Jim Jones
Ain’t No Sunshine

jimmy1.jpgHip-hop meant everything to Dipset affiliate Stack Bundles. It was more than just music. It was his creative outlet—a way for him and his Squad Up crew to put Far Rockaway, Queens on the map. Tragically, though, it was the same neighborhood he embraced that ultimately took his life. On the morning of June 11, 2007, Rayquon “Stack Bundles” Elliot was murdered outside of his Queens apartment in what appears to be a robbery attempt. His death came at a time when he was on the cusp of greatness. After grindin’ on the mixtape circuit and appearing on various DJ Clue mixtapes with artists such as Joe Budden and Fabolous, Stack signed to Jim Jones’ Byrdgang Records imprint last year. Capo wasted no time thrusting the rap rookie into the spotlight. In just one year, Stack appeared on Jones’ third solo album, Hustler’s P.O.M.E., A Dipset Xmas and the M.O.B. (Members of Byrdgang) mixtape. Before he died, Stack was recording material for his debut album and working with Jones on a Byrdgang compilation. In a somber interview with XXLMag.com, Jim Jones reminisces about his fallen homie and lets the world know he’s going to do everything in his power to keep Stack Bundles’ legacy alive.

This must be a tough time for you. How are you holding up?
I’m holdin’ up. I [lived] a very tough life. I grew up as a strong individual. Certain things in life make you take two steps back. But you gotta keep your will up and [your] hope alive. You gotta keep faith. I can’t slow up now ’cause Stack’s spirit wouldn’t want me to slow up now. He was a great dude. He was an inspiration for me. He was one of the main reasons why I continue to do music. He had so much energy and so much to prove. He gave me that feeling again.

Where were you when you heard the news?
I was sleeping. I kept hearing my phone ring. I flipped it open and I saw a couple of calls. I was like, “I gotta see what’s going on.” And when I called my man Chubby, he told me what happened. It’s been a downhill spiral ever since then.

Despite all your success, do you feel as if you can’t escape incidents like these?
If you listen to my music, I tell people all the time this rap game is just like the crack game because we can still end up dead or in jail. Unfortunately, [Dipset affiliate] Max B is incarcerated and Stack Bundles had his life taken by a nigga who don’t know what life means or what the value of life is. A pure dickhead took his life, man. It just goes to show you that life as musicians and entertainers, we still takin’ a hellafied risk out here. It really is no different than the streets. When we tryin’ to make this money, you got haters, you got jealousy, you got envy, you got people that just don’t want to see you make it. And when you come up in the projects it’s like a barrel full of crabs and it’s hard to come up outta there. Fortunately, Stack was having a hell of a time in his life. He really was enjoying life. He was pursuing the only thing that he wanted to do and that was the music. That was his dream. I will let his dream live on. He can vicariously live through me. We’re gonna hold Stack down. We’re gonna go over-hard, because I got so much to prove to people now.

How did you and Stack hook up in the first place?
I used to listen to Stack’s music all the time. I met him five or six years ago. He approached me in the club and had this big blue mink on. He was young, still probably a teenager. He was like, “Yo, I’m Stack Bundles, I need to get on a song.” I was like, “Whoa, whoa, man, what’s up with you? Who’s your boss? Who you work for?” He was like, “I be with Clue and them.” So I said, “You tell Clue to holla at me, you know how I do things.” He got a little offended, but I was still listenin’ to his music and he did this freestyle to this 50 Cent beat. He said, “I know you love Cam and that Dipset shit/Screamin’ squad down/Disrespectin’ my shit/I know you don’t love me.” When I heard that, I asked somebody to get him to the studio for me. This was about two years ago. Got him to the studio and [I] made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. He was ready to ride, change his life up and go for the gusto. That’s exactly what the fuck we was doin’—goin’ for the gusto.

What was it about him that made you believe in him as an artist?
I don’t know if I saw him as an artist, I just knew what he was going through in his life. I understood his life, coming from the projects. He had his own movement behind him. He had some strong niggas and he knew he had to make it good for them to get out of the hood. [He was] a pretty boy and had a lot of swag. He loved the fast life. Everything he talked about he was livin’. That’s what I could really appreciate—someone substantial, as opposed to an artist who just loves music and he’s gonna talk about somebody else’s life. Where we from, this is Dipset/Byrdgang, we talk about the things that we go through on a daily basis. We ain’t livin’ a façade here. As you can see, this is all real, man.

