FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS ’08: Kim Osorio: Come Clean

[Editor’s Note: With the new year around the corner, XXLmag.com looks back at some of our greatest stories and video features of 2008.]

Kim Osorio has a lot of explaining to do. Rumored flings with rappers, her role in perhaps The Source magazine’s most controversial era, Ray Benzino and David Mays: She addresses it all in her new tell-all book, Straight From The Source: An Expose From The Former Editor-In-Chief Of The Hip-Hop Bible, hitting stands September 9th.

XXLMag.com chopped it up with Osorio to take a look at the making of her book, revisit key moments of her Source tenure and discuss Nas and 50 Cent.

XXLMag.com: Does it feel weird to do an interview with a magazine that used to take shots at you?

Kim Osorio: I don’t think so. I think that I expect that, because it’s part of the game. Just like an artist has to play the game and do interviews with different magazines that are dissing him one month or giving him a bad magazine review and do a story the next month, it’s almost like the same thing. It’s just what you have to do to stay in the game.

XXL: Looking back at your promotion as editor-in-chief, do you think Ray and Dave picked you because they felt they’d be able to control you more than Erik Parker?[Editor's Note: Parker was also up for the EIC position at The Source that Osorio eventually got.]

KO: That’s a question that has come up before in circles and in conversations amongst me and close peers. I really can’t tell you the answer, because I really don’t know what they were thinking. I think at a certain point, they thought that I was more on the same page as them than he was. And this is really just me speculating…that if they give me the job, I’ll be doing things more in line with their vision.

XXL: Would you say that your termination as editor-in-chief marked the end of The Source as a contending publication?

KO: I mean, that would be a real cocky statement for me to make, but this is rap, so let me go ahead and make it. Yeah, I do feel like that…I think The Source definitely had its glory days and had memorable covers…If you think back to Redman with a tissue in his nose and things like that…I remember as a source reader. When I got to the magazine, it was a different time. But, from a business perspective, I think we were doing the best we had ever done. The September 2002 issue, which I talk about in detail in the book, was the biggest selling issue for a long time. So, I would definitely say it was a high point in The Source’s business. Now, whether or not people look at it from a credibility standpoint, might be a little different because…After I started to get the job and just move up, Benzino’s control over the magazine started to increase.

Osorio and Jay-Z in her EIC days…

XXL: At one point in the book, you became very conflicted and realized that you were as guilty as Mays and Benzino. Why didn’t you just quit?

KO: I think, the job market is definitely hard. A lot of people just say, “Oh, you could have just left and found another job.” But when you’re at that level in your career, it’s hard to go to a different place. And in hip-hop, there weren’t too many places to go. There weren’t a lot of options. And everybody’s vying for those positions that are out there. We had taken a serious stand against those magazines. For me, I had a daughter that I had to think about. I had bills that needed to be paid, so it wasn’t an easy thing to pick up and leave.

XXL: You think some of these rappers may have lied about being with you, or was ‘Zino just making stuff up?

KO: I think that he made it up. The reason I say that is because I know of other things that he made up. In his mind, he always had some sort of sexual connection to people. He would say things to me about other women on the staff and I was like, “I don’t necessarily believe that.” And there were a lot of things that came out in the case that just weren’t true. I think he made it up. A lot of that stuff just didn’t make sense. It would just come out the clear blue sky. He’d be like, “You’re dealing with so and so” and I be like, “I haven’t even met that person.”

XXL: 50 already responded to your excerpts being leaked. Did Nas say anything?

KO: No. I don’t think he’s going to respond, because they’re two different individuals and for me to talk about my story, that’s just what it is. I’m not telling you… I’m not speaking about what they feel. I can’t give you their story, I can only give you mine and what I’ve been through. And they happened to be there.

XXL: Care to respond to 50’s jabs? [Editor's Note: 50 joked about Osorio becoming famous for "licking his balls" in response to excerpts from her book leaking.]

KO: I’ve seen that movie play out before, so I’m not gonna respond to him. I’m not gonna say anything, cause I’m not gonna get into a rap beef with him. Come on! He’ll take a lollipop out of a baby’s mouth. I’m not trying to say anything negative. He knows what he said ain’t true. He needs to stop. But it’s all good.

XXL: You chose to refer to your intimate relationship with 50 and Nas, but you never went into great detail. Why is that?

