Freekey Zekey
So Harlem Pt. 1

freeky-main.jpgAny long-time fan of the Diplomats is familiar with Freekey Zekey, the most extreme member of the Dipset fam. Known for his outrageous video appearances and album skits, his energetic hypeman performances and legal problems, Zeke, who’s been free from prison since November, is ready to get back into Dipset mode. He’s been busy recording his solo debut Book of Ezekiel. recently caught up with the Diplomats president to talk about his rap career, the origins and future of Dipset and the recent explosive Hot 97 radio convo between Cam’ron and 50 Cent. Less than a week after we sat with Zeke, the beef between 50 and Cam elevated when 50 released “Funeral Music,” a song and video going at Killa Cam. Later that same day Cam dropped “Curtis” his own 50 diss. You can hear both tracks in Bangers. We were unable to catch up with Zeke again (apparently he “lost his phone”) but what he did say, explained some things. Check it out.

A few weeks ago 50 Cent visited the Angie Martinez Show and called Koch Records, the indie label the Diplomats are signed to, “a graveyard.” Your Dipset partner Cam’ron called in to chat with 50 and defend Koch. Things got a little hectic…
So Killa’s in the crib, King Jaffe Jo, listening to Hot 97. We out here working now ’cause he’s the head, no homo, dude, and now we just get him cake. Anytime he hear anything that sounds like it’s gonna destroy Diplomats or it got some type of conflict with Diplomats… ’cause right now, Jim is the number one person on Koch. That “Ballin’” song is the hottest song in America. [Cam] heard 50 Cent say something in that factor. The first light bulb that flashed in his head was when [50] said Koch is the graveyard. Second, he said he’ll destroy the best artist on there. Jim is the best artist on there. He just reacted. This is just old school brotherly love since we was little. We knew each other for over twenty years. That’s like if we walking in the street and somebody was like, “Yo, fuck that nigga, Jim.” Bong! I’m smashing the nigga. It’s aggressive competition but at the end of the day, niggas is making money, niggas is out the street, really.

Do you think 50’s words were out of order?
I’m saying, he don’t know what he talking about, yo. He just mentioning shit ’cause at the end of the day Prodigy is on Koch, so how you gone call that the graveyard and send them there? Basically he’s just rambling because he don’t know there’s other smart people out there and he figure he could throw a couple things out there and people on different record labels don’t know too much about different artists. But we cover everything, we on every scene, that’s why we still do what we do on a high level.

Break down Dipset right now. What’s your role?
My status on Diplomat Records is, I’m the President. Being the President of Diplomat Records basically entails everything from signing the check, signing the artist to all the way down to cleaning the office. We got people to do that but we just grew up from the grind together. Everything we did was always together: me, Jim and Killa did everything together so we took all the losses. When we was on Sony we was getting raped by Untertainment. We was 16, 17 and they gave us a six, a house, $350,000 bonus and that’s not even counting the signing.

You were just happy to be on.
But we didn’t know that Untertainment took half our publishing and Sony got the other half. Next thing you know we in the whole $1.4 million. We all grew together so the roles, it went from nothing to something.

There have been rumors of tension amongst Dipset lately.
Nah, honestly, Jim does what he… right now we all individual artists. We’re always gonna be Dipset, but right now Cam got his thing as does Jim, Juelz and myself. Everybody sees us as a crew, but once you just see somebody getting higher and higher…

freaky-2.jpgWhat do you think about Jim’s success?
I love it! I went in [to jail] when we didn’t have shit. We was fucked up! I’m in there, I’m watching Killa do his thing, everybody just blew. I’m like “cha-ching, cha-ching.” For myself, yeah, I’m about to get it. It’s just that Jim is escalating and he’s getting to the apex of his success so people is gonna start to look and see. And he’s on a demand right now so everybody’s grabbing and screaming “Jim.” So of course a rumor gonna spit out that Cam is getting jealous or whatever. Like we just went out to his house after a video shoot for “Emotionless.” That’s a dead issue. We’re always gonna be one, tight knit. Watch when I pop. The rumors gonna be about me ‘cause I’ma be in high demand. It might happen where I might wanna shoot something in London and Cam and everybody here and they see the video with just me and my niggas. They gonna be like, “What happened?” You know how people start making up their own, but that’s good though.

