FEATURE: Nicki Minaj:Climax

Nicki Minaj is only at the beginning of her career, but she promises a climax the world won’t forget. Now infamous for poppin’ a squat, Lil’ Kim style, on the promotional poster for her Sucka Free mixtape, which dropped this past Spring, the feisty femcee with a co-sign from the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” has a few other plans under wraps for 2009. Recently heard spitting on Weezy and DJ Drama’s Dedication 3, and now working on a new mixtape due out on Christmas, she plans to put out music more consistently and prove that aside from her sometimes raunchy and suggestive playfulness, she is in fact, a multifaceted actor, writer, rapper and singer. The femme fatale speaks to XXLMag.com about being snubbed for XXL‘s December 2008 “Leaders of the New School” cover, denies signing with Gucci Mane and vows to bring estrogen back to the mic.

XXL: There’s been some changes with you. After moving to Atlanta people seem to think you’ve signed with Gucci Mane.

Nicki Minaj: I haven’t signed with Gucci Mane. Gucci is an artist that happens to have the same manager that I do. That’s should be clarified because I don’t know where people are getting this perception that I’m so icey and I signed to Gucci.

XXL: You got new management? What happened with Sickamore?

NM: I’m not with Sickamore, but I love him to death. Sickamore was somebody that took interest in me from two years ago but we discontinued the manager/artist relationship. I still love him and I value his opinion. I actually hit him up all the time and ask him his opinion on stuff.

XXL: You’re still Young Money right?

NM: Yeah, I’m still Young Money, shout out to Wayne and shout out to Dedication 3 with DJ Drama. He’s actually bout to drop a Young Money tape. A lot of the joints on the Dedication 3 were cut short because of time. Some of the joints we did were like five or six minutes, so we cut off some songs but on the Young Money tape which should be coming out in two weeks, has all these extended versions of the Dedication 3 freestyles.

XXL: XXL picked the top 10 new jacks for ’09 for our Dec cover and word got back to us about artists who were tight about not being chosen. How do u feel about the lack of female representation?

Nicki Minaj: Who’s on the cover?

XXL: Ace Hood, Kid Cudi, Charles Hamilton, B.o.B, Asher Roth, Wale, Cory Gunz, Blu, Mickey Factz and Curren$y.

NM: Oh. My. God! I didn’t know about that. And Nicki Minaj wasn’t on that cover? That disappoints me. What were the cons?

XXL: Some people just wanted to see more product and buzz from you.

NM: Right. They felt like I needed to prove myself more?

XXL: Yeah.

NM: OK. I understand that. I can respect that and that’s actually why I’m about to put out this new mixtape because I kind of fell back and was working on original music, but the streets need me to be more present. They need to hear more music from me and they need to feel me more. It’s all good though [because] XXL has shown me love in the past [and] I know they’re gonna show me more love in the future. I’m not mad.

XXL: I’ve seen interviews with you on the net, but it’s not really an interview, it’s just men flirting with you. How does that make you feel?

NM: You wanna know something? I can’t blame any person that interviews me and not that I have any regrets, but I realize the control that I have. I have the power in my interviews to steer it how ever I want it to and if I choose to allow them to flirt with me, that’s what they’re gonna do, so really for 2009 it’s gonna be a little less flirting and more getting to the point. You’ll never see a Nicki Minaj interview where I don’t say something maybe a little sexual or freaky because I’m just a playful person, but I don’t condone fucking and I don’t condone any nonsense. I condone being playful, flirting and having fun, but being a business woman, so I think it gets misconstrued when I’m over there saying super snatch and all this stuff because people aren’t gonna take me seriously so I can’t blame them. I have to curb the way I talk because I realize now people that don’t know me, they don’t know when I’m joking. They think I’m dead serious so part of me feels a sense of responsibility because I have a lot of young female fans that are 16-year-old girls and so now I have to show them I’m joking when I say certain things and that they have to be able to differentiate between when I’m joking and when I’m dead ass serious. So I’m just gonna pull back a little bit off of that but I can’t blame the dudes for flirting with me because I’m a bad bitch, I’m Nicki Minaj, what can I say [laughs].

