Lupe Fiasco: Thought Process

The man Jay-Z called a “genius” says he’s trying to go over your head. Read this new interview closely and you might understand why.
Wasalu Muhammed Jaco has dealt with his share of pain since his heavily bootlegged debut album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor made listeners simultaneously think and bob their heads back in 2006. Within the past year, the 25-year-old Chicago native has had to cope with the death of his father, as well as watching his business partner and mentor Charles “Chilly” Patton being imprisoned on drug charges from his old hustling days. Given the hardships, it’s hardly surprising that his sophomore release, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool, sees the MC embracing his darker side; embodying multiple characters and concepts that deal with death, destruction, rape and disease. Yet like Food & Liquor, the new album is still filled with the type of clever word play and fluid rhyme construction that most MCs could only dream of. In a recent conversation with, Lupe discussed quitting the industry, arguing with German philosophers and why he’s trying to go over your head.

You were obviously in a very dark place personally while you were recording this album.
Oh yeah. A lot of loss. I lost my father, I lost my business partner to prison, and I lost some friends. It was a very dark period. It still is in some aspects, but you know, I’m kind of coming out of it. But especially during the time that the album was being cooked, in my head it was a very dark kind of period.

How was it different doing this album without Chilly around?
I still talk to him, and hopefully he’ll be out this time next year, or maybe even earlier, but I lost my creative feeling. I lost the guy who checks me and can say, “That record sucks” or, “This record’s hot”. I lost that kind of direction, so I had to assume it myself. There was no way to even let him hear the music. The first time he heard “Superstar” was in his cell watching his little TV and he called me and was like “That record is crazy”. Normally I would get that feedback right off bat, so to lose that, I had to really boost my own confidence and really, really boost my cockiness just for the sake of actually completing it. I’m really the kind of guy that lacks a certain confidence and I’m always going, “I don’t think this is really that good.” I had to make up for him not being there, but it turned out pretty good.

How important is it for your name to be included in the “Best MC” conversation?
On some level, you need it to kind of get the sense of accomplishment, that pat on the back to make you feel like you’re doing good. You definitely need that sometimes. It’s not like I need it internally, it’s not like I need to hear those comments to keep going on or that I’m addicted to it, but you want to know that people are appreciating the music. If it wasn’t being appreciated, then I would want to stop doing it. I don’t need to be the greatest MC, I don’t even want to be the greatest MC. I don’t think it’s reachable. There are too many variables. The people who are called the greatest MCs is not based on any one particular critique; because of his flow, because of his charisma, his attitude; it’s not like a 360 thing where you say he’s the greatest MC because of one thing. Everyone has flaws; they may be a dope rapper but there subject matter is straight garbage or too violent or too commercial. I don’t think the title of best MC can be achieved. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

Do you feel like you’ve at least received your “pat on the back?”
Oh yeah. Definitely. I’m still getting Grammy nominations from the first album, which is crazy to me. I’m getting a lot of kudos from a lot of different areas; not just the hip-hop scene, but from the music industry in general. When you get those kinds of things, it definitely does feel good. You know what you’re doing is being appreciated, but trust me, it wears off just as fast. Like Jay-Z saying “Lupe’s a genius.” You know, Jay-Z has been telling me that I’m a genius for years now, so just to see it in Blender Magazine, it doesn’t affect me, as he’s told me already. But everybody else is like, ”Oh my god, Lupe, look what Jay-Z said about you!”

Jay-Z also said in that interview that you go over a lot of peoples’ heads. Do you agree?
Yeah. Intentionally.

I think that’s my nature to go over people’s head. I’ve sat and discussed things with people and they‘re like, “What the hell is wrong with this dude?” [Laughs]. Like I really sit down and I break down Nietzsche, that’s my favorite past time right now. I’m trying to wean myself off the internet, so right now during my spare time I sit down and really break down Nietzsche, try to prove Nietzsche wrong and people are like, “Huh? Why you not out collecting cars or something like that?” So sometimes it’s deliberate and sometimes it’s accidental. I’m like, Damn, I actually thought people would get this. It isn’t even a thing about it being complex or simple. Like people take “Kick, Push” to be something else. I had this one lady tell me that she thought “Kick, Push” was about childbirth; because the baby kicks and pushes and I was like, “Are you absolutely serious” [laughs]. It can definitely lead to things you’re saying being taken out of context.