Tru Life has had some not so nice things to say about Dipset lately. What are your thoughts on that?
He’s some dude trying to make a name for himself. Every time you wanna be somebody or do something with your life, you always at least go for the top. He probably figured, If I touch a nerve with them, everyone will start talking about me. Honestly, I don’t even know the dude. I don’t know who he is still. Like I seen a picture of her, I mean him, and I still don’t know the nigga. But anyway, now Jim took over Tru Life. At the end of the day, nobody really wants to get physical with us. I’m not gonna sit here and poke my chest out like we the toughest people in the world ’cause there’s always somebody tougher. But I will say that we got tough and we got ghetto with us. Honestly, if it was like that, we be in studios, we be at events, stuff be shouted all over the radio so he know where to find us. Obviously he don’t really wanna be involved like that. He don’t really want no problems with Harlem like that.

How did it get to the point where Dipset had such a huge fallout with Roc-A-Fella?
The time when [Cam's Jay-Z] diss song [“Gotta Love It”] came out, Cam’ did his thing, that was about like three to four years later. 2002 when we signed to the Roc, don’t get me wrong, we was doing cartwheels and back flips and everybody like, “We on the Roc now? What? We outta here!” At the time, if anybody was on the Roc, they was good. So that’s what we felt but for some reason [and] to this day I still don’t know why, the nigga Jay just never fucked with us. We’d ask him to come to the studio. He won’t show up. Cam called his phone—voicemail. Cam would be like, “Hello, this is Cam’ron, the rapper. I’m calling to say, what’s up.” He never responded for no reason. So now we like, “Hold on. What you dong this for?” Then it was a situation with [DJ] Lenny S, where Jim slapped Lenny S. You know when you call your mans and them to back you up, [Memphis] Bleek got out. So we like, “Oh word? So you coming to fight?” That’s what really parted the sea from there on. But, you know, [Jay’s] the type of guy that wants to be on the single and act like, “I’m the one.” I guess he got some bullheaded shit with him. But he’s not even a factor because niggas is making money. Who cares? Niggas ain’t really interested in Jay. Plus, L.A. Reid handles all our Def Jam stuff, so, he’s a lint on the shoulder.

A lot of people are surprised that you are rapping. They’re more familiar with you as the hype man and for your skits on Cam albums and Dipset mixtapes. What are you offering with your solo debut, Book of Ezekiel?
I always believed in the man, the Lord and shit. When I was in jail, once in awhile when I was stressed and needed to calm down, I learned patience. When I wanted to pop off on a nigga and slap the shit out of somebody, I went to that. I’m flippin’ through the Bible and I went to that, the book of Ezekiel and the Lord told Zeke, “Go over there. Tell them niggas to stop playing or I’ma roast ‘em!” So I’m like, Damn, let me speak to my peoples. Let me put them on onto shit that popped off in my life, that pops off period before they get roasted. The way these little niggas move out here, trust me, you gon’ get roasted! My album gonna be instructions on how to move in the hood. I’m the hood Malcolm X, damn near. Right now I got about twenty songs done. I can’t say who but I am working with some big down South rappers. I want niggas to really feel me and hear me. I ain’t work with no major producers, but these niggas that I got, that’s giving me crack, is gonna be major when I’m finished.

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  • 11kap

    “we got ghetto with us”. nuff said.


    ^^^^ real suspect quote!!!!

  • Team OnSMASH

    This Nigga Fucking Sucks At Rapping.. Word Is Bond He Might Be Worst Then Shiest Bubz.. Its A Tie So Far Though..

  • Smith

    DIPSET IS GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shawn

    nice article. i knew there wasn’t any beef in the clique.

    cop that writer’s block vol 4 from jr writer 2day

  • Dirty South

    Dipset is garbage only album i would buy from them is Juelz he thinks Jim is on top because he has 1 hit song

  • nike345

    zeeky gonna flop the hardest….but i guess he the hardest out right??? lmao!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodjilius

    dats my nigga zeek i hope his album is good i wonder when is it even comin out it should be here before or during spring

  • Rodjilius

    probably gonna be a real funny cd too

  • Anton: Hip-Hop Babysitter

    Dipset. Aye!

