Joe Budden
Free At Last

It’s official: Joe Budden is off Def Jam. Find out what really happened from the man himself.

The ongoing saga of Joe Budden is one that has spawned endless speculation and debate amongst his fans and critics both on and offline. A versatile MC who has proven he can move clubgoers and mixtape aficionados alike, the Jersey City native seemed poised for mainstream success. After entering the game as a virtual unknown, Jumpoff Joe made a name for himself through a string of notable appearances on mixtapes by popular New York DJ’s like Kay Slay and DJ Clue. He eventually caught the attention of then Def Jam executives Kevin Liles and Lyor Cohen, who signed him to the storied label. His first single, the infectious Just Blaze produced “Pump It Up,” caught on like wildfire and even earned him a Grammy nod, but ultimately revealed little of the multi-faceted MC behind it.

On the strength of “Pump It Up,” Joe’s self titled 2003 debut album scanned a respectable 500,000 units. But rather than capitalizing off his momentum, Def Jam seemed to be pushing the young artist onto the backburner. His sophomore effort, The Growth, never materialized and fans began to speculate that internal politics were to blame. When longtime Def Jam breadwinner and soon-to-be label president Jay-Z jumped on the “Pump It Up” instrumental with a fiery verse that some felt was aimed at Budden himself, it only fueled the conspiracies. Jay has categorically denied that he is responsible for blackballing Joey at Def Jam, but the rumors persist. As he languished in limbo for years on the label’s crowded roster, Budden kept his name in the streets with two critically acclaimed mixtapes with DJ On Point, Mood Muzik Vol. 1and 2. Hailed as one of the best mixtapes of 2005, Mood Muzik 2 left fans even more eager than ever for another Joe Budden LP.

Finally, Joe Budden has been released from his Def Jam contract and plans on dropping the third installment in the Mood Muzik series this December (the mixtape can be pre-ordered here). Weighing in at 18 tracks and featuring production by little known New Jersey duo The Classics, Regular Joe promises that the release will set off the new year with a bang. While he’s understandably tight-lipped about what label he expects to land at next, he says he has several deals on the table and he expects to have something finalized by the first quarter of 2008. recently spoke to Budden about what went wrong at Def Jam and why we’ve heard so little new music over the past couple of years.

How did you finally secure your release from Def Jam?
It was mostly a mutual thing. My only concern was being let go without any contingencies. I didn’t want to have to sign somewhere else and owe Def Jam money or have them get a portion of all proceeds or all profits. I didn’t want to be in the red. I wanted to be able to keep the material that I recorded while I was there, which is one reason I never handed them any of my music—I always just held onto it. So yeah, I’m off of Def Jam, I don’t owe them any money and it was a mutual thing. I don’t harbor any bad feelings towards them at all.

So you own all of the music you recorded while under contract with them?
Yes, I have it. It’s in my possession. My hands. But most of it they haven’t even heard. I stopped letting Def Jam hear music a long time ago. They didn’t believe; they didn’t have any faith. And that’s not a knock against them, but it always befuddled me how somebody could put an album out and sell 500,000 records and win awards, and receive all these accolades and be nominated for a Grammy and just never see the light of day ever again.

Why do you think you weren’t a priority over there despite the relative success of your first project?
I mean, it’s always a different reason with them. At one point I was running around talking reckless about Def Jam. So, niggas might of felt some type of way about that. But I apologized and I made amends to everybody I needed to and from that point on I stopped talking that way about Def Jam. And then it was the music. And the music was great. I swear if I let you hear these records that were being looked over, you wouldn’t be able to understand it either. So I can’t really pinpoint what it was. Maybe somebody just personally didn’t like Joe Budden. But the important part is, the people that signed me to Def Jam and believed in me and had faith in me, those aren’t the same people that are there working there now. Kevin [Liles] and Lyor [Cohen] signed me. Kevin and Lyor ain’t there. So who’s to say that Jay and L.A. would’ve signed me in the first place? I was kind of the leftovers. I was part of the leftover crew, and you see how they do the leftovers. Red and Meth, no Freeway album, what they did to Bleek, what they did to the Young Gunz. Even how they tried to do Nas. I mean, it didn’t really work, but they tried to shove him under the rug and not really pay him too much attention. But the name Nas garners attention and he had a great record. But they didn’t really exhaust their energy on his project. So I mean, maybe I was too opinionated. I refuse to let that happen to me again.