You mentioned that you’re trying wean yourself off of the internet. Why?
My computer eats up so much of my time. I’d just be sitting on it for hours on end and I’d be thinking, Damn, I could be doing something else. I feel like the computer is kind of hindering me, like I’m literally looking at my computer now. It’s just sitting over there like “Watch me” [laughs]. I just need to get unconnected for a while. I got to disconnect, unplug and tune out just for a while. I need to get in tune what’s going on inside of me a little bit more, tune into the Internet inside of me.

In retrospect, how do you feel about the sales of Food & Liquor?
Well, we sold 400,000 worldwide, which is pretty respectable. Personally, I only expected to sell around 700,000, and if the album wouldn’t have leaked, we’d have sold 700,000 or probably even gone platinum. We actually went back and checked the numbers on the downloads, and it was astronomical. A million illegal downloads. It was like, Damn those are some heavy numbers. I mean, everybody had a copy of the illegal album. When I would be performing, and I’d ask people what they want me to perform, they would be telling me titles that were off the bootleg. Honestly though, I’m happy with it. The amount of success I’ve achieved, it’s like I sold a million records. I’ve had world tours and everything. The stuff I don’t have, I choose not to have. Like, I don’t want a Phantom. I could buy a Phantom if I wanted to, but I don’t want a Phantom. I don’t want a Maybach or 10,000 gold chains. Me not having those things is not because of a lack of success, but because I genuinely don’t want the stuff. I prefer my simple digital 50 dollar gold watch and my broken laptop. That’s me. I’ve been through gold chains, fast cars and that kind of lifestyle, but it wore off and I don’t want any of that anymore.

I guess some people get confused by who you really are. At the end of the day, what is Lupe Fiasco’s true image? What would you like to portray?
I don’t know. I guess I just want to be perceived as a cool guy. If I can become that mysterious guy to the left who dropped like three phenomenal albums and then went away into obscurity, then I’m good [laughs].

So you’re definitely only doing one more album after this?
Yeah, I’m kind of 85% sure. I love music, I love performing, I love my fans, but I don’t like recorded music. I don’t like record labels and I don’t like the industry. It’s such an unfair deal; it wears and tears on you. It’s not that I’m scared of work, but that work starts to eat away at you and you need to start to make the decision about how you’re going to proceed. At a certain point, you’re going to have to kind of concede to the darker side of doing business to really succeed or you’re going to have to make that song you really don’t feel that you should be making to achieve a certain level of success. It’s like growing up and really looking at the purpose of life and meaning of life and realizing that this is really minuscule in comparison to everything else. Recorded music is the worst, the absolute worst next to probably slavery. In a lot of respects, it can amount to just that.

What about just doing mixtapes, or releasing music independently so that you don’t have to deal with the corporate side of things?
Well, hopefully. If I can do it independently, then I would do it forever. But at the same time, I know it’s going to be tough because even that is a work in itself. That’s like a hustle and like I said before, it’s not that I’m afraid of the hustle, but it’s just that it wears on you. I’ve been doing this for eight years, from underground all the way to professional—this is my third record deal. So I’m just feeling like, Am I meant to do this forever? Maybe I need to take a break and go do something else and then possibly come back to it after, or just close the chapter altogether on music. So I’m 85% sure that I will do only three albums but there’s still that 15% of pondering. I would still always perform as long as a venue or promoter would have me.

Were you thinking about a lot about business while recording this album?
100 percent. Actually, kind of dodging some of the politics, kind of staying away from certain producers because of political and financial reasons. Then wanting to make bigger records to have more of a commercial outreach. Even The Cool itself, making it visual, was a business decision. I think when people finally see the album artwork and see how everything is going to roll out and you see the characters—like the actual “Cool,” the actual zombie “Hustler” in real life—it will push it that extra mile so people get it and it’s less cryptic. Because, you know, it is a very cryptic album. It’s built up from songs that are on other albums and mixtapes and then there are little concepts sprinkled throughout. So it has that kind of comic book feel where you have to go through the back cataloge to go forward. Only if you want to, though. It’s not an actual necessity to actually get the music and love the album specifically for what it is without digging into the back story. I just put those elements into it to give it more depth. Some people may not like the music but they may like the characters because the characters are very vivid, very cinematic and really thought-out and well done.

What are you anticipating this time in terms of Album Sales?
I don’t know. I guess [pauses]. I don’t know [laughs].

