FEATURE: Charlamagne Tha God, I’m Good

Over the course of the past three days, Charlamagne Tha God has been on a rollercoaster ride. On Friday morning (October 30) the Philadelphia-based radio personality snagged an exclusive interview with Beanie Sigel, who had just dropped a scathing dis record aimed at former boss Jay-Z the night before. Based on the amount of traffic Charlamagne’s on-air exchange with Beanie got, his industry stock should have been pretty high. But earlier this morning, the outspoken jock announced via Twitter that he had been unceremoniously let go from his position at Philly’s 100.3 The Beat. Some rumors say that the Beanie interview had something to do with it, but XXLMag.com went right to the source to find out the truth.

XXLMag.com: How you feeling, man?
Charlamagne Tha God:
I’m good, man. Everybody keep calling me talking about, “Are you okay? Are you aiight?” I’m like, it’s just a firing, it’s just radio. I ain’t get shot, I wasn’t in a car accident—it’s just radio. [Laughs]. That’s just the nature of the business.

XXLMag.com: On Twitter you said the station wanted to “go in a different direction.” What exactly happened?
This morning, right after the show was over, the program director came in and was like, “Yo, can we talk to you.” You know how it goes down; they tell you, “Oh, we love you, we love everything you’ve done for the company but we just moving in a different direction.” No reasoning [behind it], but it’s always like that though. I will never know the real reason, but I can speculate…

XXLMag.com: You think it had something to do with the Beanie Sigel interview last week?
I don’t know, that’s what I’m hearing but I don’t know how true that is. I don’t see why that woulda been an issue. I would hope that the powers that be, like Jay-Z, wouldn’t be that petty. But you never know.

XXLMag.com: This whole thing is crazy. I’m sure your ratings went through the roof after that Beanie interview.
Yeah, my numbers were great. I’ve never had any disciplinary action, never been suspended, never been written up, never had any verbal warnings… As controversial as they say I am, I’m like a model employee. Any program director that’s worked with me will tell you that but that’s the way it goes in radio. That’s why you gotta treat these buildings like the Carter, man. You go in, set up shop, do what you gotta do and burn it down when it’s over.

XXLMag.com: How’d you get Beanie on the phone anyway?
When I heard the dis record come out to Jay, my mind is already thinking forward motion, like everybody’s running with the dis record, playing the dis record… That’s cool, but I’m more interested in why? Let’s get to the root of the issue. Being that I’m in Philly it was a no brainer, it wasn’t nothing to reach out to get Beans on the phone and he was happy to do it, like, “Oh, word, Charlamagne, not a problem. That’s who I need to be talking to.” So he called and he just aired it out. What you heard on that phone call is exactly how it went down. I didn’t even talk on the radio for like 38 minutes I was just sitting there listening to Beans.

XXLMag.com: What’s your take on what Beans was saying about Jay?
I mean it’s three sides to every story. It’s gonna be Beanie’s side, Jay-Z’s side and the truth. But I really feel what Beans was saying, even though a lot of people will say Beans was a grown man and Jay can’t hold his hand, but what’s the point of giving somebody so much opportunity if you don’t really show them what to do with that opportunity? It’s kinda like when Wendy brought me to New York, they coulda brought me up to New York and just threw me to the wolves but, nah, they guided me every step of the way and still give me guidance. …

XXLMag.com: So if what Beans is saying is true, what do you think Jay should’ve done differently?
Jay-Z is an OG, man, and the Bible says the old men should counsel young men for war. There should never have been a point in time where he just stopped counseling Beanie Sigel. Yeah, you can give him a record label but what if he doesn’t know how to run a label? You can give him a clothing line but what if he doesn’t know how to run a clothing line? You can give a person a million dollars but what if they don’t know how to manage money? I think that what Beanie’s saying is very legitimate, I can understand Jay-Z’s side too, like I gave him this and I gave him that but what’s the point of giving you fish and not teaching you how to fish? I can give you fish and you can eat for a day but if I teach you how to fish you’ll eat for life. I don’t think Jay-Z taught Beanie how to fish.

