FEATURE:Tru Life:Tru Hollywood Stories Pt.2

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XXL: Ok, so speaking of being gone, a while back you said you punched Cam’ron in the face. He’s not really around right now but the Dips are still moving. Did that really happen and what’s your status with them ?

Tru: As far as the whole Cam thing, I’m gonna plead the fifth on that. Shout out to Cam actually. I ain’t trippin on none of that shit right now. As far as the Diplomats, the rest of them, Jim Jones or whatever, I’m not thinking about them either. I’m on some new shit. Happy Tru year to all the haters. I don’t know what our situation is between me and Jim, I ain’t seen him, he ain’t seen me. But I’m just doing me.

XXL: So I know you’re still Rocafella…..

Tru: Yea, it’s still the Roc. I been hearing shit in the streets about how other niggas that were on Rocafella feel [about Jay] but that don’t have nothing to do with me or my situation. I know me and Hov are still good.

XXL: When the split happened everybody took sides and obviously you sided with Jigga. How’s your relationship with Dame nowadays ?

Tru: I didn’t choose a side because to be honest, I don’t really know Dame at all. I don’t got no problem with him because I don’t know him. I’m not the type to take shots at somebody that I don’t know. I don’t know Dame like that.

XXL: Ok. You left Def Jam even before Jay-Z did. Did you feel like that wasn’t the place for an artist like you with such a heavy street following ?

Tru: Yea man. I didn’t wanna do that corny shit. I’d rather not come out than be a corny nigga like the rest of them. If you sit in the studio all day and think like ‘I need a record for the radio, I need a record for the radio’ all day…I ain’t gon lie to you, I did that at one point. When I was on Def Jam I felt like my back was against the wall. Like I felt like I had the streets on fire but them niggas [at the label] wasn’t listening to me. On the policy side, they didn’t wanna listen. Like, I know what the people want. I’m a young nigga with swag…I’m from Swagaria ! I’m fuckin Swagarian my nig! These young niggas relate to me.

XXL: But rap is a competitive contact sport. How do you know you still got what it takes ? You can’t just walk away from the NBA for a whole season and expect to be right back in top condition, that’s hard…

Tru: But like, who’s the bummest team in the NBA right now, like the Bobcats or something. There’s no Kobe’s, he just broke out. Shaq is still in the game but he got bad knees. There’s a few big name niggas around but they bummed or washed up. There’s no competition, you don’t even wanna get up. It’s sorta like that. Like, who’s the competition? Who am I going up against? Who’s making quality music right now? Who’s more than just one record? It’s like womp, womp, womp.

XXL: You’ve spoken about your growth and change in attitude. What’s been the biggest thing you’ve learned since you stepped out of the limelight ?

Tru: Learning how to swallow my pride, cause it’ll kill me. My mother taught me that. I just learned to swallow my pride and be easy sometimes. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I cant kill everybody. I’ve just grown, I’m in another space. I’m in a good space physically, spiritually, I feel like I’m five years younger than I am. I thank Allah for that. I’m not even carrying that type of energy with me right now. I’m not on the [beef] shit no more. I’m not here to go full throttle on a nigga and just ruin him. People think that’s cool nowadays. To just ruin this nigga life and just take this nigga out the game. Just chop a nigga head off. It’s almost like [the movie] “Gladiator” when the dude had beat the guy already but the crowd was yelling “kill him”. They wanted blood and its like [the people] want blood. I’m not on that. I’m in the cut. I’m not trying to out-gangsta everybody. I’m just doing me. – Anthony Roberts

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  • Caine

    In my opinion TRU Life sux. I mean he raps/sounds just like a hundred otha New York niggas I know…

  • Scarface

    Shouts to Cam!!! I 2nd that, good to see he growing a little

    • DevilintheFlesh

      I woulda liked this cat a lil more if he came out like this in the beginning. I just can’t buy all that tough guy shit. Even Suge Knight can get knocked the F out. Ya Feel Me?

  • Kabelo

    JR killed this bitch nigga that’s why he had to hide like a dog with a tail between its legs – Hollah back bitches

    • http://www.uptownempire.com Trouble

      I remember that shit, J.R and Hell Rell made fire diss tracks towards this dude. And he shouldnt even mention Cam, he will NEVER be on Cams level.

      Why they put that photo shop picture up there LOL that shits embarrasing. Knowing he jumped on a regular plane after he dropped of Jays luggage LOL.

    • BIBBS


  • Kabelo

    JR killed thi nigga

  • ether 2 niggaz

    u r a fan a phony a fake a pussy a stan u confused imposta, nigga you corny!!!! if u had the streets on fiyah then there would be a demand for tru life!!!!! U cant even name one of ur songs!!!!!!!!!! u makin us look bad….. sit the fuck down somewhere shut the fuck up and evaporate!!!


