Baby & Lil Wayne
Nobody Does It Better Part 2

Birdman Lil Wayne

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, y’all moved to Miami. It seems like the city has definitely been a good place for you guys, as far as music and productivity.
Baby: Khaleeeeed!

It’s all about DJ Khaled?
Baby: Khaled embraced us and made us feel like this was us. He took my son in with open arms—the whole town. It’s amazing the love that Miami has given us. It’s like we’ve been there all our life.

How often do you come back to New Orleans?
Baby: This [is] the roots. We always here. Our heart [is] here, our soul gon’ always be here. For me, I try to come here ’cause I gotta come home.

Lil Wayne: For me, it’s kinda rough because I’m young. I’m 24. I’m at the age where you just got out of… you fresh, you just came outta school. Like, [what] am I gonna do? And that’s when you leave the city that you grew up in. I’m on a vacation. I bought a house down here [in Miami] so I can always have a place and studio. You have to understand that I’m young. I was snatched up by [Cash Money] at 11 and jumped on the road at 14. I’m from everywhere.

You’re saying you’re different from the average kid because you grew up in hip-hop and on the road?
Lil Wayne: Exactly.

Baby: His lifestyle was different.

How so?
Baby: You talking about a century [ago]. We was young and it wasn’t no normal kid life—[hanging] around with [grown] men.

Lil Wayne: Mess around and get killed.

Did you ever think of going back to New after Hurricane Katrina?
Lil Wayne: I wasn’t tryin’ to go back to New Orleans. But somebody told me yesterday, and I can’t remember who, but somebody told me in like two years [New Orleans] is gonna be [like] Las Vegas. The money [is] coming.

Does that make you wanna invest in New Orleans? It looks like everything’s for sale.
Baby: Right now, if you invest in the town, it’s bad. It’s a longevity situation.

Lil Wayne: The statement that guy made [about the money coming] is still a shot in the dark, but I mean, we could almost see it. Investing and all that is possible. As of right now it’s still…

Baby: They got a hell of a plan. Trust me, it’s blueprinted.

You hear rumors about wealthy people coming to New Orleans and buying all the property…
Lil Wayne: Yeah, I heard Donald Trump is coming. I can’t wait ’til he coming. If he brings some Trump Towers down here then I’m investing in that. But Miami is a very good investing spot, so I done got into that heavy down here. I was [in New Orleans] for the hurricane [but] I already lived in Miami like six months ahead [of that]. That’s why when people ask what I lost, we ain’t lose nothing. I lost a house in Eastover [New Orleans] but I have a place in Miami. There’s people that lost a house who don’t have a house [in another city]. I lost two Jags, but I got Phantoms. Baby lost like 35 cars and he got 35 more. [Some] people lost everything.

Has the relationship between you two grown over the years after everybody left Cash Money or was it always strong from the beginning?
Baby: It’s been the same since the beginning… from the first day I met him.

Lil Wayne: Cash Money Records was already big. Big meaning, whoever you are in the national world, you not coming through our summer fest or summer jam because Cash Money is New Orleans and everything surrounding New Orleans. Baby, he’s been who he is. So I’m from the hood and that boy really got 32 golds [gold teeth in his mouth]. I wanted to be him. I only got one [and I] saw [Baby] and that nigga really had 32 golds. Fucked me up. But my mom [was] always like, “Baby? Brian? No!” I’ma boy [at the time], so whatever she tried [to make] me stay away from, I wanted to be there all the time. She grew up [with Baby]. She knew him. She’s older than him, but she knows him, [like], “Baby’s a lil’ badass.” She went to school with [Baby’s brother and business partner] Slim and he was cool with my uncle. Slim’s homie played in the band together [and] my mom was a majorette. It was all destined.

Wayne, what’s your role as President of Young Money Entertainment? How do you decide whether an artist goes to Young Money or Cash Money?
Lil Wayne: What I do is, if I see an artist I like, I determine where that artist would be bigger—where his success comes from the most. Would he be better over at Cash Money or Young Money? At Young Money, it’s a personal thing. I don’t want it to be nothing like before. It gon’ be totally different because totally different makes a whole lot more money. Cash Money is Cash Money. We are a very well loved category. So if you have that in you, and you can make Cash Money bigger and better, then that’s where you need to go. It’s simple. I don’t even think about it. It’s just one big tree. It don’t matter.