People are wondering why Stack was still living in the projects. Did you ever talk to him about leaving that sort of environment alone?
I offered Stack townhouses and apartments in Jersey, but he was just so stuck on he can’t leave the people that he grew up with. They all need to leave together or else he’s just gonna wait for his turn to make it and they all gonna get up out of there gradually. Far Rock was his haven. It was so important for him to put Far Rock on [and that] people understood where he was from. A person of so much hatred just robbed him of that. All he was trying to do was uplift his hood. This is what he really believed in. I don’t want people to think he didn’t have no opportunities, because the boy had plenty of opportunities to do whatever it is he wanted. But, unfortunately, you can’t force a grown man to do anything. You can give a person an opportunity, but it’s up to them to take it. What he did was, he took the opportunity in life I gave him, as far as the music, a new career and life. But, as far as his personal [life] and the dream he had, and the goals and obstacles he wanted to get over, he wanted to keep it there and do it on his own regard. He was very, very strong-minded about that. We argued numerous amounts of times about that. I’m going through a lot with myself with things like that, because I know what people may think and shit like that. But, trust me, people don’t know the half. I’ma fighter. I know the story. I know what goes on out there in them streets. I try to set an example way before anybody gets caught up.

What about his music? Are you gonna release the album he was working on before he died?
We gonna put out a Stack album, hopefully by September. I’m about to put out a single on him. He was currently doing the Byrdgang album. But I think I’m gonna fall back from that and do this dedication album to Stack. This was all he dreamed of—puttin’ an album out and gettin’ a video going and things like that. We was on the verge of doing that, we was about to shoot the video for the first Byrdgang video in about 10 days called “Make A Chick Go Ooh.” It’s just fucked up, man.

Do you know the motive behind his murder?
I don’t know. They say the good die young, so I guess my days are numbered. That’s how I take it. If the good die young, my days are numbered. That’s as serious as it can be. The same rules apply to everybody when you playin’ in the ghetto. We learn everything we can from the hood—how to hustle, how to grind, our ambition. When we fall, we get back up. But the wolves and the savages are still there. You cannot get caught slippin’ in the hood because the hood has no love, ultimately. It’s serious, no matter who you are or what power you possess. Please, be smart about the things you do. Don’t get caught slippin’ for nobody, man. It’s terrible out there. People still starvin’, people still tryin’ to come up and the value of life, the value of Black life is damn near nothin’.

If you knew anything, would you go to the cops with any information?
That’s not in my position to go to the cops and things like that. I wasn’t there. There’s a certain way we handle ourselves out here. There’s nothin’ wrong with police. The police do a hell of a job when it comes to crime and things like that. I hope that they do their job as well as they can when it comes to Stack Bundles. But everyone knows what life is about when you come up in [the] hood. Certain things you just can’t talk, there’s an unwritten rule. People know exactly what I mean. But we have nothin’ against police.

What’s your fondest memory of Stack?
The first time I took him to Miami for a big ass party inside Club Prive. Gabriel Union was in there partying, he went crazy when he seen [her] in the V.I.P. He was just so elated to know his life was about to change. He started to see what was going on. He got so drunk that night. He left out the club so drunk he was in the car with his head in his lap. He went to the room that night and he had, let’s just say he had a nice little entourage with him and he fell asleep on ’em. The next day, we started snappin’ on him all day, like, “You fell asleep, ah-ha.” Stack…man, he’s a good kid. I miss him and every experience. Everything that I got to do with him I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. As far as talent, there wasn’t nobody that could fuck with him when it came to rap—at all. He was way more talented that I will ever be and that’s serious.

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  • nation


  • Real Talk

    R.I.P. to Stack Bundles 1st and foremost… I just wish the dude wasn’t affiliated with these corny ass Dipset niggas…

  • Black Book

    I don’t necessarily like Jim Jones but he kept it real this time. No gimmicks or antics. I respect that.

