FEATURE: Shook Ones — Hip-Hop’s Darkest Music Videos

This year Halloween falls on a weekend and XXLMag.com is trick or treatin’. With today being devil’s night and tomorrow marking the annual costumed holiday, we scoured the Net for some of hip-hop’s darkest and most demonic music videos to get you in the spirit for a night of mayhem. Even if Halloween isn’t your thing, you’ll be surprised at how many Wu-Tang Clan rappers have journeyed to the dark side with their videos.

Gravediggaz, “Diary of a Madman”

Snoop Dogg, “Murder Was the Case”

Eminem, “3AM”

Flatlinerz, “Satanic Verses”

Geto Boys, “Mind Playing Tricks”

Ice Cube & Dr. Dre, “Natural Born Killers”

Sunz of Man feat. Killarmy, “Soldiers of Darkness”

GZA “Shadowboxin’/4th Chamber”

Shabazz the Disciple, “Death Be the Penalty”

Illegal, “Head or Gut”

Flatlinerz, “Live Evil”

DMX, “Stop Being Greedy”

Smif-N-Wessun, “Wontime”

Ruff Ryders, “Ride or Die”

EPMD feat. Redman, Method Man & Lady Luck “Symphony 2000″

LL Cool J feat. DMX, Redman, Method Man & Canibus, “4, 3, 2, 1″

2Pac (Makaveli), “Hail Mary”

MC Ren, “Ruthless 4 Life”

Gravediggaz, “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide”

D12, “Fight Music”

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    • jenocide


  • bigupztoronto

    fiiirst, fuck drake he cant come to my city

    • Golden

      think first before you act…cause the fact that you’re not “first” to comment combines w/ the fact that you’re sayin’ “F” Drake under a section that has nothing to do w/ him makes you look/sound/seem like the net’s biggest cornbal…thank me later for puttin you on to how wack you are…peace/

  • Bobo D

    Ice Cube featuring KoRN – Fuck Dying

    Soul Assassins featring B-Real & Dr. Dre – Puppet Master

  • King Joffy Joe

    Big Lurch, anyone?

  • GIFT

    nIGGAS ACT LIKE THEY AIN’T HEARD OF BROTHA LYNCH HUNG. i DON’T LIKE ICP, BUT THEY ON THAT WICKED SHIT TOO. tECH 9 BE ON THAT SHIT TOO. XXL slippin on that wicked shit. How the hell is 4,3,2,1…. considered in this listing? gotta get up on more shit than drake, weeze. or jigga.

    • Anslem

      Did you even look at the 4, 3, 2, 1 video? If Meth dressed up like a mummy don’t fit the Halloween/dark theme of videos (nt actual song content) then… I dunno what is

  • Marco V

    What Bout East 1999 Bone Thugs N Harmony?? Yall Dont Ever Give them No Play, Quit HaTin!!!

    • Lowedwn

      Co-sign on BTN, also what about Mobb Deep’s Hell On Earth?

  • http://-- gaddic

    3 am was hella dope
    Even had a sublimal diss to Rick Ross
    when em killed the obese cop at the pschy hospital and the sequence with using the naked mannequin manas a camera trick -genius

  • torontofolkcrip

    pussy nigga named golden, talk shit i’ll slit your atoms apple, I took drakes stainless steel rolex pussi

  • dabeachboi

    Fuk Canada, straight up!! pussy ass fuk bois!!

  • dc36

    Chino XL – Kreep

  • screagle

    Prodigy- “MAC-10 Handle”
    definitely dark enough to be on this list

  • Fireforreal

    D12 fight music ? whatever. What about Scarface Smile or Onyx last dayz ?

    • Eric

      cosign Scarface’s “Smile”

  • latino heat

    do ya’ll remember when The Box used to do the “scary” videos for halloween? that’s what this reminds me of. anyway i’m headed out in a minute, ya’ll have a safe halloween everybody!

  • yeah whatever

    yo homie from toronto, sit down. when you come up on something better than stainless steel, which rolex doesnt even promote, and its prolly jus the bezel, then talk. and post drake comments on something about…..drake. and you and slittin shit but your credibility. you make canada wack, move to ireland or something.

    -born n raised in the county of dade

  • Eric

    what about Eminem “Way I Am”? homie was falling from the damn roof.

    But number one hands down is “Mind Playin Tricks on Me”

  • Eric

    or maybe “Murder Was The Case”

  • http://theinfamoussyndicate.blogspot.com/ Noles506

    Eric, murder is the case is in the list……lol

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Co-sign 3AM. If i should add 1 mo’ video it gotta b’ “Smile” = Scarface ft Pac

  • REAL TALK ’10

    Shyt…Jay-Z…..”Run This Town”…most satanic Hip Hop Video period!…they sold there soul in this satanic ritual type vid…they being…Rihanna Kanye West And Jigga!

  • No Name

    No DMX “Slippin’”? If that video isn’t dark than none of these deserve to be on the list.