LL Cool J:The Secret’s Out

Ladies. Undoubtedly that’s the first word that comes to mind when people think about LL Cool J. And it’s hard not to. For starters, it’s what the first letter in his name stands for, then there’s his long history of rap ballads, and even now his latest single, “Baby,” is a female-friendly ‘tune.

But the Queens rapper has had some shit to get off his chest for a minute now. He was famously feuding about promotion with the Def Jam brass, most notably Jay-Z; at one point he strongly aligned himself with 50 Cent and G-Unit; and, fuck it, when you’re a vet like Cool J in a young man’s game sometimes you just wanna kick some ass.

So with the release of Todd Smith’s latest album, Exit 13, Farmer Boulevard’s finest is trying to please both chromosome combinations. Here, he talks to XXLmag.com about all the attention his words brought, exactly how Hov could have marketed him, and what keeps him going: that second L in his name, love.

You’re been in this position before, promoting an album. Would you say, though, that this time is different, that it’s the most attention you’re received prior to a project?

That’s an interesting question. This is probably the most press I ever had leading up to an album and the most excitement. I was beefing about the lack of promotion on the last album. But I also know the decisions I made artistically, bottom line, people weren’t necessarily screaming for that either. ‘Cause I didn’t make the type of music the ‘hood responded to and really, really loved. There might have been a song or two there, but it was primarily an art movement for the females. I think leading up, a lot of people are interested in this record, for a lot of different reasons. For some, they gonna go cop cause they wanna see if I put my music where my mouth is. Some wanna see if ya man L played himself. Tripped and hit his chin on the curb and knock his back teeth out. Or did he get busy? And then you have people that are gonna support LL Cool J, those people that just wanna hear L regardless. Then there’s people all over the world. I’m just thankful. I think I’m gonna deliver on this. I think people will be pleased. Those who never been onboard with me, may be on board with me after this record. Because it’s all based on what generation you come from when it comes to my music. If you were a certain age, you might have been introduced to me when I was real mellow and rubbing olive oil on my stomach and all that. [Laughs.] It’s according to where you know L from. How you appreciate him, you know what I’m saying? This record is definitely gonna be for those that wanna hear the harder L. I didn’t abandon the females. I didn’t do that; I’d be an idiot to do that. But the record overall is that hard, more aggressive type of music, but it’s melodic. It’s not the grimiest thing in the world, it’s just hot.

How did the tone of the album change? When you started you were upset at Def Jam, Jay-Z, the promotion. Now as it’s coming out, there’s a different tenure, you don’t seem as hell bent on leaving the company,etc.

That was a good question. The tone of the company has changed. Me and Shakir [Steward, EVP of Def Jam] have a great relationship. Me and L.A. [Reid] have a great relationship. We even understand each other a lot better now. All of the people that work at the company; all the young cats, from the interns to the cats in promotion, I’m being introduced to new people that I never met before. And I’m feeling real good about the whole company in general. As far as the tone of the records. Yeah, I think because I made three albums in order to get this one album, I gave myself time to really make what I wanted to make and create what I wanted to create. I didn’t rush it. I been working on this album for two years. I just think the music got better and better and better. And like I said before, the only thing I wanted was two things: I wanted to know the company was behind me, and then I’d have to deliver the type of music that makes their job easier. And I think I did that. And that’s all I wanted to do.

Jay-Z made a comment on how to market LL Cool J, beyond he’s LL Cool J.

As far as those comments, I think that the world is seeing that right now, how you market LL. That’s pretty simple. You market him by letting everyone know he has a record coming out and have his records spinning on radio. That’s how you market LL and any other artist, by the way. As far as the music that I make, I feel like I haven’t always focused on….You know, I just make different music at different times. I make different records with different things in mind. The Todd Smith album was an album that was designed to bring people together. That’s the underlying theme of that album. If you listen to every song with the mindset that I’m bringing people together on that album. You’ll be amazed how every record on there does that. That was the theme I was working on. That’s that type of vibe. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of people like the album. A lot of people didn’t like it.

Now, creatively, depending on what movie role you’re working on, does it affect the process by which direction you take in the studio with albums?

