FEATURE: Eminem, Welcome Back

[Editor’s Note: These are the outtakes to the edited interview that appears in the June 2009 issue of XXL.]

XXL: I’m hearing that Dr. Dre came out to Detroit and stayed in Detroit for awhile.

Eminem: Yeah, Dre stayed out in Detroit for months, I don’t know how many months, I can’t remember but a few months he was out there. And we just kept going. It was pretty crazy. Because usually, like my theories, like I’m real superstitious about shit and if I go [to] a studio like the one we went to in Orlando, I’m like if I got a good track record there I’ll go back and maybe I’ll write songs out there. Or I gotta go to L.A., in other words I gotta be out of my own environment in Detroit for my mind to expand and be able to write. But I guess that wasn’t the case because being at home, I still kept going with the pen and just kept writing. I couldn’t stop it was crazy.

XXL: That’s wild because I was just talking to Paul [Rosenberg] about how T.I. seems to have caught this amazing fire when he had to stay home on house arrest. He was saying for like the last two albums he was freestyling like on the Jay thing, going in the booth line by line or whatever. T.I. said that you guys had grown kinda cool.

Eminem: Yeah, yeah, we definitely built a relationship over you know, just recording and hanging out and shit, just…T.I. reminds me of me in the sense that he’s just a regular dude. He’s just real, he’s real humble, real just chill…just you know what I mean? The way we vibed in the studio and just talked and kicked it, it was like, “wow! This dude is cool.” We just kinda became friends after that. But I watched him do that shit in the studio, and that’s right around the time I kinda started wanting to do it or was kinda doing it but I couldn’t do it as good as him. And from what I heard, I don’t know if this is correct or not, but Lil Wayne does it.

XXL: Oh Yeah.

Eminem: Yeah I’m not as good as those guys when I do that. Like I can’t…I gotta actually sit down. For me, I want to actually write a whole song, because if I start, if I get to the second verse and I get stuck, I don’t want to record it just for nothing you know? So I kinda gotta write a whole song out and know if it’s gonna be a song and then record it. But I watched T.I. do that and was like,  “How the fuck is he doing this?” Because it was intricate still you know what I mean like as he was going along like line by line. But when he actually got that time to write, you could definitely tell and I told him many times over the phone the way that he did this record was just, you know… you could tell, you could tell that he actually sat down and he crafted his rhymes. Like he’s got rhymes, he’s got lines that rhyme inside of rhymes and shit like that, which somebody like me can appreciate so much just because you know I do it. I try to do that. So like when you hear someone else do that, it’s like, you know how much time it takes to do it yourself so you can appreciate it, you know what I mean?

XXL: Since we’re talking about that whole new generation thing, are you into blogs are you on the internet checking out different spots thinking like this is where I can get my hip-hop information from outside of my close people?

Eminem: I don’t even know how to work a computer. Honestly I don’t. I think that if, obviously I could learn to work a computer, and people have offered to show me, but I just don’t want to because I know if I started getting into that shit I’d lose my mind. Like blogging and reading what other people are saying about me and shit I might lose my mind so I just stay away from it. You know?

XXL: Right. And what kind of TV shows are you into?

Eminem: Oh man, TV shows. I watch The First 48, The Wire. I mean obviously the seasons are over but there is nothing better than The Wire. Like The Wire for me is ruining TV because that shit was so dope that, and I was a late bloomer. I caught on late. [It] took me like three, no wait they were on the fifth season before I actually knew what the fuck was going on. But I had heard so many people talking about it and obviously them three or four years I was dealing with my own shit so I didn’t have time to really catch up on it or whatever but when it came out like the seasons and shit I couldn’t stop watching them it was like crack. I think I’ve seen every season at lease four times.

XXL: You’ve been one of the most successful MC’s ever, made a ton of money but you never talk about money. And you’re probably one of the only MC’s that we can even come up with that doesn’t do that. What do you consume? What do you buy?

