Nu Jerzey Devil: Heaven Sent

While The Game has gone through his ups and downs with diss tracks, family fueds and label politics, Anthony “Nu Jerzey Devil” Torres has always had his back. The longtime DJ/producer behind the Black Wall Street crew has been maneuvering behind the scenes, dropping mixtapes, making beats and helping to build the BWS brand in to a future corporate force. This Jersey boy once lived on a street in the South Bronx called Cedar Avenue, but it would be his move to an area in Compton, CA known as Cedar Block that would begin his association with The Game. Now residing in Miami, where he’s laying the groundwork for Black Wall Street South, El Diablo caught up with and addressed all the rumors.

You’re living in Miami now. Have you found any artists for BWS South yet?
The Game found someone already and we named him The South-Sider. He’s from Atlanta and he’s crazy. We’re still looking for more. We want to get a couple more people and get the vibe going on down in the South.

Is Reggie P., the Atlanta airwaves freestyle champ, still a part of Black Wall Street South?
Yeah, Reggie P is a part of The Black Wall Street South. We are just building a whole team.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Black Wall Street. First off, are The Game and his brother Big Fase talking again?
Yeah, we’re one big happy family again! The Game and Fase have cleared all of their differences. Everybody is back together and The Black Wall Street is whole once again. Everybody has resolved their differences.

That’s great to hear after all the drama they’ve been through.
When I first heard the news, it was the best news that I have heard in years. I’ve been there since day one, so I know how it was with Fase there and how it was without him there. I was torn between the both of them. I came into BWS through The Game, but I was real close to Big Fase. I couldn’t pick a side so I stayed cool with both.

Do you know what led up to the reconciliation?
It came out of nowhere! Game called me one day talking business and then he said, “Hold on. Someone wants to talk to you.” All of the sudden Fase is on the phone! I’m like, “I know this ain’t Fase!” He’s like, “Yeah. It’s me!” That made my whole day, man.

So Fase won’t be releasing that DVD then?
[Laughs.] Nahhhhh…

Is Game’s next album going to be called L.A.X. or D.O.C.?
First it was going to be The D.O.C., which stood for The Diary of Compton. He then switched it to L.A.X. I don’t want to give too much information on it because he wants to be the first one to speak and reveal everything, but the album is definitely crazy! We’ve got Dre on the album this time around.

So Dr. Dre is going to be on The Game’s album?
Yes, Dr. Dre will be on The Game’s next album. It’s going to be a crazy, crazy album.

Can you tell us how that came about?
Game and Dre never lost ties. Even through all of the bullshit with 50, Game and Dre were always close. Now they are going back into the studio to do what they do.

Have you heard any of the stuff that Dre has done for him?
Not yet. Dre is going to actually come in at the end. He likes to come in at the end and hear what everybody else has brought and just come thrash everybody.

That’s something that fans have been waiting for.
It’s something that I’ve been waiting for. I miss Game on Dre beats. There’s nothing like it. There’s a chemistry that’s irreplaceable.

Can you tell us if his album is still set for a June release?
It’s damn near done, so I don’t see why not. It should be released at that time unless something politically comes through. It’s better than the first two albums. He’s giving it his all. He’s on his A-game right now. That’s my new nickname for him, “A-Game.” He’s keeping the original West Coast sound but he has something for everybody. I don’t want to give all of the secrets out but he’s definitely got something for everybody.

Has Black Wall Street locked down a distribution deal yet?
We’ve had a lot of offers and we still have a lot of offers, but The Game has been really picky and he wants to have the best deal possible. It’s nothing to go out there and get a distribution deal from anybody. We’ve had offers from Universal, Capitol and KOCH. I think that we’re going to roll with Interscope or Geffen, just to keep it family tight. There’s nothing official yet.

Who’s officially a part of The Black Wall Street these days?
There’s me, Juice, Clyde Carson, Reggie P, South-Sider and of course The Game. These are the most official members. I’ve got a new DJ by the name of DJ Haze. He’s from Brooklyn, NY. I put him on the team and he’s a real hard worker. I felt that was something that BWS needed because I’ve got my hands in everything, so I had to hire some people to do the street work.

I hear that you’re producing for Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. How did that happen?
When I came out to Miami, everybody opened their arms to me. Rick Ross and Lil Weezy showed me mad love. I’ve been working to expand The Black Wall Street and gain new alliances to show that it’s not just about us. We’re for everybody. I’ve already got Lil Wayne on Game’s new album. Game is going to be on Rick Ross’ new album also. I’m just building the family tree.

Aren’t Game and Lil Wayne doing a mixtape together?
That’s the Blood Brothers mixtape. We’ve been holding off on it for a while because it’s coming off too crazy for it to be just a mixtape. We’re thinking about releasing as a mixtape/album for retail.

You being with The Black Wall Street, how do you manage to stay out of The Game’s beefs? Or are you involved in them?
At the end of the day, it’s just music beef. It definitely isn’t anything serious. It can get to that level, but right now in this day and age in hip-hop, we can’t afford to have it become serious. I’m a grown man and I do what I do. I don’t stop moving for nobody or no beef. I go wherever I please. I’m definitely not going to let a music beef stop me from going wherever I want. I do world tours and I don’t run with hundreds of people. I’m in Miami, New York, Atlanta and L.A. Everybody knows who I am and who I’m affiliated with. I do hold Game down to the fullest. I definitely ride with him but I’m also me. Unless somebody comes to me and disrespects me or touches me and anybody in my family, then I will continue to do what I do. I don’t have time for that. I have time to make money and to handle my business.

