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ARTIST: Common
ALBUM: ThisIsMe Then: The Best Of Common
LABEL: Sony Legacy

WHO HE IS: Lately, Common has become Hollywood’s new ladies man, but this compilation takes a look back at his earlier years when he was on Relativity Records. Focusing on highlights from his first three albums—Can I Borrow A Dollar?, Resurrection and One Day It’ll All Make SenseThisIsMe Then is a good introduction to his mid-’90s output. Still, it hardly lives up to the “Best Of” title, since his most critically-acclaimed and commercially successful material was released after this period. Note: this compilation also includes “High Expectations,” which originally appeared on the Soul In The Hole soundtrack.

PRODUCERS: No I.D., The Roots, James Poyser, The Beatnuts

GUESTS: Lauryn Hill, Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu and Q-Tip

“I Used To Love H.E.R.”

ARTIST: CunninLynguists
ALBUM: Dirty Acres
LABEL: APOS Music/Bad Taste Records

WHO THEY ARE: This Atlanta and Kentucky-based trio has held the flag for Southern underground hip-hop for the last 6 years, beginning with their slept-on 2001 debut Will Rap For Food. Garnering comparisons to soulful, ’90s-era Dungeon Family, rappers Deacon The Villain and Natti, along with producer Kno, are laying down more thick, thoughtful Southern rap with their fourth album Dirty Acres.


GUESTS: Devin The Dude, Big Rube, Phonte, Witchdoctor

“Yellow Lines” f/ Phonte & Witchdoctor

ARTIST: Pitbull
ALBUM: The Boatlift
LABEL: Diaz Bros./TVT

WHO HE IS: Since dropping his debut M.I.A.M.I. back in 2004, Mr. 305 has consistently served up a eclectic mix of hip-hop, Miami club music and Spanish-language flavor. But after he released a song about his record company called “Fuck TVT” earlier this year, it looked like the Cuban-American MC might be sailing away to a new record deal. Nope—it looks like Pit and the Diaz Brothers made nice with TVT in time to get a massive all-star lineup for his third studio album.

PRODUCERS: Lil Jon, Swizz Beatz, Mr. Collipark, Nitti, Diaz Brothers, Play-N-Skillz

GUESTS: T-Pain, Trina, Jim Jones, Twista, Fabo, Lloyd, Trick Daddy, Don Omar, Frankie J, Lil Jon & Yung Berg

“Secret Admirer” f/ Lloyd

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  • nycboy718

    FIRST!!! Im sure the Common album will be off the chain, having compilations of his classic material, might even cop it.

  • Latino Heat

    already got all common’s shit, wouldn’t waste my money. cunnilinguists are from the south? i always thought they were on some underground east coast shit. if they sound like df i might have to check them out. can anybody suggest any of there shit? pitbulls cool for a guest appearance cant listen to a whole album of dude though.

    • shonto

      listen to their song the gates off their album a piece of strange. that song is too dope!!!

  • ATL = All Trannies Live


  • Shalik

    all of cunnylinguini’s reviews read the same

    blah blah blah SOUTHERN HIP-HOP blah blah blah blah SOUNDS LIKE DUNGEON FAMILY blah blah PRODUCED BY KNOO blah blah blah blah blah blah REAL HIP-HOP

  • Mane Rok


    “Still, it hardly lives up to the “Best Of” title, since his most critically-acclaimed and commercially successful material was released after this period.”

    For one, critically-acclaimed is usually a term used in regards to the music not being commercially successful.
    2. Anyone will tell you that the hottest, most critically-acclaimed Common SENSE shit was RESURRECTION without question. All his later shit has been lack luster.

    Just some real talk. Common’s the reason I really got into emceeing…that comment was a disservice to the man’s body of work.

  • DevilintheFlesh

    I still can’t understand why people like Common.

    • Myke Nyse

      if u know ANYthing about hip hop u would know that COMMON is tha sh@t.resurrection is his best work as for cunninglynguist lookin forward to that album thats some real soulful sh@t. ill pass on the pit

    • Smonie

      Dude a sellout, hypocrite.

      Peace, Love, Gap?

      What the fuck is that?

      It’s Bullshit.

  • SippinAndDippin

    i got all that common material

    cunninlynguists is some soulful shit

  • bkzzle

    Why not actually listen to Cunninlynguists before you make all these assumptions? If you like Outkast, Goodie Mob, Scarface, etc., you’ll like the new album. The album is bonkers.

    And no, they aren’t on some eastcoast underground ish, it’s a very southern sound.

  • daesonesb

    That commmon album sounds necessary. A guide to fans who picked him up at the Like Water for chocolate, or Be stage.

    He has a lot of good material from before… anything that gets more people listening to ressurection is fine by me

  • kirbroc

    One day it will all make sense is by far commons best shit…and fuck all the haters, Common has just grew up and switched his style to meet his age…how you gonna be 35 rhymin about hoes and dope..CHI-CITY STAND UP!

  • http://hov! frank blackington

    the CunninLynguists are so ill and so slept on…people judge them because of their name, but the music is amazing. they on some soulful Dungeon fam shit

  • Landis

    CunninLynguists – Dirty Acres = 4.5/5

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