Tell us about the new song you guys have together, “Poppin’ Bottles,” off Baby’s upcoming album, 5★G.
Lil Wayne: [We] poppin’ bottles and celebrating.

Baby: Bring that ceiling, baby, we good. Cash Money party poppin’.

Lil Wayne: The concept is we poppin’ champagne like we won the championship. I got the championship ring ’cause I ball hard. We ball harder. The song already has the Jadakiss sample. The whole concept [and] idea goes [along with] the video. I hit the game winning shot, he wins, and he gets inducted into the hall of fame.

What does the future hold for Cash Money?
Lil Wayne: The next thing I’m doing is the I Can’t Feel My Face album with Juelz Santana. That’s who I respect. That’s whose album I listen to. That’s my dude and my family—Dipset. Rest in peace Stack Bundles.

What label is the album coming out on?
Lil Wayne: We doin’ it right now on mine [Young Money Ent.] and whoever he wants. We gon’ drop two albums on ’em, but not the same album. How we gon’ do it is, the first album we drop is gon’ be me and him. Then, we gon’ get two hip-hop artists to do the I Can’t Feel My Face [album] every year.

Like a series?
Lil Wayne: Yeah, then, like three artist’s albums down the line, [me and Juelz] come back with our reunion album. They need to know that. Get ready artists. Make that cut!

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  • yaboy


  • Caine

    I can smell da haters already…

  • dez

    jeezy ant tip I CANT FEEL MY FACE 2008

  • BirdsFlySouth

    some rappers shouldn’t do interviews.

  • beeyo

    Wayne gives the most uninteresting, uninformed, illiterate interviews in the history of music.Let me know when this nigga has something to actually say. And the interviewers who talk to him ask the most uncreative questions ever.XXL tryin to put that bid in for Weezys favorite rap mag, huh?? Shit’s gay.


    Some Rappers should never talk, they seem to make up how people see the whole black race.I mean look who they always have talking on interviews some of the dumbest dudes in rap. I hear “u know what im saying why too much” I checked this issue and the fool said I drink and smoke all day as if he just found out the meaning of life with that comment. CORPERATE TAKEOVER!!

  • these posts are racist

    Wayne missed the point. Wealthy corporations are buying up the property at a cheap rate, and the poor who used to live there for several generations are losing.


    ive never had so much trouble tryin to understand what somebody said. and i still dont think i fully understand yet. he should only speak when he is in the booth.

  • og bobby johnson

    Eminem and Royce ….I cant feel my face 08….that would be fire!!!!!!!!1

  • Unknown

    Im bout it. I think it still hard to understand him even in the both,he so high all the time that he get to talking real stupid. How else does he get the idea that he is the best rapper alive. Punchline don’t cut it. Lyrically he not there yet, he can even get on CANIBUS level lyrically I mean to considered great in most people books mean he spit a verse that made you stop the cd or tape (old School) and rewind it back and catch the line. There are not many now in the game that will make that happen. He is not one. This is my opinion not trying to hurt WAYNE fans feelings. Think about the statement I made and breath on it.



  • triplesixninja

    Unknown Says:

    August 27th, 2007 at 12:03 pm
    Im bout it. I think it still hard to understand him even in the both,he so high all the time that he get to talking real stupid. How else does he get the idea that he is the best rapper alive. Punchline don’t cut it. Lyrically he not there yet, he can even get on CANIBUS level lyrically I mean to considered great in most people books mean he spit a verse that made you stop the cd or tape (old School) and rewind it back and catch the line. There are not many now in the game that will make that happen. He is not one. This is my opinion not trying to hurt WAYNE fans feelings. Think about the statement I made and breath on it.


  • BirdsFlySouth

    Master P and Baby…… I Can’t Feel My Face 2008

    Ying Yang Twins and Uncle Luke …. I Can’t Feel My Face 08

    Shaq and AI ….. I Can’t Feel My Face 08

    Flava Flav and Afroman ….. I Can’t Feel My Face 08

  • Jamil Rhodes

    yo wayne cold, but wat da fuck do dis nigga be talkin bout in his interviews. first he say he dont listen 2 nuthin but hiself den he be like ill sing yo song word 4 word. what. sumbody tell dat nigga 2 leave da weed alone.