You haven’t had any close calls or any situations while you were out DJing?
Me being by myself? I’ve never had any encounters. I’ve ran in to a few G-Unit members, but nothing was said. They know what it is and they kept moving and I kept moving. At the end of the day it’s about us making music and money. That beef is pretty much bullshit. It’s supposed to be all music related, not taken to the streets. Unless I have a personal problem with somebody, then I’m not going to attack them physically. I’ve got a little girl to look after. I want to see her grow up. I don’t want to be behind bars for doing something stupid.

What’s coming next for you as far as projects are concerned?
I’ve got my hands in all kinds of cookie jars. I’ve got my own album out called Heaven Or Hell. A lot of people know me for the DJing and producing aspect but I had to get in to the rapping scene.

You’re behind the mic now?
I’m behind the mic now. Game kept pushing me and pushing me. One day I just gave in and said, “Fuck it.” I did a track with Lil Wayne called “Bandana on the Right Side.” I received a great response from it. I also have a clothing line called Heaven or Hell Clothing.

This is a full clothing line? Or just T-shirts?
Everything. T-shirts, hats, jeans, belts and hoodies. I even have a female line with Gloria Velez as one of the models. For the males I have Game, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and myself. We’re going to have a nice booth set up at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas.

Are you a designer?
Yeah. I’m a fresh type of dude. I like to dress fly for the ladies. It started when I was selling promotional T-shirts online with my logo and they started flying off of the shelves. Seeing that made me decide to start my own clothing line. It started from Myspace and it’s blown up. I had to hire a team, designers and extra help.

What else can you tell us about your own album?
It’s mainly produced by myself, but I do have production from Scott Storch, Steve Morales and my own new team called Surround Sound. I’ve got the features from Game, Lil Wayne, Juice and Clyde Carson. I have a new artist by the name of Jackie Rubio. She’s going to be featured on Fat Joe’s next single. Game has the gangsta rap but I’m geared more towards the ladies on my album. My music will be learning towards the clubs and the ladies. Everybody in The Black Wall Street has their own element and their own lane. This is going to be my lane.

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  • A-2-Da-D

    Good Looks

  • raoul

    First and First Aftermath, The Chronic is back.

    Well, well, well we’ve got too many liers these days self-promoting and self-glorifying. Let’s see what the public says when the truth is finally out. I know for sure that no t-shirt flew off nobody’s shelves.

    Damn Liar.

    • duhoneski

      LOL @ this faggot Raoul.

      “I know for sure that no t-shirt flew off nobody’s shelves.”

      I hope you gets money for all that hatin. Clown ass nigga.

  • Drezter_Dizaster

    Good lookin’ out for BWS… Love his music… But, him behind the mic we just have to wait and see, tho… The Game is fire and with this nigga behind him ain’t no water can put’em out… Fuck First!

  • Cali is Active

    Game … make it happen homey

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  • yourFATazzMAMA

    lil wayne and Game, making a mixtape? It gonna sound like (Can’t feel my face mixtape) Cept, its gonna have Game instead of Juelz in it. Tellin u, shit iz gonna be RAW. But whut really would be Raw, if all 3 of them in one mixtape…

    Lil wayne- South

    Game- West

    Juelz- East

    Dats whut the Rap Game(not chuck taylor) needs, renite all the coast into one.

  • Ali

    wow Dr. Dre is back…..LAX is gonna be crazy then i can’t even wait…..the Game is great but he still is much better with Dre there

  • WACKy

    This interviewer neeeds to learn how to interview and write for that matter. He sounds more like he’s on the nuts than anything else.

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  • b-ease

    Lil Wayne is the new Dr. Dre of collaborative albums. Which is to say, his collaborative albums never come out.

    Dre And Ice Cube-Natural Born Killahs the album/’99 NWA album (remember when that was a real possibility = Wayne and Game-Blood Brothers

    Dre and Timbaland-Chairmen of the Board=Wayne and Santana-Cant feel my face

  • Bundles

    I was at Sobe the other night for the mixtape release party. I aint mad at homie for doing his thing. Especially a Jersey cat. Keep it funky Diablo!

  • og bobby j

    Except for the fact that butterfly low rider is a trash ass lyricist, the beats for LAX will probably knock. I just cant stand hearing about his 6’4 or how he wants to suck dre’s nuts for another whole album.

  • El Negro

    nu jersey devil is tha new hardest working man in show-biz im lookin forward to everything black wall street man i cant wait til game drop again my nigga will be on top
    -El Negro (king of chi-town)

  • Sol

    Even though Ima big G Unit fan, I can’t really speak too bad on Game. He does his own thing and he be aight wit it, and I can’t knock him for that. As far as his album, as long as he aint suckin off Dre like he did on his last, it should be straight. But the mixtape wit Wayne, I won’t be feelin that AT ALL. That makes Game come out as a fake blood himself if he lets dude hop on a “Blood” brothers mixtape. Don’t fuck up the lil credibility you got by hopping on a mixtape wit that guy Game!!! Unless, of course, the rumors Fase, Lil Eazy E, and Fif said about you being a fake blood yourself are true.