    • cash

      d boy

  • http://www.myspace.com/ekanejr Eddie Kane


  • http://xxlmag.com The General

    R.I.P Homie, This is Super Fucked Up.

  • d boy

    stay up jim. r.i.p. stack b

  • http://jarredr_904yahoo.com J-Reese

    All I can say is real talk Jim. R.I.P. Stack so young and to soon…

  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    RIP Stacks

  • http://www.costasworld.com Hussle Crowe a.k.a. David Husslehoff

    That shit is so sad. Rest in Piece stack….

  • http://www.myspace.com/gizzle2k6 GIZZLE

    RIP STACKS, damn the good do die young

  • http://jarredr_904yahoo.com J-Reese

    All I can say is real talk Jim real talk. R.I.P. Stack so young and to soon.

  • http://xxlmag.com lg

    sad thing. now jimmy might humble himself a bit huh

  • 11kap

    Dipset stays in the news, whether it is good or bad. They are the real “rock stars”. Everyone else is an imitation.

  • marco

    thats whats up jim. R.I.P stack bundles you will be miss.

  • http://xxl q-buro

    good shit….i got respect for jimmy..he seems like a real cat….rip stack

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Real Spit right there.

    Thats why we like Jimmy better anyway.

    Imma cop that Stack album, real talk, show him and his family some love. I just really hope they dont pull a P.Shitty on his fam, kna mean?

    1 hunned.



  • louiefuse


  • PUP


  • hitman


  • SK

    he says the rap game is like the crack game is this guy serious we all know who said that first(shit made a song about it) …but i digress…. .r.i.p stack….. even though I never listened 2 his music……

  • Stack$

    damn and our names r so similar. man da hood is fucked up

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piffcaso

    Rep In Peace Soldier!

  • Binge

    This rap game is real, words are real their are rappers and prophets Stack was both he was real the industry will not let the masses hear the truth, F…k a party like a rock star

  • Jesus

    Dam Biggie said it first Youre nobody til somebody kills you!

    Fucked up way to blow up

  • keke

    First off I wanna say R.I.P to the young man Stacks, I was not familiar with his music but I am familiar with life and how precious it is and it is so unfortunate that his life was stolen from him.

    Next, Jim Jones does sound sincere, but some of the things he said just rubbed me the wrong way. “the good die young so I guess my days are numbered”….we need to stop wishing for death or speaking death on ourselves. Death is a part of life, and we cannot escape it but when things like this happen, we need to put more emphasis on the value of life and the work that we do on this earth.

    Also, the whole thing about not going to the police if he knew something….if my friend got killed, and I knew something or if I was there, I would tell the police in a minute; and I am from the hood. Granted that I am not involved in a life a crime so I don’t have to live by that code of no snitching and don’t talk to police so it is a little different from my perspective. But if a good close friend of mine was murdered and I had some info, I would tell but that is just me.

  • brownsville bully

    R.I.P stack you was a good dude. JIM you already know its called karma and son got caught up in your bad karma im a leave it like that but know whats going on

  • capostatus

    People die everyday. You gonna rap that gun talk you will die by it. When are black people ever going to learn. Poverty is killing us. Blacks all around the world live in poverty. Then we have this gangster garbage killing the community. Black on black crime. Until we learn shit like this will continue. I respect the dead so R.i.p Stacks.




  • J.R.O.

    Cot damn, man…

    RIP Stack.

  • Danny

    Yall acting surprised like if Jimmy never kept it real b4, he always has. Your vision was just blurred from all the hate…

    R.I.P Stack Bundles…

    Imma cop that cd 4 sho…

    “Fast money and cars, YA DIG??!!”

    -Stack Bundles

  • triplesixninja

    Danny Says:

    June 13th, 2007 at 2:30 pm
    Yall acting surprised like if Jimmy never kept it real b4, he always has. Your vision was just blurred from all the hate…

    R.I.P Stack Bundles…

    Imma cop that cd 4 sho…

    “Fast money and cars, YA DIG??!!”

    -Stack Bundles

    jim jones is a real dude despite what many haters think

  • dameSTAtus

    (Talking right past EW, BC and all the TIs profiting from our pasttime:)

    Jimmy, you said some nice things and some real things right there.

