FEATURE: Juelz Santana, Free At Last

[Editor’s Note: These are the outtakes to the edited interview that appears in the March 2009 issue of XXL.]

XXLMag.com: There’s still such an open lane for you. You got the label, the affiliation, the look, the skill. If that’s all there, what’s happening?

Juelz Santana: Definitely the stagnation what happened with my business with Cam. Cause I felt like going from the last album I put out, seeing the process, there’s definitely a bigger turn around. I was certified platinum, which means even not on SoundScan, which means I probably fell about 200 short… But that meant well over gold and still, I don’t think nobody from New York has sold more than me but Jay-Z and 50 since the last time I came out and it’s crazy, I came out three years ago so if you really do the logistics of it, of New York artists… Without my stagnation, I would have definitely dropped an album.

XXL: We knew that there was tension between Cam and Jim early on, but you, management, whoever was involved, managed to keep tension between Jim and Cam quiet. And what the phone call between 50 and Cam on Hot 97 did was expose what was brewing. And then you and Jim go on stage with 50…

Juelz: It wasn’t so much that. Jim is a smart person so Jim looks at it as like a lot of things is promotion, like, Cam would have did it too… And that’s the type of person Cam would be, like, he would make it seem to us like, Why shouldn’t we do something if you would have done it too just ’cause you didn’t get the opportunity to do it? So don’t mess up nobody else’s opportunity. That was big for New York City. It wasn’t about egos or them back stabbing going on that was about nothing. And to me, I was just asked by Jim to go, at the same time I wasn’t playing no sides, I was just like a child caught in the middle of a damn…I love Cam. If he would have asked me to go do something, even if I didn’t agree with it, I would have went and did it ’cause I’m a loyal player. I’ve done it mad times and he knows that. The same way with Jim. He said, “Yo Juelz, I’m doing a show, I’m coming out with 50 and ’em.” Say no more. It didn’t even matter who he was coming out with, you coming out in New York City, I’m coming out with you.

XXL: It was that timing. And the decision he made…

Juelz: That made everything seem like…I don’t think everything was crazy. Like I said, I think anybody would have did the same thing. So I don’t think his decision was crazy, I think it more less seemed crazy because of the timing. A lot of things seem what it’s really not.

XXL: Did you expect 50 and Cam to get into it like that? The “pool in the back,” Tru Life, “Curtis.” It got kinda crazy and you guys weren’t involved.

Juelz: Um, yeah, it definitely started getting hectic. I don’t know if that was bad karma on Cam’s part from the past, I don’t know what it was. It did seem like there was a lot of things bad happening for Cam at the time. Maybe it was…I wish Cam the best because that’s my brother still, but at the end of the day I still look at it like, “Damn, how could you do that to me?”

XXL: But beyond holding you, contractually, what is your beef besides that or is it that? How did that happen?

Juelz: It ain’t no beef besides that. Like, that’s my whole thing. And that was a fucked up contract.

XXL: How are you not totally mad at this point?

Juelz: ’Cause I’m just not that type of person at the end of the day. I learned so much and I’m still 25 years old. Like I paid for Phantoms, Bentley cars, so as much as I feel he took advantage, he’s done a lot. I can say that. That’s why I never badmouth him, ’cause there’s a lot more things I can say. Like I did a lot of things, ain’t got paid for. Like I had the studio for five years, albums recorded here, stuff I ain’t got no proceeds for. Everything I earned I got it, from paying for my own “Mic Check” video, doing shows grinding…spinning, spinning what I got for what I believed in. Sacrificing what I had for what I believed in.

XXL: So bringing it to the Lil Wayne, I Can’t Feel My Face collabo, you and Wayne both been around for forever, he blew up. You got contractual issues so what happens to all the projects you guys were doing together? Do we still look forward to that? ’Cause now all of a sudden there’s T-Wayne so what’s up with your project?

Juelz: I know. Like you said there was contractual issues but the good thing is the album is done. I got 30 records in the computer right now. That’s all we gotta wait on is the sign off. The album is done. That’s why I say the good thing because it’s not like we gotta go back in and say, “Oh, well Wayne might not want to do the album no more,” the album is done. It’s gonna go down now, now it’s all about timing. I been talking to L.A. [Reid] and I told L.A. that’s one of the things I kinda want to happen before my album drops.

Juelz: Because you bring Wayne to them?

XXL: So it’s a power move for everybody. Plus it’s good for the industry. At the end of the day I don’t care if I don’t get no proceeds for that album, even though of course that’s what we work for, that’s what the people want. They need to see some shit like that. We got this one song on the album called “After Disaster” where I’m talking about 9/11 and he’s talking about Katrina. And the whole song is just two bars, two bars, two bars, two bars… It’s me and him fit so perfect in our ways and our walks of coming into this game, it’s just that he’s from New Orleans and I’m from Harlem. I’m saying that’s the only real difference in our story, pretty much because as far as our rap history, it’s pretty much the same.

