FEATURE: Detroit MCs Pay Tribute To MC Breed

Detroit hip-hop unfortunately lost another son this past weekend. Two years after the death of J Dilla and D12′s Proof, Flint, Michigan legend MC Breed passed away at a friend’s home, this past Saturday.

Breed may be gone, but he’s not forgotten. In the wake of his untimely demise, Detroit’s finest took time to eulogize the MC – speaking on his influence and sharing personal anecdotes on the Flint MC.

Trick Trick: Breed was definitely a recognizable force in hip-hop. Also someone that I looked up to for his efforts to break barriers in Michigan  and independent hip-hop. His dedication was something to behold and learn from.”

Esham: That was my muthafukin’ nigga, he will be missed. And fuck tha industry until they bring 7mile up.

T3 Of Slum Village: Detroit loses another hip-hop pioneer… He will be greatly missed , we had history and I consider him  a friend….I send  much love to his family.

Black Milk: The few times I worked with Breed was on Slum’s Detroit Deli and on Dirty District Vol. 2. Breed was the coolest down to earth dude…joking,telling stories about the “Aint No Future In Your Frontin’” days and working with ‘Pac. And when it came to music it was effortless for him cause his voice and delivery was so dope on a track all he had to do was keep the actual lyrics simplistic. I’m jus glad I got a chance to work with another pioneer of Michigan hip-hop.

Mersiless Amir aka Mersy: In such an unforgiving industry as this, it seems sometimes that the true testimony of our lives’ work may only shine through in our wake…. With that being said, M.C. BREED, will be missed by his fans and fellow artists alike. He was a true icon.  R.I.P. M.C. Breed!

Boss: To say Breed is a hip-hop legend- pioneer whose music has touched people
worldwide is a given. I recently spokebriefly with him via myspace and he was feeling better. Kidney failure is an everyday battle and this should inspire us as the hip-hop community to take an active part in our own health and the health of our peers. Without kidney donation, I wouldn’t be here 2day. Breed will be missed.

Paradime: Breed embodied all that I think hip-hop is supposed to be. No matter what the subject was, he had fun with it. You could always tell he was havin a good time with his music which I think is something you don’t see in MCs much anymore. He was the life of the party and will be missed by everyone, and I’m
just happy I got to be friends with such a cool mafucka while he was here. R.I.P Breed.

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  • TheRefriedMexican

    He helped establish the Midwest rap scene. A definite legend. He will missed
    M.C. Breed R.I.P.
    Pour out a little for him and Pac

  • http://www.Myspace.com/GulleeBoy Shacky G

    i grew up listening to him, i spent my money buying his music, much luv to MC BREED


  • mr.martin

    Breed walks up the stairs…hugs Pac who greets him at the door, passes him a mic. Cues the beat “I gotta get mine” and make heavenly music . rest in peace breed

  • Obie Trice

    i love mc breed we was finna make a album called like nigga, like nigga
    RIP MC Breed

  • Screwmatic

    Rest In Peace, brun. I still listen to 7 Years.

  • jovan mitchell

    r.i.p mc breed another legend gone aint no future in yo frontin he will be sorely missed by all

  • 619

    R.I.P. Breed
    R.I.P. Pac
    R.I.P. B.I.G.
    R.I.P. Mausberg
    R.I.P. Mac Dre
    R.I.P. Kadafi
    R.I.P. Eazy
    R.I.P. Billboard
    R.I.P. Big Pun
    R.I.P. Freaky Tah
    R.I.P. O.D.B.
    R.I.P. Big L
    R.I.P. Proof
    R.I.P. Soulja Slim
    R.I.P. Stack Bundles
    R.I.P. Pimp C
    R.I.P. Fat Pat
    R.I.P. Big Hawk
    R.I.P. DJ Screw
    R.I.P. Jam Master Jay
    R.I.P. J Dilla
    We miss you.

    • tony grand$

      619, U forgot Buffy the Human Beat Box,Cowboy, & Too Poetic from Gravediggaz.

      • tony grand$

        Oh shit, Scott La Rock, no doubt.

    • opm509

      and BIG MOE R.I.P

  • Vicious Seiger

    All respect is due to MC Breed. I still love his appearance on Buy You Some with Erick Sermon, Kool Ace and Too $hort. It’s sad to say that many generations of hip hop fans will solely know him for I Gotta Get Mine and not the rest of his material. MC Breed rest in peace you’ll live on through your music and fans.

  • REAL TALK 08

    man..Gotta get Mines,U gotta get Urs..is a bonafide classic!..RIP MC BREED AND ‘PAC!…plus, Aint No Future In Yo Frontin’……

  • iLL_wiLL

    damn RIP Breed… sad to know u gone but glad to know u in a better place.

    Aint No Future in Ya Frontin… that was the single. The one with pac was cool too but this was my shit! it had the subs shattering the whole back window. Thanks for the track to go along with the memories.

    p.s. esham stop bitchin and actin bitter. get ya game up, stop spittin that bullshit acid rap, keep it gangsta but come with some more radio friendly shit and u wont have to say fuck the industry. u gettin doe anyway be happy nigga!

  • http://bgedtown.com beav

    rip mc breed dtown u open the doors on the city wit less industry shine an more street grind u will be miss but but never forgotton detroit 4 life 2 flint town

  • Detroit Gem

    RIP to a legend. Bake up boyz 4 life!

  • JKEITH734

    Don’t Forget Blade Icewood, Proof, Dilla, Mr. C from R.B.L. Posse, Seagram, Yella Boy of U.N.L.V. Big Ed From No Limit and O.G Style

    That is one big ass concert/dice game/weed session.
    R.I.P 2 All dead hip hop legends

  • c_realla

    RIP Breed..He put it down for the murder mitten and the whole midwest for that matter. You never talk down on a player…Breed, 4tay, Short


    Been aroung Breed since Jr. high. everything goes out to the family. He helped put Flint Rap on the map R.I.P

  • Breed is the shit

    RIP Breed…I cant believe he died :( let me hear ya say breeed!

  • DJ 600

    M.C. Breed will definitely be missed. He had a club-banger, hood-banger and a ground breaking song with his ultimate hit “Ain’t no future in your fronting”. I remember as a freshman in high school thumping this track over and over again, and to this day I still drop this track in my mixes. Much Love and Respect, R.I.P. Big Homie

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