  • Kev Lomax

    Okay, first the guy puts out underground records in the Bay area soundin like Shyne. Then he gets signed to Aftermath before 50 and you don’t even hear him on a mixtape til after Get Rich or Die tryin been out for like a couple years. You catch him in the In Da Club video and XXL with no gang tats or none of that shit. Shortly after that he starts bubblin on mixtapes, soundin a little bit too much like Lloyd Banks. His album still don’t drop until about 6 (approx.) months before 50 SECOND joint comes out. No shit, the album was fire. Then the beef shit starts and 50 say he wrote 5 of Game’s joints, which would explain why “Church for Thugs” sounds like 50 is singin the hook (who else would say “pal”). First game denies he helped him at all, then he’s on the radio sayin it was 1 song, then on the mixtape joint sayin it was “only on two songs” and finally he’s in a magazine sayin it was 3 songs. Me personally, with all the flip-floppin, I’m going with what 50 said originally, 5. Over the next year, year and a half he releases a slew of mixtape diss joints that are okay at best (his hooks are trash) and of course the absolutely, so amazing 15 minute “300 Bars”. As an MC, lemme tell you something, to keep rapping is the easy part(any MC that’s extremely bored or has an obsession with G-Unit could have pulled that off), it’s wrapping up what you have to say in 4 bars after you just murked the first 12 that’s difficult. That’s why he needed a little help with his shit to begin with. Then there’s the butterfly tattoo, which was risky, but I could respect it because it was in remembrance of his grandmother who had passed. Cool. BUT THEN, dude covers the shit up with a wack ass LA(me personally I ain’t getting no fuckin team logo inked in to my skin, I’ll buy a t-shirt), which is really disrespectful considering it was for his grandmother. Finally we get Doctor’s Advocate with no Dre production. Wack! All the beats sound like low budget Dre beats and on 5 of the joints he tryin to sound like Dre himself. DUDE IS FUCKIN GARBAGE and confused as hell. Stack this dudes two joints up against Reasonable Doubt, Ready To Die, Life After Death, The Don Killuminati, The Red Light District, Kiss of Death, The Marshall Mathers LP, Docs Da Name 2000, Aquemini, The B. Coming, Supreme Clientele, The Blueprint, The Chronic, Doggystyle, Get Rich or Die Tryin, Capitol Punishment, Illmatic, Stillmatic, 2001 and atleast 5 other albums I forgot. He is not “nice”, he can rap but he ain’t worthy of all the hype. Wayne too. I’m sick of hearin about these 2 clown like the next wave of incredibly nice MC’s. Fuckin Bleek murked Game over the So Seductive beat. Joe Budden and Joel Ortiz deserve far more recognition…Brooklyn I’m sorry, Pap ain’t that nice either. Dude kinda sloppy. Yeah call this shit long winded, dick ridin and all that other shit I could give a fuck about, somebody gotta speak up. I realize every song ain’t supposed to be thought provokin, lyrical homicide, but don’t try to give a mufucka the crown just cause he popular or backed by a large label. If you nice, you nice. If you sell, that don’t mean you nice.

    I’m sorry, the shit has gone on for long enough.

    Is it a coincidence that the 2 most overly hyped MC’s in the game have been accused of havin ghostwriters?

    • cast money


  • yeaaa

    yeaa game n black wall street coming hard this year look out fuck haters ya digg

  • J

    Cant wait for LAX good to hear game back with dre and big fas shout out to nu jerzey devil 2.

    BWS keep doing youre thing!


  • bashin

    This is what it is.
    Game and Dre do got that musical chemistry.
    I’ll check for that LAX album.

  • bashin

    This is what it is.
    Game and Dre do got that musical chemistry.
    I’ll check for that LAX album.

  • Raskel

    Told yall 3 yrs ago, this was going to happen. I was in sunset beach a club on the sunset strip on new years eve (ya know I am from L.A. Crenshaw district) And Game walked in dude put an extra pep in his step when he passed me and I am b-dogg aphiliated (grew up in the junglez went to Inglewood High)so a few of his people came over and just showed straight love, I aint no groupie type ni99a though so I just showed respect back and went about my bidness.

    I am gettin side track the point is Good to see Dre back with Game.

  • Raskel

    Forgot one thing them niiaaz wit game look broke as a mufuckin joke.

  • EReal

    Uhm who is this guy?

    Anyway, he said Dre was gonna be on his last CD remember?

    He called it Doctors Advocate. The DR wasnt in.

    He does this every time, he hypes his shit by sayin he’s workin with Dre but he’s not. Dre is not working with Game anymore, get that in your head. Deezam.

    Trash ass industry robot, he wasnt born, he was made. Thats all besides the fact that hes a non rappin ass rapper, ole similie name drop similie name drop flow ass crapper.


    Co-Sign Lomax

    • RRAssassin

      On his last album he did recieve dre beats he didnt lie about that. He recieved them but couldnt use them on his cd because he was given to him from dre before he left aftermath. Once he left aftermath he no longer had the rights to the songs. “Wont Stop” “Still Hood” “My Bitch” all were produced by dre. And Doctor’s Advocate was the DA! but he didnt lie about having dre on the album he had him but if those songs got released for retail purposes he would have been sued by the snitch himself

  • Mr KCMO

    Man sure does bring in the haters huh? If Game and Wayne do a mixtape, it will sell/get downloaded a bunch. Fact. Nu Jersey Devil is a great DJ, and if he’s involved in the Wayne and Game mixtape, it’ll be fire for sure.

  • Mr.Wang

    Black Wall Street 4ever niggas.

    That Lil Weezy and Game mixtape is goin’ to be fire!

    I’m gettin’ everything BWS puttin’ out for damn real.

  • Styles

    All feedback is welcomed. Thank you for your comments!

