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canibus-1.jpgCanibus is an enigmatic figure that has been revered for his lyrical ingenuity and criticized for his poor beat selection and inconsistent albums. Once hailed as the second coming of Rakim, ‘Bis was on top of the world during his legendary 1998 rap battle with LL Cool J. But that changed once his debut album, Can-I-Bus [Universal], was released in that same year to scathing criticism for its lackluster production. ‘Bis followed up two years later with 2000 B.C., the album many expected from his debut. But with little support from his label or the media, it was too little, too late. ’Bis retreated into the underground, releasing his worst received album, “C” True Hollywood Stories (2001), before enlisting in the U.S. Army in 2002. In the next three years C graduated Fort Knox and began working as a reconnaissance specialist. In 2004 the rapper turned soldier was discharged from the military, allegedly for smoking weed. C was able to release new material during that period, though. Mic Club: The Curriculum and Rip The Jacker were stellar releases that satisfied his core fan base. But 2005’s Hip-Hop For Sale, Canibus’ collaborative album with producer Nottz, was a disappointment that found ‘Bis swaying from his battle rap origins. Now, two years later, Canibus returns this May with his seventh album, For Whom The Beat Tolls [Waste Management Records]. ’Bis takes a minute to discuss his new project, the war in Iraq and criticism over his beat selection with

What can we expect from your new album, For Whom The Beat Tolls?
The album is 17 tracks and “Poet Laureate Infinity” is the grand finale on the album. There are 1,000 bars in that track and due to the way it’s layered, it’s an infinite rhyme. When you mix it and spread it throughout five channels, [you have the ability] to mix the track differently every time. Because when you hear the mix, whichever one you hear, you are only listening to one layer at a time. But there are four other layers there. You are only going to be hearing 200 bars per record. But at any moment and every moment, there are 800 bars that you’re not listening to. So I’ve created something that’s never been done before. Every time it’s mixed, you’ll hear a different song. I’m gonna put [the song] up on my site,, and once it’s up, there is going to be a mixing board. All the layers are going to be laid out, so you’ll be able to play and listen to every single layer. You’ll see that it’s an infinite track. It’s the greatest rhyme of all time – bar none.

There were rumors that you were going to sign with Kay Slay and Shaq. What happened?
Well, I went down to meet with Shaq at his home in Orlando and I did three or four tracks and Kay Slay took that music back to New York. I went back home to Georgia, this was in ’04, and I was waiting for a move. Nothing really materialized. So, I moved to Vegas and started working on other projects. I know if I see Shaq it’s always love, but I don’t know what happened. I’m as much in the dark as anyone else is, I suppose. But I know Shaq’s intentions were to help. He said it out of his own mouth that he wanted to put me where I was supposed to be. And I believe it because he has no reason to lie to me. So there are no hard feelings because it didn’t work out.

Who’s doing the production the new album?
I got J-Wells, Plus Science, Scram Jones, Domingo and I was trying to get a track from DJ Premier. I’m still waiting….

Fans have anticipated that for a decade….
I’ve wanted it too, but hey, I got the rhymes. Can’t no nigga look at me and ask, “Do you have the rhyme for the track?” I work with people that want to work with me. If I think the track is fresh, I’m gonna rhyme to it. I like using producers who have an ear for composition. So production wise, I’m still the same as I was before. If you think a beat is going to dictate how I rhyme or if it means anything to me, then you’re stupid. It’s poetry. I rhyme to the best of my ability on the freshest beats I can get. If people are still complaining about the beats, then take a number, stand in line and join the club. I’ve been hearing about that for decades.

Does that make you angry?
Sometimes it gets me tight because I know they are looking for a chink in the armor. I don’t produce beats. So it’s the most frustrating thing in my career for someone to tell me they don’t like something I did because of the beat. I want to ask them, ‘Are you a fucking dancer?’ [Chuckles] When people talk about beats, I don’t even think they know what the fuck they are talking about. I used to read and write sheet music. I know composition. For people to think beats are going to save me is wrong. My music doesn’t need to be saved, its still around. People [act] like the right beat is going to make my music go platinum. Maybe I wasn’t meant to go platinum. Maybe going platinum is wrong because that’s what’s been selling hip-hop and all the fans short. This platinum craze has milked every one of their lyrics and concepts.

canibus-2.jpgHow do you respond to the criticism that your lyrics are too complicated?
They seem complicated because they are listening to it like they are reading a book. This response takes an open mind to understand, but I believe that my rhymes, at times, are fragmented. In the fragmentation, each piece of the rhymes or concepts I’m trying to get across has a psychic overtone to it. Something that is almost quantum in theory. Its reaching out to a part of you that you might not use everyday. I don’t make music that’s intended for you to go to the clubs. I give them my poetry. I’m giving them a piece of myself. If the poetry I write sounds complex, that’s because they aren’t looking at it like something organic. There is nothing mechanical about my rhymes. Its just my delivery and the pace is mechanical. If you think it’s too complex, maybe you haven’t reached those stages in your life. Maybe your life is so mechanical and robotic, and you’re such an automaton, that you can’t step outside of your mundane tasks for even 10 minutes to listen to at track.