    I was at the show you did in Frisco where you brought out The Pack. That was ill. Unfortunately somebody got shot (and lived) outside the show that night. It’s crazy out here.

    Shout out to NYC and Harlem. Thanks for letting a cali ninja come through and cop when I was out there. Respect Due.

    God Bless the Dead.

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Rest in Paradise nigga…. Its a Hot ass summer and I ant talkin bout the sun…..Curtis….

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Capostatus, shut da fuck up with that”You gonna rap that gun talk you will die by it” bullshit. If all an artist does is rap about women does that mean he will die of AIDS or from a “burning bed” bitch?? If all he does is rap about cars, does that mean he will die in a car accident?? I hate some of you cliche’ brainwashed assholes. No one on this earth knows how they’re gonna die. That’s why death is such a mystery fuckhead. Do you know what u will die from?? I didn’t think you knew idiot. With a name like Capostatus, evidently you’re looking to get “whacked” yourself……..Dickhead.

  • Jim Jones

    (jim Jones thinkin out loud)who gonna write my weak ass rhymes now?

  • http://a_pratt02hotmail.com AL PRATT

    “Fresh to death, like my outfit passed away” Stacks….
    Pratt boys for life.. Ohio playa (216) Cleveland, oh. Whats good Mal, repping the Dips all day everyday…

  • beeyo

    @ Jhon,
    A gun is something much different than a car or a bitch. ” Living by the gun” is something that carries a crazy amount of karma. Negative energy period carries an aura about it, but using a gun as an everyday neccessity, knowing full well and firsthand the consequences of using it against another human being, is a life consuming thing. And I don’t mean just walking around with a gun, or keeping the shit in the car, I mean actually being a gun nigga, like that’s what you do. You may not die from a gunshot wound, but that negative energy WILL most likely get you killed, its proven everyday in ghettos across America.

    But Jim didn’t even say anything about “live by the gun die by the gun” so wtf you talking bout?

  • Jody W

    that last part about him at the club damn near brought a tear to my eye cause thats how a hood nigga would be like once he got put on i listened to his music since the first time i seen him on SMACK i was listening to Fully Loaded Glock on his myspace the day before he got killed and then when I heard what happened i was in total schock
    im hearing rumors that True Life had somethin to do with it cause he been makin money for a few years now why aint nobody ever try him before that night?


  • Beebee gun

    RIP Stack Bundles

    While Ray J and Whitney was “UGHHHH” kissin…I was just laughin about that line.

    He is definitely one of those rappers, that did’nt get to realize his potential. You can say that for alot of people, but I always checked for Stacks on mixtapes, He made the 7 Day Theory Mixtape and the M.O.B. mixtape classics, IMO. RIP STACKS.

  • anthony


    I been a fan for a koo minute! I remember seein em on 1 of them old skoo SMACK DVDS! His lyrics was NICE he was destined for gr8ness man

    Shouts out 2 DAMESTATUS i live n the point! Frisco!

  • CT Killah

    proof,pac,stacks 3 ill muthafuckas laid to rest over sum beef bullshit this gotta stop R.I.P Stack Beezy

  • yo

    Rest in piece Stack Bundles

  • so what


  • ja

    the value of Black life is damn near nothin’.
    he aint lyin about that..niggaz killin eachother daily for no reason..

  • Killa cam jr aka randy f. baby

    RIP Stack shit is fuck up man guess its true niggas is lucky to make it pass 21 in the hoods man DIPSET ALL DAY

  • mati

    yo i used to listen to stack befo da dipset shit yo we was a good dude sad shit R.I.P true dude forealz rember every one in da T.O. was banging da weather man tune shout out to jimmy my bad homes

  • http://xxlmag.com illp

    no hating man R.I.P STACK BUNDLES !!!!!!!!!!