KO: I think this is not that type of book. I talk about the relationships that I had with them in a couple of chapters, but there’s 30 chapters in the book, so for people to single that out without knowing what the story is, it’s frustrating, cause that’s not what I’m doing with this book. I’m coming clean things I went through and things that I did, relationships that I had before I even had the editor-in-chief job, cause I didn’t have that title. I didn’t have that title when I was dating them. It’s just funny to me.

XXL: Did you get pressured from the publisher to make the book juicier?

KO: I got pressured to make it a better book, not necessarily to give details of what may have happened between the sheets, but just to paint a picture of what my life was like back then. Whether it involved these individuals at The Source and everything that I went through…You definitely get pushed to do more. And that’s part of a writing process. I think that’s a good thing, cause it gives people a look into who you are as an individual.

XXL: Are you working on any other books?

KO: I have another project coming. I don’t wanna talk about the specifics, because I’m not really allowed , because it’s not finalized yet. But it’s an incredible story. And I’m into telling stories. That’s why I wanted to tell mine, cause I thought it was an important story for hip-hop and for people to understand, especially with the theme of that story being the double standard. The next story, the theme in that one is loyalty. And I would say it’s a big story in hip-hop that people wanna know about. And it’s not about me.

XXL: You came out with your book, but there’s possibly a lot more writers/editors who have relationship with artists. How frequent do you think it is?

KO: I think it’s a lot more frequent than people are willing to admit. It amazes me how clueless some people try to act…As if they know what goes on behind-the-scenes. When you’re working in the industry, it starts to consume you. When you’re writing about it, it’s the same thing. You’re part of the culture. Things happen. I think people meet people on a daily basis and things happen and when you’re single, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Now, whether people wanna judge and criminalize women–and I say women because the same does not apply to men in this industry. I think that’s unfair and I think that’s unjust. And that’s part of the reason why I decided to write this book. I wanted to be able to tell my story and to be able to show women that I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done. It is what it is and it shouldn’t be something that women are afraid of. If they dated somebody whether it be an artist, an executive, or another writer, it’s just life. -Carl Chery

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  • MOi

    this woman is a paragon of journalistic integrity.

    • Mikey T

      well said.

      cheers for that!

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    But I still wanna read her book. But I ain’t buyin’ it.

    I’ll borrow it from a library. :D

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  • Johnny

    What a great example for all woman to follow – sleep your way to the top of the company, then make money off of a book about it. Classy woman.

    The Source died when she took over and ran that smear campaign against Eminem. It didn’t die after she left, that’s hilarious and a bad attempt to rewrite history. This woman is a disgrace to journalism.

  • The Gr8est

    The next Superhead? Who knows? Its like one-on-one against the police in court; who’s more believable? Baby might be trippin’ cuz she need some more groceries.



  • Lil Chris

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      And i beg to differ; HATE is what make Hip-Hop REAL….The best of the culture can be heard in most Beef freestyles…
      What would YOU prefer? A Papoose Freestyle, where’s he letting nigga’s have it? Or dumb little radio friendly single like “Candy Shop”?

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        Wow, y’all are doing the most with this Milwaukee representation lol

        While I won’t take sides on this battle of Milwaukee niggas, I will say this…

        Woman or man, there’s a sense of professional integrity, discretion, and good judgment that homegirl is seriously LACKING. And it goes the same way for dudes, only difference is that there’s a double standard (which is about the only thing she’s right about).

        It really makes me no nevermind if she got down with 50 and Nas before or after she became EIC, she still shouldn’t have done it. And it really is crazy for me to side with this “sister” when she tries to rationalize fucking people she conducts business with and then says in the same breath that she had her daughter to think about.

        Please. She’s setting a poor example all the way around; for herself, her daughter, other people’s daughters and for the rest of us women who are too busy to dick ride (or lick balls) to advance our careers.

        Mil-Town stand up!

  • E20

    XXL…..let me guess, you only did this interview with Kim because she licked yalls balls.

    Just dont let this happen again. I got more personality than Kim in my left nut.

    You see what happens when they let a female run a magazine, please vote obama, dont let Sarah Palin do to America what Kim did to the source.

    Kim got led astray by Benzinos corny ass and actual thinks she was more qualified for the position than Parker? This bitch helped kill hip hop.

