Rece Steele:
Reality Check

Reality TV’s a double edge sword, especially for Star Search-like series. On one hand its contestants can become overnight celebrities. On the other hand, they’re hardly ever respected. Granted, the exposure is to die for, but aside from a few exceptions (Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson), the American Idols and Making The Bands of the world aren’t exactly the best mediums to jump-start a long-lasting career.

Fresh off winning Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme, Rece Steele hopes to become the next exception. Wasting no time cashing in on her 15 minutes, the Bronx bomber is currently pushing her Hard Of Steele Mixtape, a brand new single “LDB (Little Dick Bastards),” putting the finishing touches on a new mixtape, Miss Rap Supreme and shopping her debut, Hard Of Steele (The Album). At press time, Rece was in talks with Def Jam and Atlantic Records, among others. Here, she lists the do’s and don’ts to survive Reality TV and showcases her new single, the aforementioned, “LDB.”

The Do’s

1. Do go in! This is your chance to let the world know you exist. Give them all you got. Don’t hold a thing back.

2. Be yourself at all times. You will be surprised how much the public will relate to you.

3. Have a humble attitude. No one wants to hear how you think your the best entertainer in the world. Actions speak louder than words. Show them with you talent.

4. Do show your work ethic. Just because it seems fun and cool to be on TV, remember you have just been hired. This is your job. No time to play. Work your ass off!

5. Use your reality fame for networking. Your buzz is a great tool to use to gain relationships. This will help you on your grind. Ride your fame until the wheels fall off. The grind never ends.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t be a follower. Stay true to yourself. Show what it is that makes you special.

2. Don’t loose your cool and get into a brawl. In most cases this can get you thrown off the show completely. You don’t want to go home and tell your people you blew your shot.

3. Don’t make an ass of yourself. Your actions on a reality show will be remembered forever. You don’t want to ruin your career.

4. Don’t get Hollywood! Remember you are still working to make it in this game. There’s still a lot of proving to be done. You haven’t made it yet.

5. Don’t Waste time after the show. Get as many interviews and meetings as possible. Keep yourself popping.

Rece Steele “LDB”

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  • ?


    500,000+ HITZ W/O A PIC.

  • ?


    500,000+ HITZ W/O A PIC.

    • no hate

      Naaaah, Ms Cherry shoulda won. All the way around she was the best overall MC. A better lyricist. Could sing/had better hooks and song structure. Confidence and stage presence. And I liked Rece Steele and Byata!

      Rece coulda come harder than this. A first single? LDB? Nope. Nope. Nope. Uuuh-uuh. Not gon’ cut it. Might be okay for album filler, but not for the single. Not when you’re TRYIN’ to get IN the game. For a female, that’s probably the most unoriginal topic. Try again.

      • Bang

        I agree Ms Cherry is talented and my favorite, but with the last three MCs I think they ALL deserved equal recognition and I have no problem with any of ‘em winning. It was close. Props to Reese and good luck shorty~!

  • dusty boy

    Bitch is weak!! She need to miss me with that fuck-ass lame shit!!!


  • REAL TALK 08

    Khia ended up being the Real miss rap supreme!…i wish rece the best though…female rappers r needed badly right about now…

  • The_Truth

    She won’t work because you can’t market her. . .let’s be real.

    • Jason Murk

      That’s the honest to god truth.

      Strike one: That bitch looks like a man.

      Strike two: she might be able to freestyle, but she has no songwriting skills.

      Strike three: Reality TV might be good for the careers of pop artists, but it does more harm to your career than anything if you’re a rapper.

      Get that bitch out of here.

  • Peru

    No female MC has mattered to me since Ms. Hill hung it up. Nobody will ever compare, she set the bar entirely to high for anybody to reach…and she could sing too!!! Man I miss Lauren for real…DAMN!!! She was Top 5 MC of all time, man or woman!!!

    • BIGNAT

      what about jean grae she better than most guys

  • OXY

    voice sounds like Remy Ma
    flows like gansta boo

  • 11KAP

    Obviously size matters. I gotta give her props on behalf of myself for not being an LDB. Big up, baby! Word. You can get it, girl, ya heard?


    lauryn hill is the G.O.O.A.T of miss rap mc

  • REAL TALK 08

    Top 5 females MCz ever..

