1.) D&D's June Bug

”Song Cry Pt. 2″

Verse One

Dear Tressa, you would always help me cook food

Even though I’d yell at you when I was in a bad mood

We was together since the towers fell down

I felt helpless watchin’ the smoke risin’ from the city that never dies

You took my hand, told me it’d be okay

That night in my bed, we had the best damn sex

You did anything for me, even clipped my fingernails

Rubbed my back as I coughed hard from chugging your homemade fruit punch.

You spotted a roach in my A.P.T. you went berserk so we hopped on our S.U.V.

And we drove to the CVS, bought a roach spray so we could be A-Okay

You washed my clothes, so I said “Thank you”

I never knew this lil phrase would put a big smile on you

This aint a love letter

Just want the whole world to learn from my mistakes I cheated on her

This is the 3rd summer that I’m gon spend without her

This is gon be the coldest summer that I’m gon spend without her, Dear Tressa.

Verse Two

Dear Hip-Hop, how could you be so kind to me?

At times you get ferocious but you never put your back to me

A Tribe Called Quest to the Roots and Big

Wu-Tang never left, taught me how to get “Cream”

”Simple” was the SHIT! But now it’s like “Life’s a Bitch”

So we get high, but that’s just a temporary thing

Hustle was permanent, just peep the dirt on my Timbs

Walked through the snow, puddles and gutter, slushes and stones, dirt or concrete

Then I thought I heard Big screamin’ “BABY BABYYY!!”

It wasn’t just a baby to me, the music is the baby for me

Just like a father determined to die for his baby

Even when Tressa wasn’t there, Hip-Hop was there for me

Just like a hustler determined to die for his stacks

I vowed at the stand that I’d die for this

So I want the whole world to know that I’ll die for this.

Tressa loved it too, but I’ve lived it dawg

Now my last name is Hop, just like yours dawg.


2.) Nathan Lyles

Verse One

If the whole World was listenin’ the mission then would be to be conditionin’ my brain to explain things against the men.The same men that contend, on a battle field and rattle steel at each other. Don’t care if it’s they brother.
My apologies to the World and to my family, cause both are living victim to the sins of humanity. Now, can it be…that the whole World is paying attention? I’m layin’ an inch &/ a half away from the answer. Placed in a cancer-ous situation.People recycle life, & keep it in rotation. Patience/ was a gift but this is it. The Earth/ is listening and so I tell her just how much she’s worth. Silence takes away my breath, but not because I’m mic-less.Rather though, because the whole World shall know she’s priceless. Write this right down & see the lies.And know that if the Whole world was listenin‘, she’d cry.

Verse Two

After hearing my apologies the World is gonna’ probably retaliate and make it so that we can feel the robbery
that is taking place every single night & day. But we are unprepared. Not gonna’ see it right away. The fruits of our labor have enslaved us and it made us lazy. Crazy, maybe this is really what it means/ to reap what you sow, & so we try to grow some green. Ain’t talkin’ bout the pastures, I’m talkin’ bout the cash just sit back & listen like the whole World is doing. We try to heat the kitchen, but the whole world ain’t going. If the whole World was listening then this is what it heard. Humans ain’t been doing what they said. Then what occurs
… is the worst ‘cause it’s Earth versus Man. So tell me what’s the plan we have to fight against a Planet?
… I thought so.
Lot’s a people gettin’ frantic!If the whole World WAS listening then I would panic!


3.) R.J.

What Would I Say?…

I think about it on my way back home, all alone, nobody else in the back seat

These windy city streets, I hear another voice speak

In my shy state of mind, it bring different characters

Personalities wit opinions that aint mines

So the conversation start, “Use ya heart when you start to rap

Soul on the paper so you aint takin it back later

Regardless if they hate ya, niggaz do cuz you aint talkin bout

24s, hoes, and you aint soundin like you from the South”

Mainstream, same things my father might mention

Its hard thinkin bout him wit hospital visions

Still aint get over his death yet

I think if Ima die the same on a death bed, then voice #2 says

“You might as well kill yaself, I gaurantee nobody help

Ya mama dont care…to her you wasnt never there

This rap shit, so called fans think you a fuckin lie

Remember how them people disappeared after ya daddy died”