  • flyboy403

    Fuck all you faggot ass haters talkin shit bout jim and stack
    Get some respect u none street little kids
    God bless the dead wether its your best friend or your worse enemy they dead now you should respect that
    Whatever dues he had he paid the biggest price for them his life
    And karma gets u not the people around u whatever fuckin faggot said it was jims fault
    And whatever faggot said it was fifty in all capitals
    There is a difference between south jamaca and rockaway so shut the fuck up it wasn’t fifty the good hates fifty and fifty hate the hood real talk so eat a Dick u none sense speaking 13 year old girls
    Rip stack bundles hood pride one love they took u too soon

  • 513 ju baby

    Man……Damn always my niggas in dip set..shit man before he got to shine…R.I.P Stacks!!!!! I will always remember you nigga…you was on yo way too man!!! Stay up Jimmy much love!!

  • doctor69

    what you waitng on me to speak first off rip to stacks hope his family gets peace by finding his killer second fuck this clown jenny jones he says the good die you be he’s 30 and never sold drugs in his life remember he had to beg for him and cam to get a chicken sandwich and weed big up to a fellow brownsvillian the bville bully I do think its karma and do bad things bad things comeback to you or people close to you why did jim come trying to sound like a church boy one minute gansta the next he needs to change his way of thinking before he join stacks not trying to be funny but real talk

  • Joey

    I like how Jimmy manages to open about himself like usual “I’m holdin’ up. I [lived] a very tough life. I grew up as a strong individual.” RIP Stacks but Jim Jones just detracts from the article, he’s a pussy and everyone knows it.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    rip stacks i hate seein felow black brothas gettin killed over bullshit but fuck dipset and fuck mainly mack that nigga was a piece of shit that got brothas killed in nyc of dis fake blood and crip shit it all some bullshit.

  • Drey Ward

    Stack Bundles

  • Drey Ward

    Stack Bundles

  • Dow Jones

    Rest in Peace young man; Rest in Peace.

    This level of hate has to stop; but only a few people probably know what’s really involved so I’d rather not comment and or speculate. I just want that man to rest and wish his loved ones success.

    When you live in a situation where your god given life is disposable, you have to be careful how you move and what you say. I was taught the code as a young man same as many others. It was for my safety as much as the safety of the family: the women, children, and civilians. When you’re living a certain way silence is golden; if you choose to talk, you and your family need to go into protective custody because the world will be against you and the wolves will be hunting.

    We are gambling with our lives so life becomes very strategic. Decisions hold more weight when your life and possibly the life of someone you love is on the line. The ignorant public wants to think this thing started with t shirts and music. They are naive and stupid and obviously don’t care how a young man could possibly surrive in a world of shit. You cannot apply your artificially sweetened suburban value system to this equation of death and destruction.

    We have to live differently than many of you because our lives can be taken at any minute; literally. So don’t say how you would react in a situation until you’re in that situation. We have to live here, you’re just visiting.

    Jimmy, make a billion.




  • http://XXL T-Na-Na

    I wish everyone would stop hating on Jimmy and the rest of Dipset, damn! But I hate the thought of our people dying at the hands of another. That’s some fucked up ass shit, all because someone is hating? All the hating would stop if everyone did what they need to do in life and strive for their own wealth and happiness rather than hating on someone else’s success. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  • dduubbz

    Man…Jim gave it up to him. THAT SHIT PISSES ME OFF YALL. NIGGAS WITH SO MUCH TALENT, i’m 25 and he’s 22…GOD DAMN MAN….my heart hurts yo…we have to stop this shit

  • YungAce

    R.I.P STACK! SSSSSquad UUPPP!! I made dis when I found out….


  • Slee

    man i feel respect towards my Dipset affliate Jimmy Jones. R.I.P Stack. Ima cop his album.

  • chillz


    if you could read…maybe you’d see, Jim was ASKED how he was holding up

    yall niggas search for anything to hate on….get off that shit

    get on your own hustle and stop envying niggas who made it

  • Super

    RIP Stack Bundles. We’ll miss your shine b.