Some fans feel you are too guarded and want you go open up more, like on “I Honor U.” Is that a valid criticism?
I think so. But if I give you “I Honor You,” what the fuck do they do? They don’t respect “I Honor You.” You don’t get anything for it. All you get is a muthafucker going on a site and laughing at the shit. Today’s society has become a virtual reality. People get a bottled up idea of how your life is. I’m not a fucking pincushion. I dealt with a lot of things in my life. So this is not a virtual reality show or sitcom. I don’t know what to say to the fans about opening up more. The only way I can open up to them is if it stays positive. You can’t open up and leave your whole life on front street. That’s what fucks up a lot of these celebrities. They open up their lives and gave the people everything. And what do the people do? They consume you. I can’t be consumed, man. No fucking way. Think about it. You got fans that want me on the battle shit. Then you got fans who want me to open up more. One side is battle, which is total fucking destruction and submission. You following what I’m saying? The same people who want me to open up are the same ones who will turn around, write a battle rhyme, and try to get me upset enough to do some shit out of character. The battle shit and opening up is almost like a paradox. It doesn’t make sense.

What’s your thoughts on the current status in Iraq?
It’s a snafu, man. It’s a meat grinder. No matter what I say in this interview, nothing will change. So I chose to not say anything. Nothing is going to fucking change, no matter what I say. If you’re outside the box and looking in, then you need to think about the families that are affected and the soldiers that are their sacrificing everything. You need to be thankful. If you’re inside the box, and you’re looking out, then I want to give you a token of my respect. But it’s difficult to talk about the situation on the ground. I’m not a fucking CNN analyst. Its one of those things we are going to be remember for the rest of our lives. The sand in the hour glass is almost up and people who don’t want to pay attention to what’s really going on, then its going to get to the point where you’re not going to be able to do anything else but pay attention. Everybody wants to act like they know it all and they have all the answers, but they still ain’t doing nothing to really help the troops. Nobody has any fucking respect.

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  • maxamill

    who cares cause i dont

  • 21stCenturyKid

    Best rhyme? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • WTF Happened to this niGGA

    ….Man he started out w/a spark when he first started then he just fell off. I think he made bade decisions from jump when he signed with Clef and he tried battlin LL as a new artist which wasnot a good wat to start your career. Even tho i thought second rd K.O. was hott. This dud could have been 1 of that bet rappers of all time but he cant make songs and his flow could be annoying at times.

  • Achilles

    Good interview with a real artist. He makes a lot of sense but what he needs to understand is, if a beat is wack then regardless of how good the lyrics are the song will become more unlistenable. Has anyone heard a chino xl album? He is a classic example.

  • FLIP

    This Heinzelman character be puttin in that work with these interviews. He does like every one.

    In other news, Canibus is still crazy. What the fuck was he talking about with that 1000 bar layered track shit? We all ain’t producers out here fam, and most of us just wanna hear a god album. Let me back up though cause I gave up after the 1st one.

  • Rodjilius

    tight i hope nobody else says first cuz its gettin stupid now

  • jacquez
  • P

    Jacquez: still on that grind eh?

  • Sharpshoota

    Canibus is still the illest alive after all these years. Those who gave up after the first album need to listen to 2000 B.C., Mic Club, and RTJ. Poet Laureate 2 is a CLASSIC track.

    Looking forward to “For Whom the Bell Tolls”..

    Good interview, btw.

  • derfla the hus’la

    can I bus needs to creat some real buzz he used to be sick with it and would merk any one of you fav rappers…….group home stand up

  • Dr Flav

    “Nobody has any fucking respect.” CaniBus you are speaking the truth on so many damn levels. You cant hate dude, he surviving the game – 7 albums? The beat and rhyme analysis was on point too, judge the rapper and beat separate to rate the Lyricist.

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  • Mic Club Fan

    Canibus is the most slep on of his time! Do your homework on the Poet Laureate track from the Rip the Jacker album. Respect the the illest! Mic Club

  • ak47

    if canni-bitch was capable of droppin a hot album,im pretty sure he woulda done it 10 years ago.

    …and what the fuck is that fool wearin?!?! lmao

  • Vega

    Yo, ‘Bis is the truth. Rip the Jacker is one of the hottest albums ever. Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind laid down sick beats and if you don’t believe just D/L Poet Laureate pt. 1

  • caesar

    lol, half you idiots are what’s wrong with hip-hop. dick ridin beats and not listening to the lyrics unless it’s talkin about fuckin some ho or sellin yay. glad he don’t give a fuck about dudes that wouldn’t listen to something that isn’t from dre, swizz beats, or some shit like that. bis don’t care if he’s goin platinum or not, he just said it. it gets to rappers heads and lets them slack off. lol CTHS is probably better than most bullshit albums out today.
    bis > your favourite rapper

  • Socratus

    Bis is beyond those who read XXL magazine, which explains why the responses here are so limited.

  • RedBrick

    bullshit = if u hatin
    truth = canibus leaves rappers posterized ! lookin like patrick ewing !!! and im sure half u dUCKS dont know what im talkin about thats why your comments dont MATER!