  • Unknown

    No disrespect but what attract music lover to cats who only conversation is all about drugs they didn’t sell. I mean if we had that many cats in the rap game selling that much the whole rap industry would be on the be up on a case. Plus some of these dudes was broke when they came in the game. They make hung around drug king pins but they was not pushing that hard. Let’s be serious. We glorifing it to the point that I am waiting on a idoit to try to publish a how to book on cooking it up. I don’t doubt it at all.



  • Unknown

    Yo this dude needs to leave all substance alone, and drink water. He need not to mix anything in his body, this dude is gone. Like I said before this dude didn’t slang no dope, they do it.How going to say you move white and you use it. Look at X my man is gone far left. The dudes in the game that is getting money are clear headed, you can tell me you like getting money and you give it to the dopeman. Black people we need to stop are complaining about the man holding us down. Putting drugs in our hood. They there who told you to pick it up YOU DID the guy in that mirror no one else. JUST SAY NO is the most simplest slogan out we cant even read it. Well you know what it does to you look WAYNE he 24 and will be so far gone before he hit 30 bet on that.

    Corporate Takeover.

  • ez313bell

    i cant feel my face is gonna be crazy

  • Young Don

    Man them niggas there be on some real shit i respect them like my fathers or something.Wayne inspires me to get up and get cash i got all that nigga shit from the begining to now……….

  • Trizzle

    for some niggaz that dont like wayne and hate on wayne so much ya’ll show go out ya way to read all his shit n see what he got to say. wtf is that about? stop bein fuckn crabz in a barrow all the damn time

  • Unknown

    Yea i guess you right maybe i shouldn’t read the article on Wayne, I need some of you dudes to sit back and look at this dude what more does he got to give to the world then a few punch lines and gang representer. I get money hell I got money but yo I know i got more to contribute to the world then getting money. Yea it fly to push a RANGE ROVER i got one. Once you get it its just another car. MOney is good to have but that don’t make you who you are. I haven’t flip a once of nothing to get where i am oh… wait i did a book.
    Holla at cha boy. Corporate Takeover. I am that dude behind the desk that gets paper. I am huslter of different breed. You hustle corp.america you will see real money. Check Forbes and you will see that there is only 3 or 4 hip hop dudes that has real hustle The no.1 dude is a true hustla. Cats want to be AI I want to be Mike. I want to be the puppet master not the puppet. One day some will learn.

  • its me bitch

    TIP and JEEZY 2008 I STILL cant feel my face..

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Cant front these dudes make money and even tho they might be sleezy or cheap or whatever they kno what they doin. I mean they just signed DPG and Wayne the hottest right now so they must be doin somethin right. I always have to support Indi niggaz makin money……CURTIS…..

  • Trizzle

    i can respect that, becuz i think the same way

  • getatmedog

    ya mom and my dick ….. I Can’t Feel My Face 08

  • kila4nia209

    The Game & X-Raided cant feel my face 08

  • Unknown

    Vegas, peep they signed DPG and they will sit on the shelf for 3yrs, won’t drop an album.If they do it will not be Marketed right and will flop. That is just real talk. They are going to use Daz for some beats. Kurupt make a few cameo’s drop an album and cash money will lose profit then gain. I mean get money is cool but to return on your investment is where you see money. Advance is a loan not money that is yours. Just like when you see Cats that enter the NBA draft pushing a Range before Draft night they got a loan from there agent that they will have to pay back once they get a contract. So when you see new rappers with shiny bling they are spending there market budget. So when it comes to Promotion they got one commercial and two adds in a mag. They have to pay that money back homey. So when Jay said I advance myself and pay myself back he is telling facts. 50 may do some hard body things but he no dummy. But this dude wayne is slow. Slim is Caking while they do the mule work. CORPORATE TAKEOVER.

  • Three4

    Baby and Weezy have the ugliest tattoos I´ve ever seen…

  • Holly

    Fuck all u niggas. Them niggas gay and I dan’t
    respect nobody who listen to fagget as lil wayne and bitch made Birdman. That niggas fraud and gay. hes 26 and kisses men theres no excuse for that period.You cant defend that. fUCK YOU IF YOU GOT A PROBLEM WIT WHAT IM SAYING. AND FAUCK EVERYBODY YOU LOVE. AND FUCK ALL YOUR DEAD REALATIVES.

    • Damarion

      Dis Holly character needs to stop sayin s*** like dat on da internet. How r u gon judge sumbody else dats fucked up. WHEN U GO TO HELL U ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE DEMONS WILL BE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY AMEN!!


