Lil Wayne Debuts At No. 171 On SoundScan Already?

Lil Wayne is probably platinum in the ‘hood by now thanks to Chuck T who leaked the Cash Money rapper’s album last week in response to his comments about mixtape DJs.

But it looks like Tha Carter III is still projected to sell well despite bootlegging and being leaked online. Industry trade Web site Hits Daily Double is predicting the album to debut at number one.

In fact, Tha Carter III actually landed on the Billboard charts. The album was released just yesterday, however, according to SoundScan, the LP already sits at number 171 on the Top 200. Last week the album moved just over 4,000 units.

Wayne’s first single from Tha Carter III, “Lollipop,” has been ruling the charts. The Static Major-assited ‘tune is number 1 on the Hot 100 singles chart for the fourth week.

Just last week Usher scored the second highest first week sales of 2008 with 433,000 copies sold in the U.S. Mariah Carey has the biggest opening week this year with 463,000.

Lil Wayne is expected to top over 500,000 copies his first week and should earn the King of 2008 sales title. Entertainment Weekly spoke with an executive at Universal, recording home to Lil Wayne, and is reporting Tha Carter III is projected to sell between 850,000 to 950,000 copies in its first week. First day sales were on par with Kanye West’s Graduation, which came in at just under one million units sold first week.—Jayson Rodriguez, with additional reporting by Anslem Samuel

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  • Paulie

    Please XXL tell us somethin new!

  • Rizob

    wow, just fucking wow, Lil Wayne also has 4 songs in the top 100 on the billboard charts. Breaking the record that was once held by 50 Cent……



  • don

    i got tha real album 2day and i been bangin it non stop!!!!!!!!!!!biggest thing since grodt

  • whats CraCCin

    let the hating 6egin

  • stuckfresh

    Wanye World haters!! 5 Star Stunna album of the year!! Who had a better album then Birdman this past year or so?????????

    • Snakeyez

      You gotta be fucking kidding me?! 5 Star Stunna had a few cuts at best and newsflash it is a solo rap album by a guy who can’t rap! For that Southern Fire check out Trilla & II Trill. Jury still out on C3 and I haven’t listened to my Plies album yet although I am not expecting much. Oh yeah check out Foxx’s album.

  • CJ

    yeah i copped waynez cuz i’m a loyal fan and that Trill 2 was very dissapointing cuz Bun do the shit like

    I walked up in the club an threw cash (cash)
    every bitch in dere wuz shakn ass (ass)

    dat shit gets anoying quick Trill was a hood classic but bun fell off wit dis one

  • Rex Banner

    Seriously wayne is all over this site, I know xxl is getting paid for it but i have had enough. I thought he was decent before but the carter 3 is garbage. You cant be serious thinking he is the best rapper alive and who cares about sales, it doesnt mean anything except a bunch of teenage bitches bought that shit.

    • RealTalkFromARealNigga

      nigga u cant b serious….who cares about sells?? im gon give u a chance to think about that question……times up, nigga u mean to tell me if u had a album out u wouldnt give a fuck about sellin a milli first week..yall niggas hatin so much it sound stupid, come on dude..

      • BlackWallin

        you gotta worry about album sales but hes right just means a bunch of teenage bitches went out and bought that shit but a milli in a week cant top that

  • JAZ

    C3 is banging! Also copped Plies but I haven’t listened yet.

  • jonathan

    stop pointing at your fucking teath you dumb motherfucka! and go do some homework you fucking crackhead! I dont got the same technology you are thinking about they used more than just a few ways to do what they are doing to me you fucking idiot! this has been going on since you birth you dummy! grow the fuck up! the HARRPE look it up! they torture you know matter where you go! stop kidding yourself! do you understand! and shut up! mind your business for once! seriously!

  • jay

    stuckfresh says:

    Wanye World haters!! 5 Star Stunna album of the year!! Who had a better album then Birdman this past year or so?????????

    is that a fuckin serious statement??!?!?!?!?
    are u a real hiphop fan u gotta be fuckin kidding me 5 star stunna album of the yr hahahahahah i copped 5 star stunna n the only thing its good for is bumpin it in ya whip.. album of the yr for what year 2007! when young bucks album came out n blew everythin else out of the water u gotta be a fuckin homo jus like baby.. n im not a wayne stan at all but his album was def decent

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    900,000?! I’ll believe that when I see it. Just cuz a album ships a certain amount doesn’t mean that’s what it will sell. So far from what I hear the reviews haven’t been good. People are more of a fan of the 2nd carter. We’ll see what happens.

  • Jack

    that means a bunch of disappointed fans who bought it before they heard it i was trying to warn you. platinum in the hood thats bullshit they don’t mess with him it’s all people just caught in the hype i mean anything under platinum would be a disappointment after all the marking he’s got lil weezy weekend on mtv jams xxl putting him on there site a hundred times a day all the album cover xxl and the source gave him before his album it would be like lil waynes favorite rapper jay-z kingdom come album.

  • Rodjilius

    i mean really tho this isnt a surprise not just because i thought his cd wasnt gonna be good but because every nigga in the world has been bootleggin it but it is what it is tho

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    “Tha Carter III is projected to sell between 850,000 to 950,000 copies in its first week”

    Congrats Wayne and keep laughing at the haters. Just think he did these number without a fake beef/marketing scheme ie: Kanye vs 50 cent.