  • short sleeves

    He’s corny. All that talk about “psychic overtones” and “quantum in theory”…what the f**k are you saying? Primo won’t call you back cause you corny. “The greatest rhyme ever” is just gimmick and that just shows you what his career has come to. “Your gonna get layers”??? “It’s an infinite track”???? F**kouttahere with that shit…

  • lake

    99 percent of his fans dont exist

  • John Cochran

    I think is too talented for his own good. Like one of those child geniouses in the movies or something. I never could listen to him because you have to disect every bar of his rhymes. Yeah its talent, but when you just wanna ride, have fun, or just relax that shit gets in the way. Too much techno mumbo jumbo, not enough charisma. Many of the things he has to say are true though, so maybe his mission is deeper than rap.

  • g-villian

    (For people to think beats are going to save me is wrong. My music doesn’t need to be saved) I’ve bought every last one of this niggia’s album
    he’s probably the illiest niggia ever but his beats sucks this niggia can probably rhyme every word in the dictionary but ain’t smart enough to realize what a good beat sound like.oh yeah i think the guy crush LL COOL J.

  • John Cochran

    Dr Flav Says:”judge the rapper and beat separate to rate the Lyricist”.
    I feel you homie, but on the other hand music is music. I dont care what you’re saying on it, if the music doesnt connect with you and you cant feel the rythm, you wont like it. Beat selection is just as important as lyrics if you ask me. When I turn on someone’s album, I scan it to find the beats that catch me right off top, then listen to the rest for lyrics. It has to be knocking fam.

  • mic watta

    LOL yo yall funny as hell! Yea canibust sorta fell off my radar after the first one. And who tha hell is his graphic designer.. wow i guess wack beats and wack covers + madddd lyricals yo = great album to canni… nope dosent work

  • tkstka

    Lake… you understand what you just said made no sense…
    “99 percent of his fans dont exist”
    That is mathematicly impossible

  • Young Stunna

    canibus puts science words in his ryhmes–how fuckin stupid is that.

  • DeE-MaSsIvE

    All ya’ll cats who sayin bus is wack. check MiCclub and RipTheJacker. Check the reviews. RTJ hade alot of 10ns. Bis is the G.R.O.A.T. The rebirth of hiphop Can-I-Bus… 1ne….

  • Conor

    Take this as a lesson, when you catch a brick 6 times in a row, just claim you’re advanced…. apparently some people will buy it.

  • oakland veitnam

    dam this nigga iz to comlacated he makes my brian hurt lolHow do you respond to the criticism that your lyrics are too complicated?
    They seem complicated because they are listening to it like they are reading a book. This response takes an open mind to understand, but I believe that my rhymes, at times, are fragmented. In the fragmentation, each piece of the rhymes or concepts I’m trying to get across has a psychic overtone to it. Something that is almost quantum

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Canibus is pro’lly one of the sickest lyricist out there (from a rapper’s standpoint). He’s a rappers rapper, but sometimes that doesn’t translate into a good song.

    Making a song and writin’ a hot rap are two different things. In battle rappin’ Canibus will kill alotta your favorite rappers, but you can’t make a viable song by putting a hook to three 16 bar battle raps.

    Another reason his albums don’t work (co-signing Achilles that you need hot beats that are “listenable”) is that after the 3rd song, the “wow factor” of his lyrical ability wears off.

    He needs to realize (from cats like Black Thought and Talib Kweli) that hot lyrics don’t make the artist anymore (damn shame too!). At least the Roots and Kweli got good production.

  • Dr Flav

    Johnny C, I try to separate as far as rating the rhyme skills, but that is Big Daddy Kane syndrome, the beat selection destroyed a sound lyrical project on his last few major albums. Duke need an acapella bonus cd, not a 1000 bar puzzle track.

  • 92FS

    “Canibus puts science words in his rhymes-how fuckin stupid is that.” Young Stunna you realise how “fuckin stupid” you sound when you said that?? You picked a good name as well,you can’t possibly be any older than 12!

  • Velveeta00

    lol. yall funny



    Canibus is a lyrical monster.


    Canibus needs DJ premier on every track. You’re damn right Bis needs production. If Bis wants to write poetry than why the fuck he still rap on the mic for? Put out a book or something bitch!


    canibus fell off over 5 years ago.
    i didnt know he was still making music.

  • oz’mosis

    i feel bis. i will always have ultimate respect for this nigga. one people have to understand is that some of the best poets and artists got recognition after they die. bis is a genius and sad there’s not room for every one in hip hop…i’m a creole hip-hop artist iwould it would be a dream come to work with this nigga…..bis don’t change for unloyal motherfuckers…

  • Real Talk

    So Grace Jones is Rapping now?. Damn!! Hahaha.

  • Game Over

    Conor, get your facts right. Canibus went gold once on a major. his second album, also on a major, didn’t go gold. The rest of his albums came out independently and it’s f*cking unheard of to go gold on an indie label. So, dude is 1 for 2, which is higher sales than a lot of dudes in the game right now…what would be interesting is to see if he could sell at least on a mos def level NOW (mos def’s first album went gold, the 2nd one almost went gold, and the third one bricked).