  • Mac

    i dont kno what the fuck yall talkin bout Tru Life go hard, that New New York Mixtape was crack and he dont sound like anyone

  • Hate Hate and more Hate

    LOL @ niggas trying to act all humble after they have no more buzz

    Fuck Tru LIfe, he looks like the clean version of Jim Jones

    • tony grand$

      “Clean version of Jim Jones”

      Nigga just called him the radio edit.


  • Azz


  • Blaze

    Record Companies have been raping artist for too long, glad to hear Tru took 300k and did the hustle and I dont mean that 70′s dance..

    Rappers take notes bitches

  • black

    ^^As far as the whole Cam thing, I’m gonna plead the fifth on that. Shout out to Cam actually.^^

    Did i miss something?

  • $ykotic

    Shouts to L.E.S.

    Tru was buzzing but he let dudes take him off his square wit that “macho man” Randy Savage bullshit.

    He’ll be alright. Get bread nikka!

  • Muskoka J

    Tru did have some sick flows but dude has fallin off no one remebers this “NY G” and like u said he said he punched Killa then he shouts him out What The Fuck????? dude’s a batti boy

  • Rex Banner

    lmao this is the same guy who once said that hes on the roc and flys in g4 and shit. Then later he claims he is a simple guy that rides around in his little van and dont be on g4s HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this guy is a bum.

  • niggafrommemphis

    A man stands on his own,get off Jay Zs’ dick if u ever want some respect.even kanye ain’t on the mans’ jock like u and kanye gay as a muthafucka.jay z ain’t never mentioned your name,xxl the only site talkin bout u (i wonder why $$$).Mane,just get yo shit out,u starting to sound like a bitch,i ain’t callin u one,but u comin like one.like if someone was gonna slap yo ass,you gonna run to jay and hide under beyonces’ skirt like a bitch.him and joe budden and soulja boy gettin all this attention and ain’t nobody feelin they shit,smh!

  • stoneyisland

    Alot of cats hate on this dude but a real man can admit he made a fucking mistake and grown from it, why is it whenever a dude decides to change his life he’s labled a bitch? when actually it the cats who continue to hate that are the real bitches. If dude is trying to move on and better himself then let the brother.

  • http://brian brian


  • http://brian brian

    is nigga

  • Dc crew

    I cant help it this is the first time that ive ever blogged. I just want to say yall are some funny dudes man.

  • Rae Tha Great

    I seen Tru Life perform in Detroit and that nicca was amazing, real talk. I was ready for the album he had that Polow Da Don single but I don’t think the label was pushing it right. I wonder if his album still gonna be produced by Jay-Z & Snoop Dogg? PEACE


    Where do these so called Hip Hop journalists come from?! What gives them the street cred or who ok’s them to ask these dumb ass questions they ask?! Tru didn’tsign with the ROC until over a year after the break up, He would’ve never sided with Dame cause he wasn’t there to side with him. Then Tru confirms it & says “I don’t know him”. How can a TRUE Hip Hop journalist not know the background story of the person there interviewing?! These Interviwers 99% of the time are cowards!!! As an example if Jenny Jones says some BS about Jay-Z they’ll cover it like it’s real news, but when Jim’s Byrd Gang CD sell’s 17,000 copies the 1st week & this idiot says Nas is irrelevant & no one listens to him yet Nas’ cd sold what 200,000+ the 1st week around the same time, no one questions him with the stupidity of his statement!! Why?! Things that make you go Hmmm!!! Peace to Tru Life, Keep gettin’ $$$, fuck the beefing, show growth & maturity. Don’t let these hidden underground internet instigators deter you from your mission. The moment a man shows some smarts, he’s now a coward! Fuck outta here.

    Mogul $$$$ Game ’09!!!

  • macdatruest

    I was thinking that. “didn’t he sign during the cam beef, which was after Dame left?” I knew I wasnt tripping. This journalist just wanted to add some substance to his interview, at the expense of reality. Retarded ass tru life coulda better explained he came after the split. Anyway, New York hip hop is sad. Only a few can still do it. Most of that shit do sound played out. Boom Bap. lol

  • leodjoneluv

    tru life can flo but he need to leave that hard shit alone. Niggas would pop him in Texas. Especially this rappers here.

  • ShowTime

    Co-Sign Mr Undisputed..It seems as if Dipset Logged on.. haha.Or at least some of their stans.Theres not too much competition in NY as far as rappers that are out there but there still a few cats making quality Music in general..Im definately trnya come up in the 09 Fa show.I hear alot whack shit on HHG.com but if you look harder..youll find some dope shit..you can see Lyrics are starting to become more important as that micro wave food get old and stale..

    “When You think of Show-Time, You thinking of a Clock”


  • doctor69

    shout out to the g&g and the nyc folk fuck the bitcth set support tru life fuck jenny i can’t even vist nyc jones and lil gaye