FEATURE: T.I., Kingdom Come

Don’t get it twisted. Though he may not be physically sitting on the throne for a year and a day, T.I. remains King. Though his highly publicized legal battles may be the thing of yesterday’s headlines, Clifford Harris’ struggles still follow him today as he prepares himself for his tomorrow. Even after bringing home a statue at this year’s Grammys and with his latest opus The Paper Trail continuing to move well past the platinum point, T.I. must face the music: a 366 day prison sentence starting in March. XXLmag.com checked in with the ATLien to talk about his new reality show, 50 Cent’s recent jabs and his future managing the careers of professional athletes. The reign is far from over.

XXLMag: On your show Road To Redemption you’ve impacted the lives of a lot of teens going the wrong route, but what impact has the show and its experiences had on you?

T.I.: Well, it’s taught me a lot about where people are in their life and how eager the same people that society condemns for making poor decisions, how eager they are to make a change in their life. How much they’d love to be doing better for themselves but just haven’t been presented with any options or alternatives.

XXL: You’re a private person, but you’ve kinda stepped into the reality TV realm with the show. Would you consider doing more reality stuff after your release?

Tip: Man, I won’t speak to any effect on that because you know, like you said, I’m a very private person. Road to Redemption is primarily geared towards helping those who have yet to find a way to help themselves. My life, and what goes on in my life, is a slight fraction of what the show consisted of. I can’t really answer that question to be honest with you…

XXL: With you about to serve your time, how have you been preparing to go and do your bid?

Tip: Really, financially, to be honest. Just making sure that there’s enough resources and funds set to the side to ensure that my family will be able to maintain their standard of living.

XXL: Being gone for a year in hip-hop it’s like dog years, it seems way longer. You’re arguably at the height of your success and fans’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. What kind of negative impact do you predict from you being gone a year and a day?

Tip: Well shit, I’m gonna miss a gang of money for one. I’m sure there are going to be opportunities I won’t be able to take advantage of…I don’t see people not liking my music [anymore]. I don’t care who you are bruh, you come out with a hot record, then it’s gonna be a hot record. A year from now or ten years from now, I ain’t never had a problem making a hot record, or a hot album for that matter. So I ain’t really worried too much about that.

XXL: Grand Hustle has a stable of artists from Young Dro to Young LA to Killer Mike. What have you set in place to make sure that the label continues to thrive and flourish while you’re away?

Tip: You just said it, everybody’s in there working diligently. I’m in there doing everything I can while I’m there to help from a production standpoint, a lyrical, creative standpoint. Whether they need help with hooks or need verses, beats, ideas or just insight, you know. Just everything I can…

XXL: Speaking of beats and verses, I know you wrote a lot of Paper Trail while on house arrest, sort of secluded. While a different type of seclusion, do you think doing your bid will be a plus for you creatively?

Tip: Yea, I think that’s a definite possibility [laughs].

XXL: Last time you were locked up you felt people took shots at you. 50 Cent recently released a cartoon aimed at Rick Ross but included you and kinda made fun of your legal situation. Do you have any words or thoughts…

Tip: I haven’t seen it but, we all know dude. We all know his intentions, we all know his motives. We’ve seen this too many times before. You know, I play chess, not checkers, you dig? I ain’t even trippin off of that. At the end of the day, I’m more worried or concerned about what a man says to me or what a man does to me, not what he says or does in the eyes of the public. That’s perception. I’m a real dude, a stand up guy with integrity, respect, morals, standards, principles and anything outside of that I ain’t got nothing to do with.

XXL: I know in the past, you’ve let things slide off your back that other artists have said about you, up until it reaches a certain point. Do you feel that it may get to that or are you not concerned…

Tip: To be perfectly honest, we’re talking about something that I have no knowledge of, know what I’m saying? I mean, last time it was said that he had something to say, the statement of his remarks was retracted. It wasn’t ‘well this is what I said and this is why I said it” so if he ain’t saying it’s a problem then why should I feel it’s a problem? And if the issue is whether or not I’m a snitch or… there’s no such thing as a secret snitch. If I’m a snitch you should be able to pull my paperwork and point out exactly who I snitched on, how much time they got, when I went to court and I pointed them out, you know what I’m saying? If there was a such thing as a secret snitch, there’d be no reason for the witness protection program. And furthermore, I was always taught by the O.G.’s I ran around with that men don’t gossip. Men don’t spread around gossip about other men and if you call somebody gay or you call somebody a snitch you supposed to have irrefutable evidence. Undeniable, factual, something that can’t be disputed or else you don’t speak on it. If you don’t have those facts in place, then that’s a reflection of your character, not theirs.

XXL: After your friend Philant died, a song of yours was leaked that was very angry to which you explained you needed to vent but you’ve been showing more of the positive side of T.I. lately. Do you foresee the content of your music changing after your release or will it be the same ole Tip?

Tip: I’m always going to talk about my experiences and what I’m living like and what I’m going through. For me to sit and tell you that I’m going to rap about the same things…I’m going to have to see if I’m still going through the same things. When I was rapping walking around and saying I had them thangs on me and that I had them here and I had them there, you know, that’s what was going on. Right now, I’m not talking about it because I don’t have them anymore [laughs]. I don’t have no need for them. I done turned my life around to the point where it’s not necessary so I have to rap about the things that exist in my life.

XXL: As far as the future for you, is there anything outside of the music that either before or after your release you’re really putting energy into and trying to make happen?

Tip: Yea, there’s a few things, man. My clothing line, AKOO. I’m looking forward to pushing that past the point of $100 million. [Also] my film career as an actor and producer. I just produced my first film with Screen Gems, a film called Takers with Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen, Matt Dillon and Paul Walker. I’m looking to do more films as a producer and as an actor. Doing more television shows and producing more television. Also, my sports management company, the sports management division of Grand Hustle. We’re looking forward to creating opportunities and marketing athletes and turning them into brands, not just athletes. Help them diversify their portfolios. You know, we just gonna keep hustling, keep the hustle moving. – Anthony Roberts

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  • dwi

    t.i. is a SNITCH thats why he’s not trying to claim he’s a gangsta anymore…the boy turned emo just like kanye’s bitch ass!

