bleek-4.jpgThe last several months have been tumultuous for Memphis Bleek and Roc-A-Fella Records. While Jay-Z’s battles with The Diplomats are well documented, Memphis Bleek has stayed relatively quiet, deciding not to get involved. That changed when Jim Jones added fuel to the fire by scolding Bleek about his lack of platinum plaques and money during a Hot 97 interview with Funkmaster Flex two weeks ago. The comments crossed the line and drew Bleek into this ongoing war between the two factions. Bleek is no stranger to beef, though. Through his eleven years in the game, he’s battled the likes of The Game and Jaz-O. Now, the self-proclaimed “heir to the throne” sets the record straight on Jim Jones with while also discussing his association with Jay-Z and what he’s got going on in the lab.

How do you feel about Jim Jones’ comments on Hot 97 two weeks ago?

Jim Jones must have been in a cage for the past 10 years if I don’t have any gold or platinum albums. I’ve been in the clubs for the past 10 years. He has one joint. Let’s see if he survives. But [this situation] motivates me to get back out there and keep bangin’ ‘em. Jim Jones can’t keep up with my lyrics or money.

He’s also made statements that you’re not financially sound.

Everyone wants to make assumptions that Jay takes care of me just because he said it in a rhyme [Jay’s verse on Kanye West’s “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”]. That’s only if Bleek falls off. I’m good, though. I made my millions by myself. My checks come from Malik Cox [Bleeks’ real name], not Shawn Carter.

When Jim was on the radio, did you want to call the station and respond?

I was in the studio [at the time], why would I call the station? That’s wack to me. If there’s a problem, I’m gonna see you in the club or the street and then bust ya head, straight up. You know my career. I don’t start problems; these dudes just come at me because they think something is sweet. Now, I’m going to gun their whole team down.

Jim Jones also said he confronted you, but you were busy tying your shoes.

That doesn’t even make sense. I buy a bunch of sneakers everyday, I don’t have time to lace them. This whole situation started when we were up at Def Jam and they [Dipset] tried to front on my man [Bleek refused to name his friend]. This happened in the parking lot right outside of Def Jam. I ain’t gona lie, I’ll give Jim his little props because he didn’t bitch up or run. He was like, “Yo, I ain’t got no problems with you Bleek, or none of y’all. My problem is with homey. I’ll shoot the fair one if it’s all good.” So I’m telling my man, ‘Fight the nigga, because as soon as you throw you’re hands up, I’m gonna lay him.’ He [Bleek’s friend] didn’t want to fight him, though. I guess it wasn’t the right time. We still chumped them niggas, though. We were on some Brooklyn shit, like, “What the fuck you lookin’ at? I’ll knock your head off.” Them niggas ain’t want no problems.

Jim said he ran up on you and The Roc in Baseline Studios with 60 Bloods?

When? Where? That nigga used to gamble and lose his money to us everyday. Where was the tough guy act then? You have to remember, we tape everything. Cameras are always rolling. I have tapes of them gambling with us in Baseline. He didn’t have 60 niggas with him. You’re a clown if you have to roll with 60 niggas. Come on, I don’t need that many. 60? You’re buggin’. I’m cool by myself.

How do you feel about other members of Dipset taking shots at The Roc?

JR Writer just sold 12,000 copies [of his Writers Block 4 mixtape]. He’s at No. 84 [on the Billboard charts]. He’s not even on my radar. The thing is, I don’t even know these dudes. When Cam and Jimmy were around, they weren’t there. I don’t know them and they don’t know me. They are just making shit up. I don’t pay them any attention. I’m a real, face-to-face type of dude. If there is a problem, then let’s scrap.

After Jim’s comments, do you now feel forced to be apart of this rivalry?

I will never turn my back on my niggas. I chilled in the beginning, because he told me face-to-face, “It’s not a problem.” I didn’t really pay attention to the raps and the interviews [at first]. I just looked at it like; they are really trying to sell some records.

How many plaques do you have?

I got three gold albums [Coming of Age, The Understanding, M.A.D.E.]. My last album [534], sold 400,000 [copies]. The Understanding sold 950,000 [copies], it almost went platinum. That’s why this is the new and improved Bleek. I got a different type of hunger now. I worked with the big homie, but now it’s time for me to bring my niggas.

Do you think people overlooked your skills because you’re associated with Jay-Z?

Definitely. It’s the gift and the curse. That’s why people take shots at me, because they wish they were me. They wish they were connected to Jay. I think I really cheat myself because I don’t take advantage of the situation. I can get Jay on my hooks, spit a 16 and all of that. But Jay isn’t in the studio with me. Jay hears my music when everybody else does. I haven’t even see Jay since we came back off the world tour. We were both in Vegas [for NBA All-Star weekend] and I didn’t even see him. People just think we are together everyday.

Why do you think there is such an emphasis on Jay’s age?

These niggas are the same age as me. How young do you think they are? Cam been in the game for 12 years. Do you really think he’s 22-years-old? That nigga is 30 something. He’s fronting, straight up. Jim Jones looks like a fucking carpenter. He’s about 32. These niggas act like they are 22. Juelz is the youngest in the whole crew. Everybody else is in their 30s with two or more kids.

What new material are you working on?

I just dropped a new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid called Heir To The Throne. I’m also working on this tape with DJ Green Lantern. I just put two records in the streets. This joint with Bone Thugs~N~Harmony and Akon called “Never Forget Me” and one with Biggie called “Duckdown.” I also cooked up with my man Just Blaze for this joint I just released called “Step Up.” Its going to be a problem.