Your name came up last week at a listening session for Jay’s new album. He was asked if you were ever going to put out another album…
They asked Jay and he said absolutely nothing.

Well what he said was…
He said absolutely nothing. I walked away from [reading] that, and even as a fan or just reading that, I didn’t get anything from that. What he said was, “We can do this and then you’ll be mad.” And he said he put out Juelz and Beanie has a record with R.Kelly, “I’m not blocking anybody.” He may not be blocking anybody, but he certainly isn’t helping anybody. But who says he has to? He’s Jay-Z, he’s close to being a billionaire, regarded as one of the best lyricists in the game. Who’s to say those are his concerns, or [they] have to be? When you’re the president of the label, I would assume that they would be. I would assume that you should be behind the desk trying to figure out how to get your label to pop like Kevin Liles used to do, instead of being on the Summer Jam stage, instead of being on tour or at Madison Square Garden or instead of promoting your own album. There’s a conflict of interest there.

I hear what you’re saying.
Or jumping on every Rihanna record. What the fuck?

Jay told XXL in 2006 that the reason Def Jam hasn’t released your new album is because you never handed in a completed project.
That’s an empty answer also. That doesn’t say anything. That doesn’t give the people anything. I’ve been recording for ages. You’ve never asked for a Joe Budden album. Nobody at Def Jam has ever asked for a Joe Budden album. I was without a recording budget for two years. Two and a half, three years I’d say. I was without an A&R for two years. Everybody keeps talking about what they don’t have, like, “We don’t have the album, we’re not blocking it.” Nobody’s talking about what happened and what’s happening. Let’s deal with facts and let’s deal with reality. I put “Gangster Party” out, it got spins, ya’ll left it for dead. I said, “Put me in with Timbaland,” I came back with a hit record and ya’ll never did nothing with it, and then ya’ll left me to sit there. And then I said, “okay, three years later, maybe they’re right, maybe I don’t have the records. Let me go get in with Just Blaze.” And then I tell Just Blaze’s manager to call up there and pay for the session and they don’t wanna pay for the session, so I paid for it out of pocket. Again. Everything I did at Def Jam was out of pocket. So I really have just all this time been waiting for this day to come.

Didn’t you ever approach anybody at Def Jam and ask why you didn’t have a recording budget?
I’ve been in conversations with Jay and L.A. [Reid, chairman of Island Def Jam] but, L.A. is not really hip-hop. That’s what he hired Jay-Z to do. I left my conversation with Jay empty again, with no answers and no responses. I set my mind up quite some time ago that I wanted to be released from Def Jam. Which is why I’ve been quiet and dormant for two years. They were thinking about dropping me when I put Mood Muzik 2 out. Then I put Mood Muzik 2 out and they decided to keep me. So I wasn’t going to have that happen this time. Mood Muzik 3 has been done for quite some time. Put it out for what? So my record label who does absolutely nothing with me can decide to keep me just because I can generate some type of interest on the street? I refuse to do that.

So you’ve been intentionally holding Mood Muzik 3?
I intentionally did not release any music for two years. It’s not because I’m lazy, it’s not because I can’t record, it’s not because I didn’t have anything to say. It’s not because I didn’t want to rap. But it would be pointless. I’d be doing it in vein. Why, so the fans can get mad at me again and say what the fuck is up with Joe Budden? He sparks the match and doesn’t do anything? Nope. Enough of that.

Was that a tough decision on your part?
Working and not releasing anything, it killed me, ’cause I get an adrenaline rush off people hearing what I’m doing. But it had to be done. So hopefully we’ll have a new home by January/February. I’m not signing anywhere that’s not excited to have me. I’m not signing anywhere to anybody who doesn’t plan on putting a Joe Budden album out as soon as I get there.

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  • shad860

    first. its about damn time they let joey go maybe now the world will get to realize how great of a rapper dude really is

    • 8883K’RIEM


  • jordan

    Joe Budden sounds just like LL complainin about Hov. Shit I wouldnt be puttin they music out either. LL is my man but he sounds like a real idiot bitchin and cryin cuz his album sucked. Buddens is just a bitch. guy is fuckin garbage. Why dont you tell em how u made up some fake ass story to leave the regional hip hop battles cuz u was scared of my cutty Mistah F.A.B. Buddens u will never be popular and I hope u just give up.

