Terminate On Sight Preview

Last week in New York, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks previewed the new G-unit album, Terminate On Site (T.O.S.), for select media outlets. XXL was in the building, no doubt, and so were a few, let’s say passionate fans. In between songs heads had a lot to say about each track and we just happen to overhear a conversation between a G-Unit follower and someone who probably has a few Black Wall Street mixtapes at home. We could go on and on about the album over here, the highs and the lows, but we figured, why not just check out what those dudes had to say about it? Names have been hidden to protect them from Yayo.

***Straight Outta Southside***

G-Unot: Trash!

G-Unit: This is more like it. But wasn’t this suppose to be a Sean Bell tribute?

G-Unot: At least Game knows how to make a real Sean Bell tribute…and he ain’t even from Queens!

G-Unit: Ha!

G-Unot: “Fuck the police who killed Sean Bell?” Oohhhh! How profound, Marvin?

**Piano man***

G-Unit: Yayo’s getting off on this one. But isn’t Jay-Z the piano man?

G-Unot: That’s taken off that Jay line.

G-Unit: Yes!

***Close To Me***

G-Unit: Fif got the casual flow, Queens don’t play, LL…we get the ladies.

G-Unot: Pftttt! Your hoes be ashy over there in Queens. That joint was aight, though. I ain’t about to do the Yayo dance or nothing.

***Rider Pt. 2 ft. Young Buck***

G-Unit: Buck’s lucky Fif kept him on this one.

G-Unot: He should have kept Buck everywhere, though.

G-Unit: Ha!

***Casualties of War***

G-Unit: Classic, hard, New York record right here, kid.

G-Unot: Yeah, I can’t even front on this one. This shit is so hard, it make me wanna choke Banks.

G-Unit: You g-g-g-g-g-g damn right! A hit!

***You So Tough***

G-Unit: Goes for anyone. Defectors, kids, whoever! Tell em Yayo!

G-Unot: Who is making them beats? Joints is gutter, cuz.

***No Days Off ft. Young Buck***

G-Unit: Uh…well, maybe Buck might have a few days off coming his way.

G-Unot: These beats are fire! Game would have killed this.

G-Unit: “Rebound like Greg Oden son!”

***Terminate On Sight***

G-Unit: Why does Fif growl so much? Grrrrrrr!

G-Unot: He’s trying bring X back.

G-Unit: X can’t even bring X back.

***Like The Way She Do It***

G-Unot: This shit is dumpster. The beat sounds like my cable went off.

G-Unit: Sheeeiit! This that fire boy. Thugs in the club. Got my 50 wife beater on. Uh, pause.

***Kitty Kat***

G-Unit: Er ah, yeah, this just uncomfortable to talk about guys saying “Kitty Kat.”

G-Unot: I don’t care what another man does, but you know Yayo be paying hoes

G-Unit: Hater!

G-Unot: Talking ’bout he get pussy for free. Sure.

***The Party Ain’t Over***

G-Unit: No comment about Buck.

G-Unot: “The party ain’t over?” The party over for Buck, though.

G-Unit: I said no comment!

G-Unot: It was too easy. Had to do it. This nigga might join the G-Unot campaign now.

G-Unit: Ha!

***Let It Go***

G-Unit: Boy wonder is back.

G-Unot: Back where?

G-Unit: On top, b!

***Get Down***

G-Unit: Yayo is the new 50. He’s on all the hooks!

G-Unot: Yep! That’s probably why they suck!

G-Unit: Don’t wanna talk about it.

G-Unot: Yayo’s best verse was on “Running.” Ironically it’s a Game song. Anything good these niggas do, Chuck Taylor is involved.

G-Unit: See, I’m a New Yorker but I sound southern…vintage Fif right here.

G-Unot: This shit is aight right here.

***Ready Or Not***

G-Unit: Of course they ready…Wayne’s numbers are in jeopardy.

***Money Make The World Go Round***

G-Unit: What do they know about this topic besides 50?

G-Unot: Whatever happened to Banks anyway? The nigga used to be aight, now the nigga be spitting cookie monster raps. This album gets a C,

G-Unit: Aww, man. This is solid B

G-Unot: Solid? What the fuck that means? And why you New Yorkers always say b? (in New York voice) this is hot b?

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  • 210

    GOOD ENOUGH!! All i wanted to hear was the hater say “I cant deny this beat is fire” becasue im not even woried bout the hooks and lyrics i know its already gonna be fire….Im ready!!!

    • Decatur Boy

      Be ready for some Gabage then.