  • RAY


  • trucker

    Kev lomax said it best know the fucking fact nigga before you spit on this page game is a wack ass wanna b blood if he was a tru pieru he wouldn’t be doing a track with the industries lit ho ie little weezzy remember on the g unit video in the club and you seen game with no tatoos and then you see him in teach ya how to stunt video and he’s in the back with a little tatto and then on you see him danceing around in the back what a fuck he’s a fucking lier people in hip hop os so stupid theese days niggas like wezzy is saleing what would hip hop be if pac was still around most of these faggots would be like paper or plastic today ?

  • dark vanilla

    E-Real, why don’t you do ur fuckin research instead of bein a hater. Anyone who knows anything about Game knows dat Nu Jerzey Devil haz been hiz DJ even when Game wuz on G-Unit. By da way, do u know how many rappers were made. 50 Cent wuz fuckin made. Without Dre or Eminem, 50 would still be selling crack to somebody on da street. And Kevin Lomax, how could u even put Get Rich or Die Tryin wit any of those albums if u don’t include the Documentary. Here’s da official word I heard from Aftermath studios, 50 wrote Hate It Or Love It and he wrote the hook for Higher. Other than dat, 50 wuzn’t even supposed to be on How We Do or Westside Story, Snoop wuz. And at least Game put out two good albums, unlike 50 Cent, who put out 1 good album and 2 garbage albums. Anyone can admit dat in a lyrical battle, Game destroys 50. Only thing 50 can do better is sing. 50 could come up wit a 300 bars diss if hiz life depended on it.
    PS: Good to hear Game and Fase settled their differences.

    • Mr.Wang

      You right about one thing: 50 cent was made.

      50 looks like the white man’s image of a rapper. That’s right 50 cent lovers and haters I said it: 50 look like the white man’s image of a rapper.

      How so you ask?

      The nigga ain’t real

      He takes steriods

      Rose to almost Jay-Z status money wise way to fast.

      His movie fake

      His name not even his

      Don’t talk bout nothin’ but sex and money

      50 cent just fake to me plain and simple.

      • OH NO

        Mr Wang.. his name not even his? how many other rappers have a different name? u fuckin idiot hahaha u must be retarded maybe gayme stripped for u and u liked it u lil hoe hahaha

  • BWS Promoter

    BWS for life
    it aint over its just beginning.
    NJD THE GAME BWS takeover.

  • Kev Lomax

    @ dark vanilla


    I’m sorry, were you sayin something?

  • Kev Lomax

    P.S. Nobody said 50 was nice.

    • e

      i thought you were not listening to anything dark vanilla was saying??

      • Kev Lomax

        I thought you understood sarcasm.

        It’s tough, I know, but try and keep up.

  • Deadkennedyrolls

    Who is 50 cent?

    Is he that iddy biddy rapper that got Soundscan Raped by Kanye West sometime in 2007 or summin? Is he the one who’s new album can’t even get anywhere near 1.5 mill let alone double platinum when his last album sold almost 3x that? Is he the one who dropped about 4 bricks before the album even came out?

    Is he the one who had that movie that flopped?

    Is the one who made that homosexual candy shop video stripping off for all the boys?

    Is he the one who’s an official honourary member of the NYPD?

    Is he part of that group where none of the albums they released can even go gold?

    Sorry help me out I can’t remember who he is?

  • dr.raskizzo my nizzo aka This aint shit aka Slap you n yo Baby Momma aka OG Rasko One

    game need to stop lolligagin and put Juice on! He been a rydah for a minute! So now that he got Big Fase Hunned, he need to put some of big brutha’s team on!

  • djk

    Kev lomax ur nothin but a hater and riding on 50′s dick

  • P

    its kinda hard to respect game now, personally this dude is gonna be looked at as a joke 10yrs from now, shit.. even now thats how its looks, first calling his albums classics, that went str8 out tha window when it came out tha fifty wrote tha key songs on The documentary, second him goin at fif with all the beef, dude is obsessed, as far as lyrical talent, he could have came in strong but he decided to be a name dropper and thats what we all look for now inhis songs, ‘how many times he mention dre, 64′s” all that shit, then he drop Doctors advocate, i did like some joints on there but same shit, he talkin bout dre on tha album then when its gets to the wire he aint on there and like cuz said earlier tha beats was sounding like imatations……now we gonna skip all tha bro beef and tattoo shit and finish up with this album, how tha fuck is this guy saying he gonna retire? GAME MAKE SOME GOOD MUSIC, LEAVE FIF ALONE you lost, plain and simple you bodied yourself….move on get respect and stop looking stupid

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  • calimovement

    dumb fucks like P will believe there mama sucked 50′s dick if someone said it.

    Game went crazy on the mixtape tip putting out classic shit that had nothing to do with G-Unit.

    From a financial side both Game and 50 sales dropped after the beef but all I give a fuck about is bumpin hot tracks in my ride…and Game came with it over the past 2 years. I aint no fan of Weezy, but LAX is gonna be crazy.

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  • Mr KCMO

    I just think people are being way to quick to dismiss the validity of the moves The Game has made. When T.I. got the gun charge, all I heard was “Trying to hard to keep it real”, Game makes moves to stay relevant and current, and its “Hes too fake”, maybe Hip Hop would be better off IF we as fans could do what it takes to be a little imaginative, and try and see shit a new way. If Game is a joke rapper, but successful business man in ten years (See Jay-Z), then all moves made were real…..

  • JKeith726

    For all these Game haters.

