Reality TV's a double edge sword, especially for Star Search-like series. On one hand its contestants can become overnight celebrities. On the other hand, they're hardly ever respected. Granted, the exposure is to die for, but aside from a few exceptions (Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson), the American Idols and Making The Bands of the world aren't exactly the best mediums to jump-start a long-lasting career.

Fresh off winning Ego Trip's Miss Rap Supreme, Rece Steele hopes to become the next exception. Wasting no time cashing in on her 15 minutes, the Bronx bomber is currently pushing her Hard Of Steele Mixtape, a brand new single "LDB (Little Dick Bastards)," putting the finishing touches on a new mixtape, Miss Rap Supreme and shopping her debut, Hard Of Steele (The Album). At press time, Rece was in talks with Def Jam and Atlantic Records, among others. Here, she lists the do's and don'ts to survive Reality TV and showcases her new single, the aforementioned, "LDB."

The Do's

1. Do go in! This is your chance to let the world know you exist. Give them all you got. Don't hold a thing back.

2. Be yourself at all times. You will be surprised how much the public will relate to you.

3. Have a humble attitude. No one wants to hear how you think your the best entertainer in the world. Actions speak louder than words. Show them with you talent.

4. Do show your work ethic. Just because it seems fun and cool to be on TV, remember you have just been hired. This is your job. No time to play. Work your ass off!

5. Use your reality fame for networking. Your buzz is a great tool to use to gain relationships. This will help you on your grind. Ride your fame until the wheels fall off. The grind never ends.

The Don'ts

1. Don't be a follower. Stay true to yourself. Show what it is that makes you special.

2. Don't loose your cool and get into a brawl. In most cases this can get you thrown off the show completely. You don't want to go home and tell your people you blew your shot.

3. Don't make an ass of yourself. Your actions on a reality show will be remembered forever. You don't want to ruin your career.

4. Don't get Hollywood! Remember you are still working to make it in this game. There's still a lot of proving to be done. You haven't made it yet.

5. Don't Waste time after the show. Get as many interviews and meetings as possible. Keep yourself popping.

Rece Steele "LDB"