Soundcheck: Question?
Crashing Down

Show & Prove Presents…Soundcheck [Editor’s Note: Soundcheck is not an XXL Magazine or co-sign. It offers a platform for up-and-coming artists to be heard. You be the judge.]Name: Question?Years Of Experience: 12 years.Hometown: San Antonio, TXMusical Influences: Nas, Scarface, Eminem, OutKast, Bun BFavorite Rap Album: Illmatic by NasSales Pitch: “Ex D-Boy with the B-boy flow.”Question? ft. One Republic “Crashing Down”[Audio:] be featured in Soundcheck? Submit your songs to Remember, first come, first post.Click here to see last week’s Soundcheck artist.

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  • R!ON

    I can dig it

  • badlandz, np

    this jawn ite something diffrent … well sort of


    Damnit DJ is that you?!…I knew I was gonna see you in here one day…Long ways from smokin out and writin rhymes on the floor at Newport aye! Im gonna tell yall dude been doin his thing for years.. He got heat lyrically and beat wise..Question Do you dog.. the celler of south texas stand up! Dj Holla at ya boy

  • http://elbrechador809/ brecha

    Real talk! datz the whole M.O. of artists nowadayz they jus don’t talk about it glad some 1 finally addressed dat issue! point blank itz a breath of fresh air! keep doing yo thang!

  • M1k3

    not too bad but where he from in SA, cuz I aint heard of him…cool beat and sample but not too lyrical considering his influences


    to be honest, its pretty good… although i prefered his other song… We From SA… with Plex and Dring…

  • linus

    mannn. thats pretty dope…he looks like a weirdo though.LoL

  • bronx

    not bad at all. i just downloaded his Mixtape…lets see if its any good

  • Feddi

    Question is that Dude 4-Real!

  • E-Fleezy

    i don’t like the southern flow, but yo that’s some real shit that the kid say. admittin he’s a fiend an shit. he’ll prolly put his whole advance up his nose.


    He’s alright… I’d like to hear more.


    this shit is so real. where can i buy it??

    • Johnny

      I Bought it onthe southside of san antonio

  • joseph

    hell yea this song gettin him alotta attention

  • Jack

    only song I’ve heard from him but he’s off to a good start this songs nice

  • Dub Sac

    Seems like he’s jockin Lupe pretty hard, though this is the only song I’ve heard. He’s going to use a line from “Hip Hip Saved My Life” to sell himself and then put out a song that tells essentially the same story?

    It’s still better than some “makin money” “up in the club” song. I’m just saying…

  • truth

    Its funny how internet whiteboys cosign ANY average white rapper.

  • 3rd Coast

    Hawt Shit! Do yourself a favor and check the rest of his catalog. Kush 2008 is a banga

  • http://myspace big B

    he’s got some talent!! his shit is pretty dope!!

  • soarloser

    actually this is the opposite story of lupe…seems to counter “hip hop saved my life”..almost like “hip hop killed me”. i actually downloaded his mixtape this morning and was fairly impressed. amd im BLACk, not some internet whiteboy….fam is nice on the mic

    • Detroit P

      actually this is the opposite story of lupe…seems to counter “hip hop saved my life”

      cus in lupes version Hip Hop didnt save the rappers life, the song ends with “3 days from goin back to sellin crack”…listen to music much? or do you just skim thru it?

  • 3Peat

    story is ILL!!! yo, i fuck with this shit…aint the same ol BS all the other artists be doing…CREATIVE. i wanna hear more


    this is Aite. i dont know if this is the same Question on lil waynes “DROUGHT IS OVER 2″ mixtape,on the song “FANTASY”..but if it is, fam murdered that shit!

  • isaac210

    this guy really is the “future of the south”
    hes putting san antone on the map!

  • richard

    this was good but i still think the best song you did was “We From sa”.

  • rismm

    Question Wrecked It Oh So Hard. And The Whole Lupe Is Kinda Dumb To Say, Cuz Then You’d Have To Say Lupe Jocked Ghostface haha Lord Knows Lupe Goes Harder Though

    • CraZY

      Is this not the gayest comment you’ve ever seen on xxl, ever? Cause I read shit 5 times and it still sounded pretty homo to me

  • Detroit P

    Damn the whole delivery of this is Soooo Lupe forreal..It was cool tho..but damn if it wasn’t essentially the same story as “Hip Hop Saved My Life”..and no in lupe’s version Hip Hop didnt save the rappers life, the song ends with “3 days from goin back to sellin crack”

    • Irish

      3 days from goin back to sellin crack means 3 days before he would’ve went back to it. The character Lupe’s talkin about didn’t go re-up basically. You got your slangin slang twisted. He woulda gone back to his connect if he didn’t get signed or else Lupe couldn’t call the song ‘Hip Hop Just Saved My Life’. It’s sposed to be a positive song. Overstand the shit you listenin to first.

      • Detroit P

        I thought that till I saw the video where the dude ended up back on the same corner he started at…so…overstand what?

  • TEA


  • TX BOY

    He str8 Im 4rm the Tone, 210 baby! Question cool
    But that boy lil ken aka Famous wreck harder and
    he rep Sa-Town 4 real way before Question. I mean i respect him 4 holding down the city too! But Ken way more lyrical, and clever. He rep Sa-town harder cuz a lot these dudes coming outta nowhere and u dnt kno where they 4rm. Count Down City HOLDING IT DOWN!!! AWWREADY!!!

  • tk1

    Good Song—–