XXL: That kind of segues into the next question. I’m sure you’ve gotten questions about women in hip-hop a lot. What’s your take on the situation? Where are the ladies?

NM: I don’t know what happened but you can bet it won’t happen to me. My take on the business is that it is a business and I feel like I’m no different than a college student when they come out of college and now they’re looking for the job. That job that’s gonna catapult them to success. I look at it like, even the things that I do in being sexual and all that shit are very strategic because it’s almost like I’m interviewing for a particular job like this is my resume and it’s kind of like you give all the different facets of who you are to get the job. The job that I’m going for is someone that relates to every girl in the whole world but can be a boss and the one thing that I have to say about all the other female rappers—and I have to say I love them and I congratulate them and I freaking salute them, but I never saw them as business women. I never saw them as bosses. I saw them as talented smart girls that always felt like they needed a guy in their corner and in fact you don’t. So that’s what I think happened. I think that along the way the girls didn’t realize it’s time to stop and be a businesswoman. You can put out music all you like but if you don’t take control of your business then you’re not gonna have anything to fall back on. I really don’t think it would have mattered if their careers ended if they were the president of a label. I think that would be dope but that’s not what happened. It’s kind of like we don’t have music and we’re not hearing them making power moves either. That’s wack because I know they’re smart, but I just don’t think they had guidance and probably didn’t have the confidence in themselves to take it further.

XXL: Do you ghostwrite for people?

NM: I reference stuff for people. I wouldn’t say I ghostwrite it. I have submitted some stuff to people but female rappers are very afraid of taking chances like that. I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t take something from another female rapper because the bitch gonna tell. I have submitted some shit but they didn’t take it. But right now I’ve been submitting R&B stuff. I write R&B so that will probably be my situation. I don’t think rapping will be the way that I’ll probably do my ghostwriting. I have more fun writing R&B anyway.

XXL: I was asking because you were talking about female rappers not being business women and having men in their corner, but female rappers always get associated with having ghostwriters and we both know that it ain’t just female rappers that have that situation going on.

NM: Exactly! I’m so glad you said that because there’s tons of dudes—I’ve had arguments with dudes—with rappers that are in the business that condone ghostwriting, and have had ghostwriters for themselves and they look at me like I‘m crazy [because] that’s one thing I would never do. To me, rapping is like poetry and poetry should be more specific to who’s saying it. With singing, I think you can write something and it’s more general, it’s more universal and anybody can sing it. But with rap, I just find that I gotta write what I rap. If you hear me rapping then I wrote it.

XXL: So what’s up with the acting? It’s cliché for a rapper to talk about acting but for someone who was trained in Shakespeare and all that good stuff, you must be auditioning right?

NM: I haven’t really been going on auditions, but it’s funny because when I graduated out of my class, every year at the end of the drama year they have all the agents come in and you perform and usually you get two or three slips, and that means that that’s how many agents are interested in you. I got 10. That should tell you how good of an actress I am but I wanted to grow up to fast and not focus on my life. I didn’t see the big picture, I just thought that stuff was gonna happen. I thought I was gonna be Halle Berry next year so I lost a lot of great opportunities but I guess my life was just destined to do this. I woulda never thought I would be no damn rapper, that’s for sure. But as far as my acting, you’ll definitely see me acting one day but I’m gonna do my music stuff first and then probably start in some small roles. I have been approached to play the lead role for the movie version of a book, Charge it to the Game. I might play that, but I don’t know. I try to downplay it a little bit too because I don’t feel like people need to know everything right away. I should let them grow into knowing who I am, everybody shouldn’t know every damn thing. They need to start growing with me and then they’ll know all my business soon but not right now.

XXL: What can you reveal about your debut album?

NM: It’s not scheduled yet. I’m kind of in the middle of a bidding war. That means I have not signed to a major label yet. I’m picky. And once we do that then in the top of ’09 I’ll be able to give people a better idea of when it’s gonna come out. But you can believe that I’m such a perfectionist that when that shit come out, I’m not even saying that I’m gonna sell billions of records, whether I sell 10 records or 10 million, I know it’s gonna be a classic because I’m gonna go so hard and it’s gonna be heartfelt.

