Bone Crusher
Brand New Funk

bone-crusher-1.jpgFour years ago, Bone Crusher scored a monstrous hit with “Never Scared,” off his gold-selling debut, AttenCHUN! (So So Def/Artista). Unfortunately, his success was short-lived. The former 400-pound Atlanta giant never received a follow-up single and the hype surrounding his album slowly died down. Two years later, Jermaine Dupri took So So Def over to Virgin Records after he was appointed the company’s Executive Vice President of Urban Music. As a result, Crusher was transferred from So So Def to another Zomba Music Group affiliate, Jive Records. After sitting in limbo at Jive for a year, the portly MC was eventually released and signed with boxer Roy Jones Jr.’s record label, Body Head Entertainment, in 2006. The partnership resulted in Crusher’s sophomore disc, Release the Beast, which failed to produce a hit or duplicate his previous success. Now, after appearing on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, the heavyweight MC has formed his own label, Vainglorious Entertainment, and is returning this July with a new album entitled, Free. But unlike his previous efforts, Free is an eclectic mix of rock and funk, which is a drastic change from the crunk sound he helped popularize. talks with Bone Crusher about his new musical direction, the future of crunk and his relationship with Jermaine Dupri.

What direction are you going in with your new album, Free?
It’s completely different. It’s not about crunk anymore. I brought this new thing to the table [like] Cee-Lo, [who] is the originator of bringing the original stuff. I’m more [into music] like, Alexander O’Neal, S.O.S. Band, Frankie Beverly and Maze—music that brought fantastic times. It’s called “free” music. I just got off Jive Records and I had some changes to do in life. I sat and thought about the things I used to do when I felt good about music. I’m one of the guys who originated the style of music India.Arie is doing. When you hear the album, you’ll see what kinda vibe I’m on. This [album] is a hybrid—it’s more of a new wave, retro, soulful, live feel.

Are you concerned about losing some of your fan base with such a drastic change?
I think I’ll pick up my fans and some extras. My voice is still big. It’s a fantastic groove. My homeboy in L.A. was telling me, “These people don’t even know Cee-Lo was in Goodie Mob. It doesn’t matter. Cee-Lo is at three or four million sold. You think Cee-Lo cares?” So we gotta stop being afraid. Once we become as progressive as we are in our head, the music will grow. We’re too busy beefin’ about stupid stuff and not progressing.

So you’re not working with Lil’ Jon anymore?
Jon and me are still people. Jon is trying to be free, too. He wants to do his rock stuff. Everybody who has a love for music is trying to do something free and fresh. We don’t wanna be like the disco era. We want it to happen forever. People don’t understand Sam Goody and Tower Records just closed down. These [places] are pivotal in what we have to do to get this music to grow or we all gonna be working at McDonald’s or someplace we don’t wanna work. This is a culture. If it dies, we die.

Is crunk dead, then?
I don’t do crunk no more. It’s kinda dead to me. I think it’s time for something else. Something that makes people go, hmmm, just like crunk did. A lot of people say I made that happen with “Never Scared.” I got a lot of money for that, too.

Do you hold any grudges against Jermaine Dupri for dropping you from So So Def Records?
Jermaine and me are cool. I have no problems with anybody Black. I have no hate in any shape, form or fashion with anyone. I have no time to beef with anyone. I can’t beef with nobody. Business is business; it’s not personal. I have no problem with JD or L.A. Reid [former CEO of Arista]. It’s all about growing and being stronger as a person. All that beef like 50 [Cent] do—whatever. Look, ain’t none of us got no skyscrapers or grocery stores. There should be a Puffy chain of grocery stores and Russell Simmons skyscrapers. Until we get ahead, we have no place to diss. You ain’t never heard me diss nobody. How can I diss you and we in the same shithole? I’m watching the Hispanic community and how they work hard, opening grocery stores and banks in Atlanta. They are doing their own thing. They out here thriving. We too busy beefing about stupid stuff and not progressing.

Word is you chose not to curse on this new album. Is that because of all the Don Imus controversy and the backlash on hip-hop?
I think it’s time for a change. I think people are tired of the same ol’ stuff. I don’t think it’s necessary [to use] cusswords. You can only say “shit” and “fuck” so many times and make it colorful. On my new album there is no cussin’. S.O.S. Band had no cussin’ in their music. Hall and Oats and Michael Jackson had no cussin’, it sounds good and moves mountains. Everybody shouldn’t rap. Everybody shouldn’t make beats. Just because you can afford the equipment, doesn’t mean you should do it. There are other ways to make money in this business besides trying to be the star. There’s promotion, writing, office management, all kinds of stuff you can do behind the camera.

Being that you had a successful first record with “Never Scared” but are now independent. Do you have any advice for this new crop of rappers with big singles?
These guys get these one hit records, but you gotta realize one record is just one record. You’re not a star when you only got one record. That won’t mean you’ll continue to eat. We’re dead in the water. People only buy singles and ringtones [now]. We gotta make sure this music lasts forever, dawg. I want to have my kids eating like Phil Collins. I want to eat forever, dawg. I want my publishing so valuable [that] I’ll be able to eat for a 100 years, if I could.

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  • Holla

    I actually feel what he’s saying – he sucks, but hes smart to jump off the crunk bandwagon.

  • reecerolex

    bonecrusher is my brother’s peoples, sean falyon business nothing personal, support the movement……good article bone….YA DIG…be down atl in aug!…

  • ri067953

    See, that is what I am talking about. Nobody every says that Bob Dylan or Tom Petty ever fell off. Music is an artform, not just a way to get some quick dough. We need more artist, not hustlers in the game because it is killing the music. These record labels are using artist like MIMS or the next one hit wonder to make a quick buck and then they dispose of them. These artist gotta be smarter and make timeless music so they can continue to get paid.