So you don’t have any target as far as what you would like to achieve?
No. Not really. You know, I would love to sell a ton of records. But if it happens, it happens and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t. I feel I’ve achieved so much just off menial sales, so just imagine what can happen if I sell a ton of records.

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  • D.R.A.M.A

    tha album is fire lupe keep doin you bruh.

    • http://yahoo. Brian

      U a real dude bruh keep on doing your thing

    • http://yahoo. Brian

      U a real dude bruh keep on doing your thing

    • TJ from the K

      The album is straight, but it might not be a classic, because there is a such thing as being to deep. I think only his biggest fans will hail this as a classic. Im just spittin’ the truth, that’s all.

    • Julien

      I think that lupe is one of the few artists who can still make a difference in the american rap music .
      Lookin at d4l ,young joc etc…LUPE SAVE US FROM MORE OF THIS GARBADGE !!
      Im from france but i am born in berlin ,and all i want to say is …
      American hip hop is a Role model for every other hip hop country in the world .
      you(america) started with funky beats and breakdance …We (The rest of the world :D)had funky beats and breakdance
      YOU are bringing out crunk WE want to do crunk (soo stupid)
      and this is the problem .
      crunk might be alright with the lifestyle of atlanta but not with those of paris or berlin…
      You are responsible for rap all over the world do never forget that !
      Peace julien du 66

      PS: I thought kanye did the best album this year ..well i was wrong …lupe = better flow/lyrics better beats(YES!better beats)

  • ragrago

    I Respect dis brother to the utmost…keep no lupe…

  • yourFATazzMAMA

    Damn, Lupe don’t stop after 3rd album, we need u rite now, without u hip-hop will go back to da same bullsh!t. I kno u don’t like record deals, but at least make mixtape to keep u goin, u one of my top 10′s brotha

  • BIG O

    this nigga is light years ahead of 95% of all rappers right now.the cool and food and liquor will definatlybe looked at in 10 years as 2 classic ass album.i hope he dont quit.but if he do i cant be mad at him

    • ill G

      yo its too bad that these rappers cant all have the mindstate of Lupe. Hip hop would be in such a more respectable state

  • Jermaine

    He’s got some real talent. I can’t wait to buy his album.

  • BoyWonder

    Really good interview… the writing/writer is on point!


  • Chitown

    Yo we need to support this dude n go buy his album. It a instant classic if u ask me. Hiphop is dying. Im all for the free music but downloading is killn’ our craft. Look at Ghostface n Scarface #’s lastweek. Great albums with pathetic album sales.

  • Josh

    Album woulda been hotter had Prolyfic produced some joints…

  • Real Talk

    Go buy the album from the store if you think it’s fire i will just off of FNL

  • deandre surrell

    square ass nigga.u dont smoke weed,u dont drink alchohol…..what is it that u do?….
    i think lupe be snortn powder..

    • RZ

      he doesnt drink alcohol because of his religion, just like cham, and he doesnt smoke weed because he doesnt like to, so i dont see why hes square for making a person choice


      Yeah sir… You are a stereotype… That had to be one of the most ignorant statements ever wrote on this site… And if snortin’ spliff is only way for a nigga to finally realize how fucked the industry is… MAYBE YOU NEED TO START BREATHIN’ CANE!!!

      I can’t believe how niggaz hate on a nigga cuz he’s different… That’s the reason why we free from the constraints of chains now; NIGGAZ WAS DIFFERNT… The thought, they acted, a progressed differently then that of the average NIGGA during that time period. That’s what Lupe is doin’. Freeing himself from the restricting constraints of the industry… Niggaz looked at Pac like he was crazy when he decided to go political, and Biggie like he was dumb for unitin’ New York niggaz… And ain’t realize the impact they were havin’ on the hip hop movement until they were gone…

      Clearly the nigga is far ahead of the game, and like the greats of the past; his prestige won’t come until he’s long out the game. Do yourself a deed; BUY THE CD and educated yo’ self on somethin’ conscious…


      To the QUEs

  • tdot


  • sai

    keep it up lu i dont think you should’nt quit this rap shit your the hotest mc going keep it up allah haffize

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    This nigga is so fresh its not even funny, I cant undersatnd how you can hate on a great rapper, whats not to like about this dude, hes the total package the he gets no love FM the Americans?? We need to stop hatin!!