    • odacrab

      First of all Jay-z is a dick he needs to run def jam like a president not like an artist. He didn’t want to put out Joe Budden because he knows Joey will destroy any of his artist he has at def jam. 2nd Jay-z is gay he needs to retire because all his albums that have came out lately suck he’s too old for the rap game blue magic is fucking wack give it up u became a president so u don’t have to depend on yopur low album sales to live. 3rd and finally Joe ate his ass on the pump it up diss track and I think jay wasn’t expecting that. And no I’m not a Jay hatter but u have to admit Joey isn’t the only artist on def jam that had problems with Jay as a poresident u have Meth Red Dmx LL,T.I, Ludacris and who knows how many others

    • -Cane-

      first off fuck the haters writing on here if you gonna hate why waste ur time…cuz your a hater and thats what you do so get the fuk on and shut the fuck up cuz joey will rip anybody in a 16 even jay if he dont watch himself joey will put him in a box and nail it shut joe is the truth cant wait for the growth to kill the game!

    • bighustle

      anybody got trash to talk about Joe Budden i suggest pickin up a copy of Mood Music pt.2 before they make those type of statements. Without a doubt one of the greatest mixtapes of all times. F that, that joint was an album, 15+ trax of original beats and all of em was good-fire. Maybe his style ain’t ur cup of tea, but anyone who i put on to that mixtape who never felt Budden before got converted soon after i let them sit down and listen to it. I myself am a Joe Budden convert.

  • norman

    Joe Budden is pissed cuz he ain’t relevant…first!!!

  • sk


  • jburg

    good, now go sign with gunit or aftermath and make some good shit over some nice beats! i am glad he i off defense jam, they were fucking him. dude’s album was nice, we need more good shit from joe.

    • RegularJoe

      HELL NO!

  • Abc123

    Lol,this dude is a psycho.smh @ him thinking that anybody besides his 20 family members registered on his site want to listen to him.his name was all over the place in 2003 but look at how he flopped,130k first week(under 390k in total) when are supposed to be the next biggest rapper after 50cent.having more posters and boards than cube and snoop combined in L.A and u still catch a hard brick!im sure kevin liles will be more than happy to learn that his tax write-off is on the loose and ready to pollute the payola airwaves with his horrible voice-pump it up wtf??if u thought that snap music is horrible then u dont know what are in for AGAIN. these one payola hit wonders never go away,do they?

  • Casper

    Old news but it’s good to hear it for a 2nd time


  • BlakJustice

    Enough of the Madd Rappers already. Suck it up and shut up!!!!!

  • BK Cyph

    Joey is a beast! I bet at this point he could go platinum on Koch!

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  • Shawty Reg

    Everything that glitters aint gold. Remember that.

    Boss Statik to hit the streets of N.O. real soon!!

  • Belize

    Yo Im a jigga fan..but! Joey – PISS ON THAT NUCCA!

    Thank You

  • Bryant Oden

    Hold it down Joe. We got you at Atlantic Records. Ain’t that right Kevin. Cut the check let’s go!! lol

  • http://xxlmag BK Repper

    I fucks wit joe but i remember when his album didnt sell and he was in the xxl mag explaining all of his songs and the verses that the people didnt catch and i thought that was corny on him. Whoever is the best rap label if he signed to them he’s still not gonna sell. He’s not going to admit it but game fucked his career up he, dissed joe and then sold 5 mill but i wish joe the best i like his music but if he’s gonna sell he has to top pump it up commercially and i dont see that happening

  • The Ether Man


  • http://www.myspace.comfrisocrepresenter antdeshawn1

    Jumpoff joe is a BEAST on the mic mood muzik 2 is 1 of the best mixtapes ever!
    Def jam is basically and r and b label with a few hiphop artist! They was fucken joe anyway just put that damn MM3 out dammit

  • Chad Biggz

    Sign a one album deal wit Koch. Go Gold. And jump right back to a major later. But put an album out next year.

  • yaboy

    joe budden is the truth. real talk.

  • nappy_pappy

    yea thats what im talkin bout get signed and put out some fire… i just hope he hasnt lost his buzz that last album shoulda been a XXL cus I think i only skipped over one track

  • John Black

    first album was dope. mixtape shit was always dope. looking forward to hearing some more dope shit.

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  • nation

    nice comments section

  • Snakeyez

    About damn time! Man I love Joe’s shit I can’t wait for the new album to drop.

  • defjam Icon sux

    I’ll get the new Jigga album. But I won’t buy it.