XXLMag.com: Still, shouldn’t have all of this been handled behind closed doors rather than on wax or over the airwaves?
Yeah, but that’s the nature of the world we live in now. The veil has been pulled off the industry, meaning that people can’t hide anymore. The truth is revealing itself more and more every day. One reason is the Internet doesn’t have any filter and another reason is because you have media personalities like myself who don’t take sides. I’m not an industry person; I’m of the people. I’ma people’s champion at the end of the day.

XXLMag.com: What do you mean by that?
I do things that I know people wanna hear. I’m a fan at the end of the day so when I’m sitting down and I get a chance to interview these people I’m approaching it from a fan’s perspective. It could sound harsh but that’s the way I’m approaching it. I’m not an industry person. I’m not here to sugarcoat things. I’m not gonna tell Cassie she’s a great singer because I wanna keep a relationship with Puff. I’m not gonna say, “Beanie, no, I don’t want you on the air airing out Jay-Z because I’m worried about Jay-Z performing at my concert.” I don’t care about all that. I’m a man of the people not of the industry.

XXLMag.com: What’s your next move going to be?
Put it like this, the radio station is just one check. There’s a hundred checks coming from a lot of different places so I’m just staying active. Me and [comedian] Lil Duval still doing the Hood State of the Union webisodes, I’m still writing for Ozone magazine, I’m still a street correspondent for Wendy Williams’ TV show, and I got a book coming out on Wendy’s book imprint next year called Pull Your Damn Pants Up. But The Hood State of the Union that me and Duval are doing, you’re about to see it on a network. In a New York minute you gonna see it [on TV].

XXLMag.com: So you’re done with radio?
The craziest thing is I’ve had four-five job offers in the past four hours—ever since I put it on Twitter. If the right opportunity presents itself I’m definitely gonna jump back in radio. I love doing radio, that’s my thing. I may have gotten fired but my tongue ain’t get cut out my mouth and my voice still works so I’m fine. —Anslem Samuel

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  • Tru Lie

    I heard Jay really unleashed swine flu too…
    Oh and he caused {insert event here} as well…

    How do I know…man I read it on the internet, and you know everything on the internet is fact

    • dj push

      just heard the interview on youtube. my opinion is this:

      Jay-Z is a business man that has had many pitfulls in his career that was created by other people. But you dont hear him bittchiing! He just moved on and created a better situation for himself. Im sure he entered many deals that didnt work out. but he learnt and moved on.. simple!! he isn’t complaining and sitting on deals that went wrong. he is changing his own history and becoming the person he wants to be. its sounds like beenie is tired and wants a helping hand from Jay-z a slice of his success. man to man get your own success beenie you have enough going for you to make a path way for yourself. Kanye built a pathway for himself.. 50 created a path, snoop did it, em did it. Build a path way for yourself. to make it to the no.1 spot you have to be the no.1 spot. Jay-Z maybe ruthless but he doesnt sound like he is on his way out. Stay in the game beenie and create your own success.this is not a diss mail its my opinion.

    • Devon

      Fuck this nigga ill nut on his bald ass head

      • Scout

        Thats some uber nancyboy shit…..

  • http://www.myspace.com/seanblak seanblak

    thats lame people should boycott for you

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  • CestMoi

    Fuck Jay-Z. Big up, Beanie and Charlamagne. (And you better get back to radio!)

  • CestMoi

    Fuck Jay-Z. Big up, Charla. (And you better get back to radio!)

  • AZ40

    He’s right a lot of cats is industry cat’s they’ll lie to a person for the sake of another relationship, I’m shocked this niggas got fired though

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  • http://twitter tammieroxx40

    Good 4 you,you do rep the fans when u ask questions,and u know that was jay-z’s doing c’monson,all of a sudden please! That right there made me not care 4 him at all I dnt like that,and I dnt like people like that,look at it this way,one door closes,anotha one opens,they did u a favor god bless fllw me @tammieroxx40.