  • TaZ

    Can you say the 3rd coming of Rakim? Tell me you dont hear ‘food & liquor’ or ‘The Cool’ and think Illmatic instantly. Hes so young, cool and refreshing, hip hop needs this motherfucker like they needed Nasty Nas. Lupe the truth… Cop ‘The Cool’ 12/18, album of the year i promise,,,

  • DirtDogggy

    He’s O.k. but I’m sick of these rappers tooting thier own fucking horn all the time.

    Who’s fucking head is he going over ? OH yeah, I forgot his listners are 12 year old girls and retards that failed 6th grade, or your like me and find it corny as hell for him to say such lametry.

    And by the way anybody can go over anybodies head, all you gotta do is talk crazy shit that doesn’t make any fucking sense but sounds smart and can be interpreted differently by each individual.

    • ok

      thats dumb tho…ur goin over ur head as well..u aint kno wtf ur talkin bout so how u gon expect other people 2 kno? then if they do kno they gon over ur head cuz u aint xpect them 2 kno

    • ill G

      you found it corny?? are you serious?? hahaha he went over your head BIG TIME!! cus for u to think he corny shows how stupid you really are…good luck in life bruh!

  • Sin-cere

    Rakim- Nas- Lupe… Lupe is the truth.

    Top 5 rht now.. no order!

    Andre 3000

  • asd

    This dude helped me so much, I give my respect more to hím than anybody else..
    Thank you man!!

  • og bobby j

    I might cop it…probably not tho

  • Ali

    Kweli Common Chamillionaire Jay Beans & Free all had dope albums….but The Cool is tha album of the year no question….I hope he makes more thna 3 albums he’s already a legend to me

  • Jack

    Lupe Fiasco is the man he needs to make more then 3 Cd’s and i heard his new cd on mtv leak and it kicks ass everyone should go get it this dude is real and real creative.

  • Sanity


    Support REAL RAP

    Lupe is and will always be one of the best, already….

  • OnE3nD

    Good Interview who ever wrote this and yes The Cool is the best album and the 2nd album im coppin this year. When you hear bullish on the bootleg you dont want the album but when you hear a near classic like the cool you just have to support.

  • Lynx

    You gon do 1.5 this time around. You ain’t got to worry Lu, Niggas know who you are by now.

  • deandre surrel ”’da shooter”

    i bust any one yall niggas heads…half da niggas in hip-hop on da calendar……
    i dont give a fuck who u is…..ima go to the bank,pull out some g’s and make my problems go away,so invictus fuck yo mama,fuck yo dog,fuck yo house and yo couch…ima stay smashn….

    • big dick cheney

      deandre surrel you lame as fuck bruh. sit cha lame ass down some where you internet gangsta. clearly yo ass is on powder.

  • Peachie

    We luv u here in Pittsburgh Lupe~trust that there is room in this business for ur genius


  • East Saint Louis 618

    Lupe should not retire cause he is the best MC in the game hands down. and i hope this album dobetter so that 85% can drop to 0% chance of retiring. And i hate that a lot of these niggas wont listen to him because he is different. That shit just isnt right. And i found out that alot of niggas actually do like his style but just will not admit it.

  • The Coolest..

    man lupe is so amazing.
    lupe, if you readin this, some how, just wanna let you know that you one of the greatest artists i’ve ever heard.
    if you quit after the third album, it just ain’t right man.
    the game needs you like 50 needs beef to promote his records!

  • allnice

    Lupe lost alot of credibility along time ago. He is a pretender. He wants to be all things to all people like a politician. The funny part was him talking about how he reads Nietzsche. He said that when he tries to explain his interests to people, they don’t understand or care. Earlier he says that he writes rhymes that go over his fan’s heads on purpose. This nigga is trying so hard to show off his supreme intelligence, but intelligent dudes can go platinum regardless of Internet downloads. If he is so intelligent, how come he can’t make a sale?

    Most people know that Lupe is full of shit which is why they download his album instead of buy it. They know that they would rather have a Lupe album for free because it just isn’t worth the money. Lupe just doesn’t make quality songs that endure. He makes ego masturbation songs for himself instead of thinking about his fans. The way he describes his success it like he thinks he is headlining concerts and shit which is not true. If people are downloading your album for free you know they are not shelling out the bucks to see a nigga in concert.

    I can’t lie though, Lupe is a good B talent mc. He is like the Clipse, Skyzoo, Skillz, and Royce Da 59. They all have a small following of people that worship their music, but they aren’t known internationally. Lupe has somewhat of a following in Japan because he lied about speaking Japanese and liking Japanese culture. I think that was fucked up for him to lie so blatantly, but hey, he gotta sell albums.