    • Macdatruest

      Black man keep his composure and conduct himself with some self respect=Emo…

      Coon ass nigga do some Monkey ass shit to other niggas just to draw attention from Masa and get a pat on the head and a couple advertising bucks=Greatest Marketing Monkey Alive

    • max11 b

      shut up


        this ni66a is the truth. he the voice of the streets this is what you call essence of nature


      • macdatruest

        shut up? truth hurt dont it? you just want it to go away haha. Fuck ya life

    • b’s up

      u r a pussy ass fool to say somethin so dumb u dont know shit bout wut ur talkin bout…i wish i knew u so i could slap the shit out of u dwi… u must have been drunk when u wrote that…b’s up c’s down t.i. is the king he still got the crown…holla at ya boy

    • http://XXL DRAMA




    • http://mozillafirefox lipupu

      mofucka who did he snitch on, since you know it all cocksucka. i dont give a shit one way or the other but i get tired of mofuckas getting on here talking bout somebody a snitch. SAY A NAME TRICK, WHO DID HE SNITCH ON!!! yea got yo ass didnt i. iz you from bankhead or the A. IF NOT SHUT YO BITCH ASS UP

    • ni


      Shut your mouth stupid nicca. If TIP would have snitched, its public record, people would be able to read all about about. I hate when dumb ass nothing ass niccas start running their mouth. Nothing but stupid shit comes out.

  • devon

    Im tellin you niggas im gon make this wack niggga my bitch im gon hit it from the back while 50 cent watch and text rick ross the salad toss on his black berry you know im saying

    • http://www.myspace.com/Lyrik07 L-Y, NawfWestSide

      No homo, ryte? Homo.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    How can sum1 get caught with such armour & still get a year sentence? Dude is 2 radio friendly 4 my nigga ears “Dead & Gone” ,”Wateva’ u like” totally pop.

  • Ashlee

    i think T.I is great and what he is doing for those kids is awesome . i give him alot of respect for inspiring change .. and I’m going to miss him when he gone for that year

  • Tha Truth


  • http://xxlmag.com The General’

    Ya’ll n****s’ HATE on this man so much,….. and 4 what?!? Right,….nuthin’! Callin’ this man a snitch! U ain’t s**t without money and this man got money dog! GO BACK AND READ THE MANUAL, BEFORE YA’LL OPEN YA’ MOUTH,…….DUMB-A***S!

  • boogy

    you people are IDIOTS!! And this is the kind of BS that is the problem with HipHop now. Its this dumb ignorant thinking that is the problem. T.I. is changing people’s LIVES. He’s standing up like a MAN and using his influence, his voice, and the gift that GOD gave him to try and get some kids off the streets. And the ONLY thing you freekin IDIOTS can talk about is if he’s snitching or not. Its this mentality that has held us black people back for soooo long. You gotta be a gangster to be a rapper. You gotta have a rap sheet to be an MC. This shit is BEYOND stupid!!!! I dont give a shit if he made “whatever you like” or “down for whatever” he’s one of the best lyricist IN THE SOUTH. He’s an ENTETAINER dummies, so if you want a gangster, then go to the block. If you want a thug, go the a prison and then tell me if them cats REALLY wanna be there. You look into the eyes of a 5 year old little boy and explain to him that his father will never see his freedom over something he DIDNT do!!! And for the record, T.I. DID NOT SNITCH on ANYONE!!! Where are the records? Where are the files that say that he snitched? Where are the court documents that pointed out who he testified against? 50 cent or “Curtis” can find out ALLLL of this info on Rick Ross then where is his info on T.I.? IT DOESNT EXIST!!!! And then for 50 to call ANYONE a snitch is just plain COMEDY!!! Its a WELL KNOWN fact that he snitched on Preme so where on EARTH does he get off calling somebody a fraud?



    • 848Ryder

      co-sign boogy. Dudes need to get their priorities in order. I ain’t gonna claim to KNOW whether or not T.I. snitched, but I BELIEVE that he didn’t. I could only fathom one scenario other than snitchin that could’ve helped him:MASSIVE YOUTH OUTREACH WORK. You already know he had a high-powered lawyer from the gate. I’m sure they weighed out the positive impact he could have on the youth and made a tough decision. People forget that he was facing “only” ten years max. You tellin me that a rich man facing a maximum of TEN years can’t get one instead? Even when this man is emulated by millions of young fans around the world? Now if he got that deal where I live it would’ve been wild suspect. Where I’m at you might get 3yrs for a small ass .22 let alone machine guns! How many of y’all can hold water? Dudes today don’t know the first thing about Keepin ya trap shut! Even the Mafia is rattin on itself! The first ones to scream that Stop Snitchin shit will be the first ones to go triple platinum at the precinct

  • The_Truth

    ***I can’t knock any man that is making his way for himself and his family, props to T.I., I think he’ll learn how No-Limit and So-So Def Sports managment failed, and turn that into a positive. . .no hate here, this should inspire our people!

  • Hazel

    We gonna miss you TIP–keep your head—see you in a year! 1

  • The_Truth


    @boogy: You’re right. . .50 has no southern fanbase, and that style of music has dominated mainstream hip-hop culture for over a decade with no decline.

    **F-FYI** If anyone claims “No-Limit killed Hip-Hop”, kill yourself. REAL music fans/ or the ‘street inclined’ still have No Limit classic’s stashed. You’re embarrasing yourself saying that label isn’t legendary.

  • boogy

    @The Truth: Thats EXACTLY what I’m talking about. The reason 50 and GUNIT cant sell records anymore is that HipHop has been on the south’s shit for about 10 years now. The artist that have adapted are the ones that have survived. Look at Kanye. He adapted. Look at Game. He adapted. 50 Cent CAME in the game on some beef shit about 8 years ago and he’s STILL on the SAME BULLSHIT!!! And what is hurting him the MOST is that fact that EVERYONE he’s beefing with is FROM THE SOUTH!!! G-UNIT could possibly survive if they could take advantage of some of the fanbase in the south. But they cant!! You wanna know why? Bc 50 cent is beefing with: RICK ROSS, T.I., LIL WAYNE, and he’s made comments about Luda and Andre. And we ALL know what happened to Buck. Look at G-units sales when Buck first got there!! THE SOUTH WAS RIDING FOR 50!!!! But he went and shitting on one of the biggest southern artist when he kicked Buck out. He’s also alienated his crew from the west as well!!! When he had Game the WEST WAS RIDING FOR G-UNIT!!! Now look. EVERY SINGLE SOUTHERN ARTIST THAT 50 CENT HAS DISSED HAS OUTSOLD HIM!!! Terminate on Sight didnt even sell 300,000 FREEKIN RECORDS!!!! And Kany SMASHED HIM TO BITS!!! Wasnt he supposed to quit rapping if he lost to Kanye? Banks would have sounded dope over a Dj Toomp record with T.I. Yayo would have sounded DOPE over a fat as track with Rick Ross produced by Cool and Dre. But NONE OF HIS ARTIST CAN EVER COME OUT WITH A SONG WITH AN ARTIST FROM THE SOUTH!!!