Eminem: I just don’t, I’ve never been like a…I’ve just always been a pretty simple dude when it comes to stuff like that. Just never really got into cars and flossin’ or never really cared, like I was always the type of person that felt like as long as I make enough money to support my family with this music that’s all I really care about. You know what I mean so I don’t really buy, I’m just not into like that many material possessions and stuff like that, because at the end of the day, it’s just not that important. You know what’s important is if you’re raising your kids and being able to feed them and provide for them is the greatest thing in the world. Outside of that, what extra do you need? You know what I mean, because I don’t know, I don’t know. It’s just never appealed to me, the money thing is great, don’t get me wrong. You know what I mean. It just doesn’t, I’d rather rap about fucked up shit. So I don’t know. I’d rather rap about that. I’m kinda rather make people laugh I guess or cry or whatever but bragging about what I have for me personally uncharacteristic I guess. - Datwon Thomas


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  • Pierzy

    Writing it down is what makes you way better than those dudes, Em…

    • Stevie B

      I respectfully disagree

      • RiZob

        I co-sign Stevie B…..unwritten music has a much different feeling than regular music…it has a different energy that you can’t get by reading lyrics off of paper…real talk….

        • Real

          But in this particular instance, TI and Wayne cannot see Em on the microphone. Real talk. Nas writes his shit down, and he is nicer than 99% of MC’s since the beginning of Hip Hop.

        • Sven

          But the structures, symbols, twists and all never appear in unwritten music. unwritten music to me is another way of bragging, which i believe is another reason em isn’t doing it. but yeah i guess all music is bragging then.. except that relapse has so much more than brag to it. the real talk between the lines

        • Hop

          Wrong wrong wrong.

          Jay-Z “99 Problems”

          nuff said

          that song is as intricate and crazy as any song Eminem has ever wrote.

          It reminds of Eminem actually, when he does the Officer voice “you some kinf of Lawyer or something?”

      • im daddy

        stevie b ur a fukin idiot

    • http://www.xxlmag.com tony 2 times

      i agree with avenger x, obviously were talking bout 3 cats that are like top 5, so you gotta get real specific, and em gets intricit, specific, and on some next level shit that sometimes makes you laugh, or feel a little sick by what he says, were as lil wayne is sick with the flow, and can battle but….he talks bout the same stuff everyone else is rapping bout. dont get it twisted, lil wayne is hella tight, but maybe a notch under em..

  • Jasman23


    • http://www.datpiff.com/Dont_Panic_Entertainment_Max_Profit_The_Drugs_Ar.m44293.html Max Profit

      The Best rappers do both!

      Off the head rhymes have a loose comfortable feel.
      Written rhymes have a technical edge.

      The Best songs are a combination of both, a good rapper can’t stick to one approach all the time. Gotta mix it up.

  • gkid12345

    Thats why em’s album is better than every hiphop album in the past 4 years. Sitting down and writing is the process called making music. standing there and spontaneously saying shit is not makin making thats freestylen and which is why majority of rappers suck including jay,wayne,t.i and serveral others. Banks-Writes and makes ill shit, Wayne-off the top and it sucks

    • King Joffy Joe

      Get the fuck outta here.




  • Avenger XL

    Em is definitly a writer and Wayne is no where near on his level. T.I. is tight and even doper when he writes. That whole I don’t write ish started by Jay-Z becuase Big did it is kinda played. Writing is an important craft and if you want hip-hop to be taken seriously you need to do more than just freestyle around the subject. Give me some bars of substance and entertain me.

    Now as far as Em’s new album it is solid but the production drags it down a notch. Also I like the fact it is kinda a concept album but I wish Em would have done this more like a real concept album and left the gimmick songs in the bag, that coupled with better production would have lead to a above average record. (No I wont say classic because they are too hard to define in the early stages).