  • Belize

    Another Hype-man trying to change the game….
    ala Yayo
    ala Flava flav

  • lowendtheory00

    yup yup, that’s it…
    just corny

  • GAMA

    Zeeky’s back fuck G unit

  • TerrorTwinz 07

    When I pop….J.R.Writer dropped an album n flopped hard….Cam dropped an album n flopped hard…lol.I’m behind Dipset all day but leave all that shit 2 Jimmy and Juelz.Cam just gotta rap like he used 2.Look at his lyrics not listen that man flips it incredible.That song with Kanye Down fire!No beef in the crew is tight, keep it that way,but this dude gonna flop hard at the end of the day.

  • Sonny Dro

    Dipset All Muthafukin Day



  • Sactown

    Freaky Zeeky is WACK

    How Cam call HOT 97 from da crib if he had dat phone call video @ KOCH Records? Unless he livin at KOCH haha

    50 Cent says KOCH is the graveyard. Prodigy went to KOCH to put out his record cuz if he didnt he hav to go after buck hot rod and 50 and possibly yayo which would mean the quickest he could come out is in fuckin september or october

    Dipset is now a 2 man Click

    Jim Jones and Juelz Santana

    RIP 2 Cameron Giles’ Career

  • L.B.C

    his aiight

  • Fred D

    FUCK DIP SET, This wack ass nigga never spit 16 bars in his life and now he droppin an album?? when is don magic juan or some other homo who dont rap, just try and look good for the video nigga commin out?? u should of stayed in Jail Nigga cuz the goons is ouT!!!

  • rock da block


  • Justice

    This Dude Is Trash, Str8t Compost, Who is he? What has he ever done? One semi hit? Go back to jail and donot past go, go directly to jail you baffoon.

  • killa

    jayz is a corporate rap sellout. dipset is real music, for real people, who know what they been thru and feel their music. so before you start talkin noise that jayz is so much better, which is bull, realize what ur dumbass is sayin

  • the real yellow nigga

    this is a dumb nigga right here.

    jay didn’t want to fuck with them cause they dumb niggas…

    “i’m the hood malcom x”??? malcom was smart. this is just a dumb fuckin’ nigga! retarded…freaky zeeky? WTF!? dipset is a bunch of dumb fuckin’ monkeys…


    5-0 & jay & nas would fuck dipset up…those mutha fuckas commin wit dat diss shit to get attention…i think dipset need to get tha fuck outta hea (NY) wit dat shit…stupid punk ass muthafuckas wit dat retarded weak ass stupid music..dipset will never sell good or ever be good…..GAME OVER

  • pockets

    i just got word he’s back in jail

  • L.A.’s Finest

    I disagree Ramos.

  • Yun

    Not too long ago people liked Dipset, niggas were runnin down the streets singin “Oh Boy”, now you clowns tryna act like you never liked them, hip-hop fans are the most retarded of any music genre..

  • philly

    ^^^^ Niggas liked dipset before they started getting beside thereselves. I mean the niggas can’t really rap and all they do is come with a bunch of hype and yall believe that shit. Since OH Boy they talked about what they going to do to niggas ie.. nas and Jay and tru life. But in return they the ones that got fucked up. You don’t become gangsta and Capo because you say so. it has to be what you lived or the people(real people) has to fell your integrity and authenticy. Whoever don’t feel jay music and feel his Integrity and authenticy through 12 damn years of hits on different music levels and topics must be slow or don’t no better. You can not like the dude but you gotta feel the music. Jimmy and them talk a lot of shit because they can, they got the mike. But all they are is entertainers. Real People Recognize Real People

  • john cochran

    I agree YUN. When I was still in school, I say about 10 or 11 grade, they was my shit. I liked thier beats and thier stlye, plus they was down with the roc which was hot as fish grease at the time. But now, I’m really not into the bullshit slogans, promo beefs, and rapping about rocking glittery belts. With Hip hop on decline folks dont wanna hear that no more. As for this idiot rapping, he needs to chill. They always wanna claim that thier music is so great for the community, like My album gonna be instructions on how to move in the hood. “I’m the hood Malcolm X, damn near”. Nigga what. Chuck D was the hood Malcolm, you just a walking statistic. 1

  • da man

    Dick, dick dick dickset…..fuckin clowns….Jay knew them niggas was trash….now they gonna front because jay didnt give them no attention…go sit the fuck down, they sound like some bitch that get mad when a dude dont show them no attention. I wouldnt even wipe my ass with the shit that they put out. Jay is grown people music, dickset is for them adolescent ignorant ass kids and niggas.



