There's a big difference between saying Uncle Luke knows best and saying father knows best. But on the Miami booty king's upcoming reality show on VH1, Luke's Parental Advisory (debuting Monday, August 4), both sides of the coin will apply. Just how, will be anyone's guess. But viewers will get the chance to see Luke as he and his newlywed wife Kristin operate his skin empire and they'll also see him dealing with the headaches of raising two teens.

This is the same guy who once women stripping their clothes off on stage. Now, in a bit of irony, he has to have a talk with his son when he discovers a porno magazine in the 15-year-old's room. And this is just the first episode. It might not always be pretty, but Ozzy Osbourne and Hulk Hogan may soon have to relinquish the title of TV's favorite dad.

On the first episode of your show, you and your wife discover your son looking at porno magazines. He tried to go at you and bring up your past. You held you ground, but you also were smiling at the same time.

It’s really interesting. Because when you got a 15-year-old son….When you have a 15 year-old-son….You wanna have those kind of conversations. To a large degree it’s, Ok, you got my genes in you. Every dad, whether they want to say it or not, it’s almost a good moment to find your son with porn, but it’s bad too. So you have to do some educating. You could also find your son with something different. So when I find a magazine and he’s looking at the page and it’s stuck on one page, it’s like that commercial: drink responsible. I have to become the parent. A large part of me is happy, you looking at ass. Shit, he could have been looking at something else. Thank you, Jesus. But the other part now is that you have to start education. You have to expand on that responsibly. You’rere 15, this shit ain’t for you. You don’t look at these in my house. And when you get ready to start having sex, you have to have some conversions with me. On the show, everything is real life. I’m with my kids, I really want them to be able to talk to me. I do everything in the world to be a cool dad, I’m not a strict dad. They can try to sneak and hide, but I’m Inspector Gadget. I’m not an antique dad. I grew up on all that game. You have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull a fast one on me. But it’s my job to educate him and my daughter on the different things in life that they’ll come across.

For you, how is the contrast in dealing with your son versus your daughter? Your kids are only two years apart in age, 15 and 17, but the difference is apparent. How do you deal with that?

Well, most girls, whether men want to admit it or not, they are more advance than man. Especially at a younger age. The boys have a tendency to be slower than girls. That’s why girls lead boys down the path. My daughter at 17 is like going on 25. So the conversations with her are much different. He’s still messing around with PlayStation. In the meantime, the boys want to sneak around with a magazine for a brief moment. My daughter has a phone, she texts and shit. And its not like back in the ay, where my mom or dad could pick up the phone and hear the conversion. Now you don’t know what’s going on until something happens. But I have to go to different levels with her. I have to find out what she’s wearing, who she’s hanging out with. You can’t hear a conversion unless you snatch her phone away. And you don’t want to do that, so I have to be more strategic. She’s more adult than my son. She goes to parties with her girls, the boys are trying to holler. She’s 17, but her body looks like she’s 23. So I have to make sure she understand what these boys are trying to do and what these fast girls are trying to lead her into.

Luke, 47, got married this month to his girlfriend (in pink) Kristin Thompson, 27.

The bachelor party. It had to be history. Tell us about it.

Let me tell you. The bachelor party was incredible. It was…put it this way. It was a piece of work. It was like no other bachelor party. I go and make appearance at other people’s bachelor parties and make appearanes, but it’s going to happen on the regular now. It was an event. It was an experience the people are still talking about it now. I think the crew had more fun. It’s a great job, the cameramen and all that, who were working, they had a really good time. Even my fiancé, I threw her a bachelorette party. I was like, I’ma throw you a party. They had one for her, but then I did one myself for her. The show is a funny show. We ain’t scripted. You can’t put a script on me, nobody can write Luke. A lot of people said reality shows are going to the garbage, my thing was when you start looking at these people who make records and make characters on shows, but when you let people be, then it gets back to real reality. I really think that our show is going to bring back that real reality like when the Osbournes was big and the genre was good. We just do what we do.