    And thats freekin STUPID!!!

    See where hatin gets you…..

    • Macdatruest

      Fiddy signed Lil’ Scrappy, sucked him off and dropped him. Then acted like he aint got love for the South. All the East Coast’s best rappers dropped albums RECENTLY from the Legends to the New Jacks and none of them was shit:
      Wu Tang: flop
      Fiddy Cent: flop
      Q-Tip: flop, Emo
      The Roots: flop
      Jay-Z: scared, Emo
      Joe Buddens: super Emo flopstar
      Saigon: greatest Emo story ever untold
      Busta: flop
      EPMD: flop
      Maino: flop in the works
      Gravy: scared

      Yall niggas need to step yall game up, if it’s battling yall do so well, join the fuckin ARMY, but keep The South out ya Mouth.
      Beans: Flop
      Freeway: 30 days of flop LMAO

      • FlapJack

        hahahahaha. true indeed

  • LB

    “And furthermore, I was always taught by the O.G.’s I ran around with that men don’t gossip. Men don’t spread around gossip about other men and if you call somebody gay or you call somebody a snitch you supposed to have irrefutable evidence. Undeniable, factual, something that can’t be disputed or else you don’t speak on it. If you don’t have those facts in place, then that’s a reflection of your character, not theirs.”

    I grew up under this same principle that he speaks of. Many of you cats should take heed to this. Even if this is a message forum or whatever, for males to get so excited over hearsay and bullshit is definately feminen.

  • obeng emmanuel

    T.I.am going to miss u very much but no matter wat you are still the King of the South.God be with you

  • dan

    you gonna say he a snitch and thats gonna be bad? even if he did snitch, thats what happenes, get the least time, come back out and do ya thing dont hate cause he got a low sentence. i bet the people he snitched on (if he did) would still not kick it with him anyways so why shouldn’t he snitch on em?

    • http://www.myspace.com/Lyrik07 L-Y, NawfWestSide

      A coward diez a thousand deaths, a Real Man only diez once. Snitchez get stitchez. Honor, Moralz, and Principlez, bruh. If u don’t stand 4 something you’LL fall for anything. —– Wordz of Wisdom passed down from the old headz, knowledge god. ——— Money talkz, bullshyt walkz. Tip do ya’ thang bruh, do the time, so u can get bac out here in the free and keep reppin’ that TriLL Hip-Hop 4 the South, bruh, one-hunned – FrontLine

  • WTF?

    GTFOH t.i. knows damn well people can’t pull his paperwork if we could the shit would of been done surfaced so once again he comes up with another bullshit excuse he snitched period and the only reason his paperwork haven’t surfaced is because he got hell of money that’s keeping his paperwork from surfacing he’s paying them people to keep his paperwork undercover how the hell are you a 7 time felon gets caught with 10 machines guns and only gets 1 year? that’s all the proof i need HE SNITCHING!!!!! you can’t buy your way out of federal time dumb asses..

    • Enlightened

      Why can’t his paperwork get pulled? What the fuck are you talking about? There’s a procedure to everything. That’s public record. you just have to now how.
      You ever heard of the Smoking Gun?
      How do you think they exposed Akon?
      How do you think they exposed Rick Ross?

      It can be pulled and if it said snitch, somebody would have exposed it already.

      • WTF?

        re-read my comment again and you would know why his paperwork can’t be pulled dumb ass t.i. might be fooling his gay ass fans but he aint foolng the streets and anybody with a brain knows you can’t buy your way out of the feds t.i. got caught with 10 machine guns and only got 1 year like i said that’s all the proof i need HE SNITCHING!!!!!!!!!!

      • WTF?

        re-read my comment and you would know why t.i.’s paperwork can’t be pulled T.I. HAS MONEY!!!!!! that’s whats keeping his papers from surfacing like i said he’s a 7 time felon that got caught with 10 machines guns and only got 1 year he snitching…YOU CAN’T BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF THE FUCKING FEDS PERIOD

  • smh

    so i guess the rumors about t.i. being gay are true the interviewer didn’t ask him about being gay but he just so happend to mention it hmmmm

    WOW!! this nigga is a snitch and a faggot SMFH

    • http://yahoomail.com Official!

      Dumbass he was referring to 50cent talking about shit he couldnt prove; example when he called Kanye gay, and when he said T.I.P. snitched.

      • smh

        No DUMBASS he’s referring to people calling him gay you stupid mothafucka read between the lines and how can a bunch grown ass men get on a computer and ride another mans dick like you stans ride t.i.’s dick my point exactly t.i. fan base is surburban kid,bitches and HOMOSEXUALS!!!! fuck t.i. homo snitch ass nigga

  • smh

    t.i. just exposed himself the interviewer didn’t ask him about being gay but he just so happens to bring it up? hmmmm


  • gtfoh


    • young b

      to that bitch ass nigga gtfoh im a big ti fan and i aint in no damn suburbs or am i gay. the point is u dumb piece of shit that mane got triple the amount of money and fuckin way mo bitches than you and yo pussy ass mad. you wanna do sumthin about wat i said bitch im in memphis,tn blackhaven

      • gtfoh

        nigga shut yo faggot ass up you stans keep proving my point t.i. fans are a bunch of homos bitches and surburban kids bitch nigga you getting all emotional over another nigga yeah you gay you stans need to get over the fact that t.i. is fake as fuck he aint lived shit he raps about and got exposed for it plus he snitching and nigga fuck you and memphis real niggas don’t fuck with t.i. never have…

        • RDS

          No disrespect intended, but if I sold a couple platinum albums and pulled in a few Grammy’s and was worth multiple millions and was respected for my lyricism and had a chance to work with some of the biggest artists in the world, and flew private jets, owned a mansion or two, drove quarter of a million dollar vehicles, could meet beautiful women every other weekend, pulled my niggaz out of dire straights financially, had my own tv show, could sell out a stadium packed show with people reciting the thoughts I put to beats on a CD, had a chance to work with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, two of the most respected men in Hollywood, and held down my own movies while raking in the residuals off ticket sales, DVD sales, promo spots, and syndication…