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  • Mikey F Baby

    He’s right about the Wire. Once you start watchin that shit it’s over. Season 3 was the shit

    • Hunt

      Yea the wire is crack. RIP Omar

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Exactly, thats a big insight into why most of these dudes suck now a days. They all took that Biggie, Jay-Z mythology and ran with it, on some I can do it too type shit. Em’s songs are far better than a lot of these “off the head type dudes”.

    Plus on some real shit, using Pro Tools or what ever program they use, and saying a ryme line by line on diffrent tracks then comping it down to one is standard practice in R&b and pop. But cheating in hip hop.

    That means that your flow is not authentic and the stage performance’s never sound the same. If thats the way you write, thats fine. But go back and PERFORM that shit. Dont use the computer software as a crutch

  • All da way live

    Plies write his shit that’s what makes him better than any other rapper.

    • All the way taped

      Your kidding us all right? Plies is the wackest rapper alive!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    @ Mutada

    & those fools don’t think that people can hear it in the final mix down. No Dice. I catch it often. Like, “damn, you couldn’t just alter your rhyme?”. NaS did it a couple of times when he said he “freestyled” a whole song.

  • valdez

    i just listened to em’s new album for the 1st time and honestly i think it sucks big rhinocerous dick.

    whoever thinks dre is the best producer in the game needs to kill themselves NOW! the production on thisalbum is the worse. who the fuck wants to listen to that shit?? i know i don’t.

    lyrically, em is so fucking sick. i think it’s a shame that he wastes all that talent on talking about such dark shit. like for real, who wants to hear that shit??

    who wants to hear about fucking men in the ass?? his subject matter is so dark and demonic that i honestly don’t care to listen to it.

    eminem all pure shock value, that’s it. if he were to use his skills for some real subject matter man the sky would be the limit. but afterall, he’s just a sick. twisted cracker. i woiuld say it’s not his fault, but he obviously enjoys the sick shit he talks about.

    his wordplay is most definitely unmatched, but at the end of the day, fuck eminem. and fuck dre faggot ass too!

    *goes back to listening to “against all odds” – makaveli*

    • gaddic

      Em’s first two albums were classic stupid shit! And they all utilized his “dark” style
      If you didn’t like these two Lps why bother to listen Relapse? If you’re not an eminem fan nor a sensible hiphop listener(Over 19yrs) don’t listen this fuckin album or any ohter albums to come! Relapse is dope just takes a while to grow on you but someone like you couldn’t appreciate it! Fuck U! and go jerk off on Lil gayne’s Rebirth wack shit when it releases!

      • valdez

        @ gaddic

        i’m 29 u little bitch. get em’s nuts. i said he got skillz bitch, but i don’t wanna hear that bullshit he talks about. i’m an objective listener and i just ain’t feelin that shit.

        with all the crazy shit goin on in the world, do we really need to listen to this bullshit?? it is good for one listen, but i can’t see why anyone would keep listening to this shit over and over. this is NOT riding music u stupid fuck. like i said, it is pure shock value and quite honestly i can do without it.

        for the record, i don’t fuck with wayne either except for the carter 1 (which, by the way, deficates on any eminem album to date). yeah, i said it eminem stans.


        @ RIZOB

        u are exactly correct. dre don’t even make his own beats, let alone write his own rhymes. this is hip hop last time i checked. not fuckin r&b. i don’t respect niggas that take credit for shit they don’t do.

        @ Hanch

        fuck u, eminem and obama. just because obama is black, don’t mean he has the minorities in mind. obama takes orders from the same mutherfuckers bush and clinton and the rest of the us presidents took orders from. who i that??

        international bankers (rothschilds, rockefellers), industrila military complex and special interest groups. so don’t go there.

        i’m a racist cause i called em’s faggot ass a cracker?? i ain’t a racist, I JUST WANT REPARATIONS, BITCH. in case u ain’t know, racism is still alive and well. we are still slaves in america. there are just no physical chains. the chains are psychological, emotional, social and financial/economical.

        u think em’s gives 2 shits aout u dumb fucks who bought/praise his shit??



