorned with a mini logo of the company he owns. It’s skin deeper than rap.


Say what you will about the kid and his Garfield pendant, how many rappers can say they got a face tat done personally by Lil Wayne. Tyga must have had way more than lime and coconut in his cup to let Weezy go in on his grill.


Game can be considered hip-hop’s face tattoo guinea pig as he went through a few changes before getting his right. First was the butterfly under his right eye that symbolized change. When he was tired with that, Game “changed” his mind and put his hometown’s initials over it. Then, his face art morphed into a red star. Yup, he’s a game changer.


Tek made his mark in hip-hop circles as one-half of Smif-N-Wessun. Now the Brooklyn MC made a mark of another kind with a tribal tattoo under his left eye. No, Lisa, but that’s crazy sexy cool.


Where do you start when it comes Wayne’s and his facials? (Pause!) From his eyelids to his forehead he’s covered in various inspirational messages (i.e. “Fear & God,” “Misunderstood” and “I Am Music”), tear drops, stars and even a throbbing vein. He’s probably plotting on a way to top Birdman right now.



The former heavyweight champ shook up the world (again) when he popped up with half his face covered in a tribal markings. Mama said tat you up.


The NBA outcast is one unique individual. An avid fan of hip-hop he followed the tattoo trend of some of rap idols by getting a star alongside the side of his dome. Either that or he was really trying to push those Starbury sneakers of his. Just $14.98. Call now, operators are Marbury is standing by.

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  • murK

    wow those puns are horrible. stop it.

    • Izza


  • Worley

    Birdman is a Birdbrain for getting that tat on the top of his head.

    • BOSS D.R.E.

      He looks like a Dragonball.

      • js416

        LOL birdman head a dragonball

      • gunna


      • k.mode10


  • Beave

    I wonder if they all wake up after a night of abusing large amounts of illegal substances and are like “WTF DID I DO TO MY FACE!? But we can market this!” Fucking druggies.


    Oh my! tattoos are not for everybody y’all. i got one on the forearm & soon after i wish i hadn’t got that shit. not to mention, them shits aint cheap!

    Birdmayne must not know of any other way to promote his new weed plate…

    • 619

      It is cheap if you know the right people. In the West it’s good to have ese homies. I get ‘em for damn near free from someone who got professional equipment in his apartment. Professional quality, people can’t even believe it’s homemade, look like I just came out the shop. I started out gettin’ tatted when I was young, but cats out here had homemade machines, mechanical pencils eletrical taped to motors with a guitar string through the pencil and some Indian ink. So those early ones are the ones I’m gettin’ touched up now.


        Ha! my shit was done homemade the first time too. man that shit hurted! i got that shit touched up though once i turned 18 @ a professional shop. damn, i wish i knew some fuckin ese’s w/ that type of shit.

  • yoprince

    that shit on top of Birdman’s head might be the wackest tat i’ve ever seen

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Fuck a tat!! Don’t need any identifying marks in case shit goes down!! Never been a follower anyway…..fuck dat shit!

    • BodyMarkedUp

      My Man ! I got tattoos and I aint followin but thats a statement made when you say you dont have any . Big ups

  • MacNolia

    Seriously, why isnt Soulja Boy mentioned? He came from having no tattoos when he blew up to having them everywhere! He is full of em and even covered his damn neck with em.. ya´ll should have put him on the list

    • Big Duke

      Same with Wiz Khalifa’s bitch ass

  • reckless tha don

    You dudes are silly I’ve got 3 tattooed tears on my fase from earning real stripes in the streets now that I’m grown I still don’t regret I just surgically implanted a quarter karat I’m one of the drops get y’all weight up it ain’t for eeerrbody def. Not u suburb pussies and if y’all are from the hood u know wats good

    • NotoriousAGC

      bein and livin in da hood isnt a pass for people to get retarded ass tats homie, and u got what surgically implanted?? should’ve used that money to get your fam out of the hood g.

    • Gunna

      Yo brudda i think u been smoking work about u got a quarter karat diamond implanted in your face lay off the stones dawg

  • Why????