  • cc

    canibus is the illest alive, alot of u dum fuks are jus too hooked up on the image (gangster crap) open ya fukin minds and take the time to listen to a GOD!

  • Shaolin

    Bis is the illest. Fuck the haterz!
    Good read!!!

  • ike burner

    good article

  • Khalil Amani

    What Canibus sells attests to is the level of intelligence in the hip hop world. If its gangsta, party rap, freaknik rap, etc. a nigga can sell a million records, but a lyrical genius on some spiritual/conscious/governmental conspiracy/UFO Sighting/Area 51 shouting shit gets little record sales because as Jay-Z rapped, “(paraphrasing)I’d like to rap like Common Sense, but it don’t make sense… so I dumb-down my rap and do what makes sense… but just believe my mind is spinnin’ just like his…” Canibus refuses to “dumb-down” his raps. Yeah, the average hoodrat is left in a quandry, trying to extrapolate the meaning of his metaphors. It’s just to bad that Canibus isn’t rapping to an educated/enlightened mindset who can feel what he’s throwin’ down.

  • LOL

    canibus is one of the best lyricists their ever is and will be, and he’s a weird guy, but he doesn’t care about going platinum. How do you go platinum? you just get a hot beat that people can dance too, and talk about killing, moving weight, and a lot of other shit u dont do. He doesnt care about going platinum, and i can care less if he does. as long as he puts out good music and i can download it and hear it then i’m good

    he still gets respect from a lot of REAL MC’s and REAL hip hop fans, i can care less if a 15 year old kid that doesnt know shit about rap likes canibus or not

  • HE’S BACK STRONGER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Canibus is the truth, i don’t know why people go out of their time to hate…just like he said in the interview right in front of your fukkin EYES!!!! nobody has respect anymore. So you tell me one the greatest Emcee’s that will never be seen on the MIC puts his heart and soul on every track, and does something incredible that no one in hip hop right now can do…1000 bars!!!! and all you simple minded motherfukkas could do is hate…you are all programmed like fukkin robots, like the god said”Advertising is how you program the public,People don’t have to understand to love something, As long as they see it enough, they just trust it” -Canibus
    this man is not too complex, your world is too fukkin complex. Read books muthafukka’s…shout to CANIBUS doing your thang strong, don’t ever quit…let the haters hate thats there fukkin job!


    canibus go write about about quantum theory and put some poetry in their about flowers you flaming homosexual. talkin about beats dont matter… nigga please. thats why you wack cause you rap over over the wackest beats. cant even call them shits beats just a bunch of noise and some graspy sounding muhfucka rapping about intergalactic space balls and how much he like to eat niggas asses. FUCK YOU BIS. RESSURECT RIP THE JACKA AND STOP BEING A PUNK. ONE!



  • All HAIL the KING is BACK!!!!!!

    Canibus is the TRUTH, how can you hate on one of the greatsest EMCEE’s (best lyrical)in hiphop, when this man pours his heart and soul in every track,verse,bar,word, and syllabul.So you tell me a man pushes himself to create something that has never been done and can’t be done by any artist in the game…1000 bars!!!!!!!you ni**as are crazy…Just like he said on the interview right in front of your F***ing eyes, no none has any respect anymore. You dumb muthaf***as are proving his point. MCing is about lyrics,skill,wordplay…he’s been in the game for decades and you dipset-chain hanging low-finger snappin-money chasin-always hustlin-g-unit, fa***t’s don’t have any respect for your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. You are all programmed idiots who has no sense of anything surrounding you…you think he’s too complex, the world in front of you is too complex.

    “Advertising is how you program the public
    People don’t have to understand to love something
    As long as they see it enough, they just trust it”

    Shout out to Canibus who has been and still is doing his thang!!!…let the haters hate, thats their job,never give up keep puttin out that real true to life music,

  • Hip-Hop

    Canibus is undeniably one of the nicest and illest emcees to blaze a mic. Poet Laureate I, II and now infinite? 1 of the smartest and most intellectual brothas i’ve eva met.

  • Milton

    khalil amani you hit the nail on the head. Canibus is the lyrical version of germna engineering. His ryhmes are over 99% of the public head. The public right now wants the “dumb down, chicken noodle soup,trap” ryhmes. That’s why cats don’t like kingdome come. You gotta grow up some point. Everybody is not hustling, but there is a war going overseas affecting every body directly(gas prices). The government being doing some things, but today’s rap fan mind is just bombarded with this b.s, they think this is rap. Nas was right…if for young cats…don’t buy the bar…buy the nightspot..”AMBUSHING EMCEES,JUMPING OUT THE TREES LIKE VIETNAMESE IN FATIQUES COVERED WITH LEAVES!!! jeezy,flip,etc…could never even put those words together

  • Liquid Liquid

    I’ve been a Canibus fan since day 1 yo. I just don’t think he’ll ever be understood. Like homeboy said in a previous post, “maybe his mission is deeper than rap”, maybe yo…he seems like some kinda grandmaster and shit. Anyway, I’m feelin canibus and I think I understand what he is saying about the whole “dancer” shit, and composing. “Buckingham Palace” is a perfect example, that “beat” captured his rhyme style perfectly. Another good song, “Psyche Eval” was a great track for him and he did perfectly. He needs a whole album full of shit like that, the kind of beats that are all sinister and shit……lol. The dude is dope though, I still play that Clue freestyle for my boys “German Engineering”, I think thats what its called, and referance it as “My favorite Freestyle Ever”…….lol.