    @ kila4nia209

    Game is the worst rapper alive.
    game + butterflies = i cant feel my face (rainbow remix)

    I do think it is beautiful to see ignorant and stupid ass rappers get the priase of the young society….but true leader, poloticians, doctors….etc get laughed at.


  • kisha

    their interviews are so boring. they say nothing interesting. and enough of the daddy/son thing. we get it, yawl. he’s your son; you’re his daddy. ok but what’s so gay is how they say it over and over again. who does that?

  • Federal Ranga


    M.O.P. + Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz – I Can’t Feel My Face 09′
    Jeezy & T.I.P. – I Can’t Feel My Face 2010
    Talib Kweli & Mos Def (BlackStar) + Kanye West & Common – Never Feel Ya Face Again 2011
    Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre – I Can’t Feel My Face 2012

  • Rockcity

    @ Unknown preach it my nig

    ne way this interview was horrible, some niggas jus dont get it, and whoever the interviewer was needs to be fired, there was no point to this shit. xxl are some fuckin sell outs 4real, kissin ass jus so u can get another gay ass cover, this aint journalism this is bullshit……

  • doctor69

    ok first off I think both baby and his boy slave wayne are iliterate ,second your comparing 35 cars to a family house which shows how much you put back in the no third why does he still claim he 24 when he was arrested he was 27 posted on the smoking and my dude unknown you think he can’t stay on a subject really break apart his bars you see the inconsistenty of his ghost writer fuck cash money aka the southern homothugs label just like up north here we have the new village people aka the dipset hahhahah fuck gaysta rap and the fake blood set nine tray and holla at ya folk

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Sanjaya and Mase I can’t feel Face 08′

  • Rodjilius

    i can already see it comin i cant feel my face album of the year

  • u so stupid

    doctor69 shut tha hell up he said they aint lose nuthin but some cars and a house in new orleans but that it doesnt compare to wat other people lost cuz they have more houses and more cars second he is 24 smoking gun is wrong dont believe everything u read and third i dont care if u hate tha set and cash money/young money but weezy dont have a ghost writer he dont even write. now i think weezy has some of tha best punchlines and his presensce on a track is unmatched but since he just spit and dont write sum of his stuff is corny plus he be high all tha time and not creative high he be fucked up in tha head high but anywayz tip and luda- i cant feel my face 08 or throw jada, sp in wit luda or tip or ill go far out and say papoose and wiz khalifa from pittsburgh he spit 4real

  • Purple Hulk



  • HUH?!?

    Yo , Wut in the blue fuck do Weezy and Baby be talkin about in they interviews??? Them niggas dont never answer the gotdamn questions! XXL asked Weezy “Is the relationship between him and Baby still the same since the other Hot Boys left” And this nigga replied with sum shit about his momma bein a fuckin majorette in school wit Slim (Baby’s Brother)! WUT DA FUCK DID THAT HAVE 2 DO WIT ANYTHING!?! Dem niggas cant do a decent interview 4 shit!

  • WestCoaster

    Bow Wow and Hurricane chris.. I can’t Feel my Face 2009… That would be that heat rock

  • Black Prin$e

    Lil Wayne is one of the dopest artists in hip hop right now and Baby – if he is as real as he comes off – got the type of street cred to make any nigga back down. I already know that I Can’t Feel My Face shit is gonna be a hood classic. BUT…I can’t help but think that these niggas are gay! Str8 up! Bottom line. I mean…alot of niggas got love for each other and u could b close 2 ya boys, but what the fuck is up wit these niggas KISSING each other and this lil nigga callin’ dude his “daddy”. R u serious!!!!!!!! Who does that nasty ass shit? And ppl are really lettin this shit ride! That’s what really fucked me up, ppl are actin like that shit never happened….. ON THE MOUTH?!! And u hear how they talk bout each other?! LM muthafuckin’AO. Listen, aside from the kissin’ thing, these niggas got it. Together I feel like they cover all the bases that make u a hip hop/hood star. But I can’t get down wit the kissin’ thing. they need to stop that shit and pray for they soul to b cleansed, lol.

  • DARK

    first off shout out to my nigga doc69 and everyone else who knows baby bitch and lil gay r fags.come on anybody who honestly says wayne and baby r good r clearly closet needs a fuckin revoultion to get rid of these butt pirates,wiggers,spics,chinks,and uncle tomswhite man slave ass niggas like billy sunday and power!!!!fuck fags like lil gay and lameman and there undercover butt pirate fans hiphop has no room for homosexuals.