      • iceman23

        Man i dont know what the fuc,you niggas spittin on,But G-Unit come with the shit eytime they wax it up…Beats,hooks the whole 9,I may not like them,but they make that shit work when they put it down…so fuck all the hatin

    • http://internationalzonecoaster.blogspot.com Max-Jerome

      Once Again XXL Magazine has shown their true colors. All you have to do is sit back and wait. :::flashing beaming lights in the offices at night:::

      Let the record show that XXL Magazine never seems to have a problem putting up 50 Cent Stories/Headlines or The Man HimSelf On The Cover, but Repay Him with Straight Up Uncle Tom Coverage like this…knowing record sales are down.

      If 50 cent sneezes it up on the blog.

      Little Wayne (Americas Sweetheart didn’t get this treatment).

      Can anyone count how many time 50 cent has been on the cover of XXL Magazine??

      Counting: 1 2 3 4 5 woooooooow, should we keep going??

      Rap Is OUTTA CONTROL…..

  • dmac

    dat was interestin

  • 210

    Oh yea first (Lame) lol….I just heard Kitty Kat the beat is crazy! The hook is gonna have to grow on me thought.

  • 239allday

    That nigga yayo said on that video he could make money sayin nothin on a track. I suggest he do that, nigga’s garbage. Banks is gon see the light and get the fuck out the GIRL Unit.

  • nellz

    i wasnt even gonna listen to this album…but just cuz of this…imma give it a download.

  • Big_Snook

    Guaranteed to sell more than any of games shit besides the documentory cause of course fif helped him on it so it sold this new g-unit shits gunna be alright though oh yeah do you guys even listen to rap in DECATUR? hah

    • http://www.emmson.4t.com comptongame

      Fuck you haterz,Game is hot and anyone who talks about game like that will get a piece of me u cock sucker.Fif is a Boubou, a Very wicked and heartless failure who thinks about himself and don,t give a fuck about his followers opinion that is why Yayo and Long Chin Banks keep staying in da crew cause they are like bitches to Fif.Buck and Game were the realest in da Crew now they out u cock suckas gonna c wut is gonna happen to the crew soon.Wait for LAX July 8 motherfuckas.BWS General COMPTON is back for all ya haterz.

      • ????

        Somehow or another, they need to ban all internet gangstas (Yes, that’s you) from commenting on any damn thing. They should put niggas pics up and they addresses so all this e-thuggin can stop. Its disgusting and aggravating

      • moe

        comptongame you aint never been to compton faggot quit frontin

  • Buck Buck Bitch

    Thats mad dirty, how is 50 gonna keep Buck on the CD and kick him out of G-Unit?!?!

  • 210

    Decatur is right next to where they starting snappin,leanin, and soulja boyin’ at right? Garbage!

  • 239allday

    Big Snook is a big PUSS. U prolly gettin fucked by cutis right now nigga. Sales don’t mean shit botty boy, but I bet you one thing, This girl unit disc is gon brick. Doctor’s advocate was near perfect. That L.A.X. is gon be a classic.I haven’t heard a track from the disc I didn’t like.

    • Tru lizzy

      239allday says:

      Big Snook is a big PUSS. U prolly gettin fucked by cutis right now nigga. Sales don’t mean shit botty boy, but I bet you one thing, This girl unit disc is gon brick. Doctor’s advocate was near perfect. That L.A.X. is gon be a classic.I haven’t heard a track from the disc I didn’t like.

      yea ok game dick rider doctor’s advocate was garbage and LAX is gonna have two rnb songs on it so tell game stop bitchin up lol T.O.S. july 1 go buy it

      “young buck they gonna start dissin u in the south so u betta start kissin baby in the mouth” Spider loc god dam loc didnt have to diss him like that lol

  • Big_Snook

    ay for real i think soulja boy went to decatur..lol..thats why homeboy think this shit gunna be garbage he wants to listen to some homo finger snapin shit..sorry homie this shits gunna be for the streets not for you dudes who tryin to learn how to dance

  • Big_Snook

    u callin me a pussy cuz i told the truth about games career man…oh shit sorry 239 i didn’t think games ho was gunna be online today i was just kiddin honey hes gunna sell dont forget to make that nigga wrap it up before he hits it ok prolly got clap in shit fuck u prolly do to

  • kingkofi

    That Kitty Kat beat is fire. Man they have to make a video for this. something similar to disco inferno

  • 239allday

    Big Shook, stop gargling on fifty’s cum for one second. Matter fact, continue to gargle nigga so your faggot ass won’t be able to speak.