    • RiZob

      Co-Sign Valdez, Dre has always been extremely over-rated to me…his beats “REALLY” aint all that (lets be honest and admit that)…he doesnt make his own beats…..he doesnt write his own rhymes…..he is basically the West Coast Puff Daddy, but for some reason niccaz praise him….i dont understand

    • Hanch

      You are a Racist!!This album is dope the production is great as it goes with the dark music he is writing!!! Let me guess your one of those dudes that think Plies and Florida is a Great Artist huh. ITS 2009 Bro this racism bullshit has got to stop!!! We now have a Mixed First Generation American as our President that White PPL had to vote for or else he would never have got elected. I feel like the younger generation like ppl in there mid 30′s and younger are so sick of this racist shit. I am 28 and i was taught to love all ppl no matter what. There is only one RACE and thats the HUMAN RACE. Its the 21st century motherfucker Grow up and realize that most Racism is dead and GONE. There are still a Few DUMBASSES both White and Black that want to keep racism going, but for the majority lets say 98% of ppl no longer care about what race anymore. Like i said Grow the FUCK up and Realize there is ONLY ONE RACE on this Planet and thats the HUMAN RACE!!!!!!!!! Racist Pig

      • valdez

        “Its the 21st century motherfucker Grow up and realize that most Racism is dead and GONE. There are still a Few DUMBASSES both White and Black that want to keep racism going, but for the majority lets say 98% of ppl no longer care about what race anymore.”
        98% of ppl no longer care about race anymore?? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        U are really a stupid fuck if u believe that shit. most racism is dead and gone?? what fucking world are u living in?? u should prolly leave that crystal meth alone homes. it obviously has u delusional.

        in the US constitution, last time i checked, it still states that a black man only counts as 3/5 of a man. last time i checked, i still get racially profiled. i still get pulled over because i drive a caddy wit rims on it.

        last time i checked, there is still a liquor store and /or a church on damn near every corner here in baltimore and it’s the same in every hood/ghetto across america.

        last time i checked, inner city schools, which happen to be minority dominated don’t get the same education/opportunities or have the same resources as their suburban counterparts.

        so don’t come in here with that bullshit u talkin, bitch.

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      Stupid fuck what about Biggie on “Niggas Bleed” “Somebody’s Got to Die” “Suicidal Thoughts”

      That dark shit is the best fuckin rap….i aint tryin to pull pussy with that music nigga

    • Jon Dog

      Your wordz mean nothing. Cracker? What’s with the racial slurs? How can anyone take a fuckin’ racist seriously. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
      Relapse = Classic
      valdez = BIIIAAATCH!!!

      • valdez

        just for the record, i don’t refer to all white ppl as crackers. i ain’t a racist. em, in my opinion is the definition of a fucking cracker tho.

        at this point, it’s obvious i don’t like em. i don’t like what he stands for. there was a lot about biggie i didn’t like either. like the way he let puff brainwash him.

        anyway, whoever don’t like what is said about em, too fucking bad for u.


        jon dog, u should just kill yourdelf palin & simple bitch. i can’t stand u fucking stans. also, if my words mean nothing, then don’t respond bitch.

        *goes back to listening to “open fire” -r u still down*

    • King Joffy Joe

      @ valdez. You are a fucking faggot.

      • King Joffy Joe

        @ RiZob. Fuck you as well, faggot.

        • RiZob

          this is usually the type of response you get when the other side has no way to argue your point….Thanx for proving me right bruh….Relapse is cool, nothing special tho. Dr. Dre is over-rated….deal with it….

      • valdez

        i guess that’s the bbest u could come up with?? which says it all. log off!


    • east bay kali

      if u can sit and say that drug addiction isnt real your fuckin idiot it dont get more
      “real” than that .experience life than talk

  • render

    at the risk of sounding like a broke ass hater, that shit about rapping bout money is on point. I ain’t really got a problem with dudes celebrating their accomplishments but when that shit is the basis of your music and almost every track you do, I can’t connect with that enough to go out and buy your record unless your rhyme game is on some goat level shit.