XXL: That was it but is there anything you want to add?

NM: I want to say thanks to the support from everybody from XXL, thanks for the support on MySpace, all the bloggers, and especially my haters. I love you guys and I’m working very hard. I gotta send a big shout out to my new management company Mizay Entertainment, And I just want to leave by saying that I’m really, really hurt that I was not a part of that XXL cover and you guys are gonna feel really stupid in 2009. -Starrene Rhett

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  • http://www.SpeechIsMyHammer.com Ketchums

    Great interview. The questions were pointed, and like you said, it’s good to see her actually interviewed instead of just flirted with. The writer really did a good job of bringing a female perspective without keeping the interview on some “ladies only” shit. Keep up the good work

  • capcobra

    she from the hood so i gotta salute her..i just wanna know why her.jae millz sign with wayne?…if that nigga need a boss then how he gon be a boss?…either way…i still wanna smashbox that….do your thing babygirl!!!.

  • King B

    I fucks with Nicki Minaj she knows what she’s talking about….but damn she sexy as shit I would love to fuck her brains out

    • jfklemagnifik

      you’re slightly silly !!! lol !! I know she is very sexy but should not make a fuss about that. I think … maybe you right …

  • Phil

    Before all the crass and ignorant comments start flowing, I’m just gonna throw my support behind the woman because she nice with it, period. In spite of the sexy image and playfulness with the sex talk in various interviews, this little chica is truly nice on the mic, I liked both mixtapes, and look forward to the next.

    Ok…now the rest of you mongrels can start with how bad you wanna skeet on her, sigh. Typical.

    • 619

      Stop trying to defend her, she portrays herself in a sexual way to gain more attention, so how am I supposed to take her serious. I look at her for how she wants the world to see her, so if she’s on the cover of his mixtape with that picture, obviously she’s not confident enough that her skills alone will sell. She took the same route that caused Lil’ Kim, Trina, Foxy Brown, and Remy Ma to not be taken serious now. Real female artists like Jean Grae will never be taken serious because they don’t take pictures with they’re legs spread open, bent over pimped by the label. She already exploited her body, that’s her promotion tactic. So don’t try to act like it’s some guys fault that she wants to take every picture she’s in half dressed, blowing kisses in a bikini or licking lollipops.

      • Phil

        Typical sexist bullshit.

      • Phil

        Even more typical is your negative views of women in Hip-Hop period. You state all the reasons to not take women serious in Hip-Hop, yet provide no solutions or real critique of the music of the women you mentioned. Are you so primitive as to allow your opinion to be colored by the marketing without giving the music a chance? What about the images men have been putting out there? Do you find the criminalistic, animalistic, ignorant image MORE appealing by default then? If not, please specify and let us all know how women should carry themselves O Almight One!

        • 619

          Hey dumb fuck, I just said Jean Grae is a positive example of a female emcee with skills who doesn’t have to show her body off to get attention. HOW AM I SEXIST? STUPID ASS LOOK AT HER NAME NICKI MINAJ, SHE ALREADY PRESENTED HERSELF SEXUALLY. LOOK AT THE COVER OF HER MIXTAPE, SHE’S GOT HER TITTIES HANGIN’ OUT OF A BRA WITH HER LEGS OPEN IN A THONG, LICKIN’ A LOLLIPOP. What first impression is she giving the world? That she’s intelligent? Fuck outta here. First you say everybody gonna talk about how bad they wanna skeet on her, then I guess I threw you off guard when I talked about female emcees who can ACTUALLY RAP WITHOUT TALKIN’ ABOUT SUCKIN’ DICK. Maybe you’re just lookin’ for an arguement.

        • B.C.

          Actually, 619, Jean did post some ‘skin’ shots on one of her Myspace Picture albums

  • http://www.GangstarrGirl.com Gangstarr Girl

    *Takes bow at Ketchum*

    Thank you very much homie. =0)

  • simpleTOM

    no disrespect, but this chick really think she is talented?!?!?!


  • frank

    The only Nicki should be dropping is a sex tape.

  • Phil

    More typical sexist bullshit.