  • zigen

    Maybe your life is so mechanical and robotic, and you’re such an automaton, that you can’t step outside of your mundane tasks for even 10 minutes to listen to at track.

  • shock

    canibus is a genius!

  • Knowledge Speaks

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for a Canibus interview for hella long. You’ve been sleeping on this one XXL.

  • Jackson

    Canibus is smart and therefore most people don’t get it. They don;t get because they are fucking stupid, uneducated or blatantly ignorant. This is the reason why lyrics these days are a joke. Lyrics have become a side dish for an album, most artists talk straight ass garbage. When I buy an album and the artist sounds like a fool, then I really do not care about ‘hot beats’, because I feel fooled by a moron.

    I don’t care about you car, your house or your grind, let alone the ‘hoes’. None of that matters in the real world, where most people struggle to get by.

    HipHop should not be called HH anymore, it is what it is – rap music – a shadow of its former self.

    Canibus will flop so badly with his album, I’m telling you. Not because it is horrible, but because the crowd has a vacuum in their heads and the vacuum reacts only to ringtones.

  • Alex

    Canibus is the sickest MC ever to grace the planet. Raw, deep lyrical power. Anyone who complains about the beats obviously is only into that jiggy shit or hasn’t peeped all his albums properly, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate his rhymes is either too dumb to understand them, or isn’t a true hip hop fan AKA all about rhyme skills.

  • C.P

    Canibus needs to concentrate on making a classic……If you say that an album full of tracks of the calibre of ”desperado” and ”fantastic four” wouldn’t make a classic….youre stupid

  • DanShoryu

    I think Canibus has his shit figured out, and a formula together to do what he wants to do.
    But the fans.. We don’t want club beats nessecarily, just better beats. It’s a shame he’s just trying to get one Premier beat. There were rumors of him being like executively produced by Premier, but I guess that doesn’t work. Nas has been name-dropping Royce and Canibus a lot lately, so who knows whats yet to come.

    And it’s no joke that Shaq doesn’t have what it takes to “put artists where they are suppposed to be.” LMAO, he did records with Fu-Schnickens, next thing you know he tears down the rim, and their career fall down with it.

  • Tahi

    Fuck a beat! Lyrics and the heart put onto a track make the track, not A beat. Too many kids are hearing a nice drum line laced with a typical snear and thats a dope track, when the so called rapper is on it telling us how low his chain hangs.
    Bis is what hip hop needs, he done hard time in rap, let the man do his thing and quit hating.


  • L.M.’s Finest

    G-Villain, or as you misspelled it G-Villian, you obviously never heard L.L.’s diss on Cannibus. Cannibus was killed on it, and he’s been irrelevent since.

  • http://msn redrum

    he said some true sh!t about the war- and i should know im a military dude myself. but the album? he always had heat, but after the ll and eminem beef, we’ll see


    What the fuck.Canibus is one of the gretaest lyricist of all time.Fuck a beat.He could go acapella and that shit ill crush evrything.If these so called producers would stop be’n scared it’s CAN-I-BUS all day.And I hope one of um read this shit to.

  • LL Cool J



    one tha dopest lyricists living till nw…break tha silence!!!!!!

  • contrast

    Bis is a lyrical demon. “Rip the Jacker” was one of the most ingenious hip-hop albums of all-time. Stoupe (from Jedi MInd Tricks) blessed that album with some very innovative sounds & Bis just plain ripped-it.
    Bar for bar, Stoupe & Canibus are among the best out there. If you are too shallow and don’t have enough exposure to music spectrum to understand true art, then keep going to the store and buying the same old simplistic, trashy, mainstream platinum. 99% of hip-hop you see on TV is not even considered art buy true musicians within the industry. You need to understand the difference between a true artist and a simple entertainer. An artist should enlighten you with the craft of creativity. An entertainer dances and puts on a show while you sit back and eat popcorn.
    Hip-hop has become a laughing stock. Rich white record executives sit back and laugh as they make millions of dollars spreading idiotic messages & images to the bottom of the food chain.
    The mere sight of these posts makes it clearly evident that the vast majority of hip-hop fans have been blindly tricked into cheering along with their own ignorance & oppression. I truly feel sorry for your ears…

  • ngennir

    bis’ is that nigga. people hate it, but he is like one of few to get under l’s skin. and 7 albums deep. non-stellar or not 7 is seven. how many artists have 7 albums to their claim?


    I dont give a shit what anybody says, but 90 percent of you faggots leaving comments are unintelligible as fuck saying canibus needs to dumb down his lyrics like that untalented phony fucking Jay-Z. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. Canibus is doing the average dumbshit listener a favor with his complex lyrics. People need to quit acting so fucking stupid and use his albums as an oppertunity to expand their vocabulary or to just enjoy lyrical creativity. Since when did being an average dumb fuck become cool. “This is why Im hot..Im hot cause you not” thats the kind of infectious bullshit plaguing hip hop, and canibus is a breath of fresh fucking intellectual air. Much love and respect Bis. Keep doin What you’re doing my nigga.