    Fukk Kim, Fukk Benzino, Fukk Dave, Fukk the Source. Sellouts. And if you wanna be down with the Source fukk you too.

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  • Silverback Gorilla

    Thats fuck’d up. When the bills get low, do a book on famous rappers u fuck’d! Very original & oh so dignified.. I see why Nas wrote “Remember the Times”.

  • Maurice L Dees

    I gave up on the source around 1999 way to much advertisment.

  • chicago heights

    when i’m fuckin a broad i EXPECT to get my balls licked at some point. it aint like she licked his nuts in the source office right quick and sent him on his way, they were fuckin right? He a lame for bringin it up though, he should have only said something if she HAD’NT licked em’. Then it’d be like “Why not what’s her problem?” Si o no?

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  • http://Urban411.com Jay

    Loyalty above all is probably one of the greatest traits a person can have. The fact here is that Mays and Benzino gave her the chance of a lifetime and just by hiring her and giving her the highest position a person can hold at a magazine they did more for women in journalism, specifically hip hop journalism, than anyone I can think of. So for her to turn around and sue them and accuse them of not giving women an equal opportunity is really, really ridiculous.

    She’s fool if you ask me and anyone who believes her righteous bullshit about suing for all women’s rights is a bigger fool. The fact is that by doing that she set women back cause I’m sure that future publishers will be a little less hesitant to give the position to a woman in fear of being found in the same situation.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    I never understood how a bitch can get famous by just giving up the drawers. Shit doesn’t make sense 2 me. What kind of examble is shorty setting for her kids. The bitch is a scaliwag. I hope her shit doesn’t sell any copies.

    • 619

      Real shit! It’s like legalized prostitution. Look at how many broads got with somebody just to futher their career or profit:
      Monica Lewinsky
      Kim Kardashian
      Nas’ baby mama
      Lil’ Kim
      Charli Baltimore
      Paris Hilton
      Superhead and so on and so on.
      I can’t really say it’s only females though because look at Kevin Federline. I guess men can eat pussy for money. HAHAHA!

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    I never understood how a bitch can get famous by just giving up the drawers. Shit doesn’t make sense 2 me. What kind of examble is shorty setting for her kids. The bitch is a scaliwag. I hope her shit doesn’t sell any copies.


  • Angry writer Chick

    Jackpot, once again a very good interview. I think you asked the questions people were dying to know the answers too. As far as 50 is concern, he will say anything just to make someone else look low. Of course he would say that female sucked his balls because he’s miserable and thats what miserable people do.

    I have him all figured out. Lets say I write something crazy about him on my site, he has never met me but he will say something about how I did something to Lloyd Banks or his cuzin’ just to make people think Im a ho. That’s most of these men premise in arguments but I would tell him to “suck d*&K” in my best Camron voice ever. But seriously, it was important for Kim to get her story out.

    That’s just the way it goes. She made me see that I never wanted to bone anyone in the business. It’s just too much drama. Them industry dudes be on som High School stuff. I think a lot of women journalists have screwed artists but I hope it wasnt around the time they wrote stories on them or only wrote a story on them because they messed with them because then it is unethical…

    I cant believe in 2008, women having sex (because y’all know Benzino was sexing those rap hoes) is a big deal. So freaking what? She had the sex, talked about it, but it’s not the whole book. Get over it! Go Kim. I have the book and its cool. Keep up the good work.

    • Angry reader Brother

      Glad to see a sister not afraid to comment. With all the angry stiff dicks on here, it’s no surprise that many sisters avoid the comments.

      Good for you!

  • Angry Writer Chick

    Oh Yeah Jackpot, the Jay Z picture don’t help the story. Who side are you on, lol.

  • tee

    i was mad at superhead and Carmen for trying to capitalise on their relations with the artist but seems am not mad at Kim.i guess artist nowadays wld be careful with women there be with for the fear of a possible book deals.From this interview i think Kim is an intelligent individual who is not trying to make her affairs with the artist the highlight of the book plus she answered the questions intelligentlly.hey did i hear some say Kim is ugly.i guess i wouldnt be able 2 judge if it were those days i couldnt tell if a white girl was beautiful or not.but now that i can .i would say ugly kim is not.

  • Rac-Cilla

    Shots out to LIL Chris, you was on point with that. Cats stay hating knowing they girl done smoked more than two Jones.