    He destroyed G-unit (Banks 2nd album 385,000 Buck 400,000 Curtis Album 1.5, Spider Loc, MOP, Hot Rod, 40 Glocc=Shelf Life)

    He made like 15 million last year

    MTV Top 3 MC’S

    Dre providing beats for LAX

    Everybody mad cause he didnt want to be a G-Unit cheerleader fuck them niggas.

  • jamal

    jersey devil i hope u read this u cocksucker stay in miami

  • paul

    yall need to stop mention 50 when yall think of game his his own man damn! and second lil wayne in a mixtape called blood brother shit! hes a fake ass blood his got talent but him and baby are fake ass gangstas theres a pic of him and baby on spider locs myspace were there deck of in blue and the caption says c.m.c cash money crips so fuck both lil wayne and baby!

  • J.Q.

    Lomax sound like Game piped his shorty or some shit. U have way too much hate for a man who doesnt even know you’re alive.

  • R!Dz_MoB

    hahahahahahahahahahaha u gotta love the haters sum yall should research b-4 yall start typing if u look youll find a coupletracks (for ex.hard liquor) wit dre production come down to piru park youll catch em there niggaz need to stop hatin 1

  • Maddi

    EReal = G-Unit Dickrider


    Ya’ll talking about about what shit happened in the dudes personal life (he got a butterfly…who fuckin cares???) but just ignore the music. Maybe homie name drops to pay homage, but he dont put out bullshit records. EVERY artist needs help developing. Name one artist that put an album out with his first 12-15 verses…nobody. Jay-z didnt sound like jay-z when he started, and he got better. Game has put out TWO solid albums. That aint bad for a nigga that cant write a hook. Hooks are for SONGS, this is rap music, we dont need no hook (50 got ya’ll fucked up like this is R&B or something!)I want to hear spittin, not melodies and nursery rhymes.

  • sir tony blair

    how come Nj Devil has never produced a record for Game that has been on the commercial albums? NJ Devil is a cornball – fake ass blood -

  • I RUN THIS..

    THE DOCTOR’S ADVOCATE did go platinum rite..(see certifications page) 4 an artist 2go platinum dez days, he or she has 2b doin sumthin rite. Personaly, i cudnt care less if Dre waz on or nt on LAX..Wat i care bout iz good music. Game doesnt nid Dre, KANYE can turn dat album dat in2 a classic datz juz me..

  • stmemba

    Big Fase and The Game together !!!
    that’s real shit right here , awsome news for hip hop and west coast

  • LondonUK


  • doc raskizzo og raskoe one

    why yall niggas keep on blocking me from postin shit? Cus I’m real niggas!???

    Put Juice on!
    I dont think he wanna be no hype man for ever!

    yo game need to do sumthing with Quik and Wayne.

  • Joel Brandenbert

    hey kev lomax shut the fuck up already. nobody really cares what u think. u probably from the east coast cuz everyone out east thinks they matter.


    Mr.Wang says:

    Black Wall Street 4ever niggas.

    That Lil Weezy and Game mixtape is goin’ to be fire!

    I’m gettin’ everything BWS puttin’ out for damn real.
    fucking co-sign

    The Doctor`s advocate is now 992,000 in the US alone and 1.6 million worldwide bitch.
    just shut up.

    • og bobby j

      before you start typing all wild…are you really a Game fan? You must be from Cali, right? Game, really? I mean the Documentary was kinda knockin, with the production, but his entire image and lyrical ability is sub par. Real talk, its for the weakminded fake gang bangers.

  • Mr.Wang

    You know what, I don’t know why alot of ya’ll niggas hatin’ on Game.

    And yet you dickride 50 cent. Exactly why do give props to 50?

    The nigga don’t even give to shits bout anybody but his damn self.

    He made fun of all of us basically when he put out Window Shopper.

    And he a fake ass bitch.

    As to situation wit Game, 50 cent knew he couldn’t control Game. He knew Game ain’t goin’ dickride like the rest of G-unit.

    You know why? Cause Game a real nigga.

    50 scared of Game.

    50 cent a pussy nigga and ya’ll know it.

    it’s Black Wall Street and if you don’t like it go suck a dick.

    It’s Game Time niggas.

  • cali kid

    LAX gonna be straight heat rocks. Game and Dre, shits gonna be on point. Nu jersey devil makes some dope ass beats himself. BWS is doin big things foreal. I heard when Shyne gets out of jail he will be Black Wall Street Easts Flagship artist. Just maybe a rumor tho. Good to see game and Fase are tight again. Game brings real hip hop back to the table and thats whats goin down. Fuck this laffy taffy shit like curtis. either way both 50 and game have dropped some dope ass songs and albums. they should reunite. any ways GAME >> 50 CENT hip hop wise. and yall know that.

  • dark vanilla

    Has it ever occurred to anyone dat everyone dat supports 50 r usually girls or 12 year old white kids? Dats why they can’t come up with any good arguments to why Game iz a bad rapper except for da same ol shit. I can respect G-Unit fans who actually know their shit, but u fags on da internet don’t know shit. Da G-Unit fans who actually know their shit don’t hate Game. U guys do because you’ll believe anything 50 cent tells u. Only ignorant fags would buy an album where somebody says nothing but “I’m richer than everyone else”.

  • Kev Lomax

    @ djk- Dynamite comeback Jr. Where you come up with that shit, 3rd grade? You’re as sharp as a bowling ball.

