FEATURE: Yo! Bum Rush the Show

Stage crashing seems to be the latest hip-hop trend. Earlier this summer, T-Pain waltzed into Jay-Z’s set as he was performing “D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune)” during Hot 97′s Summer at Giants Stadium.

Last night’s MTV Video Music Awards featured not one, but two stage interruptions. First, Kanye West jumped onstage to object to Taylor Swift winning Best Female Video over Beyoncé’s “Sexy Ladies”—”one of the best videos of all-time” in Yeezy’s arrogant opinion. Lil Mama later joined in on the stage crashing when she hopped onstage as New York Giants, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys closed the show with their “Empire State of Mind” collaboration.

While crashing the stage can make for a memorable moment (ODB at the Grammys), it can also backfire and turn into unnecessary controversy (Kanye got booed last night and currently faces backlash). With last night’s bum rushes still fresh on the mind, XXL lists some of the best and worst stage crashing incidents in hip-hop history…the good, the bad and the ugly.


5. KRS-One Tosses Prince Be Off Stage

Back in 1992, Kris and his crew hijacked the stage, threw Prince Be off of it and proceeded to perform three Boogie Down Production songs during P.M. Dawn’s concert at New York’s Sound Factory. The Blastmaster was apparently pissed at Prince Be for saying, “KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?” during an interview in Details magazine.

4. 50 Crashes Evanescence’s Grammy Acceptance Speech

After inexplicably losing Best New Artist to rock group Evanescence at the 2004 Grammy Awards, 50 Cent, wearing a facial expression that clearly said, “y’all know I should have won,” quickly walked on and off stage in response to being snubbed. [Watch Video]

3. 50 Cent and Diddy Crash Kanye West and T.I. Set

What initially started as a taunt turned into one of the most memorable moments in hip-hop history. With Kanye West and 50 Cent’s SoundScan battle nearing a fever pitch, the Queens MC crashed the stage and began doing victory laps and throwing up Roc-A-Fella diamond signs as Kanye performed “Can’t Tell Me Nothin” during the Madison Square Garden stop of the Scream ’07 Tour.

2. Kanye Storms Justice’s Acceptance Speech At MTV EMA

“This video cost a million dollars, fam. I had Pam Anderson. I’m jumping across canyons and shit. If I don’t win, the award show loses credibility. I appreciate it, fam. It’s nothing against you, I’ve never seen your video, but hell nah, man. I love y’all. Timbaland, man. The beats is hot!” NUFF SAID! [Watch Video]

1. ODB Says Wu-Tang Is For The Children

Being nominated wasn’t enough for Ol’ Dirty Bastard, especially since he bought a brand new suit specifically for the 1998 Grammy Awards. Moments after Wu-Tang Clan lost to Puff Daddy for Best Rap Album, ODB crashed an unrelated acceptance speech to drop a few jewels: “I don’t know how y’all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children, we teach the children, you know what I mean? Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is the best. Okay? I want y’all to know that this is ODB and I love you all.” [Watch Video]

The Band and the Ugly…

5. Treach Gets It Twisted

Misinterpreting Posdnuos’s “so stick to your Naughty by Natures and your Kane” line on the intro to Stakes is High, Treach yanked him offstage during a De La performance.

4. Akon Tosses Fan Offstage

As if Akon wasn’t already in enough trouble after humping a 14-year-old onstage months earlier, the hookman extraordinaire invited a young fan onstage only to toss him off of it during a performance in Fishkill, NY back in 2007. The kid had allegedly thrown an object at Kon prior to the incident. He later plead guilty to harassment charges for the incident, paid a $350 fine and served 65 hours of community service.[Watch Video]

3. Lil Mama Ruins VMA Closer

The nerve of Lil Mama. Sure, she’s from New York, just like heavyweights Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, who closed last night’s MTV VMAs, but crashing Hov’s set was just in bad taste. [Watch Video] Though Hov subtly confronted Lil Mama by comparing her to T-Pain—who crashed Hov’s Summer Jam set, and later dismissed her with a light tap on the leg—the Brooklyn MC stayed glued onstage until the performance concluded with a B-Boy stance. FAIL!

2. Kanye Interrupts Taylor Swift’s First Moonman Speech

Kanye meant no harm, but he sure did some damage. The Louis Vuitton Don cut off Taylor Swift mid-speech to protest against the pop country singer winning Best Female Video over Beyoncé’s “Sexy Ladies.” The fact that Ye’s outburst came at the pristine Swift’s expense made the stunt that much worse. Yeezy was later asked to leave and was booed for the remainder of the evening whenever his name was mentioned.

1. Snoop And Crew Beat Up Fan

Caution! Crashing the stage rarely ends up well for fans. A man was stomped by Snoop’s entourage after hopping on stage as the Dogfather performed “Gin and Juice” in Seattle. The victim, Richard Monroe, filed a $22 million suit. Snoop was eventually cleared of all charges.

