Rell Fury Tops Abyss To Win Rap Battle 1

Rell Fury bested Abyss to win the inaugural Rap Battle 1 presented by Scion.

The Brooklyn rapper took home 62 percent of the vote to his lady challenger’s 38 percent to win the seven-week competition.

“Rell is that *****,” brooklynbomsb wrote on the battle page. “Abyss is hot, there’s no doubt about that. The girl is fire. But I got to give it to Rell, he won that battle. The man is hot.”

To listen to the battle, click here and log on to

To take the Rap Battle 1 crown, Rell Fury defeated four opponents, including Mike Page, Envy, and Raf Almighty, before squaring off with Abyss.

“My delivery and all that, I was real confident in that match,” Rell Fury told after defeating Raf Almighty in the semi-finals. “Iā€™m good money, my talent is there, my wit. I got supporters that log on and come check for me. And I got a lot of people on the site that feel me on the site.ā€

Check back soon on to hear Rell Fury in the “Bangers” section and pick up an upcoming issue of XXL to see the champion in a “Show & Prove” like spread.—XXL staff



  • rusko

    first bitchez

  • Blue Corleone

    Do ya thing hommie! 100

  • Blue Corleone

    Do ya thing hommie! 100