Show & Prove Presents…Soundcheck [Editor’s Note: Soundcheck is not an XXL Magazine or co-sign. It offers a platform for up-and-coming artists to be heard. You be the judge.]

Name: Adam "Jax" Jackson

Years Of Experience: 10 years.

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Musical Influences: Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, OutKast, Missy Elliot & Three 6 Mafia

Favorite Rap Album: ATLiens by OutKast

Sales Pitch: I want to push the envelope on all amazing things that the "greats" have previously done before me. Whether it's innovative concepts, lyrics, videos, shows or business endeavors, I want to create my own lane so the public will embrace me and my music all over the world. I feel in due time I will be able to do it all.

Jax "Wing Clap"

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