    • 619

      If you’re expectin’ her to carry the torch for female hip-hop, you’re lookin’ in the wrong spot.

  • Curtis75Black

    Yo 619, You also have all these men portraying themselves as goons and thugs – all 2Pac wanna be’s without the subtance and I know you take them serious. I mean if that’s the case why not support a sista like Jean Grae, who doesn’t put herself outthere other than hot lyrics, why is her cd slept on my males who say they want a lyricist ? You can’t have both ways and you can’t be bias because the gender happens to have a Pussy and nice tits. If homegirl can spit, support it.

    • 619

      You know I take who serious? You don’t know shit about me. Explain yourself before you start tellin’ people what you think they do.

  • Curtis75Black

    You know what, I should’ve put that as a general statement cause you’re right, I don’t know you. But since you brought up and I’m glad you, Jean Grae, Did you support her cd instead of downloading a few tracks here and there ? What was the last cd you rocked where a emcee was just spittin’ without all the pie/keys,drug, gangster swagger talk ? I mean where a emcee was just getting busy for the love of it and it showed ? See that’s what I’m talking about. Alot of fans talk a good game about there isn’t any hot shit out there but Heltah Skeltah just dropped their reunion cd but niggas is complaining or talking about autotune and Kanye for some reason ! Still waiting for Dre’s Detox when Q-tip dropped his cd with no fan-fare. And magazines like XXL don’t do the community no justice with their fickle interviews and Vogue-like covers. I can’t hate on you because it’s not necessary, but when I see and hear niggas on TI, Jeezy and Ross dick when you know that ain’t saying shit with substance but ignores the one who is, irritates me.

    • 619

      Oh so you know you should’ve put that as a general statement, but then you ask me when was the last time I listened to an emcee without all the drug, gangster, swagger talk? And you can’t hate on me but I’m a T.I., Jeezy, Ross fan now? For your info I’ve been bumpin’ that Evidence ‘Layover Mixtape’ for the last couple weeks, but you probably wouldn’t know nothing about that now would you. Oh shit, did I just make a judgement about you. HAHAHAHA!

  • Curtis75Black

    I’m sorry if I offended you but you’re the one who just came out all “Image is Everything” with her, not even mentioning her interview but talking about her pics and sexual talk in her raps. Actually Evidence is tight, I have a couple of tracks featuring him on my phone right now, Therapy and Beautiful Day rmx. Been looking for his actual opus but can’t find it in any store for some reason.

  • The_Truth

    ***Jean Grae would embarrass her AND her fans!

    Lil Kim and Foxy Brown threw a wrench in the game with there success, now every record exec feels thats the only route to success for female MC’s. Nicki Manij is just some good lookin pussy with mediocre lyrics. . .Jean Grae should be frustrated with this bullshit.

  • los

    man thts my bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u n i no they gonna feel real stupid!!!!
    they shoulda had u up ther wit currency…..what u think wayne would have had 2 say about that??? but yea i luv u girl and keep doin u!!!

  • TEE

    will yall stfu with that Jean Grae mess? Chick got lyrics but she boring as f*ck! No kinna mass appeal. And that’s why her career aint ever gon pop off! This is 2008. It’s no longer the 90′s where lyrical ability has to be on NAS’ level in order to be succesful. Look @ where Nas is now. I’ll admit I think that 90′s rap was much better but those days are OVER. So you bitter fags can stop complaining bout she only selling sex. She looks good so why not? And her lyrics are nothing extraordinary but they hot! Plus she intelligent, charismatic, and got that IT factor. Stop hatin and let her live!

  • TEE

    Nicki, I love you baby! lol Keep snatching them interviews, features in magazines, and dropping them mixtapes. You the only female makin noise right now. Congrats. I’m gonna cop the album when it drops.

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  • Anonymous

    dubs as crawsbdfdb vq;wbfgvewkjf dbvdkjv.sd

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    I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.

  • http://facebook.com starasia

    Why Ever 0ne Be Hatiin 0n u

  • yong-lovaboi

    i fink Nicki has a bit of plastic surgery to her boobs and ass..its fake body.bullshit

  • malik76

    needs a new picture