  • allcityunseen

    yo i agree with homie. jay-z could have done a little more. joe has a fan base. if jay-z would have brought his new artist to hot 97 when he first recieved the postion at def jam it would have put the artist in a better postion. its like when you seen lyor in the limo with jay . it gave jay-z a better look . the roc is one of the reason why ny and east hiphop is what it is. good or bad. i dont think its jays fault because this was a new postion for him. i dont even think he did a bad job. i just think he did a good joe on putting on philly and some artist in ny . in jersey you had joe budden , and sam scarfo. and serious jones on dtp . there alot of money in jersey that would have brought more the the def jam brand like what red man did in the 90. but i not hating i just saying what it is . there is no more artist devolopemnet at labels . and everyone think you are supposed to work as ahrd as jay-z to get shine but everyone was hustling drugs so it put the artist in a fucked up state. the people in controll put the bar toooooooooooooo high

  • Jordany

    I love Joe Budden’s music, i believe he’s one of the best MC’s in the game but, there’s no way in hell that he should be blaming Hov for his album not coming out, it has been well documented that his budget for his debut was 3 million dollars and he only sold 500,000 records (to date, and it was released in ’03), so the people who signed him Lyor, Kevin and them fucked his whole situation up, not Jay or L.A. Reid. And all that shit about Def Jam never asking him for an album sounds like bullshit to me, what is that supposed t mean ”Oh, Def Jam ain’t asking me for an album so i’m just gon chill). Mood Muzik 2 came out in ’05, it’s about to be ’08 and part 3 still has no release date, fuck that, this nigga’s just lazy, it’s a fucking Mixtape (for promotional use only) work on it and put it out, that’s why you’re never be a successful artist. Instead of bitchin about Jay doing his thing, he should be doing his part. With all that said, i can’t wait for Mood Muzik 3 and hopefuly an album, love u Joey.

    • mika

      he could of put the mixtape out to generate buzz, but for what…def jam made it clear that they aint fuckin wit him so wats the point? ….and i think gold IS respectable, off of ONE single!!!so now that he off he plans to put it out get it poppin off for 08 then hopefully find a label that will actually back him…his fans, true fans, still gon be there it aint changed. how long we been waiting on MM3????if anything his base has grown, like he said its hard to be a budden fan, he aint lazy he just waiting on the right time

  • wms the sultan
  • Lion2GunzUp

    Its. Its … Its….Its about time. For that On Top Muzik. No matter where dude goes hes gonna do it big. If he waits patiently until MM3 Drops, and its as ill as he says it is, (better than MM2)every lable BUT Def Jam will be on his nuts! Who ever gets him is gonna make sum 1′s thats Definite. In my eyes this is like Lebron James becoming a free agent. Joey keep doin it!!! 1

    • JasonKeith734

      Lebron James? More like Harold Minor matter of fact Sam Perkins. Fuck Joe Buddens his career aint nothin but smoke and mirrors. I want Cassidy to battle him and rip him to shreds. Only hot rappers to ever come out of Jersey is Redman, Treach and Wonder Mike from the Sugarhill Gang.

      • mika

        man on everything watch joey do like 3 million

  • putemup

    He can go platinum because he is very marketable. Joey is the truth.. JERZ!

  • RaisedOnBiggieNPac

    heard Irv Gotti held a meeting with Joe Budden

  • Niccole Carrington

    This is why Joe is my favorite MC. You get the real gutta truth no time to fake it. He is always giving me what I ask for… which is CRACK music and the truth… I already have M.M 3 on pre-order and can’t wait for his album to drop. I have been waiting patiently and believe me it’s worth the wait cuz he is DAT DUDE!!! People be doubtin my dude but when he drop that fiyah then everybody going wanna be on his team. I have been a rida since day one. I have crazy amounts of his music…. I can truly say I’m his number one fan….

  • http://www, nessnice

    joey should do a deal over at koch for the mood music projects.


    you really wanna piss Jay and Def Jam off? Sign wit Dame Dash. That would be tough… thats why Dame picked him up the 1st time. he wanted a jay “replacement” that got under Hov skin cuz he knew he had a shot. look a all the internet love Joe gets. it ain’t just USA that know him he is known all over…if you think not take a trip to london. they fiend for joe more than NY/NJ niggas!! thats real talk! so rappers be scare. this is what the people wanted. Joe is the people’s artist. so anybody else is dead…and Hov might be the goliath that joe gotta slay. i’m the biggest hov fan( hell i’m callin him Hov for GOD sakes) but i believe Joe and what he says. and i know you can’t put it past jay to pull some sucka shit like that. but its all good. FREE AT LAST. MM3!!!!!

