[Editor's Note: This is an abbreviated version of the interview that appears in the 360 section of XXL's October issue. In the full interview, XXL asked Juelz Santana and Jeremih the same question based on the lyrics to their collaboration, "I'mma Star (Everywhere We Are) (Remix)."]

What makes you a star?

Obviously not the ice and the cars. If anything, I’d say my musicianship. That’s what separates me from a lot of artists. The fact that I’m a musician turned poet turned rapper turned singer.

If there were no tomorrow, how would you spend your last night?

Like it was my birthday. I’d try to make the night never end. I’d get a good soul-food meal in, like, The Last Supper. Some fried catfish, greens, spaghetti. Have it home-cooked by my lady friend who can put her heart and soul into it. Go out and get bottles of Mo-eezy to keep me bubbly.

When is it appropriate to put the ice away?

I’m not really a flashy dude. When I talk about the ice, I’m probably just talking about my earrings, if anything, or the wrist piece. I don’t have to be so icy. When you are at the crib, you can chill. To me, ice is something basic. You might catch me in more of a rosary than a platinum chain.

How many rounds are you trying to go with a girl if she’s still living?

I knock it out. I’d rather it’s a knockout, first round. I can go for the rounds, but I’d rather knock it out.

What if your hood bitch likes your new chick?

It’s just something about two women… It’s a beautiful thing. A lot of women feel the same way. [They] would rather go to the strip club to see a woman than to see a man. Two women is just a beautiful sight, just to see them interact like that. I need the double dose, just to make it a hard time.

Which is better to you, fame or fortune?

Probably the things that come with fortune. I’ve always been pretty good with the ladies. I think if you have the game that you should have, you shouldn’t need the money. You should be able to get what famous people get. The fortune is what everybody want. People go to school to get that piece of paper, to make a decent living and afford what people with fortune afford. Once you get the money, then you get the honey.

How can you tell when a chick is into you, and not your fame?

You can tell. I’m good at reading vibes. But from having a two-minute conversation, you can tell what a lot of young ladies are thinking. When they kick off like, “Well, I’m not a groupie,” they give it away right there. Room 112.

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