  • krillz

    Luv cannibus 2 death. He really is the most gifted/complex M.C. I’ve ever heard. U dont hav 2 b a fan of his music to aknowledge his talent. But a dope M.C. over wack beats is like a dime-piece shorty w/ badly cacked-on make-up. She’s till hot, but its hard 2 c past the crap. Canibus is hot but its hard 2 pay attention if the beat is trash. Canibus..the beat doesnt make you but it can make it easier 2 pay attention.

  • Kryptophysical

    The whole world is now in love with gross studipness. An intelligant rapper cannot make sence to them. Fortunately, some of us r not that dumb n need such artist to listen to. I like to listen to music not dance to it. After the clubing and chilling u still have to reflect abt life. Canibus reveals more.

  • Jenisis

    its about damn time Canibus decided to come out with somethin new, i was beginning to wonder if he had given up the rap game. this dude is one of the most talented and lyrically gifted rappers ever to clutch the mic. unfortunately, his genious is a double edged sword to his career. on the one hand, the complexity of his rhymes really show what a smart person he is, and shows the depth of his talent for word play. a song like Poet Lauriette is a perfect example. how many dudes rappin today you know that could put together a song like that? its a masterpiece (in my opinion). but then the downside of his genious is that it wont appeal to everyone. the truth is, not every hip-hop head is smart enough to grasp what homie is sayin in his songs. the average hip-hop listener (meaning one who favors that watered down mainstream mess) hasnt been challenged intellectually enough to really feel what bis is sayin. when you quest for commercial success, you gotta realize that a good portion of your fanbase wont be lookin for them rhymes that will blaze your mind, but rather they just wanna hear some ridin’ music. bis dont do ridin’ music, he on some grown man shit with his lyrics, and not everyone that hears him is there mentally yet. but for real, sometimes i think that nigga drowns in his own deepness, cuz there are a few songs where i think he lost his train of thought, but whatever. bottom line, i hope he brings somethin good to the table, cuz i’ve only heard tracks here and there from different albums that i really liked since 2000 BC. hopefully he’s grown a lil and he can get some well earned success. plus, i wanna hear this “greatest rhyme of all time”. it should be intresting, you feel me?

  • ProphecY

    #1 – No emcee has ever spit more truth and more creatively/intellectually, and with more cadence then bis did on ‘Rip The Jacker’, and if we’re talking about being an artist, who says an artist has to make his music to appeal to ‘the average hip hop fan’ or to ‘gain commercial success’, y’all honestly think that’s even something worth having at this point? Turn on your radio and tell me how many songs you hear with an emcee rhyming more then 2 syllables at a time max….hip hop is in a mad state of regression and bis is the only mufucka out/or that’s been out that is trying to push the envelope, em was in that category for awhile but he gave up cuz he got bored…..just like bis did when he dropped CTHS…’s not a gimmick, it’s bis trying to leave a legacy that’s deeper then “lean wit it, rock wit it”, or “throw some D’s on that bitch”…….did John Lennon make his music to have platinum albums? Did Jimi Hendrix revolutionize rock n roll buy following suit with every one else that was having success at the time. BIS DOESN”T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU, THE DJ AT THE HOTTEST RADIO STATION ON THE PLANET, OR ANYONE ELSE WHEN IT COMES TO HIS CRAFT, he makes it to stimulate HIS mind, and HIS drive to be creative, bottom line, if you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it, but don’t criticize him for it, what the fuck have you ever done?

  • Mistavega

    This is going to be heat. I can’t wait for it to drop.




  • Prime

    I produce my own music check it out spread the love. add to friends list and drop a comment

  • Rolling 28′s

    Damn This Lame still rapping. Dude look like Rich Boy, TI, Sticky Fingaz, and Grace Jones rolled up in one………ugh

  • YounGuttaAKAPaperBoy(LongLiveDaking)Bka CuzzodakingMW

    I like dude,he got potential..Nun of dat science shit neither…

  • OneMannGang

    Canibus said himself, plain and simple

    “Marketing is how you program the public/
    you don’t have to understand something to love it/
    as long as they see it enough they just trust it/”

    Yung ( ) fill in the blank on the radio now has the worst raps and 1987 beats, but because he’s back by companies who spend 12,000,000 dollars on promotion and payola, he sells records.

    Canibus is ill, listen to the words. Listen to “No Return”, “Drama”, “Lemme Hear Sumthin’ Else” and 1,200 other tracks i don’t have time to list here. fucks

  • Hektik-1

    99.9% of Canibus haters don’t exist.

    I can scientifically prove this…

    Recent studies have shown that nearly all Canibus “haters”, claim the reason they are not feelin him is because, they “don’t understand him.”

    When in fact, you cannot hate something you don’t understand.
    i.e. I cannot “hate” a book if I have not fully read it or understood it. I cannot love the book either. All I can do is:

    a. fully read or re read the book to gain an understanding of what I have read, before I can form a valid opinion, or

    b. I can be content with the fact that the book is above my head, and it was obviously intended for an audience with more intelligence than I. I’ll leave it for them to debate, as I would clearly make a fool of myself for speaking about something I don’t understand, let alone speaking of it with people who are smarter than I.