    I like this white boy cuz he’s 36, one of the wealthiest ppl to ever do this hiphop thing and he still dresses like a bum in jordan track suits and fitteds like it was 1999. He never lost love for the music and culture which makes him more hiphop than half these mainstream niggas

    • PAK DAN






      So dark nd so cold my friends dont know this otha side of me
      Theres a monster inside of me its quite ugly nd it fright-uns me
      But they cant see what I can see theres a vacancy in my tummy
      Its makin me play hide n seek like jason im so hungry
      Shes naked see no privacy but I can see she wants me
      So patiently I try to be but see why does she taunt me
      Pull the drapes nd she goes rite to sleep
      And I creep rite thru the front seat
      So patently but silently cuz I kno that shes sound asleep
      Whos wakin me so violently nd why is he on top of me
      Hes rapin me she trys to scream somebody please get him off me
      Hes tapin me hes bitin me hes laughin likes its funny
      Shes scrapin me shes fightin me shes scratching like some dumb freak
      Escapin me no vicousy I might just be Ted Bundy
      Or satin gee what a site to see im dancin in my red panties
      Im crazy but its alight with me nd life can be so empty
      Stay away from cuz im dancin to quite a different drum beat


      • skrilla

        I agree with you about Stay Wide Awake. The subject matter is gross and horrifying but apart from that the song sounds so cool, just the way he raps and the rhythm and flow. Especially the second verse which you pointed out

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  • foolio_iglesias

    …dresses like a bum in jordan track suits and fitteds like it was 1999″

    You could be referring to half the dudes in NYC.In 2009.

    • Ja$e

      LOL. Rather have him wearing the Jordan Velours(some of the most comfortable shit ever by the way) than some tight ass women’s jeans like these half-a-fags running around. And just cause u sag them shits doesn’t make it hip hop either it makes u a queer in womens jeans with ur ass hanging out(pause pause no homo)

  • Mutada al sader the king

    @Tony Grand

    Yea, you can always tell the guys who do it too, because the words often overlap each other and you really dont hear any breaths. It sounds very unatural. Thats how a lot of TI’s stuff sounds, specialy his “double time flow” stuff. And that method is fine.. if the material is good. Because EM, uses that method on this album too (medicine ball), but his lyrics (on most of his stuff), are well put together.


    I cant fux with you on the Dre comments, he’s a beast. But diffrent strokes. On Em’s subject matter and content? Yea its extreamly demonic. So like all Eminem albums, I listen to the album front to back 2 or three times. To see what the lyrics, beats and mixes sound like. Than I get that shit off my Ipod, and dont listen again. You cant be listing to that shit day in and day out. No one is saying he should become a gospel rapper, but yea he could do some good if he changed up a bit.

    (not that he’s never done “positive” songs…”sing for the moment” etc )

    • valdez

      i can respect what u said about em. u listen just to get the jist of the wordplay. that’s what i meant when i said it’s good for one listen, just to get the creative aspect. but listening to that shit over and over has negative affects on u subconsciously, whether u realize it or not.

      as far as dre is concerned, i think his early work was way way better. we can’t keep praising him for his old material tho, can we?? i mean, what has he done of significance lately?? exactly. nothing. that’s all i’m saying.

      i was watching this youtube video about pac called “breaking the oath.” it showed how pac was ultimately killed for trying to resist the illuminati, which he was controlled by. (7th day theory : the don KILLuminati)

      anyway, i thought it was funny that they said, dre was too busy sucking dick and eating pussy (literally) to focus on making the beats.


      • Strat

        @ valdez
        “as far as dre is concerned, i think his early work was way way better. we can’t keep praising him for his old material tho, can we??”

        Why not the entire world does it with MJ and Thriller..

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

    @ Mutada

    I understand why they do it though, but you’re right, it’s still cheating to me.