  • Big_Snook

    yeah and u keep ur dick in games bloody asshole…like i said man sorry i didn’t know you had a thing for guys with mohawks i mean i didn’t mean to hurt anybodies feelings if it’ll make you feel better put in that How we do so u can hear something game did good on i know all this garbage hes puttin out got u stressed

  • Jordan

    The album must be fire seeing how the “G-unot” person was feeling almost all of the tracks even though he was tryin to fight it! LOL

  • ugo

    i guess this album is hot. Even the gunit hater was giving props to most of the songs. am gonna cop it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mc585 LOL

    these niggaz trash///terminate em on sight at any concret…ten grand…on it//lol



  • fireforreal

    G-unit is done and this album will prove it. I wish they would stick to making mixtapes like the ones that got 50 signed because now he just sounds like a hater more each year.First he talked about how much he sells and now his ass went from selling 10 million on the massacre to selling 1.5 million on that curtist bullshit.But he’s gonna blaime the economy when he flops right ? get the fuck outta here.

    • Afi K. James

      I Hope this is finally be the end of g-unit, they have been untalented from the start, they are on the same level as DJ Khaled, except far worse.

      At Least Khaled’s yelling look classic compared to tony gayo.

    • Tru lizzy

      and it is the economy dumass and lil wayne has been sellin 1 million records since the carter so he already had the fan base so he really didnt do nothin special and the carter 3 was garbage plus people are only selling the most is 3 times plat so its because of free downloading thats why sales are down thank you very much dumass so go suck a big fat dick cause T.O.S. july 1st is gonna be better then the carter 3 cause there is no RnB songs on there

  • G-unit

    yAll g-unit haters. itl be a good album

  • Matt

    the joint they did wi Swizz is crazy….and i think its supplose to be they new single…

  • Maddolies

    Looks Garbage Already And this Is Only The Names Of The Tracks!

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  • 4Play

    fuck Gay Unit

  • el bandito


  • Macdatruest

    This was a lame ass idea of a lame ass fake conversation to make a lame ass album which they know people aint interested in seem loved/hated. Really people just don’t care about it. So few comments lol… Damn how deep in Interscope or G-Unit’s pockets is XXL? first, Keep listing every detail of this man’s life, like niggas give a fuck, then put a positive spin on it when he hates on other rappers. Callin it “biting the bait” thats that garbage. Dude just aint a real nigga, like how he do shit. He do fake shit and niggas who think any nigga wit a doo rag and and a trillion dollars is automatically real, you’ll be hanging with cops getting your convo recorded soon too. son, word is born. And it aint crazy mad ill either, It’s fucked the fuck up nigga.And about Soulja Boy, he better than 50 cent because his fans like him for his music. How many people who bought get rich or die trying still even listen to “g unit.” Oh yeah somebody Pleeeeeeeeese Buy Terminate On Sight by Fifty Cents & The G Unit( Llloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)

    • Tru lizzy

      i still listen to g-unit and u probably listen to soulja boy the nigga who makes dance music for little niggas i listen to real hip hop and g-unit is that thank you lol dumass niggas

      • Macdatruest

        You still listen G Unit and you still put “izzy” at the end of words. You stuck in the past bro. And if you still listen to G-Unit, that makes two of us. I heard Ayo Technology and Candy Shop and then threw up though. Fifty sing as much as Ja Rule did, Fifty just sound like a Balloon running out of air and he just look square. He aint a player, he not a thug, he not feared or respected, he just Eminem’s black shit “Superthug” gangster rapper he created for black people who couldn’t get into real hip hop just because he was a white guy. 50 Cent: Bulletproof. lol Cop That T.O.S.

  • Feedback

    “Names have been hidden to protect them from Yayo.”


  • WTF

    when i see the album i will terminate it on sight.
    Straight barbage and yayo is a little punk pussy bith.
    Real Talk

  • dumm fucks

    g-unit – P.O.S. Piece Of Shit

  • tas

    this shit is gay

    rest in piss XXLMAG



  • P

    i just got the album (canada it was released on monday june 30th, july 1st is canada day) and im disapointed, im a big unit fan and this is a dud, theres only a few good joints, fifty stays with lame producers wit gay ass fruit loop beats….its sad to say but LAX is gonna destroy this album

  • real niggas

    all u niggas on this site must get pay to hate becuase all other wes-bsite said the album is better than begg for mercy.ffffffffffffffffffffffffffucking haterssssssssssssssssssssssses.g unit for life.

  • real niggas

    all u niggas on this site must get pay to hate becuase all other wes-bsite said the album is better than begg for mercy.ffffffffffffffffffffffffffucking haterssssssssssssssssssssssses.g unit for life.

  • Scorpion

    I know this G-Unot jackass is talking s*** about DMX. First he’s talking s*** about 50, Banks, & Yayo talking about Game can do this, Game can do that. Now he’s crackin of my man DMX. DMX will rip this jerkoff to pieces and fire his ass up. As of the album Terminate On Sight, I give a B+ or 9 out of 10.