    In the book of Canibus: Yall suckas never even made it passed the table of contents!

    Canibus simply took one facet of Hip Hop and took it to a new plateau. He boldy went where no mc has gone before. He is the epitome of a lyricist, an evolutionary animal of wordplay… yes he uses scientific words, but when he uses them, they make sense. He is smarter than any “nerd” rapper but also as grimy and savage as any battle rapper. How can you hate on the first man in Hip Hop to accomplish that?

    If you don’t understand him than you should say so and leave it at that and don’t speak on him. You should at least be appreciative that you are involved in a culture that spans far and wide enough to have a few intelligent cats in the mix…MCs AND fans that is. If you don’t like people to come along and test the limits of Hip Hop, then you obviously don’t belong in this culture… you must want to see it go the opposite direction(more dumbed down), which it is, thanks to all the ignorant trendy fake fucks like you that are desecrating and pillaging this culture. FUCK YOU…Boycott Commercial Radio.

  • breakfastgood

    ‘i can double my density from 360 degrees to 720 instantly, 6 multiplied by 5 by 4 by 3by 2 by 1′. fuck, you kids man, unbelievable, i was born in 85 but i did my homework in order to progress, which you have to do especially if your an emcee, and i dont mean the lets watch b.e.t, he sounds cool, i want to look and sound like him bullshit, im talking true lyricists, which nowadays i can only see a few, couple others i cant see like bus’ amazing emcee, definatley an inspiration in any true emcee..any..the rest of you are kids, or grown up idiots that were too lazy to get deep, too arrogrant too see the shades below the solid color, your not apart of hip hop i dont care what you try to say, from money, to money to money, elevation of hip hop is something alot more trivial than that kids, look into your roots, study your history, come out telling people that they are wrong and you got this shit to say so listen to my 1000 bar shit..thats hip hop homie, ever expansion and explanation of why and fuck the reason its not being certainly said, so we gotta say it..

  • Sigma

    I cant wait to hear canibus’s new shit when it drops. Im from the caribbean and that dude makes some noise down here with the real hip-hop heads. I wish all the best for him. peace haters

  • da puzo

    even in uganda (eastafrica)cannibus iz felt.his rhymes r sincere n not animated.go ‘bus!

  • everlastin

    RESPECT to bis, bis`s lyrics are awsome, eminem cant dream of them rymes, no one can construct a rhyme like bis, ever since i`ve heard of this bruv ive been waiting for his albums, bis man you are lyricist`s dream, probabley all commercial rappers get dreams of rhymings like you. BIS dont stop this invaluable art. ALL DA BEST BRUV

  • KiNG oF NY

    Needless to say that dude is one of the greatest mcs of all time but he dropped brick after brick…but we should all be concerned about wtf dude is rockin…fuck production dis nigga need a stylist..smh

  • http://www.myspace.comdroopyd3000 Droopy D

    Canibus is the illest mu’fucka alive…

  • Vega

    check these lyrics. alot of you heads were too young to remember when this popped off but DJ’s were playing this shit 3 – 4 times in a row b/c of the requests

    speak in frequencies dogs would have trouble hearin Canibus is the lyrical version of German engineerin Raw metaphors keep you high for months Fly around the earth twice without refuelin once Aint too many categories I can fit in when it comes to spittin Cause Im overqualified for the position The lazer-guided, lyrical hybrid Creatin scripts so sick, I gotta arm wrestle my pen to write it Dont get excited, cause if I ever catch one of you motherfuckers bitin Were gonna be fist fightin! So motherfuckers whatchu want? I got the shotgun pumped You feel like a frog nigga then jump I posess the lyrical ammo to battle And rip any one of you warm blooded mammals to shambles I make examples of you, eat a mouthful of your crew The type of MC you cant outdo Ill battle you on the net, Ill battle you in the flesh Ill battle you over the phone, you can call me collect Ill battle you over the… Ill battle you over a blank check Ill battle you with a gun to my neck Ill battle you standin over the toilet, with my dick out Battle you jugglin a hand grenade with the pin out In a stolen car with the VIN number ripped out Drinkin a Guinness Stout, doin a 360 spinout! {loud cheers and applause}

    also the freestyle that mixes into victory after C’ says “the greatest rapper of all time died on march 9′