          …would I really give a flying fuck if some dudes from one corner of one state in a big ass country on this big ass planet of 6 billion people didn’t want to listen to my music because they had a little opinion about me? GTFOH for real…

          And what’s with all these niggaz callin’ each other a faggot right off the jump? Only people who’re insecure attempt to toss a “flaw” onto somebody else for fear of somebody finding out about it. I’m not speaking on anybody in specific, but seriously…get over that shit. The “faggot” “you gay” shit is elementary. I would think most of the dudes here are grown ass men. Stop worrying about where somebody else puts his genitals and worry about where you put your own. And if you really gay, who gives a shit? I sure as hell don’t. I dunno none of you niggaz like that. I respect some of ya’ll comments, but I don’t care who you sleep with at night. I got bigger things (like a crumbling economy, a new family to start, and

          Big ups to TI for handling his business like a grown man. Some of you lil’ niggaz should take heed and follow protocol. Time for black men to put all this internet bickering and gossiping and whining aside and grow the fuck up. Again, no disrespect intended to anybody specifically, but seriously, handle yours before you talk about how somebody else handles his.


        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$


          If that wasn’t some grown man talk, I don’t know wtf it was.

          That’s what’s up RDS!

          I heard the fuck outta that twice through a megaphone.

    • El Tico Loco

      I live in Atlanta and Riverdale is nothing to sneeze at, yeah is an outskirt but their schools are not even credited anymore. Is the Metro Southside you just assume a hood is not a hood if is not in a song. As a matter of fact read an Atlanta newspaper and tell me how many Clayton co. related crimes you find and you will see they on par with the Decaturs(Zone 6), and Zones 1 thru 5, College Park etc, not that is a good thing, but just saying do some research because you wouldn’t want your company to have you relocate to Riverdale. Trust me.

  • http://xxlmag.com Anonymous

    I dont care for TI or whomever rapper, but there is such thing as a “secret snitch” and it’s called “confidental informant” and if anybody is knowledgeable about the Whitey Bulger, Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi situation in Boston (as an example) then you would know publicly that the FEDs (FBI) dont have to make public their informants to ANYBODY nor do their informants have to take stand and testify at ANY TRIAL, simply provide inside information that can lead to an arrest, and series of indictment. And If you want more information on how a Federal Informant situation works I suggest you read Black Mass by Dick Lehr….And in case your wondering the world only found out that Bulger and Flemmi where SNITCHES was because of A FEDERAL JUDGE’S RULING…..

    • SouthCakC23

      news flash:

      T.I.P. Testified at the trial. If he was a confidential informant, he wouldn’t be going to jail AT ALL! He would have been working with the police to bring down a larger target of the FBI. He was the guy brought down; not the guy helping the FBI to bring someone else down.

  • Ike Turner

    There are certain things that happen in the streets that stay there. You don’t goto court and testify…..ever! You have the option of pleading the fifth. It would be no big deal if Tip wasn’t claiming to be a pimp(Pimp Squad Click) or if Tip wasn’t claiming to be from the streets. You don’t have to be hard or a gangsta, but when you portray that then you are to be held accountable in the streets.

    Check out the young homies when you get a chance…. one love Link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiEvp3Juj6M

  • Just So You Know!!!

    I dont care for TI or whomever rapper, but there is such thing as a “secret snitch” and it’s called “confidental informant” and if anybody is knowledgeable about the Whitey Bulger, Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi situation in Boston (as an example) then you would know publicly that the FEDs (FBI) dont have to make public their informants to ANYBODY nor do their informants have to take stand and testify at ANY TRIAL, simply provide inside information that can lead to an arrest, and series of indictment. And If you want more information on how a Federal Informant situation works I suggest you read Black Mass by Dick Lehr….And in case your wondering the world only found out that Bulger and Flemmi where SNITCHES was because of A FEDERAL JUDGE’S RULING…..

  • 9009

    *If you do research you’ll find out whats said below is true, its just that not alot of people know shit about the judical system neither*

    I dont care for TI or whomever rapper, but there is such thing as a “secret snitch” and it’s called “confidental informant” and if anybody is knowledgeable about the Whitey Bulger, Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi situation in Boston (as an example) then you would know publicly that the FEDs (FBI) dont have to make public their informants to ANYBODY nor do their informants have to take stand and testify at ANY TRIAL, simply provide inside information that can lead to an arrest, and series of indictment. And If you want more information on how a Federal Informant situation works I suggest you read Black Mass by Dick Lehr….And in case your wondering the world only found out that Bulger and Flemmi where SNITCHES was because of A FEDERAL JUDGE’S RULING…..

  • dan

    so TI takes the 30 years 100 years 200 years whatever the sentence woulda been. no more music, his life is done. you rather have that, than have him come out in a year and do his thing? so he can just be another fool ass in prison, the fuck would that do for society? aint gonna do shit, so might as well have him back out making music and makin money

    • gtfoh

      man fuck t.i. what makes him so special? you do the crime you do the damn time what does him making music and making money has to do with me? i don’t benefit from that shit and neither does you smdh you groupies kill me t.i. music aint that damn good he’s borderline wack if you ask me

  • breeezybaby

    see reading these comments done made me mad.
    ti just came through charlotte on thursday(the 26th) and he is the realest nigga iever seen or heard. all this bullshh about him snitchin is beyond idiotic. like come one people. while yall over here bitchin an complainin about how ti isnt a “gangster” or wudever, he still gettin money and still making an impact in his community. ijust get tired or reading comments where people are constantly talking bullshh. its like ‘why are yew listening to his music or reading the interviews’ give it up haters. ti doesnt give a shh about yall. yall are a speck to that nigga. he on the top and always will be. yall should be seeing the positive in what he’s doing. N0T the negative. quit being caught up in society and have a voice for yourself. so the fcuk what if ti doesnt wanna do ‘bang em up shoot em up’ music. nigga still getting money. and to that random ass person who say some shh about kanye .just go to sleep .kanye shhs on everybody out there and yew know it. yew probably got the niggas’ cds and got yew a scarf once yew saw yeezy was wearing em. lames i tell ya lames.