    @ J.Q.- This is called the “comment” section right? Is that not what I did, “comment”? Now, what if I just said “Game is garbage”? Then you’d be just like the rest of these idiots, telling me to “do my research” and shit like that. So I supported my argument, that I think he kind of a fraud and not that nice. And, uh, don’t play yourself by thinking because that shit was long winded that it took me a while. I get that shit done in 5 minutes homie, I’m just bored at work. P.S. He don’t know you’re alive and sticking up for him either.

    @ rizzop2003- Valid fuckin point (i.e. “everybody artists needs development”), you right and I stand corrected. Sometimes, I forget dude is mad young in the game, (since everyone wanna act like he Jesus behind the mic) and he prolly will get nicer. But that also backs up my argument that he ain’t that nice yet. I don’t know if I’d call The Doctor’s Advocate, “solid”. But he definitely got one, funny how everybody seems to miss that fact that I said The Documentary was “fire”. Making a song AND spitting is what being an MC is about. Jay don’t be singing on his shit and it does what it does. BTW- Don’t stack a young Jay-Z up to Game at any point in his career, that ain’t fair to Game.

    @ Joel Brandenbert- See the first sentence @ J.Q. What? You gonna tell me I can’t comment in the “comment” section? Go get a juice box and a twinkie before you ask mommy if you can log on, Joel. And I am from the East Coast, yet #1 on my top 5 is Tupac. That must be because I think I “matter”.

    @ dark vanilla- You mean to tell me with a name like “dark vanilla”, that you ain’t a 12 year old white girl? My bad, that’s half the reason I took it easy on you cupcake. I’m sorry was that supposed to be subliminal or something? Talk TO me, it’s okay I’m not an internet tough guy, I ain’t gonna see you. More for you later, I gotta wrap this up I got work to do. You know, that thing your parents do while you’re at daycare.

    @ everybody that keeps quoting Game’s sales as if that means he nice.- Soulja Boy sells records, is he nice? Aight then.

    @ everybody who turned this into a 50 vs Game, fan pissing match.- I NEVER SAID 50 WAS NICE or that I even listened to the dude.

    Look man, I can appreciate the fact that all of you are Game fans, that’s cool. I’m a Jay-Z fan and if one if you mufuckas said he was garbage I would argue too. But, what the fuck are ya’ll so mad about? I mean some of ya’ll sound like some real stan ass dudes. To twist one of ya’lls “comments’; sounds like Game piping ya’ll. So I don’t like you’re favorite rapper/boyfriend, big fuckin deal. This is the place to make “comments”, so I made one. Every rapper would sound the same if we all liked the same type of shit (even though that’s slowly happening). I just think it is suspect that he talks so tough and talk about how much of a gangster he is when everything points to some other shit. I like motherfuckers that keep it real, somewhat. Every rapper embellishes a little bit. Like Biggie said, “70% of rap is fiction.” But if you basin your whole persona on how gangsta you are and how nice you are and have been, then I have to call it like I see it. NO YOU NOT. Yes, I have a mind of my own. Yes, I have an opinion. No. I don’t think Game is as nice as he or the hype says he is. I never said dude couldn’t rap. He just ain’t all that super nice to me, he say some simple tough guy shit just like that other guy everybody has been mentioning. This school girl dark vanilla wants to talk about somebody talking about the same shit. C’mon Game don’t talk about the same shit? Really? The West, gunz, Jay-Z, gunz, Xzibit, bloods, Eminem, gunz, Dr. Dre, gunz, 64, bloods. Seriously. What amuses me the most is how you mufuckas directly contradict yourself in every comment you make. i.e.-

    Joel Brandenbert says:
    hey kev lomax shut the fuck up already. nobody really cares what u think. u probably from the east coast cuz everyone out east thinks they matter.

    Obviously you “care” what I think, because you commented?

    Alright, alright, alright, I could pick you mufuckas apart for days…but I seriously do got some shit to do. Fuck around and get fired and I won’t be able to post no more. LOL. To put it simple, you don’t like my long ass, superduperhatorade filled comments…fine, don’t fuckin read ‘em. Just reading some of your posts I could tell some of you struggle in that department to begin with. So save the pussy ass internet threats and tough guy shit for your X-Box Live mic. We ain’t never gonna meet and shoot the fair one and gangsta’s don’t spend their time on the XXL website. Fall back with the bullshit, nobody believes you. I know these shits are long and abusive but keep throwin jabs at me they’ll just get longer. I ain’t stopping til XXL throws me the fuck off this mufucka. When it’s all said and done, I’m just bored as fuck at work and need something to pass the time. If it pisses a few of you off, even better.


    • og bobby j

      if you check my track record on these threads, you probably wont want it, but i am co-signing your whole post. Including the first one. I know cats like game…but he is the poor mans tupac. The West coast needed someone to ride with, and I understand that…but this nigga is a fraud. Having said that…the documentary was hot, but I think it was the production..not his weak ass lyrics that made it pop. Its whatever….maybe he will get another tattoo on his cheek….maybe a flower this time.

      • Kev Lomax

        No… actually, now it’s a big red star. (This is me shaking my head)

    • CALI ESE

      wow… get off the fuckin computer. takin this shit waaaay to seriously homes.

      • Kev Lomax

        I get paid to be on the computer, “Homes”.

  • Kev LOmax

    …just cause I said I had more for you.

    First of all “dark vanilla”(which is fuckin hilarious in itself), you really don’t have the depth or the skill to go where you tryin to take this. But, enough with the insults allow me to critique your original response to my comment. I’ll type in list format so you can keep up.

