FEATURE: Buckshot & KRS-One, Acknowledge

Creeping up on nearly a quarter century in the game, KRS-One remains as colorful as ever, never ceasing to stop pushing hip-hop forward—or the envelope for that matter. After collaborating with former foe Marley Marl two years ago, Kris Parker has once again teamed up with a pedigreed MC in Bucktown’s own Buckshot for the upcoming album, Survival Skills. Also approaching a comparable milestone of his own with regards to seniority in the game, the admitted pupil of “The Teacha” is now in the position to educate as well.

Class is in session as the two vets even take XXL to task, but not before dishing on fishing with Scarface. Like, fo’real.

XXLMag.com: When did you guys first meet back in the day?

Buckshot: My first encounter with Kris is what I call a super blessing… “Evil Dee scratching in “How many MCs must get dissed…” and then people feeling the record when it dropped. I’m like, “Wow, that’s not even a hook with a hooky-vibe in it.” That’s just raw hip-hop and muthafuckas was feeling that. The first actual encounter was recording Enta Da Stage. Kris was in the ‘B’ room at D&D [Studios] and I was in the other room. I came out and Kris came out and he asked if I would collaborate with his protégé and I agreed so from there we just became real cool.

KRS-One: Before I even meet Buckshot, he meets my son Randy who committed suicide two summers ago. In his early years, I used to take [Randy] to the studio and we went to the D&D All-Star session and Buck was there. There’s actually video footage of me, Buckshot and Randy doing an interview together for the D&D All-Stars EPK.

Buckshot: Ooh! I knew, but it didn’t hit me when Kris had a record called Duck Down. This was when I first got with Dru. The name of our company was actually called Guerilla Style Management and we needed a name change. Dru said, “Well, what do you want people to feel when we come through the spot?” And I said, “I want them to duck down.” Word up.

KRS-One: To go even further, my brother Kenny was even closer to Buckshot than I was.

Buckshot: Kenny used to DJ at a club called The Muse back in the day. Me, Stretch, Puffy—everybody used to be in there dancing.

XXL: With this album, what are you two looking to get off your chest?

KRS-One: Real. Let’s put the fake shit to the side once and for all in 2009. Here’s something else. You can never be too old for hip-hop. You’ll hear me bragging throughout the album about my eldership. I think too many men my age—first generation hip-hop—are scared. They’re scared of the young people. They think they too old to rhyme. Somehow we’re supposed to stop rhyming at a certain age even if you got skills. I like to put my chest out and say, “Fresh for 2009, you bitches!”

Buckshot: All the Shaolin masters—the guys with the gray beards—they’re the ones that are most feared, because it took that long to reach greatness. It’s not about the age—it’s about how your age.

XXL: In terms of your greatest works, what young MCs do you feel are doing their best to replicate a similar message and voice?

Buckshot: Hip-hop is in its greatest state right now. There was never a time when artists had direct contact with the fans. People like Talib Kweli, Kidz In The Hall—these are artists rockin’ shows with a solid fanbase, and they’re independent. That’s one thing I respect about the game today. With that said, people like Duck Down—the Temple of Hip-Hop—we are businesses as well as culturally-manufactured movements turning fans into conscious consumers. We’re taking the game away from the corporate people—the upper echelon. All the people we always talk about but never see, we’re bringing to the light. It’s a reality, but at the same time, it’s a myth y’all over-exaggerated to keep ourselves down. They hold you back, not because they got a red pitchfork and black robe all day. They have it sometimes, but they hold you back because it’s relevant to their economical growth. It’s relevant to their economical growth to have you do ignorant stuff, because when you do ignorant stuff, the more ignorant stuff sells.

XXL: When you take into account this project, Slaughterhouse, and even Keith Murray and Canibus linking up, to name a few, in your mind, why are these solo MCs doing collaborative efforts?

KRS-One: We talked about this earlier about the culture having its voice now. This is the way it’s always been. It’s the corporate structure that pulled the wool over the consumer’s eyes. They were the middlemen teaching us the ropes for 20 years, but because of their incompetence, they collapsed their industry. They never collapsed the hip-hop industry. Our structure remains the same so if you know true hip-hop, you know how to survive when the industry collapses. Now those that were dependent upon the industry, they’re gone. And so is the industry. Now, the culture is speaking to you.

