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boosienext.jpgFolks love Lil Boosie ’cause he wears his heart on his sleeve. Gloating and emoting over Louisiana bounce beats, the 23-year-old Baton Rougian has earned what is surely many rap fans’ highest compliment: a comparison to 2Pac. “It’s one of my top motivators when someone tells me in the club, ‘Nigga, you the next ’Pac,’” he says. “I idol ’Pac… When they tell me that shit, I go home and get focused.”

While Boosie is new to national fame, a slew of loyalists stretching the Southern belt have exalted his ghetto testaments for years. Having grown up in a poor but close-knit family (he slept in the same bed as his grandmother up to the age of 16), he got serious about his rhymes after his father succumbed to cancer in 1997. “It made me start rapping,” he says of his dad’s passing. “That’s when I really wanted to express myself.”

Originally discovered by local No Limit recording artist Young Bleed, Boosie—a self-proclaimed “neighborhood bad azz”—released his debut album, Youngest of Da Camp, on the independent C-Loc Records in 2000. Things hit a snag, though, later that year, when he was sentenced to jail for being in a stolen car. Luckily, Pimp C’s Trill Entertainment business partners, Turk and Mel, came through with bail and a recording contract that partnered the troubled teen with fellow Baton Rouge youngster Webbie. Within a five-year span, the duo dropped two joint efforts, along with their respective solo work.

So to hear him tell it, the attention Boosie’s been getting lately is way late in coming. “I feel like I’ve been overlooked for a long time,” he says, his pinched, high-register voice sounding even edgier than usual. “When Cash Money was dropping hits, I was dropping hits… Real talk, if I had a $10 million budget, I’d be selling millions.”

He’s probably getting closer to something like that. After Trill secured a deal with Atlantic Records, he scored his first countrywide radio play last year with the Yung Joc–assisted “Zoom” (on which Boosie says he carries a Glock ’cause he’s “paranoid like ’Pac”). And this past summer, he ascended another level, with his song-stealing verse on the “Wipe Me Down (Remix)” (on which Boosie claims he and his cohorts are “famous like the Ninja Turtles”), from Trill’s Survival of the Fittest compilation. “When I put my verse on that mutha-fucka, it just took off to other places,” he says in the midst of prepping his forthcoming set, Show the World: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz. “They done let me get in the door. Everybody get their time to shine. Now it’s mine.”
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  • str8100

    1st bitches do ya thang boosie keep talkin that guttah shit that hood niggaz want hear

  • Danny

    Boosie Go Hard!!!

  • triplesixninja

    boosie is a cold knicca!

  • Snakeyez

    Jury’s still out on this cat but I ain’t gonna front his verse on Wipe Me Down was hot. Me being from Savannah he was hot down here for years but I was away for a few years so he’s pretty new to me and I am gonna lend him my ear for now.


    who??? the next pac?… stop nicca, just stop….

  • mikey

    man dont hate if u dont know boosie he bout that real shit u need to get up on it if u aint know * Stop Hatin*

  • Me

    If u really think he the next pac, you need to really to stand in the corner… He alright, but thats it. HE LOOK LIKE FLAVA FLAV!!!

  • Fayce

    Boosie Reprensents Everyone, Hard & Soft Times No Matter What You Say or Think About Him. And Love His Musik For That. I’ve never Been On Hatin In Hip-Hop “But” What Everyone (You) Forgets About HIP-HOP Is That We jus Express OurSelves The Best Way We Can And Know How 2. BOOSIE KEEP DOIN YA THANG!! I’ll Be There With Ya Soon.


  • Nick

    I completly agree with the comparison to tupac… i mean if you honestly listen to even HALF of what this dude has put out, all his underground shit that i kno these hater’s aint heard yet, there is no way anyone wouldnt compare him with 2pac he’s a living legend ya’ll jus aint caught on yet! he had fans that love him with a passion, hes on some real shit no doubt!!