    Coming from Northern Cali….fools got some serious face tats. Mainly the Mexican Gangbangers.

    Just yesterday…I saw some dude get the state of California on his cheek.

    Its a hood thing though. You can’t get a “real job” after a face tattoo. You either gotta be in the entertainment industry or you just don’t give a fuck.

    My back is covered. I don’t regret shit.

    • Larae

      Yea i think a lot of these people aint from cali. Mexican homies been had face tats since I was a youngster. Everything from just dots under there eye to represent gang affiliation to full faces covered and Im in Nor Cal…Southern Cali got it worse with them MS13 and ese cats.

  • Tony Grands

    Seriously, what’s left after a nigga inks his FACE & SCALP? Jesse James has a tattoo on his palm. Just saying…

  • Nefarious

    WOW.I just read a dude got a diamond surgically implanted in his face…DO WE REALLY NEED TO STAND OUT THAT BAD?! What is wrong with my black people, get a tat, if you want to, if you got the money by a Lambo… but if your buy a Lambo cuz you want people to see you in it, and not because it a legendary sports car, you lame..If you getting tatted to get noticed ur lame too. It just seems like we do alot of things for ATTENTION. Build or Destroy

    • POLOhead SCO

      No truer words have ever been spoken, Brother.

      • GregSIDE

        Ur right mostly. I think with some people it’s cool to get tats that make you stand out… if that’s who you are. Tats are addictive. Some shit just don’t make sense though. If you get a tat think about it first, especially if it’s on your face. I think Game with the butterfly was cool cause he did it for his Grandma. Then I’m sure it got to the point were him and others said it was gay or it wasn’t Hip-Hop enough. So he get’s LA as a cover up. O.K, if your not secure with ur manhood that was a good pick. Then the star. You got all these rappers claimin they bang but don’t have shit you can see. Then they blowup. Game barley gets a pass. But Wanye & his daddy? 10 years ago they ain’t have no Blood tats. You’ve never spit about being Piru. That’s how people get fucked up. Just like when all the R&B folks were Crip walking. People die for them tats and that “dance”. That shit ain’t cool/

  • guttaman

    im about to get a tattoo of a butt on my butt.

    • BOSS D.R.E.

      Ahh Beavis and Butthead. The classics.

  • GO-Getta’

    I neva’ liked ink in my skin tho my boo been pressing me 2 get 1.

    Guese i’m soldier of the same stuggle with just no tat,ya dig?

  • Q

    that Tyson picture is absolute hilarity.

    P.S. How the hell do you spell Wiz’s name wrong? Khalifa, not “Khalifia”. I’m not a stan, im just sayin…

  • matt swagg

    lol @Marbury dudes f’d uppppp

  • caino

    l got 3 tats, 1 on my chest, one on my back , and 3 stars round my wrist, for my children and wife! l love my tats, but l didnt get them for anybody but myself , shit noone even sees the ones on my chest or back except the wife. or l’m at the beach or sumthing, They are mine and each one is special…l dont regret any of them (altho l plan at least 6-9 months in advance so l know l really want it)

  • TheRefriedMexican


  • TheRefriedMexican


  • Mario

    what tats did fifty get removed

  • latino heat

    i’ve been laughing at the size of Marbury’s head since he 1st came into the NBA. then he made it 10 times worse by putting a tat on it. dumbass.

    Baby is a super dumbass for that big star on his head. who told him that was a good idea? cosign whoever up top that said 10 years ago you didn’t hear anything about being no fuckin blood’s out of Baby or Wayne’s mouths.

    i don’t have any tats for the same reason i don’t have any kids. that shit is forever. and i have a serious fear of commitment.

  • DD


  • 32 weeks pregnant and bleeding

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  • nessa * rogers

    I LIKE!i GUESS ********

  • morgan


  • kwasi knight

    i love tatt so much…it helps you to tell your story..
    keep it gunstar

  • Jaelynn

    i dont care what any bodii say tyga is the fuckin sexiest person i have ever seen in the whole fukkin world!!! (: … swagg