    The reason why this post is so long is because I really wanted to like Lupe. I thought he was gonna be nice, but he is just a disappoinment. He doesn’t want to make music anymore. I agree with him. He should retire after his 3rd album.

    • f fghf

      and to the rest of the poepl who hate (on)him…. you know what-FUC`K yall!!
      down with the ney sayers. eat a fat one, and I aint talkin bout yo fat mom dukes titties neither…nicca
      ok, ok…yall arnt worth any more insults.

      1 luv to supporters of real Hip-Hop.

    • messy

      allnice YOU ARE A FUCKING IDIOT!!! Seriously, no need to debate that. Ok end of discussion.

  • Flymasta

    Don’t get me wrong Lupe is my dude (no homo) I like everything about him his 1st album rocked (meaning very good) But he get’s no luv from the mainstream but his videos dont be on 106th and park like I see it and the ppl wo buy’s his albums are bootlegs. 1 million downloads he went platinum on bootlegs I think he might go Platinum this time if they don’t bootleg his shit

  • why?

    *sigh* allnice….SMH
    and to the rest of you.. you know what,
    F-U-C-K yall!! &
    1 luv…. you are not worth any more letters

  • spark it up

    Hey allnice. INVICTUS blows what the fuck you said out of the water. If you dont buy a copy tomorrow Im pretty sure there will be a people who will buy more than one copy to make up for you, for their niggas to here.
    before people like you kill it.(Hip-Hop)

    1 love yall.

    Im out

  • stoneyisland

    The new album is as good if not better then Commons last joint and commons last joint was/is fire. Lupe is one of the top 10 MC out now, word play is ridiclous, beats are on point. I mean what more do you muthafuckas want???? Go buy his new shit, I mean if you can superman a hoe you can have some common sense and buy some real hip hop. Now go kick, push and coast your asses down to Sam Goodys and scoop this joint up:)

  • rhyme skeem

    “square ass nigga.u dont smoke weed,u dont drink alchohol…..what is it that u do?….
    i think lupe be snortn powder..”deandre surrell

    what the fuck is wrong wit ignorant ass niggas like this. What the fuck are smoking crack and shooting up you dumbass. Smoking and drinking doesnt make you a good MC or a “cool” guy, it just makes you a person who amokes and drinks. So if your dumbass thinks that he aint talented or a square because of that smack yourself with a diseased dick bitch you illiterate son of bitch. We need intellect and variety in the hip-hop industry instead of the same carbon copy shit thats being put out. Why portray nothing but self mutilation, jewelry, and bitches, not women, but bitches all the time. Real hip hop doesn’t give a fuck about how much dough or hoes it about your flow and intelligence wit words. GO PICK UP A BOOK AND READ SOMETHING BUT YOUR DUMBASS PROBABLY CAN’T EVEN READ A Dr. Suess book. Seriously it’s niggas like this mufuker who make all black men look asinine and short sighted. Yo deandre surrell go kill yourself for the better of all people in general or get AIDS jsut dont comment on real shit. You is a bitch nigga as in the words of Kat Williams

  • pause

    best album of 2007, ima keep sayin that, certified crack, unbelievable art, get on that people

  • BOL

    Recorded music is the worst, the absolute worst next to probably slavery. In a lot of respects, it can amount to just that.


  • Shadow and Z

    Lupe is cool but Nietzsche and “Genius” are not in the same group of theos

  • weezyfb53

    He straight but definitely not on Wayne’s level yet.


    • que

      lil wayne g o a t. Thats the Funniest shit I’ve heard in a while. How many classic albums does he have???? lupe is light yrs ahead of wayne. You must be a youngin to say some shit like that. Wayne is hot right now but we will see for how long.

    • p

      keep pushin n kickin that real shit man we love it back here in kenya u should check out the hip hop scene here man one love


    The Cool is gonna be a tite album. Love dat Paris,Tokyo joint. Oh yeah, Deandre Surrell= everything that is wrong about black people today(if he is one).

  • HoodMayd

    damn. Wayne was my favorite rapper but i switched sides now. i almost downloaded this album but i closed the page.. I am going to target.
    God bless you Lupe for saving hiphop.

    That all my people have. they are taking it slowly.