Absolutely. You can’t be great on the side. And you know what, those last few albums, that’s the thing that I didn’t tell nobody. Since Mr. Smith every single album that I made I been doing movies the whole time. While other artist were spending all their time in the studio making their records, I was doing those albums in between movies. So with that, your heart may be in it, but if your focus isn’t there, the art is gonna suffer. This album, I didn’t do nothing but this album. So people are gonna hear the difference. It’s like a guy playing two sports. If you playing baseball and football, you’re more likely to be injured or under perform in the other sport because you’re being drained by something else. This album I really focused on. Even the 10 album had hit records like “Luv U Better” and I came back in shape, but I was still putting those albums on hold midway through production to do whole movies. So those albums lost that continuity. There was just something else that could have been there. You can’t be great on the side. So this album is crazy. I really focused on it like a mad scientist in a laboratory. To make a record that’s crazy.

What does the future hold for you? The album was named Exit 13 for a reason. Have you decided where you’re going? Are you leaning one way or another? Do you wanna be lavished as a free agent?

I’m not interested in that free agent non-sense. I’m a businessman, but I’m not looking for that. That’s now where I’m at with this. This is more about just making history and just making great music. As far as free agency and running around, the thought of me running around taking meetings with record company labels is laughable. [Big booming laugh]. I can’t even hold a straight face. Like, He’ll see you now LL. I don’t even know what that means. Maybe they can come by the house and we can talk. I don’t know? I gotta think about that one. I gotta let that one just sit there for a minute in the sun and fester. I’m just happy that Def Jam is supporting me the way they are. That’s a testament to the company and the staff. Because they’re well aware that this is my last record under my contract, but no one is treating it like a lame-duck album and everyone feels good about the process. So I’m thankful for that.

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  • Mac Sleepy

    I Hope His album Is Good, Cuz Cool J Iz A Living Legend… I Just hate things Went Down Like They Did Concerning Him And Def Jam. But Thats All In The Game, U Win Some U Loose Sum But U Live, U Live 2 Fight Another Day (Friday)


    • http://internationalzonecoaster.blogspot.com Max-Jerome

      LL Cool J is in a very interesting situation right about now……however, if the album flops (and it will because of todays climate) he can always blame Def Jam, that seems to be the trend/bet nowadayz.

      He can also blame illegal downloading.

      Does expect us to believe that Todd Smith was a solid album???

      “Lose Control” featuring J. Lo and Timbos throwaway beats???

      Come On….Even you figured that out…

      For example, Jim Jones is not even on the label and he stay talking about them every day….

      But (LL) he already owns the masters to all of his albums, whats fucking with that???

      I dont care what anyone says, WE ALL GREW UP LISTENING TO DEF JAM. So when cats talk slick about this label, im slightly offended.

      First off I feel sorry for him.

      Not because he is richer than all of us, but its more listening to what he says, and how he speaks in tongues.

      Mr. LL you not fooling all of us, homeboy.

      He’s “setting us all up”, like “Yo, I’m just happy to be here, I put a lot of time and effort into this album, no movies in between, strictly studio”. Yeah Right. Again, you can always blame Def Jam.

      Slick Talk From LL, Read Again:

      “While other artist were spending all their time in the studio making their records, I was doing those albums in between movies. So with that, your heart may be in it, but if your focus isn’t there, the art is gonna suffer”.

      I agreed he pratically built Def Jam (ask Russell who put him in that skyscraper), and this is the thanks he gets…a wack marketing team with go promoted from the street team and a freshman in college…GOT EM.

      LL will always believe (to this day) that he owns Def Jam). Don’t be suprised if he becomes CEO of the label one day, and hopefully he will take back the comments he made about Jay Z, and his so called “marketing plan”.

      LL Cool J, if you on a plane somewhere or a movie trailer somewhere reading this (you a hiphop head, so I know) take heed that: Back in the day, LL Cool was highly criticized for the “you know what I’m saying, You know what I’m saying”, but when it comes to his Money and Legacy, you can see he clearly has sense.

      I’m not doubting the album will be solid, but he even admit himself that his last effort was a “come together album”.

      I just hope he comes together and stop blaming marketing for wack albums….

      Whats next, LL Cool J lip chap??

    • http://www.dividedsoulsent.com B Luv

      Cut Da Bullshit and make lyrical slaughter shit like “NITRO”!!!!!!!!