  • Danny

    doctor69 and og bobby j……i cant feel my ass 08


    i thought doctor69 was gay he satd he started to dildo himself on front of freeke and jim and all kinds of gay shit get ur shit right doctor homo!go ahead say some stupid shit u faggot u no one cares!

  • ERK

    damn dark!do you sell beanpies too!

  • Waldson

    how ready this shit? everybody knows that they both are gay. CurtiSS 09/11/2007!!!!!

  • Millz

    Doctor69 is still shoutin himself out with his other aliases? LOL

    Come on Doc… we all know that you and dark are te same nigga…


    WOW this cover looks gay i like lil wayne but they both are a lil to close for confort. who ever doc and dark are, u’s are the same person.

  • Unknown

    I need some type of clarification on this STREET CRED i was raised in the “hood” yo i had dudes around the way that was like GODS in the hood but that was where it stopped. Now I know your rep follows you, but yo Keeping it real as people say is not helping your rap heroes or ball players.You see the trend here we get money we still act like we don’t have a dime to our name and we end up in the pin or broke. So i haven’t seen too much sucess with dudes keeping it real. Ice Cube tried to stay in the hood when he got money but them dudes ran him out. Look at DIP Set Boys they keep it real and be in a line up every week. You think Jim JOnes is in the hood yea right he might ride by homeboy has gotten smart. RAy Lewis changed his circle to and Mick Vick once it over will be right behind him. Jay-Z my dude one incident last incident. Smarting up you might last longer. CORoperate TAKEOVER.

  • og bobby johson

    Danny Says:

    August 28th, 2007 at 3:37 am
    doctor69 and og bobby j……i cant feel my ass 08
    I am not sure why u are callin me out….is it because of the rainbow comment? Did that offend you? how about MY DICK and YOUR MOUTH….RIGHT IN YOUR FACE 08′ …. bitch


    chuck norris and william shatner-
    you can’t feel your face 2008

  • Jay

    fuck all yall niggas talkin bout how they speeking in their interviews, u just mad cuz aint no magazine askin yall no questions.

  • Jamie Brizendine

    I don’t get some of you. I mean, when did hating get so popular. You don’t like Wayne, cool, don’t read his interviews. Thats what it boils down to. I mean, I am reading your comments, and some of you have the nerve to talk about Wayne. The majority of the comments on here are without merit. Wayne IS the best rapper alive RIGHT NOW. Can he fall off? Yep Jay-Z did. I can understand how people who focus on only “street cred” could miss the point of Waynes comments, but for real, this dude isn’t just about rap. Hes talking real estate, and God doesn’t make dirt anymore. If you think hustling is confined to drugs, whatever, you are worthless.

  • doctor69

    once again daniel,ex-poser and gay millz on my dick again me and dark are not one and the same he”s from cali and shout to my dude from the west coast second wetback daneil I grown tired of making you cry from the last blogs of you endless defending of gaystas rappers i.e, the dipset and lil gaye and baby you wetback and you white boyfriend ex-poser too you need to get together and become a gay rapper cheerleading squad with gay millz rocking pink pom poms now on to the lil gay groupie aka u stupid he cousinmarrying hick boy fallback lil wayne is a cornball on the mic just because you never heard gillie from his cosmic kidd days you would have heard that lil gay aka wayne sounds exactly like he sounded back then and now he got booed out club exit when he tried to freestyle and people caught on it was all his old songs put together in 16 bars you cracka now you and you new rainbow set posse can live on knowing that i exposed your kind and the set you claim you cupcake gaysta with pink frosting now to end all danny>ex-poser,am really stupid and gay millz gop eat some pussy or come together to make nutz on my face 08

  • Prince Ceasar

    Lil Wayne…is a fucking joke. I tried so hard to really take this character seriously..but c’mon..he’s a clown. The dude is a Jay-Z dick rider..and he never speaks about anything that has any substance. Lil Wayne is not a rap legend nor is he the best rapper alive. The dude is a rich studio gangsta..Kanye and 50 will save the rap game. 1

  • Prince Ceasar

    Lil Wayne…is a fucking joke. I tried so hard to really take this character seriously..but c’mon..he’s a clown. The dude is a Jay-Z dick rider..and he never speaks about anything that has any substance. Lil Wayne is not a rap legend nor is he the best rapper alive. The dude is a rich studio gangsta..Kanye and 50 will save the rap game. 1





  • Fella

    u so stupid u are stupid u said how wayne gon have a ghostwriter and he dont write…u stupid fuck we know he dont write, somebody else does, he memorizes it then spits it.