  • Nikki C

    I was at the Farewell Tour on 2/28/09 in Tampa and it was a great performance. Everyone is hatin’ cuz dude better than you always will be. Keep ya head up for the year and a day and then the hits will be coming right back! God Bless you and your fam during this whole process!

  • cccc

    I dont care for TI or whomever rapper, but there is such thing as a “secret snitch” and it’s called “confidental informant” and if anybody is knowledgeable about the Whitey Bulger, Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi situation in Boston (as an example) then you would know publicly that the FEDs (FBI) dont have to make public their informants to ANYBODY nor do their informants have to take stand and testify at ANY TRIAL, simply provide inside information that can lead to an arrest, and series of indictment. And If you want more information on how a Federal Informant situation works I suggest you read Black Mass by Dick Lehr….And in case your wondering the world only found out that Bulger and Flemmi where SNITCHES was because of A FEDERAL JUDGE’S RULING…..

  • twes

    Its not about the years, if you a street nigga you live by that you know there are consequences for your actions and when you meet with those consequences you dont run you dont negotiate you take your time like a man you stand responsible T.I prided hiself on every album as being real truthful and authentic and now we find out he isnt shit IF ANYONE REMEMBERS HE BITCHED UP WHEN ASHTON PUNKED HIM HE WAS READY TO SING. OH AND THE PROOF OF HIM SNITCHING IS ALL OVER THE NET THE VIDEO OF HIM IN COURT THEN HIS CRIME STOPPERS COMMERCIAL.

    • macdatruest

      There’s always documented legal testimony. No such thing as secret snitchin’ it’s all in the affadavit. A crime stopper video was part of his community service obligation. I already see niggas eager to make shit up. Niggas be kickin other niggas when they down. When Yayo have a prison flashback and rape Banks yall gone be rooting for him though right? And Fiddy Cent say he been a felon, but he used to wear his bulletproof vest everywhere supposedly. That’s mandatory time for a civilian too. And Fiddy is on video with plenty guns at his house (funeral music) and he a felon too “supposedly” so why nobody question the legality of his actions as a felon????? Exactly. Niggas can’t handle the factual truth, but lies are their truths

  • http://ahddjsk.com Alyson

    ya’ll have issues
    while my man is shining and being the KING that he is! Gay mawwwwfuckas gossiping like some lil chicks do in high school lol

  • T.I. is the truth

    yall people that say he a snitch is some fucking jealous ass fruity bitch made niggas. dude has money and yall dont so get the fuck outta here with that bitch made shit. if you dumb niggas watched the 1st episode of Road To Redemption it said “if he doesn’t complete his 1,000 hours then he will get his original sentence” so where in that statement is snitching??? exactly what i motherfucking thought, NO FUCKING WHERE. if you got money then you got power plain and simple. my ex step dad murdered his second wife and only pulled 5 years cuz his dad is rich so yall jealous ass fruity bitch made niggas need to check yourselfs cuz that bitch made shit is pathetic as all fucking hell.

  • macdatruest

    Dry Snitching

    Dry snitching is one of the most common practices within contemporary hip-hop culture. The term emerged from prison culture to describe an inmate who, in an effort to avoid a confrontation, would talk loudly or otherwise draw attention to himself in order to attract a nearby correctional officer. This is done as a way of “snitching without snitching”. Dry snitching also refers to the act of implicating someone else, intentionally or unintentionally, while speaking to an authority figure. Dry snitches are typically considered to be weak, naive, passive aggressive, or self-centered, all of which present ethical and practical dilemmas that must be weighed when discussing the practice of snitching.

    For example, before channeling Tupac and becoming America’s thug de jour, 50 Cent was a struggling rapper attempting to make a name for himself on the underground scene. In a 2000 song “Ghetto Quran”, 50 named and described many of New York’s most notorious drug dealers, including Pappy Mason, Rich Porter, Fat Cat, Prince, and Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The song earned 50 many enemies in New York’s crime underworld, who were angry at the precarious legal position in which they believed 50’s public disclosures might have placed them. It was this anger, according to the federal prosecutors involved in Chris and Irv Gotti’s recent trial that led to 50’s May 2000 shooting. To many observers, 50’s sonic, dry snitching revelations undermined the very ghetto authenticity that the song was intended to evince.

    What’s Really Hood??? Snitches get niggas BURIED and PREME IS BURIED UNDER THE JAIL-WHO T.I. GET SENT UP?? It was his deal, the ones selling the weapons was Feds so he can’t tell on them about themselves. Now is yall bitch niggas opportunity to stop being hoes and let that man do his bid and get back to the streets

  • What the ?

    This hoe is a bitch no question, what’s he gonna do without his guns in the spot ?

    Lol like a mutherfucker at him working out on his new show, pumping like 100 lbs and hitting the heavy bag like a female. Dudes like the ultimate chump in the featherweight division acting hard all the time.

    For all the people backing this guy for doing good ? realize that he was being forced to do good, he’s working with the feds and bending over backwards for the law loosing all integredy and self respect for a shorter sentence. I hope he goes to the same spot as DMX and gets a ass whooping,llooll, but he’ll probably be in one of those Disney Land joints that are better than most peoples Holmes.

  • What the ?

    Anyone notice it’s all the girls sticking up for this fraud ?

    Bitches listen, he was forced too do all these positive things by the law not on his own terms, if he didn’t get busted he would have still been acting like the ultimate thug with small man syndrome.

    This is a bitch made dude end of story, his street cred is gone, what’s he going to rap about now ? licking his lips and lollipops ? sure why not, all the girls with still love the guy just for looking like a teen idol and licking his lips more than Kobe Bryant.

    • getalife

      the bitch made nigga is you. get a fucking life you pathetic bastard. sorry that your not rich and can’t get out of shit like T.I. lol.

  • getalife

    like the name says, yall need to get a life. yall have no proof that he snitched so shut the fuck up with your bitching cuz your pathetic that your not rich like T.I. is. i have proof that he didn’t snitch. 1st episode of Road To Redemption clearly stated that if he doesn’t complete his 1,000 hours by a certain date this month for his sentencing then he will get the original sentence of 20-30 years so no where in that statement did he snitch. if he did then he wouldn’t be doing time at all. if he did then he would be in witness protection. if he did then he would have a price on his head so yall need to check yourselves and get a fucking life and stop being pathetic cuz your broke as hell. my ex step dad killed his 2nd wife and only did 5 years cuz his dad is rich. look at OJ, he killed 2 people and didn’t do 1 second of jail time cuz he’s rich and just got out of doing time for armed robbery. like i said, yall need to get a fucking life and stop being pathetic cuz T.I. got money and yall dont.