  • Rizzop

    You people are idiots! It not a mistake that every artist from the late 90′s has gotten fucked by the label DMX, RED, METH,LL, ghostface etc. These all happen to be Jay-Z peers from when he was out and i highly doubt them getting one video and no promotion is not done intentionally. Especially when dude is doing shows and still doing albums and you see his face everywhere

    • Cr

      Well, DMX left Def Jam. Went to Sony. Still bitched about Jay and L.A. Reid. Released the album. It flopped. *nuff said*

      Ghost, LL got videos. Singles w/ other successfull artist Neyo, J.LO.


      I just can’t get with the whole “they didn’t ask for an album thing.” That sounds a little like working for a company and saying oh they didn’t ask me to work, they didn’t ask me to show up. And I really don’t see how he can speak on Bleeks, Freeway or Young Gunz situation. I don’t think thier situation is the same as his.

      He’s off the label now. I want to see what happens. I want to see the push he gets from his new label, (if he even gets one), the amount of success he receives and the number of albums he sells. Same thing with LL when that time comes.

  • Lynx

    There are always 2 sides to a story. Jigga really is my nigga but… said it yourself Jay. “This what happen when they make that rapper CEO”. (credit to previous post) That money may have been messed up from the beginning with the budgeting, but at the end of the day, this dude can sell, the record went gold and as CEO from an ARTIST point of view, I woulda jumped on that Jay. Instead, what i’m seeing is your marketing plan for you, Kanye and Rihanna, NOBODY else. That garbage young gunz put out was an embarrassment. We been wating for Freeway and Joey for years now. And what….”American Gangster”?, definately not “Kingdom Come”. It’s becomming a graveyard over there. You gon run that lable right into the ground Hov. Yeah I said it!

  • Ron Lee



    • Cr

      Dude, calm down damn lmao

    • REESE

      UMMMMM “RON LEE”……..










  • L.C.

    I hate when people speak on others motivation when it comes to money. Most billionaires continue to try and make money they don’t stop when they get a few million and just be content they want more! with that said for them to say Jay does not care because he almost a billionaire is just ridiculous why wouldn’t he try to make more money. And complaining about other artist sorry everybody he named was not selling before Jay-z became president point blank. Jay didn’t want to sign Kanye as a rapper either but he was hot and demanded his spot why can’t all these other so called rappers do the same if you so hot and know you hot, can’t nobody deny you for too long. Joey will never go platinum and will only be able to sign with KOCH. think about it, if the all time Hip Hop label don’t want you or know what to do with you what makes you think these other labels who aren’t “rap labels” will know what to do with you. He will be in another magazine again talking about the next person who signs him and why he wasn’t selling and how they was holding him back.

  • Lion2GunzUp

    Response to the hater jasonkeith734,
    Joes not “Smoke an Mirrors he’s the windex n’ the nappkins!!!” Mu Fuc#@ Lion

  • Game Over

    If he was finished with Mood Music 3 over those two years, why is it STILL not finished YET. he’s talking about he’s ‘one song away’. wtf??? why didn’t you finish the whole album in those two years? budden is bugging….juelz put in work and he got a release date, even when dipset was openly beefing with jay. budden put in no work, didn’t finish mood music 3 YET and he never got a release date. do the math.

  • C-Squarez

    Joe, I hope you read this. I never post on blogs because there never has been a reason to. But I have to say that I am happy for you Joe. You are a lyrical giant and I hate that people don’t see that. Hov is my favorite rapper to be real but he is actin like an asshole right now. When Mood Music 3 comes out imma have it in the car for 3 months like I did Mood Music 1&2. I’m listenin to “Dumb Out” right now man. Keep ya head up Joey. And I know I don’t have to tell you to not mind the haters.

  • seye daddy

    ight… what he said is understandable in regards top mm2 and mm3 and not dropping any tracks. i give u another chance joey. im still a fan.

  • Goon74

    Joe Budden is a clown. Son is a lil nice but overall he’s wack. It is what it is.