  • Millz


    I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings… Plus I remember when we weren’t even cool and you were shoutin me out…ROTFL

    “shout out to my nigga J.Millz”…lol

  • redd

    Ithugs united….

  • LOOP

    man, weezy is just a good entertainer and that’s it. stop hatin’ on him. if he says the best rapper alive he can’t be serious and doesn’t mean himself…lol

  • doctor69

    hey loop you a funny dude true but funny remember hammer and vanilla ice where entertainers too and to gay millz that wasn’t me shouting you out that was the doctor69 wanna aka ex-poser so stop saying me name gay millz and keep it moving and to all the lil wayne fans bush was in the no today where was all those so called nine trey ganstas threating to body him I knew the fake blood set was full of shit come on the real og of the 60′s least brought the fight to nixon

  • Trizzle

    you niggaz are funny as hell

  • hotsoulrocker

    ok…first off I dont read coments often on pages like this….but someone sent me a pic of this cover and I did not know why ….but I think them knowing me ,knew I would end up here….its just what happens .anyway….I do listen to rap as well as a lot of other kinds of music……never heard of thes guys to tell the tatoos…who dont….use to be a thug…..grew out of it….sold drugs,got over it……drank like there was no tomrrow…..well guess what there is always a tomrrow if you really want there to be …..unless you dont matter who you fuck if you dont love them….and to get all wacked out because someone shows that love….even some silly wanna be rapper butt buddies….shous that you dont really have all your fellings in order….who cares…at least even if in the dummest way yet…they are braking ground for what I dont know but they are so EXTREEEEEEEM its gots set somthing off….even if on a reallllly DumLow level….lol ya had to see this comming ….I mean look around its everywhere if you can just get the publics attention for a minute and can rapid fire gallons of shit without stopping you to can be a STAR…..who cares what is said in the press about you….it does not matter to what lenghts you must and will go to just to make sure you can incase your mouth in diamonds and gold….OMG let me just stop now.

  • DARK

    man first off fuck these butt pirates defenndin lil gay and bird ass nigga boy.first of all they both fake bloods uh lets see 1 there faggots which bloods dont alow faggots in uh 2 bloods is LA only gang 3 I dont ever recall bout blood and crip sets even exsistin in new orleans.fuck these two pop stars its because of gay ass niggas like these two is why hiphop is truly dyin.i cant belive some of these butt pirates actually compare wayne to 2pac or biggie if pac and biggie was still alive lameman and lil gay wuld be suckin niggas dicks on street conars get real.shout out to doc.

  • jovan mitchell

    all hatin aside weezy is a monster lyrically but he will be a true man when he gets off of babys nuts and stands for himself alone and stops kissin other niggas

  • Da Wife

    Yea, thats true everything said in todays interview is hot…

  • doctor69

    dark that’s some real knowledge you kicked I wish every lil gaye fan would read these comments before listening to him and his daddy/man love slave I still wanna know why he a beast with a ghost writer nobody still can’t answer that just listen to the best of cosmic kidd aka gillie

  • texaboy

    yall some silly muthafuckas.. why the fuck are yall so concerned with street cred.. rap is entertainment and an art form of painting a picture. wayne is the best rapper alive- so what if he rode jay’s dick. everyone in life needs some type of mentor which he can set goals an accomplishments. in his eyes he felt jay was greatness so he chose that path to get to greatness.–lebron becoming jordan– does a nigga really gotta be all hard and portray something he’s not to get love from his own people(black people)? guess they dont love a nigga till they die behind some bs..

  • T

    u muthafuckers is stupid. Weezy is the best fuckin rapper alive. Fuck GAME,Curtis, All uv G unot,

  • The Fact

    Wayne said in the magazine he dont listen to NOBODY’s stuff. Now he says he listens to Santana. You learn somethin new every day. I guess.

