JR Writer:
Back On The Block

With the first release on his million dollar Babygrande deal dropping, can JR cut through the Dipset drama and take his career to the next level?

Since making his Dipset debut on “Squalie,” a track from Juelz Santana’s 2003 debut From Me To You, 23-year-old JR Writer has stayed consistent. In 2004 he dropped his first mixtape in the Writer’s Block series which kept the streets talking about his diss records at Memphis Bleek, Mase and Jae Millz. But it was his official debut History in the Making on KOCH Records that hinted at bigger things to come. After signing a new seven figure deal (that’s at least a million bucks, kids) with Babygrande Records in September, he’s gearing up to launch his own entertainment company, Writer’s Block Records. With all the Dipset drama between Jim Jones and Cam’ron, and with Writer’s Block 5, JR’s first release under the new deal dropping next week, now is the time for the Writer of Writers to prove that he’s a driving force in his own right. XXLMAG.COM got a chance to speak with the Washington Heights MC about his big plans.

Seven figures is a lot of money. How did the deal with Babygrande come about?
I was introduced to Chuck [Wilson, Babygrande’s CEO] through a mutual friend. I sat down with them and they told me that they really wanted to invest in me. They really felt what I was trying to do and really [wanted to] take me to that next level. The deal they offered me [is] a really good move for my team and what I have planned next. They’re more like the distributor for Writer’s Block [Records], so I‘m in more control over at Babygrande than I was at KOCH. I’m more hands on and have more creative freedom.

Who can we expect to see you collaborate with on Writer’s Block 5?
Honestly, I’m not really planning any features. I just bought a studio in New Jersey so I can work on some material for myself and really cook up that crack. So besides my little brother [Fred Money], it’s just me bringing that rugged and rawness. With this album I’m really going to kick it up another notch. I already have parts one through four. With [part] five, I think I’ve transformed the Writer’s Block mixtapes into the Writer’s Block series.

What made you decide to transition it to more of an album format?
When I started the Writer’s Block mixtapes, it was really to get my name out there and the buzz kept it going. Then when I released Writer’s Block 4 with 50,000 sold with no budget, no airplay or promotions, it spoke to a lot of people. So I think that I’ll definitely out sell part four. Now I’m shooting videos and releasing singles, so it’s gonna be crazy.

You have two artists on your Writers Block Records label—Fred Money and Spectacular—who happen to be your brothers. Are you planning on doing solo projects from them in the future, or have you signed any new artists?
I haven’t really signed any new artists. Spectacular is a producer—he’s produced a few tracks in the past for me. But Fred Money, I’m trying to more or less help him be the best artist that he can be. I’m not going to rush and put out an album for him. Right now he’s only 17, so I’m showing him the ropes to make sure that when he is ready, he’ll be able to make it to that next level. I’m trying to take care of all my fam.

With the back-and-forth that Cam and Jim have been having, some people have suggested that this is the end of the Diplomats.
We’re cool. I don’t like to feed into all of that—the media likes to blow a lot of things out of proportion. But as far as the 50 Cent and G-Unit ordeal, that’s music. Cam and Jim are cool, they just had some personal differences.

Dipset has been involved in a lot of beef, some of which you’ve weighed in on. You and Memphis Bleek, Loon, Ma$e, Tru-Life and Nyce have all exchanged words. Do you think all that negativity could have an effect on your career?
I don’t really feel it will. Anytime I did a record, it was in retaliation. I’m not the type of person to start beef to sell records. I did what I had to do to respond to people getting at me. I did one record and addressed everybody and that was that. I really don’t do the crazy back and forth, because to me it’s not that serious. To me it’s one record, you’re down and I keep it moving. It’s funny how people misuse the word beef—beef is when your mom can’t walk the street and it’s not on record. So to me what’s going on in the industry is not beef. I feel like if you have a beef record, that’s one lane, but when you’re doing your album and working through your label, that’s another. You don’t let the two mix. There’s no way you can be successful and let personal shit affect your work.