  • Pingback: numbers lady

  • miguel024

    wow could this album have been any sicker? album of the year fa sho’

  • BK Cyph

    yup Lupe may just have album of the year again- i gotta sit with it a few weeks tho before i decide. Cause `Ye and Jay did the damn thing as well.

  • Rockcity

    allnice– kill yaself please

    Lupe is nice fuck what the haters say. I jus hope he doesnt quit cause hip hop needs artist like him 4real.

  • nellz

    The best thing I like about lupe…is his wordplay…and no matter how many times u listen 2 his shit…u find somethin new that mighta went over ur head the first 10 or so times…just like that michael young history went over the 1st time I heard “the coolest”

  • HoodMayd

    OMG!!! Just got back from target. This album is on Pac and Big Level. Lupe shouldnt be compared to anyone else…. dude is deep and makes it rhyme beautifully.. swagger tight…put you on the game..

    Thank God HipHop Lives

  • Rezzin

    aye lupe is straight fire and album is crazy hes the future of hip-hop

  • Mtownzfinest1

    What the hell is wrong with you ppl? I sit here and read the things you say about this guy who is easliy considered one of the best in my book? If you think that Lupe, or the Clipse aren’t great MC’s then who’s in your top 5? You bitch niggas don’t like Lupe either because your dumbass can’t understand what the fuck he talkin about, or you’re just mad cuz u couldn’t think of his shit yourself. Then I see this stupid bitch who calls him a square bcuz he don’t drink or smoke????? WTF? That had to be the most ignorant statement that has ever left the lips of a black man. Lupe isn’t fuckin egotistical, the mans a genius. And if you ain’t got shit encouraging to say, then eat a dick and die. Lupe Memphis holdin you dwn bra keep making that GOOD music and don’t leave. Save Hip Hop!!!

  • saun

    who ever sayin lupe is wack and his style and shit is wack, must b sukin lil wayne dick 4 real, jay said sumthin bout lupe and wat did jay say bout wayne, yea. WAYNE IS A FUCKIN KISS UP, when jay said he was commin back, wayne was sayin shit like “wat we need u back 4 its not gon b no different if u do” and “how the fuck he gon safe hip hop”, but he must of appologized if he’s on Hello Brooklyn

  • Another Brother Supportin

    lupe fiasco is the future of hiphop. He is intelligent and talks about real life situations just like 2pac. And not how he hustles crack and he lived in the hood and that he had no money and now that he is a rapper he has everything and living the fancy life fucking bitches, buying cars, drinkin and smokin weed. Fuck all that shit.. you haters just mad cause this guy be making money while u got to work ur ass. Funny thing is that he doesnt even care about material things and that he is only going to make 3 albums and his last album name is LUPEND.. in a game u can only put 3 letters and than END. This guy doesnt even care that he is in the music industry he thinks this its a game and after his done with this. He will go about and live his life. Like Lupe said keep your faith As we chase The Cool. Just because lupe doesnt say he drinks or smokes doesnt mean he dont.. and if he does than thats for God to judge Ulitmately… hes life is already set and yall just mad cause hes not your average drug dealin nigga. Niggas gettin smart tryin to graduate from school start thinkin that smart is cool they’re tryin to get up out the hood. The Evolution of Hiphop.

  • treal

    Yea, I copped the official today at best buy

  • deandre ”’the shooter”’surrell

    big dick cheney ucould suck my dick

    lay it down nigga lay it down

    i stay smashn onmarks..and i’ll buss a faggot like u for free.

    im dropn my nuts and im not givin a fuck..
    u c ima line yall bitch made niggas up
    and dats onda mob…

    cheney u do dat shoot em up shit right?
    y i dont hear no shots…

    i mean yall shootn at da wall aint hittn shit.
    im unfadeable,imagangsta….i come off remote
    but implottn to scheme…bout tyme u break me down it wont even matter

  • deandre ”’the shooter”’surrell

    big dick cheney ucould suck my dick

    lay it down nigga lay it down

    i stay smashn onmarks..and i’ll buss a faggot like u for free.

    im dropn my nuts and im not givin a fuck..
    u c ima line yall bitch made niggas up
    and dats onda mob…

    cheney u do dat shoot em up shit right?
    y i dont hear no shots…

    i mean yall shootn at da wall aint hittn shit.
    im unfadeable,imagangsta….i come off remote
    but implottn to scheme…bout tyme u break me down it wont even matter

  • boo boo


    Yeah course ur a gangsta. (rolls eyes)