  • Karl Fats

    All you bitch niggas and hoes stop hatin on this man i’m from Baton Rouge and no i’m not saying he’s this hard ass nigga because I don’t know him like that but his muzik speaks for its self this nigga been doing this shit for years and his shit has always been hot yall niggas just getting it so to all yall that don’t know if you need to do some research on his shit call information and get a local muzik store in B.R. to see what i’m talking bout before you start hatin bitches.


    boosie kills every track he’s on, but he still isnt recognized. Boosies album was hot as shit. it needed more than 1 single. Listen to boosie drop it on Zoom, Movies, The way I live, I smoke I drank, Wipe me down, adios, Fuck You, and set it off.

  • JOSH [225]


  • ratchet mane

    man all u niggas hatin on boosie fuck u in the ass wit a long aids dick he is the next pac even better he speak the str8 truth from his mutha fuck heart

  • ratchet mane

    man all u niggas hatin on boosie fuck u in the ass wit a long aids dick he is the next pac even better he speak the str8 truth from his mutha fuck heart


    real talk, boosie been runnin the boot state for a couple years now and he’s the hardest out end of story. oh and yes i did say that BOOSIE is runnin louisiana not wayne, juve, b.g., or hurricane chris. them motha fuckers are hard as fuck and im not hatin on them at all but boosie is LOUISIANA! 318 STAND UP!

  • that guy

    BOOSIE is the man! i fucks with his music hard

  • JasonKeith734

    Boosie the only nigga keepin it gangsta in this day in age. Listen to the depth in the nigga songs. Fuck Papoose, Saigon they albums aint never comin out.

  • nellz


  • geree

    all i have to say if you dont like bossie you a lame

  • Ruff Huff

    i used to hate on boosie thinkin he was just a generic crunk rapper… but the song “cold bloooded” really won it over for me… it opened my mind to his other shit and now im a fan… he is pretty raw… he isnt really the most lyrical like vocabulary wise… but he does put thought and emotion into his music… i spits some raw ass real shit…


    yea boosie da truth on dat mic…take a listen for da onez who aint never tried to give em a chance & u should change yo mind…go to & type boosie name in…& u gon see sum old shit not all of it though

  • Rob

    good looking out XXL for adding Boosie to this list…”going thru some thangs” is my shit

  • G jewel

    I luv wut he’s doin badazz-ly but his watch in the pic is too much…lol

  • HuntsV

    If you don’t like boosie..Fuck You, Your kids and your kids, kids…shit he real, the comparison too tupac is not flow wise..but how he speaks his heart and how you can go to LOUISIANA and ask about his nigga an they gone be like yeah he real, they bang this nigga shit harder than lil wayne shit I’m fom Alabama we been on this nigga since he drop Ghetto Stories what you know bout that!!!! So all these niggas thats puttin boosie down go do your research and I wont have too tell you he tha realist right now!!!!!!!

  • j.roc

    boosie tha shit i been followin him ever since youngest of tha camp tha whole trill ent comin hard and they takin ova as well as lava house and hurricane chris ratchet city movement

  • red_girl

    Baton Rouge_225 “stand up” Lil Boosie & Lil Webbie is tha shit they rockin shit down here in “tha Boot” so pick ya faces up Hoes & niggas cuz u see more of them

  • Pmzkidd07

    yo he the best nigga out there aint no lie hard shit cnt wait 4 new shit to come main!

  • L Collins

    Point BLANK: Boosie been the shit. Yall better check him out. From back in the day to the future(days past this shit) BOOSIE BAD AZZ been going off and keeping it real and ya best believe he ain’t quiting yet. Its been a long time coming for BOOSIE. So to yall haters, get a hobbie cuz BOOSIE and TRIll Fam fixing to give the game what its been waiting for.





  • Blake_str8_outta_BR225

    mane look im from BR i kno watsup so ya’ll just get ready …cuz really like he said……” it be the same ole shit cuz niggaz hate it when you shine, finally on fire so i aint letting you takin’ mine, same ole bitch jump im my face wastin time , same ole click dats get srpaid wit that iron

  • Chris aka Mr.NASCAR 601

    Man I been listenin to Boosie since I was in da 11th grade.I’m a Junior in college now so you know da fuckin deal iz.Boosie is da best rapper alive.He harder than Wayne.He harder than T.I.If don’t know his struggle well u better get on his shit.Cuz dats da realest shit down here in da South.So all yall lame ass niggas might as well stop runnin yo mouth.Peace out.