  • Ak Donovan

    i like his new joint. it sounds like faith no more.

  • north carolina hu$tle

    bone crusher switchin his crunk style lets c how far that get him

  • Danny

    I’ll be checking for this dude…

    He’s talking smart but he better back it up with his music…

  • Ziggy

    I unno i feel that kinda cee-lo shit in da summer time while jus drivin round do wha i gotta do…put me in a good mood

  • Kareem

    I Like Crusher he is cool, he is to real for all that fake shit, & nobody would even think about makin a diss record to Crusher he will straight break a neck, Keep doin your Thing Bone Crusher

  • Smitty Pt3

    thats whats up, i knew there was somethin different bout that ninja (no homo), i’ll check out his cd, thats genious

  • J-Reese

    RI067953 I can dig what you saying to a point you got to put out hot music to stay in the game over time. Look at Outkast, Luda , Jay Z ,and Nas. Bob Dyln and Tom Petty are still making hits. You got to make hits to stay in the game most of these so call rapers now of day only have one hit in them and thats it.But Bone Crusher didnt even have a hit to me it was the other rapers on the song that made it hot not him. And i put money on it hes going to flop again .

  • Detroit P

    i’ll concur with j-Reese

  • ri067953

    It takes more than hot music to make timeless songs. You have to make songs that resonate with people and their lives. Man, I listen to songs that are only a few years old and they sound corny now. I know for sure that in a couple of years no one will be playing “Walk it Out” at their BBQ’s. These new cats should make music that is more universal so that people will continue to appreciate their music. People still continue to pay to see Frankie Beverly and Maze in concert even though they haven’t had a hit record in years.

  • grapes

    crunk IS dead…
    after lil’ jon made a snap record.
    snappin’ was live for a minute…but seriously. can we start making real music now? and bonecrusher, big ups fa doin’ ya thing, interested on hearing how this’ll sound. rock and funk? hahaa..
    plus, goodlook on the no swearing. you don’t need swearing to make good music. just 50. and look how he’s turning out…

  • R.C.

    north carolina hu$tle Says:

    June 21st, 2007 at 10:58 am
    bone crusher switchin his crunk style lets c how far that get him

    Danny Says:

    June 21st, 2007 at 11:00 am
    I’ll be checking for this dude…

    He’s talking smart but he better back it up with his music…

    I’m feel what he means when he sayz that the music gotta live forever, Hip-Hop can’t die like disco did, wtf!!!

    and if the LP doesn’t do it, I hope he’ll fall back to those position behind the scenes. “There should be a Puffy chain of grocery stores and Russell Simmons skyscrapers.”
    Imagine that…

  • Facescar

    I cant belive what i just read…wtf happened to him? …

  • fireforreal

    That makes a lot of sense to stop trying to do crunk hip hop because soo enough all that shit will slow down then your being like everyone else trying to go left field because it’s not poppin any more. Some times it’s better to leave before you get left.As long as he’s happy and gettin his money,he’s still gettin those checks from vh1 so hopefully he invests them.

  • Hokus

    Yeah, man! I’ve been sayn’ this same shit for years. I keep it up with rock, folk, blues, R&B, heavy metal and hip-hop. You can’t pigeonhole y’self and expect to be viable years down the road. Only an idiot would listen to one kind of music exclusively. Inspiration comes in many forms and if you wanna be an inspiring artist, ya gotta come at it from different angles all the time.

  • livefromthe225

    this negro made a lot of sense, unfortunately his 15 minutes of fame expired 14 min and 59 sec ago…

    soon as he took the scale on VH1

  • Tragic

    This is a fine example of what happens when your sophmore album flops, its the proverbial “bump in the road” every artist has to get by. Unfortunately for him, he was hot one minute and got screwed over by the JD thing. Crunk aint dead, u just aint crunk. Just like all the other sell outs……..

  • Özgür –

    Hes Right About Changin

  • Dr Flav

    “Crunk aint dead, U just aint crunk.” Tragic said it all right there.

  • Stax On Deck

    BoneCrusher is still cool. I’ll check some of the singles of the album out b4 I make a decision on purchasing it. Hey it could be revolutionary or a big FLOP…Only time will tell.

  • middlekid24


    I hope that the rest of hip-hop culture and rap music will follow Bonecrusher’s lead. I miss the innovation and creativity that went into good rap. I mean, I’m 31 years old and I don’t friggin feel like listenin’ to the same music my kids listen to(Yes, I’m lookin dead at y’all “My Lip Gloss” and “Chicken Noodle Soup” motherf**kers!). I’ll check his new album, it can’t possibly be worse than “Party Like a Rockstar”.

  • new.sense

    WOW!!!!this cat really made bad he dont have the talent or the mic skillz to back it up but maybe just maybe the production might be enough to make me pick it up and listen……………….maybe not.LOL

  • DEFcertificate

    crunk sucks i respect bonecrushers new thinking and direction. cant wait to see what the new shit gon sound like. biiiiiiiitch

  • xiridir

    Crunk is for Country bumkin niggas!!!!! LOL

  • derfla the hus’la

    crunk was always bullshit to me and I knew it would not make it this far……..bonecrasher is gabbage and y’all niggas claiming you’ll be checking for him are lieng to mo shitty music get this fat ass outer here lose some waight or sumthin.

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