  • DARK

    texfag shut da fuck up ridin dick is basically being a whore and dats wut wayne rappa a live how so wut da fuck make dis gay ass nigga so great he sucks not just dick but at rap this gay mafucka cant rap worth a shit.fuck wayne and lameman and dere butt pirate fans.why da fuck niggas in here act like it ok for two dudes to be kissin and suckin dick well lets see i guess only faggots find dat shit normal.fuck the southern rainbow flagers.

  • DOCTOR69

    yo i met gillie the kid in my hood!he told me yo im starting a rap group!he asked me if i can rap?i said yeah and suddenly i got punched!i said what the fuck?he said i meant kick some flows not rap your mouth around my dick!so there you have it your boy is truly gay!one love doctor69 a.k.a. doctorhomo!and yeah i gave dark his name because hes ass is nice and dark like his shit on my dick!

  • Millz


    once again my bad for hurtin your feelings…lol

    maybe dark can help you feel better when he tosses your salad later on…

  • Danny



  • doctor69

    ok I see the doc69 wannabe aka ex-poser is back that wouldn’t make sense for me to me gillie unless he lives in jamaica queens or came to bville bk one night so you exposed just like gay millz and wetback daneil its amazing that all three of ya blogged at the same time right after each other just to get on the next man dick you cupcake gaysta rocking jim jones jordace jean with a glitter belt none of ya on my level what’s next your gonna send my name to wayne on a blog and diss me on a mixtape ya some rainbow flaggers foreal and you to texas hick fuck your country ass too no wonder bush came from your state fuck the lil gaye fans and my stans aka groupies now get at me you stupid cuban

  • Millz


    I aint a wayne or dipset fan… all I’m sayin that you and Dark are the same person…LOL

    Everybody knows that you’re Dark DoctorHomo

  • DARK

    hey millz or wutever the fuck ur name is i wouldnt talk shit if i were u son u and ur boyfreind danny aka who u like to call daniel as a bitch name r defending two homos.i guess u to whiteboys love kissin eachothewr and playin nakked twister in baby oil fuck u two gay ass whiteboys.

  • Millz

    Yo dark… maybe you can’t read… I’m not a wayne fan at all… I just know you 2 are the same nigga…lol

  • DARK

    millz how the fuck r me and doc the same frum cali fool doc claims nyc.i bet u and daniel r the same wigga so shut ur white ass up.

  • doctor69

    yo dark stop wasting your time with gay millz noticed how him daneil and ex-poser aka da man aka doctor69 wanna be all answer after each other this dudes still sleeps with a carebear night light on fuck this cracka /rainbow flagger holla at ya folk

  • Millz

    Wow… a dude named Doctor69 is callin people gay…roflmao


    I’m not white so why don’t you “shut ur white ass up”…LOL

  • doctor69

    VGP [very gay person] here ya dig repping the 69th street Gaylords Millz now what huh? Me and Dark are the founders of this gayng. We run on these streets in night gowns and molest boys. Who want to mess with us huh? We walk up to hos and then me and Dark start making out in front of them still want to mess with us? Gayville stand up holla at your gaylord.

  • da king

    dark you aint from cali!cali niggaz dont talk shit or put gay blogs like you and doctor homo!talking bout rapping lips around dicks all type of homo shit!stop it man!cali niggaz dont play!

  • doctor69

    hey fake Doctor69 take my name out I now see you and gay millz are one and the same person so I now know who da woman is aka ex-poser aka the son of fernado and da queen shut your dumb ass up how you know dark ain’t from cali when your the largest state in the union

  • Millz


    I’m not the fake Doctor69… But that shit was funny though… Why do you defend your other alias so much? LOL
    Oh yeah… I aint the Da King either… And with a name like “doctor69″ why are tryin to act tough…lol

    And I see you shouted me out again on that new Lupe Banger “Dumb it Down”…lol

  • DARK

    first of all to da king of fags ur ass is probably frum san francisco so shut ur bitch ass up faggot ass wigger.and millz is a gay ass whiteboy who rocks dipset underwear with camrons face on it.and the dude who stole doc69s name is a wigger cause only wiggers do childish shit like that.

  • doctor69

    that’s messed up dark now gay millz gonna call the 1800Ineedafriend hotline now I see him fake doctor69 and da woman are all the same person gay millz get a life

  • Millz

    Y’all 2 are the gay ones thinkin about gay shit…lol

    rofl… I dont like dipset anyway…

    And once again, Its hard to look tough on the internet with the name doctor69


  • DARK

    millz 4 words shut tha fuck up and another 4 get a fuckin job.faggot.aight im out this shit is wack doc stay up homie.