…As I, light up a black

Wonder if these facts

Or fiction, or maybe Im, missin a factor

Or leavin out somethin that bring happiness afterwards

Got raped by two of my cousins at a younger age

Pissed on at a bathroom stall brought waterfalls to my face

But I figure if Im alive that should be good enough

A reason to stop believin in this depression

Voice #2 like “Thats just somethin you cant block”

Kinda shocked to find that voice #3 agrees

Then he proceeds, “Ya girl never loved you the way you lovin her

Dick wasnt big enough for strokes when you was fuckin her

Plus you know you live too far for you to check on her

You know that niggaz callin her, stalkin her, textin her”

To you, if people love me or not

Not that important of a subject…so fuck it


4.) Trie

What would I say if I had the whole world listenin’

Verse One

I’d say fuck you muthafucka, past present and future

For causin’ me fatal wounds top surgeons cannot suture

For producin’ ghetto children top teachers cannot tutor

For hit and run daddies that are worthless and not suitors

Fuck you for ever existing at all

For being nothing but a place wherein Satan could fall

For my cousin ridin’ in fear in a piece of shit car with no rims

So he don’t draw no bad attention just to get killed for his Tims

Fuck you for your irony - I hate drugs and pollution

But I sell crack to get a car cuz it’s my only solution

If I don’t jack I won’t get far cuz I can’t live without food

Homeless at fifteen I made it do whut it do

My Mama don’t love me. Neither does God above me

You made me so cold hearted I flinch when my girl hug me

Fuck you for my fate and my inability to duck it

Cuz we all just black crabs in a bucket sayin’ fuck it

(Chorus x2)

I don’t give a fuck if you listen or not

I’ma scream fuck you with all that I got

I’ma keep hustlin’ so I stay alive

I’ma scream fuck you til the day that I die

Verse Two

Subject to verbal contusions and mental intrusions

I learn about wars won do to nuclear fusion

Constant confusion with no infusion of knowledge

A thousand ghetto monkeys wit typewriters tryna get into college

Look around and see just what you’ve produced

I say fuck your delusions as I chunk up the deuce

We can’t make it livin’ in you if we don’t try to get over

That’s why I understand Massa mo’ and mo’ as I get older

What the fuck I’ma do wit a kid!

What the fuck I’ma do wit a wife!

What the fuck I’ma do wit my life!

What the fuck am I doin’ tonight?

Sellin’ crack like what I’m doin’ is right

Fuck you world! Where you at? I’m pursuin’ a fight!

I got nothin’ to live for man I’m just doin’ my dirt

And when I die I hope my crew will put this dude on a shirt



If The World Was Listening, What Would I say?

Verse One

Thank you for the opportunity, Ladies and Gentlemen

But I have things to bring to your attention that’s unsettlin’

In our hoods there’s the drug peddlin’ and street corner meddlin’

People dying without insurance and they can’t afford the medicine

We have to face these elements on a daily basis

Dodgin bullets and so called cops who are really crazy racists

Living conditions are poor and inadequate

Projects are rat infested and roach inhabited

Hopefully I can become an active advocate

To show the talents of the hood and establish it

But white folks think we thugged out savages

And all they look at are SAT score averages

But they forget that suburban schools are fully equipped and legit

While education in the hood is constipated - It ain’t shit

Conservatives are tryin to dash our great hopes

And they got the nerve to have hip hop as the scapegoat.

Verse Two

Hopefully the world is listening so don’t beg for my pardon

It seems that the heart of the world has hardened and it’s disheartenin’

There was da next Martin Luther King proclaiming to “keep the peace”

Until he realized, to survive he needed to keep a piece

In the Middle East, people gettin’ killed daily

Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, and Israelis

And it’s crazy- as the rich just cruise in their new Maserati

A child discovers da burned remains of his father’s body

Suicide bombings are everyday in Iraq - 30 bodies a pop

But we’ve become so numb, there’s not a single teardrop

It’s a shock that people fail to understand

Like AIDS and genocide is destroying the Motherland

And as we pollute and the ozone is gettin’ destroyed

People are worried about which players are takin’ steroids

And George W. Bush goes about HIS war like he errorless

It seems to me that HE’s the biggest terrorist.