  • Yancey

    Buddens is one of the best rappers thats left. I mean have you heard that join ” Ten Mins”?. Once you get tired of hearing worthless rap like ” Im flat like plasmas, i smoke like forest fires, i bang like banggers” you need someone who really knows how to rap.. Its true that the industry promotes dumb stuff like soulja boy and whoever else can make two words rhym after the end of a snap. Im tired of Jay-z , im tired of niggas who can only rhym ass with cash. LETS BRING BACK THE RAP WARS TO ELIMINATE THE FAKE LYRICSTS

  • DJ Spoon

    Fuck sales, fuck radio, fuck TV, fuck Def Jam, fuck Jay-Z (as a label president). Joe Budden is an artist. He deserves to be heard. That’s why hip hop is stuck in park right now. Because talent and emotion don’t matter in hip hop. Keep doing the Superman.

  • illijah

    Game over, yo Juelz and Joey are two different type of emcee. Juelz doesnt really put out the kind of thought provoking music like “Three Sides of a Story”. Juelz is tight in his own right, but hes not really the kind of artist where your gon be like, “wow, homey put in work on that track”. I do think Joey may be lazy, but how can you have your heart into a project if you know its only going to get minimum effort put in by the label? This is why i think dipset has the right idea over these mixtape heads, use a label like koch to pump out mixtape style albums to prove that you can move units on soundscan.

  • yessir

    Jay is ma dude but as a president he need to focus on his artists more than his own albums. Jay-z claims that he likes artists with talent and creativity. If thats is the case, he has something else against Buddens. Even Ray Charles can see that Budden has that creativity and puts out that good music that the hood wanna hear and people feel. I didn’t believe the shit at first as a (hustler) Jay-z is MOSTLY looking out for SHAWN CARTER’S best interest. I guess at this point he is all about the hustle because you can tell by KINGDOM COME and his new songs for AMERICAN GANGSTER.

  • S.Fraze

    Ay Joe man its all to the Good jer-z gon pop cuz jer-z has to pop..They just not gettin what jer-z is out here….its like the Chronic album out here man…but im ride’n with you my nig..Jay-z is gonna be Jay-z..but you know he CO-NECT-ED with the “others”..if you catch my drift..but its funny how i would… we all await…THIS IS THE BIGGEST BUZZ YOU HAD YET MY NIGGA..GET MONEY!!!HA!-MONEY -100

  • paul f lames

    joe got that crack

    hov is blackballin

    if you like buddens check out my music

  • d0inwutid0

    fuck joe budden why is this dude even being talked about he had one radio hit about 5 years ago

  • DruCartier

    It’s Spelled the klasix not the classics

  • Danny

    How come anybody needs to be told that Jay Z is not a record executive but an artist. It truly shows. How could you be shelving projects and promoting yourself. it’s a definite conflict of interest there. And damn you folks who can’t see that. That Jay Z dude is really selfish, like Cam’ron (where he at) said Joe Camel is a selfish greedy nitwit who has been put on a pedestal for no apparent reason. Those dudes at Def jam who hired him are the real idiots for that.
    Is like hiring Nas to be an executive when he doesn’t have the skills to do that. No disrespect to Mr. Jones but he’s a real artist but no business man.
    Why do I waste my breath anyway….nobody cares anyway

  • Autumn

    thank fucking god joe!!! def jam just lost out. i hope you get on a good label that puts you right out. your first album is classic shit. someone good give this man a deal!!

  • Al Jeezy The Boss

    Joey is the dude that went 2 war with 50 and game and killed both of them 2 the point when they started beef with each other 50 used what budden said about game if u did know go back and listen to some old joey mixtapes also find some of mood musik 1 and 2.

  • bighustle

    Joe wasn’t the only dude to get dicked at Def Jam and unlike LL Cool J, Budden can actaully make a hot album. Anyone who got somethin bad to say about Joe Budden needs to get their hands on a copy of Mood Music pt 2. Trust me, i was like a lot of ya’ll at first like “who is this washed up nigga, his voice is annoying etc etc.” My dude recommended it to me, i gave it a chance and i realized dude is a lot nicer than most niggas out right now. I don’t even consider Mood Music 2 a mixtape, that joint was an album, 15+ trax of original production, lyrical content, and sure-fire flow. Even if he ain’t ur cup of tea, listen to that mixtape/album and i guarantee you’ll be wonderin why the f**k Def Jam didn’t release his album.

  • Jerzeys Only

    Joey is right Def jam was Fuckin up on everybodys project.

    Fab-Nothin to somethin Trash (I like fab shit though )

    Red & Meth- Nothin Good from them since how high

    LL- Nuff said

    Josey get @’em first Quarter let them know what they missed out on.