    WTF? i heard Charlamagne was the mutha fuckin MAN on Philly radio. & they fire the nigga, just for no visible reason. if Jay had something to do w/ this shit (which, to me isnt that far fetched) my god that nigga is SHADY.

    i hope those radio ratings drop like crazy. & i love them Hood State of the Union webisodes. have me rolling everytime.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine



    • http://www.OPPF.org INVICTUS

      I can’t believe this. This is an atrocity against all FREE speakin’ markets SUCH AS THE RADIO. I mean, come on, is that NOT The job of a radio station: To provide an outlet of TRUTH to the people. I mean, when they hired Charlamagne, what did they think they were gonna be getting? Some watered down, late night Keith Sweat ish. Not a good look, ESPECIALLY in a city like Philly. If Rush Limbaugh can get on a radio station and call us BLK Folk everything shorty of a monkey, surely CHARLAMAGNE can get on and bring solidity to a HUGE “WTF” moment in hip hop community.

      ROO to the QUES!!!

      • GregSIDE

        GOT DAMN! I go a week without the internet and see this shit. Man yall some conspiracy theory loving M-Fucca’s. I mean even if the radio station did this for Jay, it doesn’t mean Jay asked. Yeah it doesn’t make since but… None of us know the real story. Just like homeboy said there’s three sides 2 every story. You got the radio’s, Charlamagne’s, and the truth. As far as Beans, Jay held that niggas hand long enough. I remember when MTV did this thing following Jay around and there in the club and some nobody throws a drink or something and Beans jumps from the V.I.P section 2 run through a crowd trying to catch this guy. And Jay was worried, talking about how wild Beans can get and how he’d been trying to mold him. That was like ten years ago. There’s only so long you can hold your homie’s hand be4 you see he’s a lost cause. And 1 more thing. Beans ain’t Nas. This shit ain’t gonna do what it did for him

  • Ron

    Yes it has to be jay-z Fault because he is the one who gave him opportunity and a platform. Why should we blame bean. Why should he be held responsable for his actions when it is jays fault. If it were up to me I would never ever put another thing bean is is. lets see how long it takes for him to sink without jay. He is a JOKE. I laugh at you Bean. Oh yeah I forgot to mention loyalty. change your own diaper.

    • Sincere

      Dude has been getting crushed by Miss jones since he’s been on air. The Sigel interview was the only one where he had better ratings. Idk much but I’m pretty sure ratings still matter in the radio. I am a Jay fan but doubt Jay has enough power to have him fired, only because Jay needs radio more than radio needs Jay.

      I don’t think Beans loyalty needs to be questioned. Might be the most loyal guy you can find in the business. The guy is just hurt and wants a conversation. He’s not getting one so he’s going about getting one anyway he can. The man is a rapper why not rap. One of the biggest Jay fans but Sigel does deserve at least a convo.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        “but Sigel does deserve at least a convo.”

        That’s all I’m saying.

        “but doubt Jay has enough power to have him fired,”

        Some dudes down below offer great examples. It may not be true but it’s not far-fetched.

  • John Cohran

    I knew from his first day they would fire him cause he keeps it too real. Fuck 100.3, Ill suppurt anything bul does.

  • fli-die

    Oh, yeah it’s all Jay Z’s fault.
    Slavery we can blame Jay Z
    HIV/AIDS we can blame Jay Z
    The collapse of the economy we can blame Jay Z
    the fallen careers of Sauce Money, Jaz-O, The Rhanjaz, The YG’s, Peedi Crack, Freeway, Omillo Sparks, Beans, Foxy Brown, Teeira Marie we can blame Jay Z (cause none of them had ANYTHING to do with it)
    The deaths of BIG & Pac? Jay! Where WAS that nigga when them shits went down????
    The Roots, Method Man, LL, Redman, Ghostface not selling on DJ we can blame Jay Z.
    It’s ALL Jay Z fault!!!!!!!!!