  • Part 2wo


  • Brandon

    u niggas are idiots…I know niggas from ATL, that say TI wasn’t the nigga to be fucked wit back in day…and i’m pretty damn sure if he wanted to, he could go back to that shit. of coarse he put out what eva u like and dead and gone…but shit, listen to the contents of the song, also go get Trap Muzik, Go get all the Old PSC in the streets mixtapes, go get all the Gangsta Grillz. 50 cent is a fucking loser that gets a hard on from fucking wit other niggas…when is the last time this lame ass, swaggerless, unfresh, bitchmade nigga put out something hot??? TIP has been consistent since DopeBoy Fresh…Gay-unit don’t want it with the PSC.

  • boogy


    @ What the ?….. You come in here talking ALLL of this shit about how this dude a snitch and he’s a bitch and so on and so forth but lets be REALLY REAL here. ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE ON THIS FREEKIN SITE IS NOT A THUG!!! The thugs that “I” know are not at work right now like I am. The thugs that “I” know are on the block RIGHT NOW!!! They dont have the TIME, EDUCATION, NOR THE DESIRE to go on a COMPUTER TO POST A BLOG!!!! So to WHAT THE ? and EVERYONE ELSE IN HERE TALKING RECKLESS…..YOU ARE ALLLLLLL FRAUDS!!! ANYONE can sit behind a computer and sound thugged out!! All of these comments about “the time you did” and “the felonies” you got is straight BULLSHIT!!! If you are educated enough to even come on this site and BLOG ON A COMPUTER, then chances are YOU AINT NO THUG!!!! I mean PLEASE!!! I dont know ONE DRUG DEALER or ONE THUG that is even REMOTELY interested in blogging on a website!!! So everyone in here is LYING!!!!! All of this shit is almost funny!!! The level of ignorance is almost sickening. You fools actually WANT a man to go to prison. You idiots actually WANT a person to stopped helping the community. You see, thats the ONE thing that tells me that you ARENT thugs. The REAL G’s that I know are the ones that go around at the beginning of school buying supplies for the kids in the hood. These are the ones that murk cats out for beating on a woman in the hood. These are the guys that PROTECT the hood. T.I. DID NOT SNITCH U FAGGOTS. The fact that you all think that a freekin public service announcement for crimestoppers is snitching tells me JUST HOW STUPID all of you realy are!!! Its part of a COMMUNITY SERVICE SENTENCE DUMB ASS!!!! Did he get on there and air someone out? NO!!! Its a dam crime stoppers commercial. So if a serial killer murdered your sister and you knew where he lived, you wouldnt tell the cops? If a cat RAPED YOUR MOTHER, and you knew something about it but couldnt find the cat, YOU WOULDNT TALK TO THE POLICE? If not, then you are a *!&@#~! IDIOT!!!!

    ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN HERE TALKING ABOUT THE TIME THAT THEY WOULD DO!!!??? YEAH RIGHT!!! I dont know ANYONE that is perfectly willing to do 30 years for someone that actually SNITCHED ON THEM!!!! You see thats what you all dont realize!!! The snitch here is the GUY THAT SET T.I. UP NOT T.I. himself!!!!

    You people in here are BEYOND fraudulent. ALL OF YOU ARE FAKE!!!

    Internets thugs make me sick!!!!!!!

    GO back to your computer, fix your tie, and shut the *&!@ up!!!! No one in here INCLUDING ME is a thug!!!!

    • Master Cheef

      nigga, i’m thugged out like a motherfucker.

      I come to this website because I like rap music, bitch.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com tony grand$

        Lmmfao @ master cheef!

  • Escobar9300

    Man you people make me laugh. Its sad that most of you would rather watch Tip catch a 10 year bid and rot in jail than make a positive impact on his community and on his own life. At the end of the day TI dosen’t owe shit to anybody. He’s gotta handle his business, take his bid and get back to stacking his paper. You think he could give a damn what some internet gangster thinks of his street cred and how he supposedly “Broke the no snitching rule”? Trick Please. The no snitching rule is some of the most ignorant shit Ive ever heard of. All it does is protect scumbags, criminals and murderers from being brought to justice. Fuck whatever bullshit code you internet thugs live by, Tip handled his business like a man and made the necessary changes to his life and I respect that dude for it.

    • Michelle S.


      I never understood “no snitching”. You complain that police don’t do their job, but if a crime happens in front of you, you say nothing. CONTRADICTION! GTFOH. And I agree w/ T.I.’s statement about 50. That’s something a grown man would say- something not many of you understand.

      BTW, I wish these bitches would use periods and learn how to spell. All these run-on sentences and text talk is giving me a headache.


    Co-sign my dude Escobar9300

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=38834 robert


  • Jamaican Belle

    i am gonna miss u TI…u did d crime so u must do d time..i hope u learnt your lesson and come out kickin this time….i wish u d best dont mind these haters commentin here..they dont kno what went down and i hope 2 c u come out and keep on d right path..cuz u kno alone two things that life is going to get u locked up again and/or dead and we dont want that..we d fans and ur family want to out here droppin hits and bringin dat SWAGGER and eye candy for the ladies…LOVE U KING i am definately gonna miss u babes:(

  • ChevyBoy

    Co-Sign boogy. No one here is authentic yet they have the audacity to talk about someone else like they’re the ish. Makes me sick. T.I. is becoming a positive role model and changing peoples lives…fuck all of you who want him to go to jail. Man up and let him get on with it.

  • Dark vanilla

    @ Macdatruest

    Why 50 nuts always in yo mouth…

    the nigga took the stand that’s snitchin!!!


    and fuck the south… you niggas don’t sell records… T.I ands Wayne…

    50 last album sold 2 million in the states… that’s more than T.I’s paper trail…

    you cats co sign snitches/ C.O’s / and homo’s fuck a south… with the exception of Texas… Pimp C knew these cats was fake… that’s why he co signed 50 and dissed ATL… and homo’s wearing red rags…

    • RDS

      50′s last album also got outsold by Kanye West. 50′s last album also came out before the worst of the recession. For ANYBODY to be selling right now, the people have to be behind you. 50′s dropped a few singles the same time TI’s single/album hit the stores and all three of them were duds (Crack a Bottle was a financial success, but a) we’re all in agreement the song is garbage and b) it’s Eminem’s song.