    Unless, it’s Slick Rick.

  • $ykotic

    @ Grand$
    @ Mutada

    I used to engineer and half the dudes buying time would always say “Just punch me in”.

    Then you hear them at a show and they’re out of breath after the first verse. The bad part is they ALL know they’re cheating. It got so bad for one group that I chopped and pasted their whole song! While they got high in the lounge.

    The laziness of technology.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      I have a story to match that $yk.

      How about I WAS one of those dudes. Many moons ago, when I thought I could make it (good luck, youngsters!), man, I’d get to the studio, you know how it went; drank & blaze. I’d get so loaded that I couldn’t remember my cadences or just forget something.

      Magic word, “cue me in right after _”. I would always hate how the song came out, because I knew I cheated.

  • Young History in the Making

    I engineer too and I really dont care if they wanna just punch in from where they stopped, because its like if you dont care that much about your own music where you wanna make it as best as you can, then why should you give a fuck if noone wants to fuck with you cuz they can tell how bad your shit sounds…just take the time to redo it..remember your candences and just take time…itll definately make a difference…..but thats the difference between rappers just doin this shit for fun and true hip-hop artists…

  • The Phalanx

    Some of Dre’s shit is garbage I must agree. His shit is just not complex enough for me. I’ve WAY better tracks from Mannie Fresh, Salaam Remi, and even Andre 3000. His shit is all MIDI keyboards and Casio beat patterns…

  • j.dot

    relapse.hottest album hands down everybody needs to go and cop it it was worth the wait.mr mathers has killed it again.fuck any em haters.R.i.p proof of d12

  • http://InfamouzMusic.comCom Infamouz

    Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


    ^^ The New Eminem.

  • blackninja

    on the subject of ‘punchin in’ tht Grand$ is talkin bout….i jus wanted to say tht, didnt Em say tht he never like punched in cuz when him and Proof went to studio for recording, they couldnt afford more than 2-4 hours…also he said even after signin wit Dre, tht he jus went and recorded the song witout stoppin u kno and when Dre said u wanna punch out….if i remember he said somethin like ‘naw’. thts why Em is better than ‘cheatin’ artists lol

    ps: hope this post works

  • cheetah23

    Valdez and RiZob forgot to tell you they were laid off from Death Row Records.







    So dark nd so cold my friends dont know this otha side of me
    Theres a monster inside of me its quite ugly nd it fright-uns me
    But they cant see what I can see theres a vacancy in my tummy
    Its makin me play hide n seek like jason im so hungry
    Shes naked see no privacy but I can see she wants me
    So patiently I try to be but see why does she taunt me
    Pull the drapes nd she goes rite to sleep
    And I creep rite thru the front seat
    So patently but silently cuz I kno that shes sound asleep
    Whos wakin me so violently nd why is he on top of me
    Hes rapin me she trys to scream somebody please get him off me
    Hes tapin me hes bitin me hes laughin likes its funny
    Shes scrapin me shes fightin me shes scratching like some dumb freak
    Escapin me no vicousy I might just be Ted Bundy
    Or satin gee what a site to see im dancin in my red panties
    Im crazy but its alight with me nd life can be so empty
    Stay away from cuz im dancin to quite a different drum beat



  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    if you suck at rhyming, you just suck. you can write it down or freestlye it. It doesn’t matter. 1. you do get a better feeling for a “free”style because it is free and pulls you in with a untainted energy from the sublime. Writing is more methodical and also has good points. in the end if ur talentless, u suck. if em is the best album in the last four years u obviously slept on a lot of classic, and are lost in time.

  • Stevie B

    Could all the Em fans just stop saying its the best album in years.
    Its really not that good and it does not have the same impact of his early work.
    I get it your tired of rappers being happy and talking about money women cars selling drugs and guns. Thats kool your entitled to your opinion.
    But when you say this album is the best in the past 5 years your doing yourself and hip-hop a disservice.