    1.)In Bay area soundin like Shyne- No Comment
    2.)Being on Aftermath for like 3 years before we hear his voice- No Comment
    3.)In the In Da Club video and XXL with no gang tats- No Comment
    4.)Soundin a little bit too much like Lloyd Banks- No Comment
    5.)*Me sayin the Documentary was fire- conveniently missed that huh*
    6.)Hooks are trash- No Comment
    7.)Butterfly tattoo- No Comment
    8.)Coverin it up with LA Dodgers logo- No Comment
    9.) Soundin like Dre- No Comment
    10.) Every other album I mentioned other than Get Rich or Die Tryin- No Comment
    11.) Bleek murked him over the So Seductive beat- No Comment
    12.) Joe Budden and Joel Ortiz deserve more recognition- No Comment
    13.) 2 most overly hyped rappers accused of having ghostwriters- NO COMMENT

    I don’t know if the concept was too hard for you to grasp or you’re just illiterate (Remember kids, reading is fundamental). But, the topic of my comment WAS NOT why 50 is better than Game. It was, actually, how Game is a fraud and not as nice as the hype claims. As well as Wayne and I actually forgot to mention another one, Kanye West. It’s funny how you didn’t tell ME to “do my research”, cause I just mapped out dude’s career for you. Instead you take the bitch route with me, you pull the “my inside sources” card, which, to put it bluntly, is nothing short of pathetic. Unless you gonna slide me Dre’s number, keep the “reliable source” or “official word from Aftermath studios” shit on a hush. That’s as pussy as internet threats. Out of the 13 things I mentioned about this dude, you pick the most loosely based bullshit to build your argument around. For the record, I never said the Massacre or Curtis was hot (the latter was fuckin ASS as matter of fact), nor did I list them along with those other albums. And I don’t know where you from, but round here in NY we’ve known 50 since waaaaaay before Get Rich or Die Tryin and dude can freestyle as long as you want him too. It might be some simple shit, but that motherfucker will give you 500 if you keep playin a beat. I don’t know if you got satellite radio, but you need to check out HOT 97 every once in a while. Any rapper I know or know of, can write 300 bars (especially in a couple of months, which is what Game himself said; “I been working on it for like 2 or 3 months.”) gimme a fuckin break.

    Finished. Don’t bother responding about any of the other 13 things I mentioned cause you’ll just make yourself look like more of an asshole, cause I just built your argument for you.

    * And you’re wack ass attempt at ebonics (i.e. “dat”, “iz”) does not make you more thorough or street than any other internet nerd.

    • og bobby j


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  • dark vanilla

    Sorry I wuzn’t able to comment, but I’m not on da computer 24/7.
    Here’s my comments:
    1)In ur opinion, Game sounds like Shyne, not mine.
    2)If Game woulda started rapping right away, hiz album would have sold dat much. I’m not sayin 50 didn’t have an impact on The Documentary, all I’m sayin iz 50 didn’t make da Game or right hiz songs. Without 50, Game wouldn’t have gotten da exposure he needed.
    3)So what? Lots of rappers don’t get there tatoos til later. Look at 50 Cent.
    4)Game doesn’t sound a thing like Lloyd Banks. In fact, the only rapper dat comes close to sounding like Lloyd Banks iz Clyde Carsons.
    5)Sorry, but u also said it nowhere near da top album yet u mentioned Get Rich or Die Tryin
    6)Hiz hooks r no worse than any other rapper. Da rappers dat actually do well at hooks r the ones dat r poppy (50 Cent). As long as ur lyrical ability iz good, I don’t care bout hooks. If u need a hook, jus use Akon.
    7)I’ll admit dat wuz pretty gay, but he did have a meaning behind it.
    8)Da LA tatoo iz awesome.
    9)So what? Maybe cuz he admires Dre.
    10)No comment, cuz I actually believe most of those albums r better (especially Nas’ albums, who iz actually my favorite artist)
    11)Memphis who? When wuz da last time Memphis meant anything in hip hop.
    12)Do you know how many rappers deserve more recognition? Hundreds! Crooked I should be mentioned as the next Ice Cube. Bishop Lamont iz da next BIG thing outta Aftermath and nobody iz mentioning him. Even Games artist Juice has some skill, but no one even knows who Juice iz. Joe Budden and Joel Ortiz r 1 in a million. Besides, I don’t see wut dis has to do wit Game.
    13)Who wrote 300 bars then? Who wrote Black Democrat? I’m pretty sure no one actually wrote dat for Game? As for Wayne, I don’t really care cuz bout half da music Wayne puts out iz garbage.

    I guess da question I wanna ask you iz why iz Game a fraud? Iz he not really a good rapper or iz hiz life story made up. I think Game iz a good artist and I’m sick of people dat try to find reasons why to hate da Game.

    PS: I just do ebonics cuz it’s easier. When I wuz a little kid, I typed to sound gangsta, but then it became a habit. In fact, I got a couple bad english essays cuz of dis bad habit.

  • og bobby j

    Game is weak on a lyrical level. I couldnt care less how “real” he is…im a fan of music. Although, he was on change of heart with a tongue ring and some blonde hair….now he’s a hardcore blood??? Im just sayin. He only sold well with the documentary because of 3 reasons
    1 – west coast had no new mainstream representation in the game…he filled that void.

    2 – buzz generated off riding with the unit who, at that time, was on top of the game. He was put with 50 because he was marketable.