    Why do People come on here and just talk shit for no reason, if you do not like lupe, why are you reading about him in the first place, I mean are y’all just a bunch of ignorant ass niggaz who probably are uneducated in the first place, Hiphop is a culuture, a movement of the people, Like KRS-1 said Rappers spit words that are mostly illegal, Emcee spit words to up lift their people, If you had any common sense you will know Lupe is a true Emcee, Food and Liquor is an outstanding album, not only that, it uplift us, I speak truly as a black man, who is also a real nigga, People who make dumb comments on here are probably illiterates who can’t understand Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Common,Mos Def, Nas, Immortal Technique, Joe Budden, Andre 3000 and many more, It is so funny you guys hail Lil gay ass Weezie f baby, but at the same time if you heard Arm race remix, Lupe crushed everyone on the song, plus Raekwon an oldschool ill emcee crushed Lil Weezie f baby on Sweetest girl remix, shouldn’t that tell you something ya lil mahfuckers…Hiphop is dieing but there are few good souls who are at least letting it breath through our society, Like Jay-Z said you stupid mahfucker do you listen to music or you just scheme through it….Holla at cha boi, ya ignorant ass niggaz, who dont know shit about Hiphop… We take this shit seriously i don’t think you guys understand what makes up an emcee…No little wayne is not hiphop, he just makes rap music…Stank you very much and have a very nice day …… We are disgracing Biggie Smalls and 2pac’s view of hiphop Thanx to Nas and Jay-Z we still moving on…they are holding the throne really well…and none of your gay ass rappers y’all call emcees aka the young’s and the lil’s can’t fuck with them…or they will lyrically assassinate all of them…peace n luv…plus unity… Here are some albums for y’all ignorant ass niggaz to go listen to and maybe you might have a life worthy of living…gone..( Nas- it was written, Wu tang- 36 Chambers, Beanie Sigel- The Reason, Biggie- Life after death, Talib Kweli- Reflection Eternal, Lupe- Food and Liquor,

    • messy

      I AGREE WITH JAYSTONE. U HAVE VALIDITY IN UR STATEMENT. PLUS COMMON SENSE, no pun intended. I respect ur view. Even if I was biased against Lu or any other name mentionned. it’s good to hear logical deduction made out into the air. Thank God sensible ppl still live.

  • Bugz Da Boy Genius

    CAnt Front i Had His Album a week b4 it came out and now i bought da real shit y???cuz i gotta support it.he worked mad hard and son is hella nice….and leeme get sumthin straight becuz he dont drink or smoke da nigga corny???who ever said dat is ignorant…..and 2 da otha dude dat side lupe wack cuz he goes try 2 show off dat he’s smart u must be dumb cuz how u hate on a nigga 4 being smart?????

  • GOD

    The Cool = Hip Hop Album of the Decade

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  • Firmin

    If this young genius retires then hip-hop is no longer my prefered genre. I hope that 15% of pondering means he’ll stay. We can only hope…

    Support this artist and buy his CD!

  • Shawty J

    It’s disappointing that Lupe doesn’t want to make any more albums after the third album. Food & Liquor is dope, so is The Cool. His entire style is amazing, and the concepts to his songs are fresh, Hip-Hop needs more guys like him.

  • Lawson

    Good read…I just googled Nietzsche, that shit look like a interesting read, as well.

    R.I.P. to Lupe’s father. I didn’t even know about that. (Come to think about it, my father’s bday is today…r.i.p to that nigga too)

  • kinsnspace

    Peace,from the bay!
    went to get that lupe,but it’s sold out.
    that’s the biz, keep rockin the globe .

    come vibe;

  • its OK

    its ok, let these dumb people talk shit about Lu. cause you know damn well thaey aint in the sreet talkin “that shit”, on the real, you can and get your wig split for talking shit about something you dont understand. fuck em…broad ass niggas.

    Lupe, let these crabs know, my nigga.


  • it ok yall

    na, its ok, let these dumb people talk shit about Lu. cause you know damn well thaey aint in the sreet talkin “that shit”, on the real, you can and get your wig split for talking shit about something you dont understand. fuck em…broad ass niggas.

    Lupe, let these crabs know, my nigga.


  • its O.K. yall

    naaa,its ok, let these dumb people talk shit about Lu. cause you know damn well thaey aint in the sreet talkin “that shit”, on the real, you can and get your wig split for talking shit about something you dont understand. fuck em…broad ass niggas.

