While The Game has gone through his ups and downs with diss tracks, family fueds and label politics, Anthony “Nu Jerzey Devil” Torres has always had his back. The longtime DJ/producer behind the Black Wall Street crew has been maneuvering behind the scenes, dropping mixtapes, making beats and helping to build the BWS brand in to a future corporate force. This Jersey boy once lived on a street in the South Bronx called Cedar Avenue, but it would be his move to an area in Compton, CA known as Cedar Block that would begin his association with The Game. Now residing in Miami, where he’s laying the groundwork for Black Wall Street South, El Diablo caught up with XXLMAG.com and addressed all the rumors.

You’re living in Miami now. Have you found any artists for BWS South yet?
The Game found someone already and we named him The South-Sider. He’s from Atlanta and he’s crazy. We’re still looking for more. We want to get a couple more people and get the vibe going on down in the South.

Is Reggie P., the Atlanta airwaves freestyle champ, still a part of Black Wall Street South?
Yeah, Reggie P is a part of The Black Wall Street South. We are just building a whole team.

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Black Wall Street. First off, are The Game and his brother Big Fase talking again?
Yeah, we’re one big happy family again! The Game and Fase have cleared all of their differences. Everybody is back together and The Black Wall Street is whole once again. Everybody has resolved their differences.

That’s great to hear after all the drama they’ve been through.
When I first heard the news, it was the best news that I have heard in years. I’ve been there since day one, so I know how it was with Fase there and how it was without him there. I was torn between the both of them. I came into BWS through The Game, but I was real close to Big Fase. I couldn’t pick a side so I stayed cool with both.

Do you know what led up to the reconciliation?
It came out of nowhere! Game called me one day talking business and then he said, “Hold on. Someone wants to talk to you.” All of the sudden Fase is on the phone! I’m like, “I know this ain’t Fase!” He’s like, “Yeah. It’s me!” That made my whole day, man.

So Fase won’t be releasing that DVD then?
[Laughs.] Nahhhhh…

Is Game’s next album going to be called L.A.X. or D.O.C.?
First it was going to be The D.O.C., which stood for The Diary of Compton. He then switched it to L.A.X. I don’t want to give too much information on it because he wants to be the first one to speak and reveal everything, but the album is definitely crazy! We’ve got Dre on the album this time around.

So Dr. Dre is going to be on The Game’s album?
Yes, Dr. Dre will be on The Game’s next album. It’s going to be a crazy, crazy album.

Can you tell us how that came about?
Game and Dre never lost ties. Even through all of the bullshit with 50, Game and Dre were always close. Now they are going back into the studio to do what they do.

Have you heard any of the stuff that Dre has done for him?
Not yet. Dre is going to actually come in at the end. He likes to come in at the end and hear what everybody else has brought and just come thrash everybody.

That’s something that fans have been waiting for.
It’s something that I’ve been waiting for. I miss Game on Dre beats. There’s nothing like it. There’s a chemistry that’s irreplaceable.

Can you tell us if his album is still set for a June release?
It’s damn near done, so I don’t see why not. It should be released at that time unless something politically comes through. It’s better than the first two albums. He’s giving it his all. He’s on his A-game right now. That’s my new nickname for him, “A-Game.” He’s keeping the original West Coast sound but he has something for everybody. I don’t want to give all of the secrets out but he’s definitely got something for everybody.

Has Black Wall Street locked down a distribution deal yet?
We’ve had a lot of offers and we still have a lot of offers, but The Game has been really picky and he wants to have the best deal possible. It’s nothing to go out there and get a distribution deal from anybody. We’ve had offers from Universal, Capitol and KOCH. I think that we’re going to roll with Interscope or Geffen, just to keep it family tight. There’s nothing official yet.

Who’s officially a part of The Black Wall Street these days?
There’s me, Juice, Clyde Carson, Reggie P, South-Sider and of course The Game. These are the most official members. I’ve got a new DJ by the name of DJ Haze. He’s from Brooklyn, NY. I put him on the team and he’s a real hard worker. I felt that was something that BWS needed because I’ve got my hands in everything, so I had to hire some people to do the street work.

I hear that you’re producing for Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. How did that happen?
When I came out to Miami, everybody opened their arms to me. Rick Ross and Lil Weezy showed me mad love. I’ve been working to expand The Black Wall Street and gain new alliances to show that it’s not just about us. We’re for everybody. I’ve already got Lil Wayne on Game’s new album. Game is going to be on Rick Ross’ new album also. I’m just building the family tree.

Aren’t Game and Lil Wayne doing a mixtape together?
That’s the Blood Brothers mixtape. We’ve been holding off on it for a while because it’s coming off too crazy for it to be just a mixtape. We’re thinking about releasing as a mixtape/album for retail.

You being with The Black Wall Street, how do you manage to stay out of The Game’s beefs? Or are you involved in them?
At the end of the day, it’s just music beef. It definitely isn’t anything serious. It can get to that level, but right now in this day and age in hip-hop, we can’t afford to have it become serious. I’m a grown man and I do what I do. I don’t stop moving for nobody or no beef. I go wherever I please. I’m definitely not going to let a music beef stop me from going wherever I want. I do world tours and I don’t run with hundreds of people. I’m in Miami, New York, Atlanta and L.A. Everybody knows who I am and who I’m affiliated with. I do hold Game down to the fullest. I definitely ride with him but I’m also me. Unless somebody comes to me and disrespects me or touches me and anybody in my family, then I will continue to do what I do. I don’t have time for that. I have time to make money and to handle my business.

You haven’t had any close calls or any situations while you were out DJing?
Me being by myself? I’ve never had any encounters. I’ve ran in to a few G-Unit members, but nothing was said. They know what it is and they kept moving and I kept moving. At the end of the day it’s about us making music and money. That beef is pretty much bullshit. It’s supposed to be all music related, not taken to the streets. Unless I have a personal problem with somebody, then I’m not going to attack them physically. I’ve got a little girl to look after. I want to see her grow up. I don’t want to be behind bars for doing something stupid.

What’s coming next for you as far as projects are concerned?
I’ve got my hands in all kinds of cookie jars. I’ve got my own album out called Heaven Or Hell. A lot of people know me for the DJing and producing aspect but I had to get in to the rapping scene.

You're behind the mic now?
I’m behind the mic now. Game kept pushing me and pushing me. One day I just gave in and said, “Fuck it.” I did a track with Lil Wayne called “Bandana on the Right Side.” I received a great response from it. I also have a clothing line called Heaven or Hell Clothing.

This is a full clothing line? Or just T-shirts?
Everything. T-shirts, hats, jeans, belts and hoodies. I even have a female line with Gloria Velez as one of the models. For the males I have Game, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and myself. We’re going to have a nice booth set up at the Magic Convention in Las Vegas.

Are you a designer?
Yeah. I’m a fresh type of dude. I like to dress fly for the ladies. It started when I was selling promotional T-shirts online with my logo and they started flying off of the shelves. Seeing that made me decide to start my own clothing line. It started from Myspace and it’s blown up. I had to hire a team, designers and extra help.

What else can you tell us about your own album?
It’s mainly produced by myself, but I do have production from Scott Storch, Steve Morales and my own new team called Surround Sound. I’ve got the features from Game, Lil Wayne, Juice and Clyde Carson. I have a new artist by the name of Jackie Rubio. She’s going to be featured on Fat Joe’s next single. Game has the gangsta rap but I’m geared more towards the ladies on my album. My music will be learning towards the clubs and the ladies. Everybody in The Black Wall Street has their own element and their own lane. This is going to be my lane.