Before Slaughterhouse manifested itself physically, Joe Budden was already smoking a blunt with Royce. The same with me and Buckshot—I’ve known Buckshot for years before this record. The fake is gone. Now you’re getting hip-hop the way it was. Just because 50 Cent says, “Nigga, my gun go off!” and KRS-One says, “You must learn” that don’t mean we both ain’t at the bar together. We been fakin’ the funk for so long, that we forgot we’re dealing with a real culture with a real lifestyle to it. Now you’re getting ready to see that lifestyle. It’s only the public—the consumer—that would look and say, “That’s Wu-Tang. That’s BDP.” That’s how we appear to the fans when hip-hop fragments itself. It becomes Biggie. It becomes Jay-Z. It becomes Lil Wayne. But if you know the culture—if we stop looking at hip-hop as rap music and you look at the culture—you’ll see that me and Wayne was chillin’ at the BET Awards in 2007 with Bushwick Bill talking about Stop The Violence. At the VH1 Hip-Hop Honors this past year, I ran into Scarface. We looked like faggots right there. We all hugged up, kissin’ each other and shit. He tells me about a spot in Texas—he know I eat trout and all that—where you can go catch the fuckin’ trout. “I’ll take you fishing, KRS. Come to Texas anytime.” This is what people are not getting. They’re not getting hip-hop culture where you have a Scarface and KRS fishing. Now if we did a record together, then the rap industry says, “You guys came together now. What’s it like to work together?” Motherfucker, we done smoked out together for the last 20 years!

I’ma tell you what’s really gotta happen. Magazines like XXL that cover hip-hop should cover hip-hop. It’s now time for XXL in particular to start focusing more on hip-hop culture and back off from rap music. If KRS and Buckshot can’t be on the cover of XXL, you guys are not hip-hop anymore. That’s my word. You are not hip-hop. If we can’t be on the cover, fuck XXL. Quote me on that.

XXL: No doubt.

KRS-One: Fuck XXL. If we ain’t on the cover this year of XXL, with what we doin’ in hip-hop and what we saying on our album and everybody on our album and you’re gonna continue to put that bullshit on your cover, this year we drawin’ the line on y’all.- Devin Chanda

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  • Gorrilah

    Fuck krs one.40 something year old faggot crying to get xxl cover.Your time has passed u old stupid fuck talking about bringing old hip-hop back.U been rapping for so many years rhyming the same old bullshit.krs is confused today u rapping about real hip-hop and tommorrow u rapping about how tight u r in the streets and u know what fuck that.Your problem is u cant turn your rhymes into money u old dick-head.I bet officer ross bank account is much fatter than yours u old frog.U make sick trying to diss other people who are making it big in hip-hop and yet giving back to the community u dick sucker.krs is a dick and this goes to yall dick riding motherfuckers.

    • PYFpromo

      Where did he diss anyone in this? Your judgement is clouded if you only judge success by the amount of money in your bank account. Your comment and lack of anything useful to say or stand on is a prime example of what’s wrong in hip-hop society today.

    • CHILE! aka HeemMcFly

      Gorrilah lick my fuckin latinoamerican balls you piece of shit..how dare you mentionin rick ross in the same sentence as krs one hijo de puta learn real hiphop

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      @ Gorrilah

      “Your comment and lack of anything useful to say or stand on is a prime example of what’s wrong in hip-hop society today.”

      And he does shows. Isn’t that turning your rhymes into $?

    • Sleepy Wonder

      You Must Be A Nelly Fan…

    • DevoG

      @ young gorillah

      Everything in this life is not about money son. Some people do their craft just for the love. Case in point, teachers. They dont get paid nearly the amount they should to deal with young cats who think they know it all. Nas tried a couple of years ago with “Hip-Hop is Dead”. He wasnt hating and complaing, he was trying to teach.
      KRS 1 was homeless before he got on. Since then he has probably made and spent more on speaking engagements alone than you have in your lifetime(when was the last time you were paid to speak on a college campus). I dont know the man personally, and I dont agree with everything he says, but I do know that some things are done for the love. Neither Ali, or MJ had no reason to come back after retirement, but they did it for the love, and because of unfinished business. Either way respect your elders, and try to learn something.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


        I didn’t know you worked for XXL. You seem to take that statement entirely too personal. Makes me uncomfortable.

        Seems you didn’t grasp the concept conveyed within the “Fuck XXL’ comment. & he wasn’t wrong about the rap music overshadowing the culture.

        But, I’m confident that you still think rap music & Hip Hop culture are the same thing, so I’m not surprised you mentioned Rick Ross’ bank account. It’s too bad that the machine has blinded you to the extent of power the culture has, overall.

        I understand what you’re trying to say, but calling Kris a fag & commenting on his age shows exactly what he was saying. What does that have to do with the state of Hip Hop? You called him 40, but I GUARANTEE you have a DOWNLOADED LEAK of Jay-Z’s album.