  • paychexx

    rule 4080/industry people are shady….

    now do you still want to be in the industry?

  • philly all day

    I listen to Charlemagne every morning the boy is the truth.. I was happy to here from him once again b/c i missed listening to the Wendy Williams show.. but anyway this is nothing but Wack ass Jay-z move, see Jay-z got money now and now his bitch comin out… I am disappointed b/c why all the beef all the time damn.. I listen to the Beanie interview and what he said was official.. Jay-z turning out to be a lil bitch, all who from philly knows about power house, why the alpha boys out there searching people.. that was pussy ass Jay-z, what you scared for, you that bull from marcy projects right… See money can surely make a bitch come out of the right people.. Ima miss Charlemagne good radio personality, oh well 100.3 rating just went bankrupt again…

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  • daydeezy

    Welp Yeah Man you got canned for the Beanie Siegle Interview.. FYI and Beans told you if you was paying attention, it takes 4 to 5 people to get a JAY, it takes 7 people for the president, so when you air some sh%t out and then you got millions of people getting at you without a phone call there comes trouble and lets start with who opened the lines and then Beans is next. as a matter of Fact “what you talking about” lol come on man he is not santa clause you cant sit on his lap, true enough he needs to get taught some things but beans pride held him back from asking for help on how to fish he just saw fish and wanted it and thats what they did gave it to him and then Dame gave it to him with the end of a pool que….get at Dame not Jay. My brother is a Nut and i Will be dammed if i was going to be responsible for him getting in and out of jail , he will be my brother in jail and out of jail. You got people thinking beans is hard like some real life state property and he really was getting his CB4 on so lets start signing up old and new artist to the business music class…

  • mike

    Jay Z ain’t that petty. Who the fuck is Beans anyway? He smokes dust and dip. How do you teach a person like that? Fuck Beans! Fuck Charlama as well for even risking it to give this dummy the platform. They both get what they deserve. Do not awaken the Giant. How do you teach a person with ADHD?

  • FlapJack

    My lawd…Smh.

    If this dude seriously thinks Jay did this he’d either be a lot more pissed or a lot more shook.

    I call bs on this

    You got a contract right?

  • WestPhillyPolo

    That’s some real wack shit. He was real entertaining in the morning. I don’t even like listening to the radio, but dude always had some real talk. Major fail for 100.3. I’ll still follow the gods career. The industry gets lamer by the day…..

  • bk

    Get off jay dick, ya’ll act like he the prez and blame him for everything!!!!

  • downtownchucktown

    dis clown ass nigga gets booted every where he go. he won’t say where he from. nigga from charleston. he is faker than rick ross . he don’t get respect in his home town or no where cause he is a nobody. no one buy his mix tapes. we all know lil ru sold 1,500. lil ru washing dishes on market street in charleston now ask him to get u a job.

    • SouthCakC23

      mane STFU! Charlamagne IS NOT from the Chuck! He’s from Moncks Corner! I don’t know WTF you talkin bout but CTG gets respect from ANYONE that is ANYBODY in Carolina. Stop hatin. You sound like a salty ass hater that is mad cuz CTG wouldn’t put your record on one of his mixtapes LOL!

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    wow. this some serious stuff. i guarantee its so more stuff behind this. Beans musta talked ish about Beyonnce or did something real inappropiate. Either way wow. lol @ lu ru washing dishes on market street, but come on i’m from sc. that there is the problem this world is so messed up because people don’t have no morals. u rep sc till u die don’t air out ur family dirty laundry. but ya, smh at this. i listened to the interview again and BEAns is like really being a girl. Oschino was doing it way back. Sparks gets his and don’t really whine and cry. i mean jayz gave them ample oppurtunties.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    On Friday morning (October 30) the Philadelphia-based radio personality snagged an exclusive interview with Beanie Sigel, who had just dropped a scathing dis record aimed at former boss Jay-Z the night before.
    Based on the amount of traffic Charlamagne’s on-air exchange with Beanie got, his industry stock should have been pretty high.

