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slim-thug-2.jpgWith the backing of Geffen Records and The Neptunes for his major label debut album — Already Platinum — few imagined Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Chamillionaire outselling Slim Thug. But after numerous delays and rampant bootlegging, Already Platinum was released to critical acclaim, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard chats, but only went gold. An accomplishment for most, but for Slim Thug, it was a disappointment. While his Houston companions reaped the benefits of their SoundScan success, Slim quietly watched and regrouped. He didn’t dwell on his label’s mistakes. Instead, he decided to take his career in his own hands.

Long before his record deal, Slim was one of Houston’s most prolific underground artists. As one of the original members of Swishahouse, Slim released his own material through his independent label – Boss Hogg Outlawz – and stared on Mike Jones smash single, “Still Tippin’.” Now, Slim Thug is returning to his underground roots. On February 27, he released a new Boss Hogg Outlawz album — Serve & Collect — on Koch Records. Slim is also preparing for the June 5 release of his sophomore album on Geffen Records, Boss of All Bosses. Slim discusses his new album, as well as the mistakes of the past and his relationship with The Neptunes with

What direction are you going in for your new album, Boss of All Bosses?
I’m just doing me. With my last album — Already Platinum — I was coming into a world I didn’t know. I signed a major deal with Interscope/Geffen and Jimmy [Iovine] was like, “I wanna put you with Pharrell and do it like this.” So I started working with Pharrell and followed their trail. I ain’t really call a lot of the shots on the last album. I was doing what I thought it would take for me to go worldwide.

Already Platinum wasn’t only about candy paint; it had some diversity. Can we expect that again?
Yeah, I’m going to keep it the same on that end and have a lot of different subjects. I’m doing this record by myself, so there isn’t anybody telling me what to do. It ain’t going to be all about sippin’ syrup, candy paint and fo’s [laughs]. I recorded like 70 songs, so I did a lot of different things. I’m gonna balance it out and have some personal songs where people can be more in touch with me, because I feel that’s how you become a star. People want to feel like they know you.

As far as producers — I’m in Atlanta right now working with Jermaine Dupri and I was just in Cali working with Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem. I also got DJ Toomp, Mannie Fresh, Play-N-Skillz, Swizz Beatz and Jazze Pha. But Mr. Lee did the majority of the album. I also got guest appearances by Rick Ross, UGK, Young Jeezy and of course, the Boss Hogg Outlawz.

So you’re not working with The Neptunes anymore?
The last album was more of a production deal. The thing is, its either you do three songs with them and they logo bill your record, or you pay a 100 grand for one beat. So that’s the politics behind it. I wanna work with Pharrell. We had fun [last album] and I think he’s the shit. But a lot of people didn’t want to hear me on that shit. They felt like it wasn’t me, especially in my hometown. And that’s who I’m trying to please, because deal or no deal, they are gonna be down with me. But I would definitely love to do something with him [Pharrell], but we would have to work on that number a little bit.

So you were really never signed to Star Trak?
It was never a Star Trak deal, just a production deal. I did more than three songs with them, so they put their stamp on the back of my CD. That’s how it went. It was all apart of Jimmy Iovine’s plan to break a new artist. I ain’t mad at it. It could have worked, but it didn’t.

Was Already Platinum too diverse for Houston?
I think it was a great record, but the problem was the label and the decision-making. We would go with one record and then pull back. Then the date kept changing. I mean, I’ve never been on tour, I never did 106 & Park by myself. I never did a lot of that shit. But at the end of the day, its gonna be the music that’s going to be blamed if [the album] doesn’t do what its supposed to do. So at the same time, I do feel like I stepped out of my bracket more than I should have. Ain’t nothing wrong with doing that, but I think I did it a little more. I think I had too many Neptune records on the album.

slim-thug-1.jpgIt must be annoying when people ask you about Already Platinum not going platinum.
A lot of people didn’t understand it. I wasn’t saying that I was gonna come out and sell a million records. I was saying I did that in the streets already. I was letting you know that I’m living in a house bigger than the nigga you see on TV who went platinum. I got a better house than damn near half of the niggas that went platinum. That’s what I meant. It wasn’t me saying I was gonna sell a million. I always explained that but I guess nobody heard that part [laughs].

On “We Boss Hoggin,” off the new Boss Hogg Outlaws album, you say you want to make it for your mother. Is she your main motivation?
Yeah, she’s been a big motivation for me. She took care of me by herself. She worked like seven days a week, 12 hour shifts. So I do a lot of this for my mother. I’m a baby of seven [in my family] — four boys and three girls — so my mother couldn’t really control us. But I saw her go through a lot. All of my brothers were in and out of jail, getting shot at. I seen what it did to her. And I’m the youngest, so I always wanted to make her proud. She always tried to keep me away from trouble and out of jail. I saw how she felt when she would have to work all week and then send money to my brother in the pen. So I always told myself I would never put her in that position where she would be hurting. I didn’t want her to have to come visit me in jail. I always tried to stay out of trouble.