  • Shawty J

    As skilled as Jay-Z is a lyricist, If I were a rapper I’d never do business with him, even if it mean’t passing on an opportunity to work with him. Jay-Z openly admitted taking the job as Def Jam’s president so he could gain ownership to his masters. Jay’s main focus has been on the artist he signed himself, that being Jeezy, Loso, Rhianna, Ne-Yo, etc…aside from those I named, Ludacris, and Kanye, Jay isn’t pushing any other artist on the label, at one point Def Jam was the strongest label in Hip-Hop with an all-star line up, look at it now.
    I’m glad Budden is off the label, his art wasn’t being put out there like it should’ve been. Unfortuantely this means he’ll have to start his career and regain his buzz since it’s been some years since he dropped an album.

  • maine -murray

    joe will eat any rapper out(hurrican chris,soulja boy,lil wayne all those wack down south rappers that’s eating sayin’ nothing….u remember he got a jay z?????

  • Chriz B

    imma make it short & simple. Jay needs to correct his position as a president. i don’t blame joe for holding back material (QUALITY material at that!!!). He’s free now so lets uplift some of that real hip-hop that jumpoff has to offer. hopefully he’s gonna cake off alot more now.

  • Latino Heat

    i agree with alot of what he said about left overs at def jam. redman’s shit was hot but nobody even knew it dropped. but i got a album sampler for the growth about two years ago there was about five snippets on there and honestly all of them were pretty wack. if that was how the whole album sounded i see why it never dropped. anyway dude is nice though hopefully he’ll go to koch and drop some fire like Keith Murray did. fuck def jam koch the new home for real hip hop. (who would’ve ever thought?)

  • mega_tron_201

    I would def. cop the new joe buddens mixtape, bout time man, do yer thing fella.

    New Jerzee stand up!!!! =D

  • allcityunseen

    ok here the question. If you are a artist on the east Coast. You dont have no street investors to back you( you know what im taking about)or a big artist like 50cent or G-unit or whoever to back you .how do you pop off. i read one day they asked dame dash how would you come in the game. he said the game is way different then it was when they came in he didnt know. For yall to talk about jay money this and jay money is that is not the subject at hand. Its about if you are the God of rap the presindent save the east . right now all these artist are competing with Jay-z even the only that dont complain. Jay-Z statis is a superstar . when jay-z drops a album everybody elses fall of the earth on the east coast.No one on the east can compete. Bun b does songs with all the rappers from the south. its keep em moving from top to bottom. Snoop does the same. Trust me if the old school east rappers dont do the same there lagacy will fall off . trust me thats only order. In the next 5-10 years. kids wont know who they are. thats why dipset runs it. Im not taking about records sells. im taking about in movement. people are dressing like dipset . there a new order. when people talk about Jay-z because they thought he was going to bring more to the table( not saying he didnt do alot , but people wanted waaaaaaaaaaay more. Like when Eminem did for his fans . Em said im going to save hiphop. he sold 10 million plus then put out 50 cents. 50 cent inturn mad every east coast rapper either work together or step they game. its was charging of the gaurds. Em put out artist that just as nice as him.

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  • beewezze

    It’s about time he left. It is a shame that you have artist like: Meth, LL, Luda, Freeway, Ghost,Keith Murray,Nas and now Joe not get pushed like they suppose to. If Russell, Rick, Lyor, Kevin were still at Def. A lot of these artists would have gotten pushed like they suppose to. If their stuff wasn’t up too par, then you put them the producers that are going to get them that heat to be successful. No, instead were going to push Ne-yo and Rihanna-one Jigga’s smash buddies. They are ok artists but I don’t think they are as good as half of the artists that I mentioned. Jay’s is very dope artist but not a very good president or promoter when it comes to the artist who have been on the lable and are good but you are not trying to mess with them. As president, he need to fire himself and concentrate on being an artist since he hated to retire in the first place. LA as longs as he has been in the music game, he should know more about hip artists than saying “I hired Jay to handle that” That’s a cop-out excuse. I love when brother’s know they f-up and you know they f-up and then act like that not they didn’t. Be accountable and accept the fact that you haven’t done a good enough job to keep an eye on some of these artists at Def that are dying over there. The way Def is going, they going end like Bad Boy and they have to do a joint venture w/ some regional company just to keep there face out there.