  • B~Blown

    Relapse is way better then any of the Carters or any other albums i can really think about in the last 2 or 3 years, I liked American Gangster, The last 2 Game albums and Young Bucks, Buck the world. Way better then any kanye. Em is untouchable he raps about sick crazy shit to show he can rhyme sceam any scenario. He keeps it real, i can recognize with his addiction problem as well, many others can no matter what your addicted to, just like some aare addicting to haterade…

  • les

    fuck lil wayne that nigga is garbage puts out the worst songs he is such a sell out how can u be the best rapper alive when all he does it put out pop songs? dude sucks he needs to just overdose on some more texas tea or whatever and get it over with

  • Tumi

    Lol I was pretty fucked to hear STEVE BERMAN return with a bulletproof vest & a gat. I couldn’t sytop laughing. Em is back that’s wat we should celebrate cos we’ve had alot of substandard hip hop albums in his period so maybe cos one of the best is back, adas will increase their repertoire. Besides GRADUATION we haven’t had a majestic hip hop album so welcome back SLIM SHADY

  • Genral

    @ valdez

    Well put muy nigga!

    LOL that’s some funny shit… just what i was thinking..

  • valdez

    ^^thanks fam. just speaking on how i really feel, that all.

  • http://comcast d.

    He’s still a overhyped cracker!!! And he’s lying saying he doesn’t know how to use a computer, you produce music, so how the fuck don’t you know how to use a computer!!!!!!!!!!!

    • les

      fuck u nigger anyone overhypes its that tool lil wayne he has no talent at all

  • anutha_level

    sounds like a regular dude to me. no frills. music aside – that’s what’s up

    musically – his shit isn’t for everybody, but have to respect it for the consistency…whether you feel it or not.

  • MurderBaby

    at Valdez:

    These ignorant mofo’s dont know the half bout the Rockfellers, Rothschilds or the Morgans…..Glad to see somebody up on it tho..and I’m only 25…Our generation is ignorant dont even waste ya breath for argument to these fuk boys

  • reggie

    ok real talk and this is it. on a scale from 1-10, you got listen and read the words. em fucking killed relapse lyrically. lyrics i would give a 9.5. delivery is what everybody is not liking to well. i give it a 7. we already know he can hang with the same ole 1.2. but his rhyming patterns are good. how many others can do this? he is showing his skills. its like playing ball. first you can dunk then you get fancy and windmill that bitch. a lot of people can dunk but a lot cant windmill. i aint saying this is the best em ever or it has more or even the same impact. what i am saying finally we have some good music to listen too. something where the song is lyrical and talks about one subject. not ice women money and guns all in one. wait till the next one comes out. em doesnt have to prove shit he already has. he is the jordan of hip hop. a lot say he is top 5. and some say number 1. he is just around showing he still has and no one can really check him. what a great tuesday. listening to the new jadakiss on the way to get the 2 cds that complete hip hops come back. relapse and blackout2.

  • mostosf

    @ Valdez

    Dude, chill. If you don’t like Eminem so much, leave this comment board alone, you ain’t changing nobody’s mind and just showing how much of an uneducated, irresponsible, no respect black male. Are you seriously 29? You act like a whiny-ass 17 year old with your attitude n shit; grow up and learn to have some respect and common decency.

    All i really see from you is a buncha racism. I’m not claiming you’re FULLY a racist, but you’ve got some anger and should probably seek some counseling, or move into a better part of the USA that isn’t experiencing so much “racism”. You probably wouldn’t be pulled over by cops in your caddy if it wasn’t bumpin bass and had rims, why are you attempting to BE the ‘black’ stereotype by doing that. Again, grow up. Obama is an inspiration, how dare you deny that? yeah gov’t is corrupt, but give the man a chance to fix it. Be respectful that little black kids that are more or less 10 yrs old want to be like Obama, even if he is mulatto.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    Get THAT Red and Meth

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grand$

      Co motherfucking sign ff1one

      That’s that shit. Cats been hollering all year about some real hip hop……

      Shouldn’t have any complaints after today.