      Basically, your point about album sales is moot. I’ll co-sign Pimp C’s comments though, because obviously that can be pulled up and proved.

      • SouthCakC23

        Yeah, but Pimp C retracted his original statement and made a second statement clarifying his intentions with the first statement. Pimp knew good and damn well that The Dungeon Family (Outkast specifically) put the damn south on the map in the hip hop game. He knew real mufukas came outta ATL (Killer Mike, T.I.P.) and knew that he couldn’t put out a blanket comment like “Atlanta ain’t the South” knowing good a damn well that he was lying.

        50 is wack and T.I.P shoulda bodied that bum on wax a long time ago.

    • macdatruest

      Nigga you stupid as fuck, Pimp C was talking about Ma$E, remember he live in Atlanta???? Matter fact he said his name and the situation he was involved in “Yall know about Ma$e gettin caught in that Range Rover wit dat boy” that’s what Pimp C said. Now google Ma$e getting in a car accident while looking for trannies. Nigga tried to cover his face with a towel when the ambulance came. This happened while he was on G-Unit, the Dildo Makin’ punk failed to name Ma$e in his crusade against “faggots” like Kanye right?
      And you still support the nigga, so go but a Fiddy Cent Dildo and fuck yourself while you bump “So Seductive” ho ass nigga. And you a fake dark vanilla

      Fiddy lost 22.6 million of the 27 million Interscope budget for “Curtis” that shit been snatched off the shelf bitch. Nigga Pimp C said he don’t respect niggas who was talkin’ bout what they was gone do to 50 and aint do shit. if he was alive to see “Pimpin Curly” you think he would co-sign that shit?

      And if you name one new East Coast Rapper that’s gonna blow outside The East I’ll mail you a check. What, Gravy?! fuck outta here… Yall wack ass East Coast niggas is bitter, and it’s YOUR EAST COAST LABELS LIKE DEF JAM AND BAD BOY THAT’S PLAYIN YALL NIGGAS. See if yall had some hustle in yall niggas would have they own labels, it’s the Southern Way-and the way a real man controls his own destiny. All east coast niggas is Black Robs out here, broke mad, still on the streets and on a Major Label. Sad really

  • K.ola

    yea but it took him to get caught to do that shit…

    i respect the cats that do it on G.P

  • Rex Banner

    he snitched, a convicted felon with like all this machine guns and silencers and shit and only do one year? On top of that he actually did a crime stoppers commercial hahaha talking about there’s even a reward if you give someone’s name up lol

    paper trail was so wack as well, i cant wait till he gets out of jail so we can have the gangsta tip back. but he snitched so it wont be fun listening to it. I don’t mind listening to studio gangstas at all but please don’t have anything in ur past that will come back to haunt u or do something un gangsta. like ti helping out the police in that commercial or ricky ross being a CO lol

    • im snitching

      you are a coon and cornball go back to the slums homie

  • terrence

    He gave up info, off the record info so it would not implicate him in anyway.Look i’m from Texas so we knew he wasn’t a true gangsta.
    The whole ATL hip hop scene is borrowed. Memphis, L.A., Houston, Oakland, and the midwest. If you a true hip hopper you know this……No “colors” No Boyz n The Hood” No Menace to society No Jeezy or TI

  • macdatruest

    What’s Really Hood??? Snitches get niggas BURIED and PREME IS BURIED UNDER THE JAIL-WHO T.I. GET SENT UP?? It was his deal, the ones selling the weapons was Feds so he can’t tell on them about themselves. Now is yall bitch niggas opportunity to stop being hoes and let that man do his bid and get back to the streets

  • Mike B


    T.I. is the King and he is ABOVE all u haterz!

  • thasouthisloudmoufed

    all you dumb ass hillbilly niggas in the south just keep on making your whack ass dance songs and dont bring that sorry shit to the north, flopped albums or not you will get murked talking that hillbilly slang bullshit in n.y.

    • SouthCakC23

      shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I haven’t had one trip to NY that has resulted in any disrespect from silky southern drawl. It’s haterz like you that get bitched up because southern boyz stay takin ya women! STFU up fuck boi!!!!!! and stop hatin!!!

  • t-stand

    man I have seen to much for my nigga eyes. yo where is the hatting coming from? TIP just said if he was a snitch you should be able to pull proof, have anybody found it yet? let me tell you the only snitching nigga are hatting niggas ya digg . If you don’t like someone music then why the hell do you buy it tell me that? see everyone talking shit but still listen GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE WITH THAT. think about what you are talking about what you do befor you talk about it. I’m don talking!!!!

  • j.dot

    some of y’all haters on here really need to get a life.keep doin ya thang t.i.p he really is a stand up dude

  • http://xxl I Am The South Bitches


  • the legend

    mac datrueest u r a dumass them new york mcs might not have sold alot of records but they made good music im not sayin all of them did but the majority did such as q-tip dum southern muthafucka and im not even from ndew york from the ldn uk stupid fuck

  • Enlightened

    Nobody who is calling T.I. a snitch seems to be willing to ADDRESS OR ADMIT the point he makes about the “secret snitch.”

    I’ve found niggas paperwork on the internet from my hood that snitched by doing a google search – no bullshit! Their actual federal case popped up.

    You can not snitch to get reduced time and have it kept a secret. It’s a fact.

    • WTF?

      you dumb as fuck t.i. has money that’s what’s keeping his papers from leaking I guarantee you if t.i. papers were found they would say COROPERATION WITH AUTHORITY meaning SNITCHING!!!!!

      you can snitch to get reduced time and have it kept a secret if your a megastar/multi millioniare that’s a fact..

    • gtfoh

      theres no such thing as a secret snitch t.i. has paperworks but he has money to keep his paperwork from leaking and that’s exactly what he’s doing paying his lawyers and the county from keeping his paperwork from surfacing the man is a snitch

  • http://www.thisis50.com Trium918

    What is a confidential informant? Google it and you will clearly see that T.I. is lying about their is no such thing as a secret snitch!

