Nav “Cold As Ice”

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Name: Nav

Years Of Experience: 11

Hometown: Wrens, Ga (Country As Fuck..SWAT)

Musical Influences: Andre 3000, Nas, Kanye West, Big L, Field Mob, Murs, T.I., The Cool Kids, Little Brother, Big Pun, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Young Jeezy, Common

Favorite Rap Album: Illmatic by Nas

Sales Pitch: “I’m an artist without any boundaries on the type of music I create. Whether it’s crunk, street, commercial, or underground, I do it all. I have a strong work ethic and I like to experiment with styles. I have this hunger on improving and making myself a better artist even though I’ve been grinding for 11 years. I never feel like I’m at my pinnacle skill-wise as an artist. I always strive to do better, and make cool music. With that said, listen to the music and appreciate it for what it is. Play this shit for your chirren, craig n’ nem, ya baby mamma (it’ll get you the drawsss doggg—- Tommy from Martin). Peace.. Love and Respect.”

Nav “Cold As Ice”

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  • Deez Nutz

    Wtf? Is this Killer Mike’s crackhead lil brother? Don’t quit your day job nukka. Fries and milkshakes are recession proof…music industry…not so much

    Lil Mama and my mama> Nav(el)

    *sound of Nav(el)’s rap coon dreams crumbling to the ground as he adds salt to the fries while looking on his Iphone thats worth about a month of his current salary*

  • Yo Mama

    Sounds like some average underground shit to me and he looks like Richboys little brother

  • Jimmy (Be Breezy)

    this tracj=k is the shit does this guy have a myspace so i can checkout his other songs he is gonna be big in the game i can tell so shout at to Nav on the good ass track.


  • Jimmy (Be Breezy)

    this tracj=k is the shit does this guy have a myspace so i can checkout his other songs he is gonna be big in the game i can tell.


  • Dr Flav

    Im not on here to crush a nigga dreams like it gives me a nut and not even in the industry to make a difference, but I think dude has potential, the mixdown of this song is not completely on point, but I see what they were trying to do with the beat (kinda hard to follow up that MOP shit though, could make your task more difficult) and I also here some pretty cool darts on there. Keep sharpening your flow because I could here where it seemed like you were reading off your pad, master your script mentally and the flow will come off seamlessly. Dont quit, you got that ATL sound.

  • HurtsMeSoul

    sorry but duke is not as “cold as ice”

  • Sleez

    garbage…..n how da hell u gon speak on hustlin on tha block wen u live in tha fuckin country nigga?!?…..they kall u “Nav” 4 a reason nigga…..get ur ass some navigation out that redneck shitt lol

    ~Brooklyn Stand Up~

  • T$

    W A C K…

  • 239allday

    MOP did this track back in 2000 but the production was much better. I don’t hate on young niggas gettin paid but I make better shit sittin on the toilet. And judging from the rappers he cited as inspirations, the nigga would prolly be somewhat of a lyricist. It’s not bad but far from great.

  • Jack

    not bad at all beat carries it.

  • Jason Murk

    Man how many niggas are gonna sample cold as ice

  • kay king

    guess i’m gonna be dr. carter 4 dis 1. swagger gotta be tight lyk pussy at night. no swagger jackin’.guess a lil taste of beef will make his name sell.da name is cool a bit easy to mention.gotta do a collabo with weezy produced by swizzy or cool and dre.should be signed 2 defjam or we the best records.NAV i got ya back.this ur boy kay king 4rm GH-ACCRA

  • Nav

    I did not want this fucking song on this site… shit doesn’t make sense to me.. I’m highly pissed with my producer for this one for not talking to me before putting this shit up… if you want to peep new shit from me…


    • Deez Nutz

      You should be pissed…the quality of the song was some garbage…your voice was muffled…the joint just sounded unprofessional…Thats what you get when the nukka on fries that wants to rap lets the nukka on lettuce be his producer…

  • Nav

    Yeah pretty much. THE FUCKD UP THING IS… I’m not on this TRACK alone.. I rap last on this track.. theres two other cats on this track… WHICH IS A FUCKING SIGN OF GRAND GETTING GREEDY AND SHOWCASING his BEAT when it’s suppose to be the “Groovin With You” up.. He never hit me up about putting this track up on here… I didn’t get a chance to mix the track properly… I mean damn… I’m going down as Soundchecks “FIRST NIGGA TO GET BACKSTABBED BY HIS PRODUCER”…. thanks GRAND.


  • Peru

    Damn NAV…thats fucked up!!! Since you do everything, you might wanna think about doing everything by yourself…that way you know that if something comes up fucked up you know where the finger is pointed…if you can, never rely on another nigga to do something you can do yourself. Take that knife out ya back and kill the next track!!!

  • pain94

    shit was ok i liked dudes flow

  • Clever

    My homeboi did that to me. Released a track that was supposed to be featured on my album, the streets was pumping my shit, and I was trying to figure out how did they get it. He finally broke down and told me he thought it would be good promotion for the Label, Check this he didn’t even check with the CEO, and , I was the CEO, now thas some bullshit!

  • Nate

    Nope! But much better than that V.I.C crap. At least this dude is getting some creativity, ideas, and might make some good songs if he keeps at it. Similar to Rich Boy- theres some potential and energy there, with some decent rhymes here and there…

    But if you talk about Ice- Soul on Ice by Rass Kass is what comes to mind…

  • Joseph Randolph

    Conscience, Carefree Hippie/Hip-Hop
    Joseph Randolph “The Cool Kid”

  • Capostatus

    Southern Dog.

  • balaramesh

    didnt do nothing for me. much success to kid though


    you cant use it no more.
    dont like it
    keep grinding though dont give up

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  • 11KAP

    not a hip hop beat. go back to the drawing board and try again.