  • NUkka

    LL is GAY my NIGGA. Todd Smith was THE worst CD i ever heard. Fuck LL dude was great once upon a time

  • L Boogie

    I personally think LL needs to hang it up. The dude has had an incredibly long career in hip hop that is unheard of. But i saw dude on the Teens Choice Awards the other night licking his lips in front of that “teen” audience and that shit is played out. This nigga has been doing that lip licking garbage since I was a child, and I’m 29 yrs old!!!! Hang it up, L.

  • Pierzy

    I still think he has the skills to do it all over again but, even if not, he’s a legend and his place in hip-hop history is secure.

  • Phil

    LL’s right! HIM running around taking meetings for a record deal in 2008? That is hilarious.

  • dj nice wit it

    good post

  • bernard

    I hope his project does well. When I heard the first song of his last project it was okay, it could have been better. L even mentioned that himself to a certain degree with the last project. Even though his new single “Baby” still has that feel good getting everybody together vibe, it’s still hot. I guess that why the second letter in his name stands for love because that what should bring people together and have a good time enjoying the music and life. I still like him to get gutter on the mic with certain songs because he’s that good of an emcee period! Hell he’s better than half of the emcees in the game back than and even now.Keep doing your thang G.O.A.T.!

  • fireforreal

    I liked his mixtape,he kinda went off on it.I hope this album is like the G.O.A.T was in the sense of it had a balance of street/hip hop joints and the radio/love joints.His last album was wack hands down fuck the promotion and Jay-z the music was wack so I hope he can see it was not a good album and get back into maken that heat like I as a fan of 20 plus knows he can do.Show these youngins why your a legend.

  • mel


    • Stylistic

      All you young-ass fans jockin weezy and plies, you niggas is clowns stop running Hip Hop culture into the ground!

  • Deez Nutz

    Top Ten Dead or Alive…20 years in the game, still relevant, hit after hit, movies, tv shows, put Fubu on the map, defeated every mc that tested him…Highly underrated…Quite possibly the G.O.A.T…he’s atleast in the argument

  • mc

    he a legend

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    I don’t care if he’s a legend or not, his last album was horrible. That’s not at all Jay fault. Jay does not only promote Jay.

  • PBreezy

    I won’t dispute the fact LL is a legend… But I won’t lie, his last several albums going back to Phenomenon and G.O.A.T. have been suspect.

    He can blame Jay-Z and Def Jam all he wants for the lack os success of his last album but when you’re a customer previewing the CD at a Record store and you don’t dig the music, and ya just don’t feel it… Are you going to drop your hard earned money for that? No. At this point LL you can’t put that on the lack of advertisement.. You can put that on you being unable to find your market and demographic. I won’t lie… alot of your stuff was cheeseball, alot o’ ladies saying that too. I’m not hating… When the truth is the reality sometimes it hits hard.

    I hope you succeed with this one and stay relevant.

    It’s simple. If I’m not feeling it. I’m not copping it. That’s the way basic economics and consumerism works. If you got one or two hot songs why pay hard earned bucks? I’ll just download them two songs for free. Make a tight album and stay sucka free.

  • McGreezy


  • MDAce15

    Yo PBreezy… I agree 100 percent!

    People need to realize this is the music BUSINESS, and the goal of any business is to make money. True LL had a huge hand in starting Def Jam, but at the same time you gotta stay consistent. If people arent feelin your product they arent gonna buy it. And if people arent gonna buy it why should a record label spend money they wont get back? Look at sports. Is a successful franchise gonna give up a championship just because the washed up star player wants to end his career in the starting line-up… HELL NO! LL is a LEGEND. Hands down. But his product was lacking so therefore so was his promotion. Jay-Z is a hustler and wouldnt push a product that wont sell. LL needs to be honest, that is not Jay’s fault.

  • frank

    This guy has been a dickhead for a minute.

  • jig

    The fact of the matter is that Def Jam wouldnt be a household name without the help of LL’s previous works.
    But thats history.
    The nigga Jay said it right in an XXL interview.
    “Was anybody checking for the new LL album in the streets?”
    “Was anybody sayin”Yo that new LL is hot!”
    The answer is no.
    The rap game is like the crack game.
    You eat GOOD,as long as your hustle and PRODUCT is GOOD. Emphasis on PRODUCT.
    Which is why Jay-Z,Nas,Bun-B,and Scarface are still successful to some degree.
    You have you turn,and when you don’t have that fire,your done.
    LL’s that old nigga that’s back on the block but was ballin’and eatin’ good back in the day.
    Had that work,(his ryhmes,work ethic,passion)Had the connect,(Def Jam,Russell Simmons,Rick Rubin)
    But fell off due to gettin’ pinched(married), drug addiction(coke),gettin’shot(Kool Moe Dee,Ice T,Cannibus).
    But bounced back,touched down and tried to pick up where he left off.
    The thing is though,what he forgets,just like those old hustlers on the block forgets..
    It’s not fuckin ’88 anymore!!!