  • Boogy

    The BOTTOM LINE is the fact that the south has rulled hiphop for the past 10 years. When was the last time a platinum album was released from NY? Curtis? DUD. Terminate On Sight? DUD. Maino? DUD. Mims? DUD. Chicken Noodle Soup? DUD. Ja Rule’s last LP? DUD. Styles last album? DUD!!! AND I FUCK WITH THE LOX REAL HARD!!!! YES, NY is the source of most of the REAL hiphop music but the truth is that for the last 10 years ALL YOU HAVE DONE IS HATE!!! PERIOD!! Quit bitchin and MAKE SOME HIT RECORDS!!! I’m from the south and I HATE SNAP MUSIC!!! I HATE SHAWTY LOW!!! So its not about this wack ass south shit that is selling. T.I. makes hit records. LIL WAYNE makes hit records. OUTKAST makes hits records. LUDA makes hit records. RICK ROSS makes hit records. GAME makes hit records. SNOOP makes hit records. JEEZY makes hit records. HELL EVEN PLIES WACK ASS IS SELLING!!! These New York rappers are just pissed off that they not selling. But the problem is NOT the south. YALL DONT MAKE GOOD MUSIC NO MORE!!! Most artist from NY now only talk about how thugged out they are. They only talk about how much dope they sold. How many niggas they robbed. How much time they spent in prison. DONT NOBODY WANNA HEAR THAT SHIT NO MORE DOG!!!!

    Get creative and make some *!&@^# hut records. AND QUIT HATTING!!!!

    Look at the last month….50 Cent has released about TEN VIDEOS about Rick Ross. And yes, they are ALL funny as hell!! But where’s the music? Where are the hits? Crack a Bottle SUCKS!!! He spends SOOOOO much time HATIN on Rick Ross, T.I., Lil Wayne, and Kanye that he is making HIMSELF irrelevant. EVERYONE in here knows just how FICKLE fans are.

    And now that 50′s album has been pushed back? What are yall gonna say when Rick Ross comes out and goes platinum? WHAT ARE YOU ALL GONNA SAY THEN???!!!! HE WIL go platinum b/c the south SUPPORTS THEIRE ARTISTS!!! NY cats hate on EVERYBODY INCLUDING THEMSELVES!!! Hell, its enough of yall to make 50 go platinum just IN NY ALONE!!!!

    But it aint gon happen b/c yall gon hate on his ass too!!!!

  • M Tizzy

    Anyone ever hear of the term “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT” or as TI would like to say Secret Snitch?!?!?1

  • Weneedtodobetter

    I don’t think he snitched. Have you heard of community service, his show is a form of that service except it’s in the public eye, this gives the thugs, hustlas, bangas, and goons a chance to see others going down the wrong path change their lives. This was a good move because with this show he could be possibly reaching millions of people in these same situations and showing them that they still have a chance to do something positive in their life. T.I. stood up like a man and said, hey I gotta lot of young folks lookin up to me and I let them down, so he did what he saw fit to redeem himself. I see everybody talkin about he a snitch, he a bitch ass nigga, what the fuck is really yall problem, yall act like yall personally know T.I., you only know what you see on TV and the radio and the internet,and the media runs your life and thinks for you and downing him because he got a light sentance ,that should be looked at as being a blessing. As black folks why in the hell do we continue to down each other, sure we take pride in saying we have a black president but do you really know what that stands for. In hip-hop, fuck it , in the world period we need to be more positive towards each other and get outta this “Willie Lynch” thought process, if you don’t know what this process is google it. Plain and simple big ups to T.I. i’ma pray 4 you brutha and keep ya head up.

  • Omunqiue

    Sometimes having something really tragic happen to you actually wakes you up.It makes you see the REALITY of life!I feel that this is a man who lost someone very close to him that really hit home for him. The result of his old ways chose to bear arms. He got caught and now is preparing to serve his time for the crime that he comitted. To me, he realizes that he has done wrong and is not backing down. He is taking full responsibility for his actions. The results of his changed way is he goes as far as to make differences in other young people lives who are headed down the wrong road. The question is: If Tip never got cuaght, would he still be carrying guns? Think about it. Not bashing the brother! I love Tip but I’m speaking as part of him being a role model in his children’s lives and other people, his fans(like me)lives who look up to him. I’m looking forward to seeing his new film, Takers.

  • matty21

    Hey lemme jus throw a couple things out there xxlmag.com …. 1. T.I. is da truth and has been spitting bout his life from day 1 and every1 knows dat NOW i guess 2. He had to change his ways and grow as a man and the right adversities have came in his life(kids, jail, death) to force him to do dat and have made him flourish. He is so smart and experienced from what he’s been through and knows better den most deez G’s dat think it’s cool to be G. U c where it can get u 3. 2pac once said i don’t know if i’m gonna change da world, but i will spark the brain that will change da world = T.I.P. KING BITCH (dat brain)

  • Macofalltrades

    Hav any of yall catz eva did time? I mean serious time? Y do people always speak on shit they do not know or have not experienced. I hav done FED time. 8 years for something more heinous than Tip’s meatball case.(Big Upz Danbury!!) I had 7 previous felonies too and I’ve seen catz get even less time than he did 4 way more heat & sum dope. Pay attention 2 the music and stop mixing yall thoughtz & opinions up with it.STR8 from Murda-Town

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    There is a lot of shit said about this man but at the end of the day TIP is a real nigga!!!
    Like it or not.

  • bj4real

    T.I.P is a honorable decent guy but like i said on hiphopdx some of his rhymes fake/ he fake when it come to rap. but personally he a good dude, but tip u not fooling nobody.

  • ceezy4sheezy

    fuck all that no snitching shit T.I is still going to jail regardless okay he was in crime stoppers commercial umm that was part of his community service and 99% percent of y’all talking shit about him being a snitch probably be the first niggaz singing if y’all was facing life in prison and who could he snitch on he was buying guns from the feds dumbasses his bodyguard set him up that dumb ass stop snitching movement is the reason why the hood is always gonna be fucked up and why niggaz can never get nowhere don’t get it wrong i don’t niggaz who tell on other niggaz when they get popped off to save they own ass either but niggaz on here need to stop acting like they thugs and gangstaz cause they not real niggaz ain’t got time to be on a computer worrying about whether or not t.i snitched they out there on the block hustlin or worried about some real serious shit like not trying to get popped off by police t.i ain’t putting no money in my pocket so i really don’t give a fuck if he snitched or not i still listen to his music and that’s all that matters

  • maCaso

    He Snitched and managed to sell more albums & singles than his previous projects! one hell of a “snitch”…Nahh hes the King of the South

  • Drew Taylor