      I put that shit in this morn, & rode out the whole day to it! Def Jam ain’t playing no games right now!

      Only problem I have is that Red started to sound a little lazy towards the end.

      Blackout! 2. Go gets yours, niggas.

  • maCaso

    If i was a rapper the one thing i would not rap about is money!!! It’s so pointless! You here Lil Wayne and Cash Money artist doing it!, You G Unit do it, You here Young Jeezy and P. Diddy do it and most of the Dirrty South doing it and that only covers 25% rappers! It gets old and i notice rappers giving broke pple sh!t about having no money or not having as much as what they do !.. I bet if your best friend bragged about money all the f*cking time! You would hate and envy that person not only because their rich, just because their arigent! Rapping about money is the wrong move when coming into music industry!!! Rapping about Rims and Cars is basically under the same catigory!

  • Sauce

    I have to agree about rappers freestyling these days. The music is appealing but after awhile it’s just a bunch of cliches. There’s no substance to rap these days, just hooks and beats. As far as the rapping about money…In the words of Smokey from Friday “Niggaz are broke these days” (leans waaay back and takes a puff and barks it up)

  • Los

    Yes racism does still exist. But it is more a low class/upper class thing nowadays! It’s more about finances than color in todays society. The rich hate the poor cause they don’t trust them to be decent human beings, the poor hate the rich because they look down on them and judge them without knowing them(the def. of racism). But the middle class doesn’t have anywhere near the hatred in them of the other two. If drive a caddy w/rims u gonna get profiled whatever color u are. You are profiled because of the CAR not who’s driving it. “REPARATIONS”, are u f’ing serious. That kind of thinking keeps racism alive. No doubt there are more poor minority citizens than poor white citizens but if a white dude lives in your hood or you live in the white dudes hood your opportunities are gonna be the same. F’d up for both of you cause you’re both poor, not cause you black or he’s white. If in your mind you feel like because you’re the minority you”ll have less chances to succeed than you won’t succeed. Act like a decent human being and you’ll be treated as a decent human being unless the person your associating with isn’t him/herself a decent human being.

    Enough about that, on to the album. This isn’t Em or Dre’s best work but it has way more substance than 95% of what comes out nowadays. His wordplay and flow are as good as ever but the subject matter is downright frightening. How anyone can have those types of thoughts and not be a serial killer is beyond belief, but that’s em for ya. i would have loved for him to have more songs like “square dance” and “criminal” and “rock bottom” which display his sick thoughts in a lighter way, but these last four years for him have obviously been dark times. Even though this is not his best album i still like it better than “encore” which i feel was his weakest of the 4 solo albums. “beautiful” and “stay wide awake” are my 2 favorite with “same song and dance” coming a close third. That “tanya” skit leading up to same song and dance is classic Em storytelling. anyways i”m glad he’s back. Watch out for that new Wale album coming in july and don’t waste your time on that new Paul Wall or Busta Bus they aint nuthin fresh. i’m out, thanks for reading. Los

  • adrian smith

    xxlmag the eminem interview is sick eminem dont need to talk shit about rims and money keep it real not like the others who pop shit and end up oweing taxes crazy shit eminem ralbum is sick 3am classic

  • J0HINI

    Eminem is a fuckin savage. If you take the time to read all of his recent interviews and see what he talks about you will understand his album.
    He is crazy with the twists and turns that he takes up and around his past addiction to drugs is crazy. He is officially the best rapper i have ever heard in my life.
    Writing definitely makes you a better rappers you can take hip-hop more serious and it gives time to include intellectual writing in the songs.

  • Corey

    The best MCs do both..freestyle and write songs(stories)!! Em does both. Respect that..so does Nas and the RZA!

  • hannah

    you know what i mean?…we get it em…u dont know how to put together an understandable sentence

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