    But earlier this morning, the outspoken jock announced via Twitter that he had been unceremoniously let go from his position at Philly’s 100.3 The Beat. Some rumors say that the Beanie interview had something to do with it!

    “I may have gotten fired but my tongue ain’t get cut out my mouth and my voice still works so I’m fine” (LMFAO)

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  • balaramesh

    i am still laughing on how dude did chingy a couple years ago. that was brutal.

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  • that nigga

    You motherfuckers know what happened.

    No Nas at Summer Jam after he got Ethered.
    No Jim and Cam on tour with The Roc and they on the Label?
    No Chris Brown performance at the awards show cuz Jay was performin.
    No Roc Records for Dame and Biggs. No Big Daddy Kane, No Jaz O, no nuttin for anybody but himself, me, me, me. Oh, but him and Puff love eachother tho??

  • Too Trill in Texas

    Jay has that kinda out power in the industry. He’s buddies with Barack Obama, Oprah Winfery and the New York Mayor.

    Those are Powerful Connections for one man to Hold. Thats power that 50 Cent, Diddy, and Dame Dash don’t Hold.

    Its official…… Jay-Z is the New Michael Corleone, 2010 GodFather.

  • http://www.iap-tv.com Harra$$

    Yes Jay-Z, Bitch 4 Life! Turn on your homie’s everytime.

  • People Are Stupid

    I love how people are taking sides and claiming what’s “real” or “fake”..

    Let me clarify something..



    So, stop acting like little girls.. Picking someone’s side based on who you like better. I respect conversation and stimulating the mind, but some of you are acting like babies.

    As far as Charlamagne’s comments go, I don’t understand how he can blame Jay for not “teaching Beanie Sigel how to fish”? If Beanie Sigel didn’t know how to “fish”, then maybe HE should’ve been a man and not accepted the responsibility of running his own label, operating a clothing line or taking $1m.

  • Yessir

    Everybody is crying about JAY-Z not helping them. If Jay-z helps everybody, how the fuck is he gonna have time to help himself??????????

    Plus, DAME and BURK were also part of Rocafella. How come they didn’t help BEANS.


    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “and BURK”


  • brand-new

    i bet power99 is hitting him up for a job…whats good philly?!

    • http://www.spitboss.com KLAP215

      2-3months ago I whould say yeah… but now Power99 Wusl has Jonnezzy in the mourning so they good….

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    it was said that charlamagne snatch one of memphis bleek chains back in the day and ran with it around the radio station in columbia sc smh at beanie this is worst than mike vick boys.

    • SouthCakC23

      LOL, naw, Charlamagne BEAT BLEEKS ASS and took his chain.

  • sherri

    It seems very ironic for this man to get fired after this type of interview. This is what the fans want to hear, had he took jay z’s side, would he still have a job. I think his bosses, should get balls and should’ve just let him do his thing. Now to the ppl who listened to the interview, beans isnt asking jay z for any money, or it doesnt sound likes he’s hating. he was called to do the interview, so therfore he spoke his mind. I like jay and beans, but what you ppl need to understand is that Jay z is not GOD, what makes him excempt from any wrong doing or criticism. Beans isnt the only artist that has said this about jay. Get of of jay’s dick and understand right is right and wrong is wrong

  • philly

    F jay he do anything to get to the top he stole lil cris flow anyway this dude is already home for real he dont talk about nothing no more A’s of spade and cloths and he is 40+ please thers no message in his music no more state prop all day beans all day i cant relate to a maybach 62-57 i can relate to my comcast bill being do and aboat to get clip real talk this dude turns his back on the people who help him money aint everything yall trust me

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  • http://www.spitboss.com KLAP215

    100.3 the beat messed up!!! Charlamange had the best mourning show 100.3THE BEAT WPHI Ever had… and probaly ever will have!!!! 100.3 the beat WPHI is really corny for this!!!! JAY-Z is a nut! Beanie Sigel was a true freind to Jay but Jay is a devil!

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