  • Philly215

    the way wayne has so many dickriding fans who are loyal and defend him all the time you would think wayne would do a million or more the first day out even with the leaks i respect wayne’s grind and hustle but if he doesn’t go platinum first week then its a flop because the album had so much hype around theres advertisements for the cd on damn near every hiphop website and all the best rapper alive talk and BET and MTV all on his dick i hope he does well though but if he doesn’t go platinum then you will know who the true fans really are

    • RealTalkFromARealNigga

      Damn wayne brings the hatas out…thats when u know u doin sumthin right…this nigga said if he dont sell a mill first week then its a flop,even tho the album been out a week or two…lawd have mercy, it takes niggas months to go platinum in this climate bro..u cant b serious, nobody has sold a milli the first week, if he does that then u haters gotta find sumthin else to hate on….Real Talk

  • GI JOE

    man i luv lil waynes flows…

    “my rhymes are like art
    stink, but not tart
    you ought
    not to talk to a boss
    apple, jack and jill, cranberry sauce
    on my porsche
    jump off the porch
    sprint to a flame
    olympic torch, what in great SCOTT a Storch
    treat ya like a fruit salad, strawberry grape ya
    I am hip hop
    I am the best rapper alive
    Now die a 1000 times

  • Jmoney

    Universal will buy a bulk ..then Baby so yeah 900,000 seems about right for the first week.

  • MalakiDaGod


  • gbj

    xxl needs 2 quit dick ridin dis dude. he’s done.
    He hasn’t made a decent street banga 2 make me listen 2 dis dude. It’s truley a rap.

  • King Ben

    Freeway had the best album of 07, in my opinion. Wayne is dope, I just can’t believe how hard wayne stans ride for this dude. I mean the carter 3 had 3 cuts I bump but the rest just subpar, mainly due the beats. No hate I’m a Wayne fan since the real cash money, the album did not deliever.

  • Frizzo

    Chuck T is wrong for leaking homeboy’s shit. A lot goes into making and marketing an album. Imagine just waiting to drop your next shit and one of the people you entrust your product with goes off and basically betrays you by releasing it because you said some off color shit. That’s like a fiend snitchin’ on the dopeman and tryna fuck up his money…hater move.

    • Big Jay

      Yeah, it must be hard to smoke weed all day and freestyle over wack beats. That’s a lot of work. There was more work done on the album cover than on the “music”.

      I’m not going to buy it, because I don’t need to pay $15-20 for a big coaster. I’ve heard the album, and I only like about 3 or 4 songs on it. The songs with good beats were ruined by his “rapping” (Playing With Fire, Dr. Carter, just to name a couple). I still isten to Dr. Carter cause I’ve been freestyling over the original David Axelrod song since I got GTA IV and it was on the CD that came with it.

      This ain’t hate, because it’s got a couple good songs: Mr. Carter, a Milli, and Lollipop (I’m not going to lie, the melody on the verses along with the vocoder fits that beat like a glove).

      • http://DAVIDAXELRODMUSIC.COM Dana Axelrod

        Big Jay,
        Thanks for the great words in regards to my father, David Axelrod.

        If it is any consolation GTA4 also used “The Edge” written, produced, and arranged by David Axelrod for David McCallum’s album
        (wonder what Mr. McCallum did as I was very young)!

        Also, Lil Wayne did at least license the
        song “Holy Thursday”!

        My father who is now 78 has not seen a dime from Lil Wayne…and of course GTA4 screwed him for a FLAT fee! As they said, “85% of the music on GTA4 needs the promotion”. Let me get this REAL CLEAR
        for those who might not know about David Axelrod. The Fox with Harold Land in the 50′s. 6 gold albums with Lou Rawls, staff A & R for Capitol where he produced, and arranged besides writing for the great “Cannonball” Adderley, The Mass in F (used in Easy Rider) over 300 NON PAYING SAMPLES.

        He needs money not publicity!

        Thanks again
        Dana Axelrod

        • blahblahblah

          why is it i keep seeing you whining all over the internet about the same shit dana? you are probably lying about being his son for some delusional reason. And if your not, why the fuck you complaining all over the web? do you really think that will get david payed? If your his business advisor, you should have enough sense to know that filing lawsuits would be a better way than whining on comment boards. I highly doubt mr axelrod needs money given his long extensive career. Maybe you are just worried about your inheritance now dana. judging by the name he chose to give you i highly doubt he loves you enough to leave you much. sounds like your parents wanted a girl. now im off to sample every song your great father ever worked on. dont hold your breath for any checks in the mail

  • Maddolies

    Damn Dat Shits Selling Like Hotcakes. Apparently 400k The First Day Of Release. Damn!

  • Trickdd

    Last year it was “Like Father Like Son” This Year its The Carter 3 HATERS you cant sit hear and say The Carter 3 aint worth buying and good shit go get the CD I bet you niggas hateing prolly got the shit either Bootleg are Not yall still listen to Lil Wayne Hahaha Yall are fucking Funny Lil Waynes good for Hip-Hop fuck what a hater gotta say he really holding it down for the south like Young Jeezy,T.I.,Luda,UGK,Young Buck thats all the real niggas moveing units from the south all them niggas is Like NAS,Jay-Z,DMX,Eminem,LL but its south them are the south niggas that are really moveing units doing it big like the vets in the game

  • Dark Prophet

    Thought I would turn my back on hip hop but this shit pulled me back..Not a wayne’s fan but he chose okay beats…

  • Essie Policastri

    Whoa! For a nice and researching google for hours due to this and i eventually thought it was below!