  • d-wi

    LL is a legend….but he is just like FAVRE he needs to know when to RETIRE!!! JUST CUZ YOU STILL GOT LOVE FOR THE GAME DONT MEAN YOUR STILL ON TOP OF IT !!

  • D-WI


  • TheR

    He’s Wrong. Def Jam is not behind this project. It just got pushed back to a week after Young Jeezy, who do you think Def Jam cares more about???

  • http://www.classandgrime.com RCV

    LL no matter what he has done, no matter what era, is still one of my favorite MC’s. I don’t know if he should retire because every dude that has said they are retiring, they end up coming back and working again. LL should just keep making music, till he feels like he don’t have it in him no more. He may not be on top of the game today, but he has something most cats will never have and that’s longevity. Funny thing is I can actually see L spitting till the day he dies lol.

  • Sway-z

    LL’s like Brett Favre, when u think the niggas done he’ll come out and surprise you, but at the end of the day, the clock is tickin

  • g.o.m.d.



    listen…LL is a legend and can most definately afford 2 just chill cuz he is caked up but he luvs wut he duz…so u gotta appreciate a nigga like dat!!!…plus he makin music 4 da cats dats 40 and up and still apreciate hip hop…even sum young cats got luv 4 him…shit im 30 years old and dat nigga been makin records since i was in da 2nd grade!!!…and they all was hits…2 b honest i cant imagine hip hop wit kno LL COOL J!!!!

  • GetchaPopcornready

    another flop imo. The only thing that Jay did wrong was putting as much promotion into that Tod Smith trash as he did. I mean how can u get mad at Jigga. look at the climate of rap and hip hop today. Its not easy to market a LL to a bunch of teens and illegal downloaders who care nothing about what he brings to the table. maybe if he had S.Beezy or Jim Jones on a track he woulda sold more lol. just kidding Jimmy, u have your own M.O.B problems to look into. Maybe 50 could have done something to help the Smith album?? uh just maybe, even though T.O.S still hasn’t went 250,000 yet. don’t know what to tell u LL, go make Deep Blue Sea 2. and give the album away when u cop 2 tickets online or something.

  • http://xxlmag kev

    we know russ worth whats cool j worth

  • mike mizl

    Yo L understand that just cause u a veteran doesn’t mean u get special treatment!! U must keep up with everyone else and if u ain’t selling records why should everybody kiss ur ass?? Yea i respect ur long history but in todays world u still tryin to live off of what u did in the past. Look at your peers from your day, run, krs-1, kane etc.. They all playin their position in todays rap game. Maybe you should to, stop being so bitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yoprince


  • Maddolies

    Cool J’s Just Made Dat Jay Wouldnt Do 2 Him What Terrence Dean Did 2 His Asshole

  • jonjon23

    LL Cool J is one of my favorite all-time rappers. He was on some street/player shit back when just about every other NY rapper was on that weird shit with funny beats (they didn’t really change their style until Biggie came along). I respect him but I also think rapping is a young man’s sport and he needs to hang up the mic. He is still a very good lyricist, but any man starts to look silly rapping once they pass that 30 year mark (except Too Short)—-ask Jay Z.

    • Anti-Mainstream

      Um that’s rediculous! First of all 30′s is not old age at all, and second I’d rather hear vets like LL, Krs, Rakim and Kane spit in their 40′s anyday then all these wackass rappers in their teens and 20′s today like Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Mims, Plies, weezy, etc. These fuckin clowns I just mentioned don’t have an ounce of talent AND they’re running Hip Hop culture into the ground. People being stereotyped as too old to rap is a joke, a person either has skills or they don’t, and how could someone who’s only been in the game for anywhere from a year to 3 years, rhyme better then someone who’s been in the game for 20 plus years??? I give LL mad props because everything from his upcoming album that’s leaked on the internet so far is fire and is REAL Hip Hop!