XXL: You’ve got Cam and Jim and Zeke and then Juve and B.G., Turk and Baby…

Juelz: They gotta work it out. Like Baby and Wayne sat together and got to where they can do this…even if it’s something that we don’t know about that’s hidden, it don’t matter ’cause it still looks as if they’re one. So the bottom line is they worked it out some way.

XXL: Do You think you would do a Diplomatic Immunity 3 album?

Juelz: Yeah, I would love to do it. Just know that Juelz ain’t the one holding that one up. So I guess whenever people come to they senses and we all talk like men and do the right business and do the right thing like Spike Lee, I’m with whatever.-Vanessa Satten

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  • A

    I get it now. This dude is a certified CS. How u gonna say ” I love Cam. If he would have asked me to go do something, even if I didn’t agree with it, I would have went and did it?” You two are supposed to be homies and he holds your contract? And you don’t have nothing to say b/c you’re not that type of a person at the end of the day? You’re a homo!

    Family, I have homies that I’d die for and we know and respect our boundaries. Where are yours? Because all I see is Jim and Cam son’n you…

  • A

    Your homies could kill your career and that would be cool with you…lol…Man up u coward!

  • RDS

    So because dude’s not into the bullshit beefin’ he’s a homo? The situation is messed up, that is what it is. But clearly, there’s no bad blood between any of them. They’re just being immature about this situation. Somebody SHOULD talk to the other person, but nobody’s trying to initiate it because they feel that other person should be the one initiating the conversation. EVERYBODY goes through that. And how did Jim and Cam son Juelz? Jim took Juelz on that stage with 50. Not exactly sonnin’ him. He left Juelz get that exposure and that shine. As far as Cam goes, Cam said he was concerned. We still dunno Juelz side as far as what actually happened and whether or not he was buggin’ out to the point other people were looking at the situation like “nah…I can’t mess with that, but I’ma try to get you some help.” But what I don’t understand is, Cam and Jim talk about drug rhyming all the time. Now you see somebody you love is hook on some shit and you back down? That don’t even sound right.

    Niggas be looking way too far into this shit TRYING to find the beef. If there’s no bad blood, accept that there’s no bad blood. This ain’t some Rick Ross and 50 ignorant ass bullshit. It’s a disagreement between brothers.

    • A

      Dude you’re not understanding my point. This dude said “Like I paid for Phantoms, Bentley cars, so as much as I feel he took advantage, he’s done a lot.” If your homie’s gonna put paper in your kick. Then turn around serve you some kilbasa what does that make you? It’s worst than just son’n you. It makes you his beyatch. Real homies don’t get down like that. Real homies takes care of their peeps unconditionally.


    I just wanna see Cam doin his thang again, and lettin the rest of this shit be in the past. What’s done, is done.

    • $ykotic

      Real talk.

  • mattyb

    so basicly this dudes admittin to bein cam’s bitch, sayin he can do what he wants to him and it’s cool. I just hope he dont go to the pen, cause that kinda mind state gets ya walkin with a limp ya dig

    • A


  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Trouble water under the bridge. Both Hot Boys & Diplomats need 2 muv on & make that fire..
    ,ya dig?

  • Mpho

    Man this shit don’t even make no sense, these 2 dude are tip toe-ing around the questions. They tryna make it like they are innocent in all this, this nigga talking bout he paint for Bentleys and all that, and at the very same breath say Cam wasn’t giving him money?? and jumping on stage with Bugs Monkey a.k.a Curley was the most fucked up thing they coulda done.. he talking bout it was a good thing for New York, nigga, Jim Jones ain’t that much of a figure in there, it ain’t like the Jay & Nas shit, now that was big…

  • NIG


  • gutta

    from what i see, it was all planned….fist,jim and 50 had a “sit down” when they was on rap city together then they just happen to be video tapping the convo between fif and cam…when fif dropped that career ender they didnt wanna get involved cuz they knew cam was losing the beef…jim already wasnt f*ckin wit cam so he went on stage but juelz was mad cuz his album was being pushed back….regardless, of publicity or whatever how u gonna go on stage with fif when he in the middle of a beef with ur “brother” or boss…theres is no excuse unless they was mad at cam for something but even if u mad u still dont go on stage with the dude, that to me is unforgivable. on top of that tru life was talkin reckless about jim but cam gets punched in the face??? if i was cam i wouldnt f*ck wit juelz or jim ever.

  • Devon

    If yall was wondering y Santana hasnt had a album out yet because He to busy let me and Ja rule and Judge mathis hit from the Back

  • Kilo

    I love juelz and all black soljaz,wish to collaborate with them all