        & for the record, there’s a thousand words you can use in exchange of “dick”. Generally, a man doesn’t want to type that word so many times, unless those were Freudian slips, hinting @ your unmentionable appetite.

    • http://ANORMOUS.com ANORMOUS

      Gorrilah’s comments are evident of someone who wants to remain ignorant and in a cycle of hate.. i bet you loved Jim Jones “Nananana” cuz it embodies your mentality!
      KRS kept it way real.. then again at least XXL gave them an interview! just don’t expect this mag to rally too hard against their corporate masters..
      If hip-hop depended on XXL to save it then we’re fucked but we know it’s bigger than a mag that puts the same major label drivel on the cover every month (but they gotta stay in business too)
      if anything is killin hip-hop it’s the ignorance and close-mindedness of the hip-hop consumers en masse..

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    “You can never be too old for hip-hop. You’ll hear me bragging throughout the album about my eldership.”

    True !!! As long as you don’t age like cheap wine and turn to vinegar, it’s cool. Word to Marcellus Wallace.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    I guess u would say fuck your grandfather too, huh?!! @ Gorillah

  • General

    Respect to Krs and Buckshot. People need to recognize that these are true soldiers in making hip hop what it is today…

    You may not like how they come across with the fuck XXL if we don’t get the cover, but the message is real…

    You look at what they have contributed and their right, they should be on a cover, or Slaughterhouse, or how about Rae or Meth and Red…

    Its not about young versus old, its about the artists that have had a lasting impact in this game…

  • tronthadon

    I cant agree wit this anti christ ass nigga anymore..he wonna start his own religion he said it himself..im 20yrs old and from Atl Ga and i love real hip hop but that doesnt mean im a sheep..with that bein said imma still Bump Criminal Minded and the “Real” Blueprint but this otha shit is for tha birds..but i am tired of XXL use to be favorite mag now they switched it around too much bring back that raw shit and stop tryna please these fag listeners

  • kingequality

    yall niggas wouldnt know real hiphop if it bit you in the dam head krs always been the truth

    • http://www.imperialfilmworks.com H.IMPERIAL

      true indeed fam this ni66az is lost….

  • sky hi

    I think it`ll be great to get those pics of KRS and Scarface fishing lol. But on some real shit XXL. Yall do a cover called lyrics are back. And throw SlaughterHouse, KRS and Buckshot, and a few other real Mcs on the cover! ps NO MORE R n B in this mag, thats Vibes job.

  • http://www.resurrectedmuzik.com LUBY562


  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Man, I’m tired of all these old niggas bitchin all the time. Get the fuck out the game and make way for the new

    E8 is up! Commission!!


    Classic Hood Shit

    • http://ANORMOUS.com ANORMOUS

      yeah make way for the new corporate lackeys/rappers that are deaf, dumb, and blind!

      what you don’t understand is that corporate control of hip-hop is why you will never
      ‘make it’

      if you don’t recognize wisdom as an element of hip-hop then you ain’t hip-hop just hood shit
      i bet you’d even say fuck bambaataa too right? (without which the south wouldn’t have a whole style to run into the ground)

  • proud 40 year old man says

    the reason rap and rappers are fucked up is because we dont utilize the elders in the game
    imagine if grand puba taught soulja boy how to write lyrics , or dougie fresh gave classes on live shows , we would have better music. big daddy kane could write for the acts today and they would be hit records … rock is strong because most song writers and producers are the pioneers of the music ….. running around spending money having fun and even then im still number .one

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “the reason rap and rappers are fucked up is because we dont utilize the elders in the game…”

      ‘Nuff said.

  • AZ40

    Respect to the O.G’s who got skillz, I never understood why hip hop fans feel the o.g’s gotta stop rappin’ I guess it’s a relatability thing….

  • 11KAP

    Yardee bwoy dem. Big up!! If it wasn’t for these cats, hip hop woulda died a long time ago. real talk.

  • giantstepp

    Real talk from The teacha, tha Blastmaster KRS ONE snitches. You… must… Learn!! KRS will straight bang (no homo)most of these so called rappers out here today, hands down! Age aint got a damn thing to do with it…my personal top 5 of all time!

  • The Blunt Technician

    i bettcha Gorilla’s [whatta perfect name] favorite rapper wouldn’t test Kris..

  • http://soundverite.blogspot.com/ Sound Verite

    Word, come on XXL respect the Gogs of this game, fuck a Souljah Boys and rookies. Most of these under 25′s don’t show proper respect. Would anyone say oh shit Radiohead, Neil Young, Bjork are too old, that’s the stupidest shit ever.

    KRS One & Buckshot, do them and the game a fair one.