    3 – the production was crazy…from dre to kanye to hi-tek, shit even em’s track was good. Fact is, any west coast artist in his sitatuion would have sold just as much.

    The 120 bars, 300 bars and all that shit was terribly weak…lyrically. I dont even hate game….but lets not make him something he’s not. Namely, a lyrical beast.

  • Kev Lomax

    Whew man, you’re really struggling here. And I think I know why, but it’s okay. I’m going very light this time because I feel this is unfair. You really need to concentrate on reading what you’re responding to first man. Seriously, I’m not being funny. You just made yourself look like..well, no more insults, but not that sharp. I really can’t go in on you like I really want to, because the playing feild in this argument is not level. I mean dude, you’re not even responding to what the I’m saying…it’s like you’re arguing with someone else. Just go back and read, SLOWLY, what I wrote in any of my posts thus far and I backed up my arguments 3 times already. You keep asking the same dumb questions over and over. I’m done. Next time don’t talk slick and insult someone who has a different opinion. Just post your own stuff and move on. Aight?


  • Fire

    You know what the West Coast needs? Some brand new E-40.

  • dark vanilla

    Let me put this in simpler terms so that you can understand. Right now, I can come up with many reasons why to hate just about any good artist out there. In fact, I can come up with reasons why to hate 2pac. But I don’t. I’m sick of people who look for reasons why to hate an artist. That’s what your doing. That’s why I’m asking why do you hate the Game so much? There’s nothing wrong with his music. If someone else came out with the same music like Game, guranteed no one would notice, but because its Game everyone hates him. The only reason I can think of that is his beef with G-Unit. That’s really what pisses me off. G-Unit fans who are so stubborn to admit Game is a good artist. Seriously, if your actually someone who’s not a G-Unit fan, but hates the Game, it will be a first. I’m not gonna hate, because you do seem more intelligent than most people on this forum, but that’s why I keep asking the same question.

  • Kev Lomax

    Jesus Christ! I never said I was a 50 fan or a G-Unit fan! And I’ve said that 2 fuckin times you fuckin moron. READ mufucka. READ! DAMN! I never said I hated that motherfucker! I said he “wasn’t that nice and kind of a fraud” and this is the 3rd time I’m saying this. And YOU are gonna put it simpler for ME?! C’mon bro, I fuckin eased up on you and bowed out respectfully and you keep up with the bullshit. Dude you are like 0-5 out this motherfucker. You startin to bring the ignorant mufucka outta me.

    Co-Sign og bobby j.

    “The 120 bars, 300 bars and all that shit was terribly weak…lyrically. I dont even hate game….but lets not make him something he’s not. Namely, a lyrical beast.”

    This is pretty much what I been sayin the whole time.

    But I’m going to break down for you even further.



    If I could highlight that shit I would. That’s all of I’ve been saying the WHOLE FUCKIN TIME. Everything else has been to support my argument. That’s what you do when you state your opinion.

    This has gone for long enough. I shouldn’t even be responding, but I’ll be damned if someone like YOU is going to imply that I need some kind of assistance understanding your simple minded, babbling bullshit. Chalk it the fuck up dude. I’m leaving with my W’s and you can walk with your L’s…all 6 of ‘em.

    To quote a real “NICE” MC.

    A wise man told me don’t argue with fools/
    Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who/

    I should’ve taken this advice 4 comments ago.

  • dark vanilla

    I’ll agree, Game is no Clipse or Nas, but he does have some lyrical talent. Anyways its kinda of hard tell what your saying when you write a one page essay why the Game isn’t nice, but hey I respect your opinion. If your so concerned with beating me at an internet beef, hey I’ll take my losses cuz it aint gonna mean shit.

  • sourdies420

    game has put out hot shit in the past but i dont know about the third album.. he fallen off since youknwwhatitis 4 i just hope it isnt commercial dj khaled t-pain bullshit on LAX. And NJD need to stick to the beats no one buyin your clothes homie

  • Mr.Wang

    No offense but og bobby j, Lomax, and dark vanilla…..shut the fuck up!

    Don’t start dissin’ me now, as far as I’m concerned ya’ll okay wit me.

    Ya’ll da hottest commenters on this bitch but I got a question.

    Exactly what the fuck are ya’ll niggas babblin’ bout?!

    • Kev Lomax

      In the end man…I had no clue. I stooped to an all time low with that one. Never again. I’m ashamed of myself.

  • hi bird


  • Quan

    Fuck Kev!!! Tel u wat u fuckin maggot,50cent z a RnB singer nt a rapper.Rapper dnt need hooks u poodle.I gues u suck 50cent’s ballz to make a living!

    • Kev Lomax

      Oh you tough. Bite a pillow pussy.

      Why you so mad? Game feedin you meat?

  • B

    dem heaven or hell tees look ok still
    hold tight Kid Game and Black Wall Street.

    Do ur thing Nu Jerzey Devil.
    Life bout makin dat P.


    mr wang these dumb niggas don`t know shit about don`t argue with them fools.
    blackwallstreet 4 life!!

  • the Kanadian(the real Bruce Banner)

    You can barely even tell it’s him in the video(in da club). and the only reason I could tell it was him was Cuz’a the Tear drop an’ the eazy e tattoo. I’m not a game fan but you haters are talkin’ outcher ass. Go watch in da club on youtube. Yuo can barely see his face lat alone tell what “gang” tattoos he has. You ethugs are ass, Quit hatin’, Quit firstin’(saying 1st dummy) an’ most of all quit Purple Hulkin’

  • shylow__08_town