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  • AZ40

    He’s damn good with his lyrics it’s just that his subject matter is somewhat limited.(i.e Lil Wayne). And who the fuck is frank money I thought the nigga name was Fred.

  • eminemis god

    1st bitchez eminem is god

  • trucker

    Dipset can’t fuck with g unit learn your role nigga lim jones had we fly high no lie we ballin since that he’s just been fallin you light weight can’t fuck wit heavey weights dipset can’t rap about street credit there only missing one key ingreiant lil wezzy he would fit perfect

    • Ghost Deini

      Yeah, I’m sure wayne can help them with the street cred. HA!

  • Hoodie Boi

    Do yo thang JR


  • http://xxlmag.com King B


  • http://www.myspace.com/friscorepresenter antdeshawn1

    I kulda swore i seen him and Jae millz on a youtube together rappin when they start beefin? Somebody feel me in

  • G Boi Fre$$$

    Jr can spit, and thats a fact

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    I dont fuck with dude but Big ups for makin that paper…..

  • Ned Flanders

    No Homo B, …No Homo

  • http://myspace.com/malvocalz m-man

    I have absolutley nothing to do at this moment so I have a question. And feel free to diss me all you want. You’ll never see me so what will it do to me but make me laugh.
    Why do y’all get on this site (and others) and diss each other for these artists that only take your money and never give anyone a shot at a deal be it production or rapping.
    At least just be happy they’re getting money, cuz none of us is getting it. Something to think about.

    At one point everyone on this site has probably like G-unit and Dipset. Personally I’m tired of both of them cuz they got way too cocky as well as lazy on a lot of songs. Which means they’re comfortable now that they’re eating. Well what about the ones that’s still hungry?

  • http://xxlmag.com KID KaRMA

    on da real i’ve seen 2 videos of jae millz nd writer together freestylin so WTF is goin on nd dem sayin dat they’ve got beef.nd anutha thing as far as bars go da only person to take on da dips(lyrically)is lloyd banks cos g-unit ain’t doin wat we thought they would lyk da bak in da day g-unit.BYRDGANG ALL DAY

  • http://xxlmag.com King B

    Your right “antdeshawn1″ they were busting togehter in like some room, homie Millz had like a brown beenie on or some shit. I was wondering the same thing myself.

  • Bmore

    Seven figure deal?…Well, i don’t believe you, you need more people!!! haha. Don’t believe the hype kids.

  • Ghost Deini

    He’s not worth a mill. His album is gonna flop, trust me.

    • Johnson Schwanz

      Yeah, his 2nd BabyGrande release will be called “The Big Payback,” after he has to pay back about $900,000 of that 7-figure advance.

      This dude is not marketable. No charisma. Lyrics don’t cut it anymore.



  • speedy

    JR is hot being from bodymore muderland you dont here as much solo shit from jr but me i got all the hot shit from writers block part one niggas down here listens to nothing that weezy cat he cool but some of his shit is fake an un real so i bump my JR SHIT

  • Khalid Allah

    F@#k all them dudes. Go get Bronze Nazareth “The Great Migration”

  • M-AK

    JR is nice wit his lyrics, personally. an everybody who left a comment is right about this is completely off. (K Mack)

  • Up NOrTh


  • Shinen4Eva

    Jr is one of the illest lyricist out so you diss the dip u jus a punk that dont know rap and dont have no buissness postin about rap.and if you dissin jr you must be a pop lovin b*tch that’s stuck on that candyshop shyt.and weezy is a poser with nice lyrics that gillie taught him write.if it wasn’t for gillie cash money wouldn’t be where it is today.weezy fukin baby get it weezy fuckin baby.l

  • gbj

    what street cred. dipshit & wayne aren’t nothin but sum industry rappin gansta wannabes.

  • real talk

    m-man you’re right and why are they questioned their street cred when they shit not recognized. that confuses me. be logical can ya’ll prove ya’ll real besides word of mouth, no