Money is always a prevalent theme in your music. Do you ever think the money will change you?
I think it can change people, but I don’t see it changing me. I rap about loving money, and I do love it, but not to the point where it affects me as a person. I think money changes the people around you more than it changes you. From my experience, if you take care of someone or give them something, the one time you tell them, ‘No,’ they are gonna be like, “Oh, he’s trippin’, he got caught up.’ So I think it’s a cop out for people. They are quick to say you change if you don’t support them. So I don’t give a fuck what people say. I ain’t gonna let the money rule me. I believe in God, so I put him over everything.

Lately, hip-hop has come under fire from media outlets like CNN and Fox News. Do you think its an artists’ responsibility to balance the violent talk with something more positive?
I don’t think its our responsibility. They are trying to come down on hip-hop but the [same] shit is in movies. They are really trying to give hip-hop a black eye. There are a lot of dudes coming from the streets and turning into powerful people, and I guess they don’t like that. Look at how they did DJ Drama. They are trying to make it like we selling dope or something. We ain’t selling drugs, we are entertainers. If you take away hip-hop then that’s going to take away more jobs and opportunities for people out here who feel like they can do something positive. A dude wanting to be a big rap star isn’t out there robbing people right now because he has dreams. But if you take away his dreams, then the shit is just gonna get worse. But I feel like you have to blame the parents. A kid who listens to a rap record and wants to go [shoot someone] couldn’t have been raised right. It ain’t our responsibility to raise kids. Our responsibility is to entertain.

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  • ur-highness

    for the 1st time(ever)…im first but then again who wants to be first off this article…slim thug is wack!!!!!

    • mrvizcarrondo

      Thanks For Giving Him Another Hit, you MARK

  • one_nationz



    It’s Me Bitches!!!!!!!

  • http://XXLmagazine J-gutter

    I think that his last cd should have went platinum.Slim thug cd was 10 times better then mike jones and paul wall.I hope this cd sell better then the last cd.Because on the low he has some spit.

  • Freddy Fred

    yeah slim!!!

  • DWill

    Slim Thuggaaa MuthaFuckaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • clammy claude

    slim thug aint bad at all..he can rap and he is legit. but that neptunes bullshit is ridiculous…i hope his second album is better..

  • P

    I don’t think its an artists “responsibility” to make positive music. As an artist you make whatever kind of music you want….but if you think kids shouldn’t listen to violent music, then it is somewhaat your respnsibility. Slim Thug just said he had alot of siblings and his mother couldn’t control ‘em…so think about the many other households like that….you expect a mother who is bustin her ass workin, feeding the family, trying to keep her children out the streets and managing to get some rest, to also control the music her children listen to..even with one child thats a bit much

  • Big Esco

    He was right about the Neptunes thought, I from Houston and when people herd the album, even the official one (the bootleg was like 80% Neptunes production) they wern’t in love with it. Where as with the official one everyone liked the tracks produced by Mr. Lee; the ones with a more Texas sound. So if he changes the formula on this one it’s goiong to be a lot better.

  • haZizzLe

    chea chea…slim thugg is the maynee!!

  • Young Cane
  • Atl’s own

    big upz to the Boss!

  • Young Stunna

    new airs with the see through fronts so you can see my diplomat socks

  • L.B.

    Our review of Boss Hogg Outlawz – “Serve & Collect”

  • sibusiso

    boring boss his shit is not gonna sell hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • smoothtunes

    this nigga is aight, but damn, u can’t hit off a Neptune track, shit… most of the time that is the only banging track on a lot of these wack ass rappers album, hint: Nore, TI, Fab, jay and so on. dont hate the track, take them shits and flip it, they don’t come any better/

  • Hollywood

    cool interview- what’s good with an ESG collabo?

  • bbe4eva

    i liked tha version b4 it was bootlegged better
    he had sum hard songs on there
    i still buump it 2day

  • John Cochran

    I’m from Philly, but I stayed in DC for a while. Down there those brothas put me on to the whole H town thing way before they really blew. When you compare his earlier shit to the last album, you see that the neptunes tried to take him somewhere he didnt need to be. I still kinda dug it though. Anyone else notice the pattern of the neptunes watering down artists ( snoop, slim, jay, maybe even the clipse). they should make the Timbo move and just do pop, with the occasional rap song.