  • T-Nard

    good joe is one of the best how the fuck you suppose to run a label when you worrying bout your own album

  • o.t.g.

    tha’s word. i hope this cat gets wit a fye label even if it ends up bein someone nobody ever heard of an do some real stuff. u got ppl whoz gon bang wit u no matter wat and ppl that jump on and off the gravey train then u got ppl who don’t got nothin better to do but criticize it’s all gravey tho look at’m now all i’m sayin is bet joey-b blow up.

  • TheHater1983

    The more I visit these sites and read the comments that people post the more i realize how fucking stupid some of you are. I mean let me say this first so my following statements don’t get misconstrued as hate or whatever, I am a Mouse (real niggas know) fan dude is nice(maybe top 5 alive at least 10). Now to say this I am Jay-Z(G.O.A.T.) fan. How the fuck does Joe Budden or any of these other artists like LL not selling help Jay? Why would the president of a company not want the artists under him to put out music? They are making him money if they sell, it’s not like like if joe budden takes off it’s gonna hurt Jay’s pockets. That shit doesn’t make sense. As far as the promotion for Kingdome Come, get the fuck out of here that a record label is giving anyone(Jesus Christ himself couldn’t get) an 11 million dollar budget. Jay has endorsement deals and was smart enough to parlae that into promotion for his album. Do you really thinnk Def Jam is out there paying Budweiser and HP to put Jay in comercials. Nah not gonna happen. Anyway fuck it Joe Budden is beast and i hope he puts out something. ON Top Muzik

  • I am Jay

    Joe is nice no doubt about it, and he did a nice job of addressing the situation. I agree that maybe Jay could of done more but, I also think Joe could of done more. I respect that he’s a man of principles and pride, but come on not bringing them any your music? That’s like me going to work everyday and not doing shit and then wondering why payroll didn’t cut the check at the end of the week. If you in the studio and you got fire why not bring it to someone like yo i got this song you need to hear the people need to hear. Fuck it they don’t listen, throw that shit on a mixtape, jump on a guest spot put it out there sustain a buzz my nucca. That’s why u got niggas out here running around claiming weezy the best(good not the best in my oppinion), cause dude is consistently hitting niggas over the head with his. Red and Meth is a whole other situation, that is more of the state of hip hop and the BUYING AUDIENCE. Unfortunately the people who buy the music don’t appreciate the classics. And LL is just Garbage get over it you ain’t sell cause your cd sucked point blank.

  • bayboiloaded

    joe budden sounds like my bitch in jail rappin wit a dick dick in his mouf holla bak this is a bay movement and one more thing fuck e40 he a biter a bbbiter,cum up wit ur own shit homeboy stop staeling from dre..BBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY Shit cuz im colder then a blizzard in alaska

  • bayboiloaded

    joe budden sounds like my bitch in jail rappin wit a dick dick in his mouf holla bak this is a bay movement and one more thing fuck e40 he a biter a bbbiter,cum up wit ur own shit homeboy stop staeling from dre..BBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY Shit cuz im colder then a blizzard in alaska or mount shasta boi ill blast ya

  • Bigman12

    I am a rocafella head, But JOey is real real nice and jay z knows it…. He is what the game is missing, NOT juelz Santana thats for damn sure

  • Glasscut360

    Seriously Joe buddens, thoughtfulness about the hidden things in the, “ghetto” hood whatever you want to call it is. God given seriously.. I havent heard any other artists do something like “Three sides to a story”. Every rapper seems to side-step real issues except for maybe kweli, The Roots. now Jump off budden is going to. Make all these insecure pant sagging so called hustlers pay.. Muthafuckers sell a 50 piece of crack all of a sudden they moving kilo.. WTF.. The crack game has been over years ago.. the BMF crew are a bunch of snitches.. I am sorry but the next president should be “Joe Budden” a rappers rapper for real.. No watered down bullshit ass blue grey magic whatever joe camel chooses to call it. btw Jayz pull your pants up. switching sides like you doing Jay will get you bodied one day.. Might be what happened to “Stack bundles R.I.P. but you were from illinois.

  • Gates

    Keep your head up Joey. You are one of realest rappers around nowadays. I think your 1st album was damn near a classic. Buddens is one of the few that actually says something worth listening to. Unlike those pop lock and drop it, snap your fingers, shake it like a salt-shaker clowns labels are signing and promoting now. It’s time real hip-hop lovers stand up and be counted. These motherfuckers are killing the artform and nothing is being done about it. And it’s not a South thing….it’s a whak thing!!! Garbage is garbage no matter where it comes from.

  • brett sutcliffe

    Just thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you design it for yourself? Really looks great!