6.) Byrne

Verse One

If I had the chance to address the world as a whole

I’d tell everyone that I lived life to surpass my suggested role

I’m the tadpole that swallowed the shark whole

With a heart full of coal and a excessively bold soul

I chew on emcee’s and spit em’ out like Skoal

Addressing my enemies and doling out pain

My flow can show you the light like a church window pane

Forget fame id rather live life in the slow lane

With my hand on the wheel next to my girl as the sun hits our faces

I’m still alive in the CHI so I’m thanking God for his graces

Cause in most cases within my city

Kids die before they learn how to tie their shoe laces

I hope you are listening to me world

I hope you haven’t already tuned me out

Cause I’m not scared to deliver this verse while I scream and shout

You can’t avoid me world your gonna have to take the scenic route

Verse Two

If I had the chance to address the world as a whole

I’d get on a podium clutching a megaphone

Speaking with a strong and commanding tone

Confessing my sins catching my tears plastic bins

Confronting my demons masked in evil grins

Embracing God, my family, and my closest friends

And as the flame that is my life begins to dim

I realize that soon my soul will be at peace

No more struggling in these city streets

No more sluts, drug dealers, and police

As I lay on my back I’m approached by a priest

He opens his Bible and reads me my last rights

My mother and father tightly grasp my hand

Of the baby that they made that has grown to a man

So goodbye world and everything in it

Just remember as long you have life live it/


7.) Desert Es

Verse One

I envite you to witness this young Phenom in action

watch these words paint vivid pictures of reaction

to growing up under the nigga umbrella over and over

Luck I doubt that

I really didnt know what I was in over

My head

buried my face in palms

read the great scriptures of faith

John, Revalations and Psalms

I can stand here and give you a bunch of hoopla to get attention

beat it over your head just like Jada

like the rest not to mention

I was birth with a gift never considered this a curse

Cause as much overtime I put into this Hip hop ya boy flow got worst

In the sense I refuse to be a gimmick

I wont sell out

You know how all these cats become D- Boys and profess they clout

Im one hundred percent of every word presented to the world

Young boy lost in societies grip for the more righteous fruitful whirl

This rolla is a coasta swerving thru all of lifes bends

So programmed to chase love, life and and forget my friends

Verse Two

Now that the first verse was erected on the whim I love to spit

you see alot has changed in this reinvented hip hop

alot more bullshit

a picture perfect concept never felt so pure in notion

To catch the worlds attention in the mist of all this commotion

One stack of college ruled paper

twenty two number 2 pencils later

Im still unknown to the world no matter what Ive written on paper

You see this is some deep souls searching millions of letters erased

but what I represent is a million miles far from false nor can it be replaced

Constructed word patterns overlap the clap

release the sickness this is more that rap

coceived under the sign of the Ram

I eighties baby plus one I know who I am

A direct descendent of middle eastern Pharohs and kings

Even the Gods and Princess hand cuffed in the bing

Theodosia lead em

Jahovah raised em outta the sand

Forseen before the birth of Yao Ming

E’s was birthed a man…………


9.) P.H.I.L.T.H.Y.

If You Had The Whole World Listening, What Would You Say?

Verse One

I am the child with the blood of kings and queens

But the life you live is like what I’ve seen in dreams

You wouldn’t understand all the pain that this thing called life just seems to bring