  • Da B


  • icee corleon

    yeah i think the neptune influence hurt is album sells alot because you are use to hearing p work with east coast artists and his beats fit there style. i did like aint heard of that but jay just overshadowed him to much. slim didnt get big (no lil wayne) by rapping in that format so yeah it was a bad idea to put all those neptune tracks on thier. if the clipse had some of those tracks there cd might have sold better. they did have a good mix but maybe one would not hurt.

    from texas to florida we got this locked

  • yung ceasa

    Whoa. Should I be able to do this undersomeone else’s shit? I’m definitely not this “yung ceasa” guy, but all of his info is in the boxes. Weird.

  • Adam K using a fake email

    That’s kinda disappointing. The Neptunes stuff really made Already Platinum stick out and sound different. It’s a great and severely underappreciated record.

  • bws4lyfe

    BLACKWALLLLLLLLIN’ slim thug aint bad but noone better than the best rapper alive….THE GAME…..G-UNOT

  • slimboy

    Slim Thug been Tha Boss of All Bosses for a minute now. Thug go hard on every track. With these down south beats he gonna go real far now. Cant wait for the new album.Slim Thugggaaaaaa

  • hiphopsince1978

    “Already Platinum” was actually a very good album, probably one of the most under-rated albums of the last couple years….

  • hiphopsince1978

    “Already Platinum” was actually a very good album, probably one of the most under-rated albums of the past couple of years…

  • neil nice

    “critical acclaim??????” yeeeeeeah fuckin’ right guy!!!! that album was garbargio!!! sorry slim thugga…back to the fuckin’ lab with that nonsense B!!!!

  • travis

    i thought that already platinum was a great album i still listen to it today i thought it was three times the album mike jones was

  • J.R.O.

    Real T right there. I heard Slim Thug on all the mixtapes before that album. Compared to his mixtapes, the album was weak.

  • Hurricane Game

    sLIM tHUGS Possibly the most real nigga from Houston. He deservd platinum for the first but it was too bad the T.I.’s Had to leak his album three times.


    REAL TALK, SLIM THUGS MY DUDE, HE is one of the few down south cats i like, but its coming back to the home of this shit BX, MY FOUNDATION.

  • Young Truth

    The First “Boss” of the South!

  • Texas

    yo i lost count how many times i have bought this nigga album. everytime cops pull me over it ends up disappering.


  • CEO

    Slim Thug is the man, i liked his already. Its sad it didn’t go Platinum. Look fwd to the next album. I love this interview, its real and i see how the labels heads move…cold dudes.

  • - OZ –

    he’s one of ma favorittes from da south

    but i think what he said bout his family is fake..he’s da youngest n he saw a lot in da family n he stayed out of trouble etc.

    and he said hiphop is only entertaining dat bullshit…
    i started to listen hiphop when i was 10…it absouletly affected me..

    u cant blame only parents about ”bad” kids n generation…
    hiphop affects people who listen to it….specially if they r 10-20 years old…

    but im lookin foward to his album…

    H-town style…

    keep it South !!!

  • Jesse as is

    This is a test of the Blatent Self Promotion Alert System

    ********* ***********

    Test Complete.


    Jesse as is.

  • - OZ –

    i found YOUNG BUCK’s album ‘Buck Tha World’ Retail on

    i dont so serious :S

    i thought everybody wanna know dat….


  • Dante Fermi
  • Notorious A.G.C.

    slim thugg is THAT nigga, he the BOSS, gettin a lot of love over here in cali…all mah friendz copd that cd…and YO i aint worry FUCK DA NEPTUNES HAHA! YO SLIM COME VISIT L.A.!!!

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    Slim thug dat shit..dat nigga been hustling damn near all his life..I heard he had a nice as whip at 16-17.Do da game how you wanna do it…

  • Dorian

    Real talk. I really liked Already Platinum mayne, but as you said there were too many Star Trak songs on it. Not that there’s anything wrong with Star Trak but you want every song on an album to be unique. Star Trak made them sound pretty much the same. Anyway Already Platinum is the shit, I like EVERYTHANG on it. Keep doin yo thang mayne, Serve & Collect is some heavy shit too.

    Duno why I type alla this shit, it aint like you gonna read it haha..

  • BossGame

    I do this for you was a HOT track! He’ll definetly hit em harder on the next go round

  • lexx ruga

    i heard this nigga street cred was off the meaters down in houston but hes garbage as a rapper!!

  • Fred D

    Slim THugga is the shit!! Nigga needs to blow up already

  • davidhgi

    “do you expect a mother who’s busting her ass working…to control the music her kids are listening to?” Yeah, I do. It’s her house and if she can’t raise her own children then what’s her life about? Parents are the first and most important teachers, they need to do their jobs and kill the excuses

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