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  • Silly Chilly Willy

    Not to quibble, but I think in the second part, all those are bad, except the one with Lil Nerve who is just plain ugly.



    man that fan who jumped on stage at that dogg pound show got stomped that fuck out.

  • Beast McCoy

    If you didn’t already know… MTV IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE JUST A REALLY BAD JOKE OF A TELEVISION CHANNEL. As for Kanye, maybe he didn’t get enough ass whuppins as a child because for a grown man to be acting the way he’s been acting is… well… “special”. What happen to making music and skipping all these BS Awards Shows. Because I’m sorry but if I was Taylor’s Man I would have to have a few words with Mr. West. Oh and Lil Mama is just another poor lost girl who is just dying to be famous or infamous[they're about the same now days.]. I am just waiting for someone to start giving out BJs at these award shows because it doesn’t seem to far away from happening. A PITIFUL NIGHT FOR MUSIC AND A GREAT NIGHT FOR MEDIA WHORES.

    • ty from linden blvd

      of course u feel that way beast,ya momma raised u to be a captain save a hoe.

  • Tyrone

    Haha Bo$$ Dogg, seems like a muthafucka had a gang fight.

  • K.ing

    LMAO @ the dogg pound shit… why is the game always the last nigga to run up???

    Akon shit was stupiud…



  • raph

    Beyonce’s song was Single Ladies not Sexy Ladies

  • Al

    Hov looks about 65 years old in the B-boy stance, but he rocked the performance and BP3

  • ChRi$

    “Snoop And Crew Beat Up Fan”…
    that nigga Game…LOL, too damn funny, he definitely keeps shit gully lol…i love when he turns around N just hypes everyone up again, real nigga…


  • King Joffy Joe

    Lil Mama looks like MC Lyte on speed. Or crystal meth perhaps…. lol.

  • DC drew

    lol at Games body guard from 0:50 sec – 1:05 huggin up on Game n shit.

  • http://www.cassavaleaf.com/ CassavaLeaf

    Game came up there like he did shit lol

  • http://www.cassavaleaf.com/ CassavaLeaf

    but Dogg Pound really roughed dude up

  • DJ Postman

    To quote The Game, Lil’ Mama’s “got a forehead just like Tyra.”

    The nerve of that fool. That was a monumental moment for Jay and Alicia to be up there together, and that clown ruined it.

  • Semaj Raff

    i almost dont know which was more disrespectful, kanye or lil mama ruining jay’s moment…im leaning more towards lil mama, but i dont condone what kanye did neither. lil mama ruined my fav song of the bp3 now

  • fyasko51

    On the real, Kanye just lost me as a fan…im pretty he doesnt care but he is a grade A douche…He’s not that great either…808′s wasnt that great and his great hit, “Jesus Walks” was writin by Rhymefest..He’s like Lil Wayne, one line hitters on the rhyme…

    If someone would have done that him, he would gone Chris Brown on there ass… It people like him that gives Hip Hop a bad name, just straight up ignorant…

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Akon is plain stooopid when it cums 2 concerts & dealin’ with fans.
    1st 4 per4min’ under-age gals & throwin’ that poor soul off-stage. Stoooopid.

    • Sincere

      That under age shit wasn’t Akon’s fault. That was the club promoters and bouncers fault, it was a 21 and over venue. Is he supposed to pull her on stage and “uh by the way let me peep that id real quick”


    lol @ the Game coming all late way after the beatdown

    LiL Mama need some dick down her throat

    Jay-Z should have EXPLOITEDBLACKTEENS.com-ED her ass, Ghettogaggers.com-ed or YOUNGTHROATS.COM-ED her ass

  • Day Day

    yall know damn well yall would fuck LiL Mama….all that lip gloss i bet that head game A1

    • Enlightened

      Yep. Niggaz be clownin talkin bout she look like a man and she ugly and all that shit.

      She ain’t no Rihanna or nothin’ but she can get it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thekillaz Des of The Killaz

    by pulling that shit, lil mama ethered the 1 molecule of a career she had

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    That picture with Jay, Keys & Lil Bow W-I mean Lil Mama should be uncomfortably embarrassing. She should feel like the biggest 3rd wheel loser ever in the history of unwanted tag-alongs. I know Big Mama taught her better than to go where she’s not wanted. Oh, wait; never mind, she still raps…..

    I still have that issue of The Source with KRS & Prince Be. Damn, that was like a light year ago.

  • stoneyisland

    I’m glad you stupid muthafuckas at XXL think it’s funny that KRS and his horse shoe nose beat up the fat kid from PM Dawn. As far as I can recall this incident is what started the violence in hip hop, funny that the dude who was critical to the song self destruction started the violence in hip hop. Fuck KRS