  • http://xxlmag.com rodriguez 1

    Yo straight up i’m at a loss of words.I’ve been listenin to Stack bundles for a lil over three years and heard his growth stretch from his days at desert storm to his days as a byrdgang member and i must say as a pursuer of rap that man was talented as fuck, he had a voice you remember, a swag that couldn’t be matched,and a hunger that could motivate the laziest of dudes. r.i.p stack ya music lives on ima blow weed smoke in the sky for your soul to inhale and rest in peace my dude. if ya’ll rhyme and ya’ll listened to stacks then outta respect 4 him get on ya’ll grizzly and do everything possible to live ya’ll dreams.cause you’ll never know wen it’s too late

  • dizzy

    the black man will eventually
    take over this earth and be King

  • dizzy

    dont get tied up we all capable of killing, we are only killing the wrong people. Our glory will be realizing our
    origin It is through imperfection that perfection originates. We are the light
    of the world fools/ We can not die fools
    a man will be known by his works..We must embrace life and freedom and death is what shapes our existence
    what is on earth will be transfered to heaven..dont fret boys and girls surely you know this

  • JR from the Chi




  • $nj finest$

    R.I.P Stack B your got but never forgotten see you when I get there ya dig. To his (FAMILY KEEP YA HEAD UP) his in a better place DIPSET ALL DAY & PATERSON ALL DAY 1

  • http://myspace.com/Fiditgbesiege Fiditg

    i shead tears R.I.P. stackzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • http://arlissnetwork.blogspot.com Dj OoGz

    Its hard to be on top knowing who’s in back of you!!!!Ima keep it real…he was riding around in a porsh..wearing mink coats..and iced out chains in the hood and your the meat for these wolves in the hood…niggas are going to skeem on you!!!!R.I.P Stack….SSSSSQQQQUUAAADDDDD UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  • Tank


  • Dirrty South Soldier

    flyboy403 Says:

    June 13th, 2007 at 10:47 pm

    Fuck all you faggot ass haters talkin shit bout jim and stack
    Get some respect u none street little kids
    God bless the dead wether its your best friend or your worse enemy they dead now you should respect that
    Whatever dues he had he paid the biggest price for them his life
    And karma gets u not the people around u whatever fuckin faggot said it was jims fault
    And whatever faggot said it was fifty in all capitals
    There is a difference between south jamaca and rockaway so shut the fuck up it wasn’t fifty the good hates fifty and fifty hate the hood real talk so eat a Dick u none sense speaking 13 year old girls
    Rip stack bundles hood pride one love they took u too soon

    Fiddy hated by the hood?! he wrote his last album in his grandmama’s house idiot, you would think something would have happened to him…
    btw i dont think G Unit had anyithing to do with stacks

    R.I.P. stacks

  • y..g a young boss

    ayo on sum G shit any1 who is deisrespectin jim jones or the whole dip set family leavein fucked up comments this is a time to grow the fuck up n respect these dudes for wat the fuck the do i seen jimmy punk niggas at the club in jersey collosum so any one talkin shit suck a dick no homo rip to stacks he still shitttin on alot of niggas from the grave even the pussy dat shit him n if it does involve the g unit family they wack anyway they watered down rappers…..some one need to find out who the brownsville bully is cuz he actin like he kno wtf goin on fuckin hater

  • jojo

    SSSSSS..QUUUUUUUAAAAD UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T

    Why is eveyone putting G-Unit in this? People, grow up and get off of that. You’re being childish by blaming people who had nothing to do with it nor do they know him. The heat difference is between 50 and Cam, not dipset and g-unit…So people, grow up.

    R.I.P. Stack…I don’t know your music, but I’ve heard of you. May God bless your soul and my heart and prayers go out to his family and friends


    man i got words for that nigga stacks ,fuck it due but hopefully your better in hell than you were on earth nigga

  • http://e eazy loc

    G-unit dont got shit to do wit this…cuz mazaradi fox is in g-unit and he cool wit stacc bundles so yall nigga that said g-unit got sumthing to do with this is dumb

  • mbh

    Riot In Peace


    R.I.P Seymour Cake AKA STACK BUNDLES


  • Matty

    “Thats why we like Jimmy better anyway”

    Ereal honest 2 god please stop ridin 50 snitches dick.
    Real talk from Jimmy But His statement bout tha cops is questionable as he raps bout tha cops in reppin time where he yells “Fuck Em”.