  • da king

    doctorhomo stay up!? so i can come over and fuck you like your dad does!fuckin faggots!yo millz you know were answering to the same fag!and cali is bigger than cisco! that just shows how gay you are the first place you mentioned was san francisco! youz gay, homo, fruit cake!you bitch you!give it up go clean your room before your moms beats youwith the ugly stick she got beat with!

  • Millz

    This nigga stay shoutin himself out…

    doc why u tryin to act like u and dark aint the same nigga? and if yall aint yall must be prison party buddies or somethin…

  • doctor69

    this dude is a fucking butt pirate aka da queen so get off my dick you fucking san fransico queer in pink now to your homothug ass aka gay millz talk to me when you stop dressing lil lil gaye opps wayne because you can feel nutz on your chin 08 faggot ass wigga

  • Millz

    Your name’s doctor69… you can’t be callin people gay…lol

    and once again there u go with that gay shit…lol Hey I think your boyfriend ( which is really you) shouted u out… He said he wants you to stay up…lol

  • da king

    doctorhomo is a brownsville fluffler and has been with his mutha since “82″gaysville stand up fuckin homo!

  • thizz it what it is

    a rapper is a rapper nothing more no bloods no crips just a rapper wayne is the hottest rapper out here but he aint no gangsta baby might be but not wayne game aint no blood snoop aint no crip stop lookin up to thses niggas look up to a big homie on the block look for him for advice he propbly been throught the shit not no damn rapper east oakland like what is it

  • doctor69

    da queen your a cupcake gaysta that’s all I gotta say your obessed with me and evey homothugs hater on the xxl blogs go eat some pussy

  • da king

    doctorhomo learn how to spell you dumb bitch!oh i forgot you mom was too busy with dicks in her mouth so she couldnt teach you!with a name like doctor homo we know you aint got a dad you BASTARD!you

  • doctor69

    da queen get a life loser talk to me when you got something relivent to speak on faggot ass wigga

  • http://none Me and my two amigos

    I don’t know if its just me and my two amigos but; that boy Baby look sick as fuck! Wayne too. Them muth fuckas got AIDS.

  • DARK

    this shit still going on?da faggot and millz yall got to get up for school so go there faggot lil childern.yo doc dont waste ur time with these two they just whiteboys frum tha suberbs who watch too much bet.and doc check out bols new blog some wack ass whiteboys up in there for real.

  • DOCTOR69

    dark v.s. doctorhomo!you fag on the chamillionaire blog you say you want to lick his gold off his teeth you better check yourself!real niggaz dont believe you!with that bullshit thoughguy!or should i say internet gangsta!

  • The Pimp of Dark and Doc

    You bitches are my property. Yall got some money to make me. And quit actin gangsta. Yall fuck gay dudes fo money. That aint gangsta… now make my some green.

  • DARK

    Oh doctor69. How I love you. Tonight I’m going to break you off baby. First we’re gonna have salad with jelly for an appitizer. the main course will be hotdogs. The creamy dessert is inside our hotdogs. I can’t wait baby.

  • Me and My Two Amigos

    Ayo My people, submitted a rude comment bout those individuals above these comments which; we’ve now realize was very harsh. Want to take the moment now to apologize ****APOLOGIES****. No harm ment. Peace&Love = Harmony

  • Deep

    Everybody riding Waynes dick….lol…Might feel his face if he quit suckin playaz off

  • I2

    Wale and Southeast Slim I Can’t Feel My Face 2010 haha

  • Nor Cal Mufuckas!!!

    These are the 2 most idiotic rappers in history. Either one of them can give a real straight answer without “yeah, uh, feel me, my son, my daddy” Wow straight fags retards. SO is anyone who buys their CDs. Also they are talking about New Orleans blowing up like Vegas in the near future, its called gentrification. All the richies are buying up the destroyed land so they rebuild in a few years so more white folks can move in and be peaceful. But NO is fucked up right now, May take longer than expected.

  • saint

    aye real talk let homie stack papper i suggest yall do the same.. nobody tellin u to be like weezy SO DONT JUDGE A PERSON AT THE TOP.. he smoke drink and do the blow cuz he at the TOP.. POP THEM BOttLES!!! CELEBRATE!!