    1.Lauryn Hill
    2.MC LYTE
    3.Salt of salt-n-pepa
    4.Da Brat
    5.Queen Latifah…

    Honorable Mentions: Lil Kim and Foxy Brown

    • gutta

      all good arguments but salt is no way better than kim or fox but she was nice back in the days


      Jean Grae is high up there too.

  • mr lee


  • solo

    c’mon….. y’all no mz cherri was the shit

  • bornnraisedcmr

    Byata shoulda one. She more versitile and has the “it” factor.

    Steele gonna be on the mixtape grind for the next 10 years. Not to mention she looks manish.

  • Queens Boy

    wtf?!!! this is wack. her singing is funny as hell! yet again, another female rapper with limited subject matter…so sad so sad. she’s gonna flop and people are going to forget about her(i still wish her the best though)

    Btw Co-sign on what JAY STONE said and also Chiba and Lady Twist were the best mc’s they were consistent and had more subject content than most femcees in hip hop!!

  • pd

    rece thats’s whats up. im happy 4 my homie. it was crazy i didn’t even know she was on the show cause i hardly watch tv like that. But that’s my homie from junior high. keep grindin my G. make these niggas believe. her freestyle is definitely up though. i can vouch 4 that. Witness that up close and personal.

  • Clever


    On beat, or off beat, I”m Diabolical, remarkable,bling blinding, wit da ripple, tripple lyrical, desert eagle ah muahphukka til its pitiful, shred wheat ah Rapper til he’s cereal, serial killa word biblical, leave ah dent in ya skull, deeper than a scholar with a 100years wit ah 100 books of word scriptual, CLEVER sickille, razor tong clipual, accapalle, spit u, chew you up, dip you, spit you, like dip juice, hill billy bob, ya crew, stomp’em so deep, til they fossil fuel, Pop you like pimple juice spew, I’mma danger major damage ya main vain cus, flow thick and luscious, natural to cuff 16 when i bus, cripple ya typical,sick of you pop tart, sweet glispe of you, think you hip-hop, tight nut, gay sluts, beat cha wit da slu of combinations and uppercutz, fucking clutz, for breakfast, rappers are pastries , chewed through, followed wit black ink,
    I’m Cursed like God Think, My Mind move quicker dan God blinks, Just think, you can’t , cause I swipped ya word bank, when I feast, tattoo my bars on ya deep, leave my marks , cause i’mma Muahphukkin BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • ri067953

    Yo, this chick is busted! Why is it that Mia X is never regarding as a top female MC. I’ve been listening to her ole’ No Limit stuff and ole girl could spit. She put out just as many records as Kim or Foxy but was waaaayyy better then the both of them.

    • BIGNAT

      you just answered your own question her old no limit shit where she been at?

  • Kayda luchiano

    New Dope Bay Area Shit!! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

  • Kayda Luchiano

    New Dope Bay Area Shit!! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
    New Dope Bay Area Shit!! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
    New Dope Bay Area Shit!! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
    New Dope Bay Area Shit!! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)
    New Dope Bay Area Shit!! (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

  • REAL TALK 08

    Damn,Rece do look butch as fuck,but dat show can’t help her get sells…..i wonder how good dat new khia album gone be….khia pimped dat show and got everybody talking…she gotta have more to offer than MyNeck,MyBack!….i kinda like dat crazy bitch…lol






  • Jack

    how did i no it would be some hoe shit only respectable female mc’s are lauryn hill mc lyte and queen latifah and the only female mc that can get away with that nasty girl rap is lil kim since she started it.

  • Candice

    That last pic was ugly as hell

  • Federal Ranga

    Damn, fool…

    mr lee, YOU GOT ISSUES. Clever, ya rhymes WILL GET stolen from the comments page, keep that shit to yoself.

    Let’s be real, Ms. Cherry should’ve won, but Reece Steele, good luck.

    I wanna take it back to what some nigga said a few months ago when the show first started…. “Chiba can get it in her eye socket. SMELL ME?!”>>>>>> Funniest shit I ever heard. Tha’s wrong, but it’s fuckin funny.