    R.i.p Stacks

  • doctor69

    rip stacks but still fuck the bitch set all day everyday a young boss of kennedy fried chicken fuck you for dissing the ville come down to tilden projects and say that shit wigger and martha fallback real nyc dudes don’t respect the bitch set

  • Gama

    RIP MY NIGGA I still listen to his mixtapes he was gonna bet one of NY’s hevyhitter thats fuck up but hopefully he’s in a better place SQUAD UP! shout out to the whole hip hop game rappers go thru so much man the same place and things he rapped about killed him the say the fans and people outside the music get effected by the music but it seems like the rappers realy are the victim’s. R.I.P

  • Block Prin$e

    RIP ma nigga Stacks. Man, it hurts, I swear it hurts. I’m proud Jimmy kept it real though. But I don’t think anyone is ever gonna completely get over this. It’s the reason he died that’s gettin’ to me. Niggas hate and niggas die everyday, but not like this! The shit don’t make sense. The type of dude Stack was…I cannot understand how u could b that jealous and hate a nigga that ain’t never done shit to you so much, that u take his life and then the nerve to take his chain. Straight up insult to injury man! Now, what he gonna do with the damn chain. He can’t wear it, he can’t sell it cuz the nigga who buys it and wears it is gonna have to explain shit, he can’t just hold onto it cuz niggas is huntin’ for the shit……What he gonna do with it? Dumb muthafucka, Just like Jimmy said, a str8 up DICKHEAD! And anotheer thing is, I know somebody heard or saw something and they keepin’ quiet. That shit kills me. If u don’t wanna tell popo, holla at Stacks peoples and let them handle it! The nigga who did this hasn’t slept a good nights rest since, and I could put my bottom dollar on that. I just hope Stack at least punched him in his shit one good time b4 he got popped! R.I.P. Stack Bundles, You were hated by a handful, but the millions who loved u will always ride for u. I just pray that u knew that b4 u lost your life. Squad up ma nigga!!


    Being from Harlem and knowing Jim Jones he is speaking real shit. They hating in the hood and it’s only getting worse. I respect Jim and his words. He’s grown doing it and I am proud to know Homie. We had to lose an amazing artist but the hate gotta stop. You can’t stop the hate and the envy and the brothers that try and help the situation in the hood is the ones that go through the most hate. Thats why there are no black leaders because there are no black followers. Drug dealers are idols. People need to wake the fu*^ up. REAL TALK!

  • Family to Stacks

    This goes out to Block Prin$e…thank you for your comment…as a family member of Stacks, it’s hard to read all this bullshit on the net…people disrespecting my cousin and not understanding his movement…if they knew him, I mean really knew him all they had to do was ask for a dollar if they were really hunger and stacks would have gave him that…from the day my cousin was taken from us the fam and his friends we all said the same thing…who ever did this is not sleeping because they can’t believe they did it! To all others people are going to hate and that’s the way of life but always remember what’s done in the dark always…always..comes to the light…no justice no peace…GOD will prevail and show the demon that you are and take you down…trust that! I can’t even type anymore..but increase the peace..stop this madness

  • http://WWW.xxl.com SMITTY

    why niggaz always haten on jimmy n shit he doin wat he gotta do da nigga got a swag u jus cant hate on sum real shit rip bundles

  • cuaebow

    that dude could really rap. p.s check out weatherman with him n jim jones and lil wayne.stacks killed that shit.

  • http://www.soundclick.com/OleMurder/ OleMaster Slaveson

    Yo ;)
    So, ‘rère’s another dead rapper, huh?
    (ERASE THAT!) I mean, of course, R.I.P. to
    Stacks, my would-be homie if I knew him :P

  • B dizzle aka lil columbia tennessee

    fucc all slobs dipset is some gay ass pussys its westside rollin 60 neighborhood crip gang on mines cuz

  • B dizzle aka lil columbia tennessee

    chyea the south cacc in dis bkitch like i fuccin said fucc slobks its westside rollin 60 neighborhood crip gang on mines cuz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • negros please

    stop hatin e-thug

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  • http://myspace hatasdiefasta

    whoeva said fucked jim jones and said they wish stack was neva wit dipset need to fall bac hard and die 4 real oh and i got nikka that said he will luv to shove his dick in ya mouth that goes to thT NIKKA FAKE TALK HAHA

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