To me

I have no father my mother was a rape victim

The man who did it well he had AIDS in him

So now my bloods like snakes venom

I need it but its killing me on the inside

But I’m not here for your pity party

Oh yeah ya’ll the people that pity hardly

Cuz my face you cant seem to handle

Cuz when its seen on the screen you just change the channel

Click and then you think its an unfortunate event that I’m an Orphan

I’m only 8 and I’m tryna keep my sanity

I thought we were put on this earth to be a family

Verse Two

I know its apparent that I have no parents

But why must you act as if I’m transparent

Yes it’s the invisible children

And your neglect has partially killed them

Just because we cant afford the treatment

Doesn’t mean that we deserve this treatment

You’ve turned the volume down can you hear us speaking

were still alive can you hear us breathing

you can still do something way before it is time for the grieving

So please open your minds and hearts

Don’t pronounce us dead way before are lives can start

I just want a chance to make a change and learn

You got time what’s your choice it remains your turn

I ain’t choose this life but I’m a live it

Remember life is a right not a privelage


9.) Trek

Yall wanna kno what I’ll say to tha world if they were listenin

I’ve always felt I was a mishap no way to escap dat

Feelin of no beginnin where I’m comin where I’m goin

Realize what I see now I know wats more important

Clock status every night to feed my children every mornin

Keep secrets from tha people that I wish I never kept

When I think about my father man I wish he never left

And it’s somethin on my chest that I feel I can’t forget

And it’s somethin on me heavy that I feel I’ll never lift

I’m a survivor, I’ve seen both tha battles and tha wars

Often times I’ve tried to win a gunfight wit a sword

Understand that my Lord got me set upon a course

And everytime I see tha strenght I can rely upon tha source

But I’m all about my hustle mane to overcome tha struggle mane

Profits stretchin pockets like I’m workin out of muscle mane

Ain’t worried bout no trouble mane always carry a couple mane

Fury in my heart and security round my buckle mane.

I think I got yall attention even more now but I ain’t finished stay tuned in…

I’ve always felt I was a menace to society

Can’t even walk around my city good without a nigga eyein me

Tryna keep myself controlled but niggaz steady tryin me

Tryna tell em’ bout my goals but dey act like dey blind to see

On tha block hustlin from sun down to sun up

Watchin for my P.O. slangin sacks outta foam cups

It’s a shame I can’t even leave tha house without my heat

Cuz I might be another brother murdered in these streets

But I’m a hustler I den seen dem hundreds and dem G’s

No teflon on my chest cuz ain’t no bullets after me

Gotta shake the evil spirits off before they capture me

People say dat Trek ain’t gon make it dats just blasphemy

But I’m gon pursue my dreams mane, it ain’t bout tha cream mane

I ain’t gotta pull no fronts cuz music is my thing mane

Don’t be about tha bling mane jus go and chase tha green mane

And i’m gon push it to tha top until i’m crowned tha king mane.


10.) nEminem

if the whole world would listen what would i say?

Id say fuck the world, this contest is nonsense anyway

I listened to the world and look where it got me

Went to church, stayed in school but still work in the lobby

Bought a house with things then somebody robbed it

Told the wife id stop this so the second time I shot them,

And got thrown in the can as I don’t live in texas

Got sued for damages, the thief left in a lexus

I’m suspecting, this could be an inside job

Baby baby that’s just not a courtroom smile,

Meanwhile, in jail, I heard my wifes fucking the milkman

the cousin of the thief, this was a smooth as silk plan

for 5cents an hour, I burned my hand making license plates

dropped the soap in the shower, now my sorry ass is fightin rape

Waiting, 4 years, nothing to say cause I’m hating

I was an altar boy, now your listening to satan

Out now, and words are speaking more than actions

Afgans for bodyguards and a 44 I’m packing

MC’s I shoot for sport, the competitions lacking

Hacking the head off the wife, she’s in saran wrap wrapping

Buried in the desert, the fools will never find me

i got 11 atomic bombs, straight out of Nagasaki

A neighbourhood near u is where i’m gonna drop it

Sally and Johnny are frying,. now we’re all gonna vomit,

Backpackers, no clues, no flows, I’m retorting

All your dreams, laying with hoes, to much coke u been snorting

I don’t know what’s in ur pack, your going home, its so sad

Here’s an autographed grenade, for ray ray and his dad

And I don’t need an ad, but this mag isn’t bad,

better than the sellout source, I heard they moved to baghdad

See when u think the worlds listening, they never really listening

Let me stress I’m the best, and this is my new christening

Baby just maybe, this is not Eminem

Thin and crazy my name is Neminem