    Lupe, let these crabs know, my nigga.


  • lana

    i love Lupe, he is unique and very very talented. one of a ind babay

  • deandre surrell

    i run east oakland…even when i aint there
    if u tryn to send a kyte for me…be careful…….u dont know who i know….i got niggas in queens.

    pop city,i.e.,248th and rosedale
    i mean it dont get no more gangsta than me..
    word is bond b

  • J-Rob

    His album is so dope, you have to listen to his songs at least 3 times to get the gist of what hes saying to you. people underestimate him cause his sales are low, but everybody and their mother downloads his songs off limewire and the internet, true fans will buy each album and then some more to give to your friends, then the edited version to listen to it at work. hes the young voice of our generation.

  • LeRoyScooter


  • BRZ

    Lupe, it sounds like you try too hard. Just get a job writing movie scripts or comic books and you’ll be straight. At least drop that wannabe Coldplay dude. He’s lame as hell.

  • Gerardo

    It’s going to be unfortunate if Lupe only does one more album. His creativity and thought provoking style is what Hip Hop needs and what fans truly crave.

  • Hiphop

    2nd classic in a row

    i copped it, even though the only album ive ever copped is Documentary by Game.. so i don really buy alot of albums, but i just had to show some respect for this amazing material

    and keep on going, cant wait for third album, hopefully it wont be ur last

    Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli = real rap
    50 Cent and Kayne West = pop rap
    Soulja boy = some next shit, disgrace to hip-hop

  • TheGhostman

    Lupe….You are Hip-Hop. Your that antivirus which keeps Hip Hop stablized. You just don’t know the effect you have had on the many lovers of the music. There’s only a handfull of artists who are holding true to the tradition of what Hip Hop is supposed to be, mean and do.
    Lupe……Once again, along with artists like Nas, Common, Talib Kweli and others, you are Hip Hop. I hope and pray you continue to make classics.


  • Jamal Jay

    nigga’s is sayin dude is corny cause he don’t drink or smoke…lol!!!!!!

    album is crazzzzzzy, went to buy it since it came out, been sellin out up here, he did 143,000 his first week (north american sales)
    i think his sales for food and liquor might rise…….. Lupe best out hands down………

    Coolest Nigga What!

  • eqpayne

    its crazy to read the negitive things people say about real hip hop. just because he is not dancing, talking about cars or drugs, or disrespecting women, he is consider weak. come on now read a book n go back to school. did u hear Gotta eat, dumb it down, hip hop saved me, intruder. for get it did u hear the whole album. LUPE IS THE MAN, THATS IT, NOTHING ELSE NEEDS TO BE SAID!!

    sorry about your pops lu

    • Mr.Wang

      One of the realist comments I ever read.

      Anybody hatin’ on Lupe is a faggot ass bitch.

      Nigga Lupe is Hip-Hop!

      White man got ya’ll by da balls=think about it.


    • saun

      usually when sum 1 drops an album they have at least 3 hot songs out of 12 but i agree wit dude, his whole album is sweet

      The Streets On Fire
      The Coolest and Little Weapon

      MY SHITS

  • Dave

    This album is amazing. I hated Kick Push and never even bothered to check out Food & Liquor, but when I heard Superstar I went out and picked this up. It’s perfect. Lyrically, all the songs flow very well and the beats are all good. This is one of the best albums of 2007 by far.

  • Chiliz

    Lupe is dope…”I don’t think the title of best MC can be achieved. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.”

  • prakash

    thanks jay stone. i dont agree with everything you said but you slammed the nail with the hammer. ya dig?


    This is how dope lupe is everytime i go 2 F.Y.E. both the cool and food and liquor are nowhere 2b found and i live in seattle

  • Da Boss

    deandre ”’the shooter”’surrell go and get lost you fuckin loser. Nobody on here believes you. If your so gansta then what are you doing on the internet??? Look Lame, Grow the hell up. You got something to prove with means you haven’t did shit. I’m done proving myself and still have respect from hood nigga’s and grown folks. Go home lil boy. Learn the game fag.

  • Da Boss

    deandre surrell talking about he run east oakland. Nigga you ain’t running shit but your mouth. Next time grown folks is talking bitch close your mouth. <<<<<<Grown man talking. Fuck these lil boys in these streets. Ain’t talking bout shit.

  • UncleJangles

    I don’t know what y’all smokin but
    Food & Liquor >>> The Cool