  • kingequality

    why not shit people still support the rolling stones we got to start supporting are black stars everything we do gonna be in history books one day dont leave a history of hate and destruction behind its time build not destroy

  • http://www.myspace.com/cluemusic1 Clue

    Ya see I’m sitting riding on the buss/ the beat bounces in and haters start to fuss/ because I’m the hottest rapper that doesn’t cuss/ the game is a math equation you da minus I’m the plus/ the name is Clue the hottest young one/ because/ this rap thing for me has just begun/ I’m am the only one that can’t be outdone/ trust me all the critizim and haters become good in the long run/ it’s ya boy Clue killing the track like Janet I get that feedback/ and when I lose a battle I come back attack back/ but always stronger than the last/ I’m 15 just graduate my Freshman Class/ it’s ya boy Clue getting off this murdered track/ give me another beat like this and I’ll strick without a warning of attack

  • Hazel

    You are right kingequality-but if one of our own is acting an ass then its our job to point them out. we don’t want that in the history books either.

    • The Burier

      Some yall are dumb as shit.

      If you didn’t listen to the todd smith album, shut the fuck up about it. I’m so sick of little niggas on the internet saying something was wack when they cleary never took the time to listen to it.

      Its funny how Jay-Z takes no responsibility for Todd Smith when he co-wrote one of the songs and assembled to production team they made the beats for the album that yall want to call garbage. Here are the guest appearences on Todd Smith

      Freeway, Tia Marie, Ne-Yo, Juelz Santana…should I go on?

      LL feel back, Let Jay do his job and the result was an ablum that Jay didn’t to promote. Its a joke when people say it wasn’t the promotion, it was the music but now before Exit 13 has even dropped there are clearly more efforts being allocated to promoting the project.

      Fact it. Jay Z is a fucking hater. He’s been hating on LL since like 89 and all Jay Z’s dickriders can see exactly what LL was talking about with the promotion because you can how his new work is being pushed and you can stand that was right and he exposed you favorite rapper and lyor and hater who lost his job because he’s a selfish piece of trash.

      how can you run a label and you cant the names of niggas who sell on one hand?

  • fckyourOpinion

    Bring the heat LL that last album had 1 or 2 on there but mostly trash.Bring it back to the streets.
    LL = Legend
    Haters suck a weezy dick.

  • Self-Educated

    LL is a Legend.

    Wikipedia facts:

    MTV Video Music Awards

    1991 – MTV Video Music Award for Best Rap Video, for “Mama Said Knock You Out”
    1997 – MTV Video Music Vanguard Award, for “career achievement”
    NAACP Image Awards

    1996 – Best Rap Artist, for “Mr. Smith”
    1997 – Best Rap Artist, for “Mr. Smith”
    2001 – Outstanding Hip-Hop/Rap Artist, for “G.O.A.T.”
    2003 – Outstanding Male Artist
    Grammy Awards

    1991 – Best Rap Solo Performance, for “Mama Said Knock You Out” from Mama Said Knock You Out
    1996 – Best Rap Solo Performance, for “Hey Lover” from Mr. Smith
    Soul Train Music Awards

    1987 – Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap – Single for “I Need Love”
    2003 – Quincy Jones Award, for “outstanding career achievements in the field of entertainment”
    Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

    2000 – “Favorite Supporting Actor – Action” from Deep Blue Sea
    The New York Music Awards

    15 New York Music Awards
    Soul Train Awards

    10 Soul Train Awards
    Billboard Awards

    1 Billboard Awards
    Rock The Vote Award

    1997 – “Patrick Lippert Award”
    Source Awards

    2003 – Source Foundation Image Award, for “his community work”
    Long Island Music Hall of Fame

    2007 – Inducted as part of the Inaugural Class of Inductees for his contribution to Long Island’s rich musical heritage.

    “Give me a rapper that can top that career”

  • kritiq

    You can’t be great on the side. And you know what, those last few albums, that’s the thing that I didn’t tell nobody. Since Mr. Smith every single album that I made I been doing movies the whole time. While other artist were spending all their time in the studio making their records, I was doing those albums in between movies. So with that, your heart may be in it, but if your focus isn’t there, the art is gonna suffer.
    so now you realize this. than what the hell where you blaming jay for?