  • lil boosie

    Tha boi done blow up

  • HateOnItBytches

    U wanna talk shit? U wanna run ya mouth?
    U want some gangstas front yo muthafuckin house?
    We’ll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch off
    We’ll set this bitch off, set this bitch off
    They call me Bad Azz, and I’ll punish you
    You ain’t my equal, we ain’t people and I ain’t one of you
    Since ’98 I grabbed my plate up off the lunch table
    I told mama I’m thugging outside we don’t need cable
    Now I’m the nipples on the titty, the motor called a “Hemi”
    I’m the v-12 in that 760, you nigga’s bitches
    We real niggas with g-codes
    We love to go in beast mode
    We thuggin, we all got bread so if we fall we the crutches
    We the dodo in the dutchess
    I’m the photo in the camera
    I’m the pistol when it snap ya’
    I got the sickest beemer, I got the sickest magnum, I got the sickest charger
    Ya’ll’s 30 mines 40
    I told ya nigga’s Weebie & me, fo you get stretched in the street
    This the day that u gonna be deceased fa playing with a beast
    I told Turk take off my collar
    I’m finna take it there
    You niggas ain’t play at my projects, ya’ll played at the fair
    Trill Entertainment, that’s my thugs there
    That’s love there
    D.A. don’t search my house cuz ain’t no muthafucking drugs there
    We smart with this shit, we got retarded with this shit
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    Man i be thuggin, i be fresh, i be superclean
    With gucci shades wit some j’s you ain’t never seen
    The race car jacket with bout 80 fucking patches, with the car to match it
    Tony Stewart, it’s a classic
    Ya’ll penny pinchin nigga, we spending on ya’ll niggas
    Call savage from the back, come pour some Henny on these niggas, maan
    You don’t wanna fuck wit me
    I learned from the streets, yeah
    I roll wit my heat, yeah
    Never turn on my peeps cuz I’m gutta
    Came out my mama a hustla
    Been through the rain and the pain, now I’m a dirty muthafucka
    I’ll hurt a muthafucka, set it off in this bitch
    Ya’ll niggas coughing in this bitch, we flossing in this bitch
    And I walk real well, fuck going to jail
    Come home and set it off and get ya mail, nigga
    I got a mind full of evil thoughts
    So don’t get ya people caught round my people house
    Cuz believe me I’m gone set it off bitch

    Oh you bucked up and fucked up and you ain’t got no mind
    Don’t even respect ya elders no you ain’t respecting mine
    But I’m gone hit you wit that nine, put some sense in ya nigga
    Shoulda put something on ya ass when u was a lil nigga
    Now that u wanna play wit the real niggas
    well set it off
    Bitch u scared to let it off, plus ya daddy wasn’t no dog
    Ya mama had more heart than ya daddy bitch ass
    U ain’t gone set nothing off, that’s who made u soft
    Bitch u wanna come in dat south, where it get dumb in that drought
    Where nigga’s wild out like O-dog and run in yo house
    And run in yo mouth, it’s crucial
    Watch what u say bout Boosie
    Cuz Boosie to oozie’s
    It’s crucial
    Ain’t never had shit but I’ll fuck a bad bitch
    Quicker that u can count to 6, 1-2-3-4-5-6 she hit
    I don’t play, I lay laws, u my size I break jaws
    I get disrespected at all, I set it off niggaaaaa

    I set it off in this muthafucka, Don’t make me let it off in this muthafucka
    And you gone respect a dog up in this muthafucka
    Cuz I’ll set it off


    I was hating hard on lil man when I first moved to BR to attend SUBR…but now…shit…



  • dez

    boosie iz tha truth wayne lost his street years ago

  • young murder

    whats up lil boosie i see ya do yo thing g’s all across da world cashville chif next til da gov i see whats up wit ya i hear ya.