  • william m holla

    kim definitely had the magazine poppin when she was running it. and her interviews, articles, and stories are always a good read. her book isnt about who she slept with, its about her journey in the industry to get to the top. the fact that she got down with 50 and nasir is just part of the story. she isnt trying to have the next superhead book, just tell ppl about her days at the source and in the music biz.

    • Moi

      shout out to

      reginald dennis, kevin powell, brian coleman, ronin ro, chairman mao, nelson george, sacha jenkins

      would you put kim osorio in this list? no way.

  • yaya

    50 was the one sending her flowers and shit. soft-hearted ass lovey dovey nucca.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com whats really good?

      yaya you’re even more retarded then kim osorryhoe.miss info put up parts of the book out and this kim bitch actually admits that 50 sent her flowers so her boss can see it and so she can write some good shit about him in the mag.this whore got played big time.

      she put the nigga in the book and now she’s mad that he told about her ball lickin tendencies.

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    Angie Martinez she is NOT?
    Who the fuck is she? Sista Soulja’s lesbien lover? Fuck! Stop hanging on the nuts, sweetheart….make yourself usefull like Superhead.

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  • mike

    She’s a bum. Never did anything to give a real representation of Latinoes. She always portrayed Latinoes as dickriders. But then again I see she couldn’t help herself, because that is what she herself is, a bonafide dickrider. Kim put curtis stink ass balls back in your mouth, because nobody is trying to hear you. Go read a book about your people or something. Bum…

  • guttaman

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  • Prince Ceasar

    She looks like she gives some fire head. 50 I tip my hat to you. Well Done, well done.

  • Rizzop

    The only issue i have with her book is, if you dont want t be known as a ho, why mention niggas names to begin with? Because you are trying to sell a book (prostitution) If she dont mention these niggas nobody would care, so she is a scumbbag scaliwag, whatever you want to call her. She fucking dudes and using their names. How can you defend that? What real woman needs to kiss and tell?

  • http://www.ipodkingz.com www.myspace.com/diamonddemarco1

    I thik what she’s doing is real positive. A lot of women in the industry dont take a stand for all the ill’s directed towards them and to see Kim step up like this is a beautiful thing. Have a blessed day.

  • http://360.yahoo.com/deshawn772004 Federal Ranga

    Lil Chris…

    The fuck is up with you Capitalizing Every First Letter In All Your Words… retard… Nobody does that shit anymore.




  • ne where gang

    Ugly Ass Bitch A Gold Digger
    She fucked Nas & 50 so now she Broke tryna use that shit too get some money

    lol 50 made her lick his balls

  • Aron22

    I so wanted to like this book I had to quit reading I felt like I was reading a bad National Enquirer article this book was a major disapointment.

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  • God Don’t Like Ugly

    I didn’t think it was possible for boys to be extremely sexist and stupid this openly in 2008 until now. XXLMag comments show & prove indeed!

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com/ DJ Daddy Mack


  • DV8

    so it looks like Benzino was jealous of 50 hittin that and thats why the anti-50/Eminem campaign. Thats weak. Where is Benzino anyway? Dont really care just wondering.

  • bshe

    i just got the book so i will come back to this later.. from the first 2 or 3 chapters.. she is already talking about blueprint and the either joint..

    free husalah.. in’shallah

  • shelia babe.

    i just got the book.. so i will come back to say how i really feel once im done.. but for right now the first 2 or 3 chapters she is talking about the jay and nas beef.. so it might be a good read if nothing else..

    and yall are mean for the balls diss.. lol..

    free husalah- in’shallah..

  • http://yahoo.com shelia babe

    i just got the book.. so i will come back to say how i really feel once im done.thats only right.. . but for right now the first 2 or 3 chapters she is talking about the jay and nas beef.. so it might be a good read if nothing else..

    and yall are mean for the balls diss.. lol..

    free husalah- in’shallah..


    Yall’z ignant as shit!!!

    So you don’t approve of women dating men?

    Yall gay?

  • http://www.myspace.com/macksplit MACK SPLIT


  • PRADA…


  • todd
  • 33


  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

    I read the book. I thought it was great from a journalist view.

  • black

    Damn ya’ll harsh man…nobody wants to be the girl that licked Curtis salty balls.