  • Theonefromtheslums

    Self educated yhou have to much time on your hands. I hope LL brings that heat to let these young punks know how to be versatyle and relevant after 20 plus in the game.The jointz I heard like NY gangstas is fire.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man fuck this fag,this nigga been irrelevant for atleast 8years now the nigga a has been and the gay ass lip licking gotta stop

  • Sincere

    Well, it looks like I’m a little late weighing in on this (lol). This decade has seen 4 albums from L., all received mixed reviews with Todd Smith being the worst. But in my opinion, The DEFinition came really close to being balanced with the current sound of music (or just a good bangin’ quality period…courtesy of Timbaland) and being lyrically tight and versatile on the mic. Hopefully with Exit 13, we’ll see how The Ripper Strikes Back and watch everyone Imagine That. (lol) L.L. Cool J is hard as…(explosion!!!)

  • http://xxlmag.com Chi-town

    Its funny how the few LL fans left can honestly sit and say that someone else is the blame for the down fall of his career. Lets be real every album since G.O.A.T has been horrible and the singles have been trash as well.

    lets be honest no one, not even the ladies who love LL are checking for his album. If he was so unhappy why didn’t he get an independent deal like ice cube?? Last time I check Ice Cube and Will Smith’s last album went Gold, with no major promotion or marketing or radio play. What’s LL reason for lack of sales, radio play, and major tours?? I forgot he blamed it on jay-z.

    yeah whatever happen to “forget oreos, eat cool J cookies, i’m bad”

    thats right LL wants us to get our “head sprung”!!

  • jayzfan

    i wish LL cool j would shut up..his washed up and has been washed up for the longest time..Jayz didnt mess up his album..he did..if it sucked it sucked..get a better ghost writer..lls

  • The Burier

    What’s funny is all the Jay Z fans still want to point the quality of LL’s music as an excuse for Jay’s inability to do his own damn job. If Def Jam thought LL’s product was subpar that shouldn’t have released it. LL’s job as the artist is the create the product, the labels job is to make sure the damn thing sells. Its a partnership. If LL is to make his own shit sell without any backing from the label what exactly is the labels function??? They just slap they’re logo on the back cover and take a cut of the profits???

    What’s funnier is people think they’re being insightful when they say shit like LL’s
    s singles have been garbage since whenever…Funny, I remember Luv U Better being a significant hit, (10), I remember Headsprung being a significant hit (the DEFinition), I remember Control Myself breaking Jay-z record for highest chart re-entry ever (Todd Smith). Try Logic little homies.

    Now Jay Z fans want one of the originators of hiphop, the format for selling records in hiphop to flop just so the man they worship as Jahova won’t be proven to be an incompetent putz.

    Read this thread and you’ll have no doubt hiphop is dead.

  • MI

    the business model for veterans in the game is something new . . . especially in an era where major labels are dead. Ice Cube is the best example out there of how to adapt with an independent and sell records, be able to tour, and come out generally looking good. LL will never sell a million albums again but he could do the numbers ice cube did with his last release.

  • 619

    Did LL just say he made a hard album? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! LL hasn’t made anything hard since the 80′s. I haven’t felt any of his music since he did that Ill Bomb song on Funk Flex’s shit. And then he says ‘I didn’t abandon the females, I’d be an idiot to do that’, yeah because 99% of his fans wear high heels remember. LL needs to stick to the movie game. Nobody ever believed he was the greatest of all time.

  • balaramesh

    ll once had a valid point to be in consideration for the g.o.at. well, he killed that a long time ago. actually, cannibus killed that.

    dang it, that was the last ll joint i knocked. that was………1999

  • http://xxlmag.com jeff

    i think the nigga ll is nice with his new track wit the dream i think he did well. so fuck all the playahaters haha…………..

  • lee

    hothot,i need love,zoomzoom, come on retire before we forget what u did in the past u doing well as an actor

  • http://www.wemix.com/nickpetron Petron

    I’m actually looking forward to Exit 13. Baby is hot and so is Rockin with the GOAT actually. He sounds confident, and he even humbled himself by saying that he hasn’t been totally focused since Mr. Smith. I gotta say I’m coppin it.

  • Diesel

    didnt really like Baby, dont really like LL. Def Jam, Jay-Z, man, Def Jam doesnt seem so great when Jay went in. Im just sayin…
    i didnt really like ll that much. some songs aight.

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  • J Barry

    Man LL Is An will alway’s be one of the greats.

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