  • Vega

    Canibus brings the sickest drama,
    fierce enough to pierce the thickest armor
    I smack bitches who try to suck dick through a condom
    Playing with the mic is something I wont do
    my only concern when I approach you, is to roast you
    I smoke you and whoever you standing close to
    and make every man in your crew deny that he knows you
    defeating, niggas like Segal Steven,
    putting Emcees in, positions to prevent ‘em from breathing
    I’ll make you question any and everything you’ve ever believed in
    by peeping your deepest secrets like psychic readers,
    What’s the matter with ya’ll, I splatter ya’ll
    against the mutha fuckin wall with these raw lyrics I catapult
    None of ya’ll got the balls big enough to battle,
    I go On & On like Erika Badu
    a hundred times nicer than the best there is
    twice as African as KRS is, who wanna test this
    Fuck yall you dont impress me and no one can test me
    An Emcee so ill, I got AIDS scared to catch me
    All that shit you poppin will stop, when I put you in a headlock,
    and apply pressure until I crush your mutha fuckin noggin
    I grab mics and push niggas to the left
    so fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chests
    My hypothesis, is that nobody can see this
    lyrical genius, I got it sown like a seamstress
    But if you want to battle, I’m down,
    If you got nine lives, I’ll take eight of them off your hands right now
    Step up and get your neck cut from ear to ear
    If you survive, then you can cover your scar with a beard
    I’m the illest from Queens to the new Jerusalem briddicks
    anyone who aint feeling my shidick can suck my didick
    You need to quit it, if you aint spitten
    more than 50 bars per minute cause you aint in lyrical fitness
    kickin’ boring raps with metaphors that’s wack
    all of ya’ll mutha fuckas need NordicTrack
    to get ya weight up, fuckin with Canibus you get ate up
    get beat down and sprayed up, just for bringing my name up
    been rockin longer than niggas twice my age
    back in the days before Bob Marley was rockin a fade
    before Honest Abe signed the paper that freed slaves
    before Neanderthals was drawing on walls in caves
    I existed, in the garden of Eden gettin lifted
    stickin dick to Eve before she was Adams mistress
    Before Christ created Christmas, I been in lyrical fitness
    The Canibus is spitten till’ he’s spitless
    50 bars of total sickness, you wont forget this
    I’m puttin’ every wack Emcee alive on my shit list
    verbally vicious, tele-connectically gifted
    took you a minute, to exhibit that I’m sick wit it
    Now you tell me who you think is damaging shit
    going once, going twice
    Sold to that nigga name Canibus
    Me and Mr.Cheeks, A-Plus, and Funk Doctor
    hopping out the Hue helicopter to suey chop ya

  • Macdatruest

    too bad the days of battling that imaginary dude real hard is over and people wann actually hear real songs about stuff they can relate to. Make a song about SOMETHING!!! and not just how you harder than some fictional rapper

  • Irenicus

    All i know is Canibus is like some Seraph in the world of Hip Hop with the seal of perfection lyrically drawn on his Rhymes. I cant wait PL Infinity

  • griever

    dont people understnd! the bis is a unique man, which shows in his rhymes and the way he says things. look at the interview, what lyrisist would come up with answers like those? in everything he does he looks to teach you something. listen to his lyrics. too complicated? those who can think outta the box will understand them. beats? try listenin to albums without lyrics see how far u go! he is the illest alive! who is like him? people see/hear something different and look to run it down. whites to blacks when they first saw blacks in africa, america to islam. it happens all the time, and those hatting different is guilty of it.

    those who aint persuaded, just listen to the intro of MY NAME IS NOBODY, you’ll definately see the light. peace.

  • http://yadig real hip hop

    ive notice that people with the stupid name like, macdat whatever, and rollin on 28, doesnt like canibus. i think those fuckers dont understand hiphop and its truest forms.i think they like that wack catchy phase lean with it rock with it shit. you fuckers need to listen to real shit. nas, canibus, common, lupe, talib, etc. listen stupid asses.

  • http://yahoo Mayne

    Ani’t no a rapper iller than Can-I-Bus, n F-!!Eminem, What white boy, have you forgotten whu da hardcore lyrisist is?

  • Sheeit, ju motherfuckin right

    (canibus go write about about quantum theory and put some poetry in their about flowers you flaming homosexual. talkin about beats dont matter… nigga please. thats why you wack cause you rap over over the wackest beats. cant even call them shits beats just a bunch of noise and some graspy sounding muhfucka rapping about intergalactic space balls and how much he like to eat niggas asses. FUCK YOU BIS. RESSURECT RIP THE JACKA AND STOP BEING A PUNK. ONE!)

    If you Dat nigga why you stuttering?Know what?Fuck dat!How are you stuttering is the question?Cant even type properly but you wanna comment on a lyrical genius.Fuck outta here!!!

  • Southern Kid

    This brother is wack, i have heard him rap pretty phat on funk flex 3rd joint, when he talking about him being IBM compatable, but other that that he’s to out spoken without any real results, the brother needs to get a job behind the sceens and stop with the claims of greatness.

  • MOH.P

    yo i got a lot of respect for canibus probably the most underated rapper in the game. hes a clever rapper with smart lyrics so if your used to Lil jon and the dipset then Canibus aint for you. a legendary rapoper who needs to be recognised. its about time hes apreciated


    Got peeps in Ghana who got love 4 the ripper. Keep it up canibus.

  • http://CC Heatt

    yo big up to bis cant wait til this cd is out most catz cant appreciate the vocab and use of synonyms and multi’s and have no business listening to REAL MUSIC so go put on some neo or chris brown fags

  • KLAP215

    CANIBUS IS THE ILLIST MC EVER!!!!!! CANIBUS dropped Classic Albums like “2000B.C.,MICCLUB,RIPTHEJACKER”!!!!!!!!!