  • http://-- gaddic

    I bet you swing on your daddy’s dick every night
    You faggot ass Gorillah

    U R the reason fat spermdrinkers like Rick Ross can still get respect although he’s “faker than a psychic with caller i.d.”
    Money and riches is how you measure true talent and incredible lyricism?

    You STUPID FUCK!!!
    U must be one of the dipshits calling Jay-z the GOD MC when he can’t even go toe to toe lyrically with none of the Top 10 rappers ever!

    Money doesn’t represent the quality of an MC’s skills!!!
    Regarding the interview KRS-1 is getting a little annoying with his complaining and nagging about Hiphop
    “Talking about a problem does not fix it
    Actions fix problems not speech!”

    he should retire after creating a legacy and has made himself an acclaimed Mc
    he has no reason to continue rapping
    KRS= Legend

  • dolo

    XXL mag fell off ages ago with their wack covers. . of course you have to sell units but never mistake the XXL for a hiphop mag .. not that there are any left.. KRs is still better than most of these “younger” dudes..

  • H-DUB

    Before the Youngsters put some Heat on the Preacher and hate, let me tell you that way back he did the “Stop the Violence” Movement, a thing that was neccessary to do. Look around today and drop a Name of your Favorite Rapper that does stuff like this? He is a Legend and i thank him for being around still. Looking forward for another dope Album out of the Duck Down Camp !

  • BeerGangsta

    I love what KRS1 said. You never to old to Rap! KRS1 and Buckshot shot are a good team. I agree again with KRS1 if they are not on the cover Fuck XXL! I have not heard this CD yet. I know it sound good. I can’t wait to see who they have as Guest on the CD. No new School Rapper can’t Fuck with KRS1!

  • IndyKid

    Look, I hate to be a party-pooper here, but damn. It’s not that KRS is old. Really. That’s no it at all. It’s that his time as a relevant mc has passed. We’re all (including KRS himself) are going to look back at this time when KRS teamed up with another has-been and tried to make a huge comeback. You heard ‘Robot’? Wackness.

    XXL cover?
    Please dude.
    You just got your mug off of a milk carton


    anybody notice how Buck declared Kidz in The Hall (label mates that he helped sign) one of the few faces pushing ‘real hip-hop’ these days? Shameless plug.

  • ole dirty marmot

    What I can appreciate is the fact he basically said we need to fall back from talking about rap!Hip hop is not only rap,but you’d think it was, gauging the mainstream coverage it garners.I was telling one of my friends last week,man I don’t want to read nor hear a single word about a rapper for a minute….hip hop can’t die,because it ain’t just music!

  • phurdrick

    I’m so f*cking sick of haters saying rappers are getting too old to be still rapping. Heck it’s the 90′s/early 2000′s rappers that’s bring back dat real hip-hop!!! I mean, “The Rolling Stones”, “Dolly Parton”, heck even “Os Mutantes” (do your homework, haters) are still put out new music, plus touring all over the world and no one say sh*t about them being too old too be making music, what there f*cking age is, or I’m sick of them they should of been retired. But if your over 30 years old in hip-hop you better quit, not relevant any more (maybe not to you!!) or should have been retired by now…F*ck That Sh*t (personally I don’t care if your over 50+ years old and still rapping)!! If you still have it in your heart, then do that sh*t till your six feet deep!! Keep doing your thing, KRS-One & Buckshot…f*ck all you haters!! Vive La Real Hip-Hop!!! ~ Phurdrick

  • http://www.SpitBoss.com KLAP215

    XXL take head Put KRSONE, BUCKSHOT,KEITH MURRY AND CANIBUS, SLAGHTERHOUSE, RAEKWON AND GHOSTFACE. Real HipHop cover for a change! All this 2 old for HipHop is crazy dumb! I got a question for all the young people out there… When yall get to be 35 , 40 yrs old are yall gonna stop rappin, listening 2 HipHop etc.. If u do then u wer’nt HipHop in the first place.
    Everyone in Philly p.a. area this tuesday sept 16th 2009 at the fye 6-7 pm buy the new KRS and BUCKSHOT album “Survival Skills” and meet Krs and Buckshot and get your free ticket to the shot @ 8pm 10th and arch st at the Trocadero. for more info vist duckdown.com Real HipHop heads only!

    • KLAP215

      FYE Broad and Chesnut.

  • http://ringletmodonnavideo.blogspot.com Lori Ruiz

    If I had a buck for each time I came to http://www.xxlmag.com.. Great read!

  • http://videoeligibly.blogspot.com Jimmie Webb

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck KRS ONE!!!!

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