  • the real yellow nigga

    Oh Boy was anthem for the chinese…
    that beat is mad chinky…

    purple dipshit faggots…they just dumb monkeys man…gorillas in da mist…curious georges…planet of the purple cocksucking apes…that little monkey from raiders of the lost ark…

  • thecoolguy

    dipset! dipset! ayo g-unot sucks b and yall need 2 stop dissin the set so much they aint never done anything 2 make people think theyr wack besides the jay-z beef but thats not even a big deal

  • http://gggunit gunit$oldier

    FUCK DIPSET IS OVER NYCE had a new diss song fuck dipset bitches


    Garbage. He comes of like a child. Wish em’ luck, he need’s it.

  • Zee Productions

    Eminem Ft G-Unit – You Dont Know ZeeMix

    Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal ZeeMix

    Tupac, Biggie, Big L – Deadly Combination ZeeMix

    The Game – One Blood ZeeMix

    Nas – Hope ZeeMix

    Prod. By Zee…Hottest Beats Comin from the UK, and from a 16 year old!
    feel free 2 add the tracks to your profiles.


  • sean aka dat nigga


  • RotterdamSoldier


    Cosign with that

    Cam is my nigga and i ain’t all of a sudden switch like a bunch of ppl here do but i gotta say….Damn what happenend to Cam?
    I mean he wasn’t always like this…i liked him better in his Confessions of Fire & S.D.E. days but hey…maybe it’s just me….lol…but to me he’s gotta go back to that early Killa Cam shit cause dude is nice…no doubt about it but he’s gotta step his lyrical game up fo’real…

  • chamillion_weezy_youngdro_jeezy

    i agree.. go back to tha old killa

  • Jazz Man

    Fam Peep Game….Dipset Is A Fad Like G-Unit Was…Though There Isn’t Really A Comparison…Everybody On The Unit Had Better Sales Then Dipset Combined Outside Fif. Cam Is A Smart Dude On The Aspect Of Hustlin’ But At The Same Time He Is Not On The Level Of Jay….Like My Man Said You Don’t Have To Like Jay’s Music But You Have To Respect His Success And Hustle….Cam Is Getting Deals But Floppin On Sales….Just Because You Have A Hot Single Don’t Make You Hot…Dammm Memp Bleek Done Had Hot Singles But Flopped….Outside Of Juelz I Think The Dip Falls Into The Category Of “I’m Only Good As A Featured Artist But Not On My Own Shit” As Jay Said Men Lie Women Lie Record Sales Don’t….Step Ya Game Up

  • supranothorito

    50 wanted to put out Return of the Mac but cant. Pees real solo will be put out on G unit. He just went to Koch to release a mixtape. People be over reacting

  • ??????

    have any of u tried dat mailing scam thing dat ITS 2 EZ was talkin about???


    Good luck zeek, hope your shit is hot, cause you never know, niggers thought jim was gonna be trash, now look, nobody thought that nigger was gonna be the top cat. You just never know. All this dipset is trash, so what their trash, they getting money, and thats what HipHOP has turned too,wack niggers getting money, but the thing is theirs a whole lot worse, try 95% of down south, so until yall niggers thats hatteing can do better, go kick rocks,or dont buy it and dont listen too them. But see i can say there trash, cause i can do better (

  • Hurricane Game

    What has this article got to do with Game. Anyway, Dipset gon make it back to the top. And G-Unit, 5-0 gon fall hard. Good luck Zeeky.

  • Montana


  • Hater Slayer

    Jay listens to the Dipshit crew,dont want to fuck with them niggas and ahh you go head and dis the nigga pardon me if my comprehension is a bit off but thats what I gathered nigga just dont wana know you lame cats.. fuck you niggas is useless!! equates to some bitch don’t fuck with you and you poppin off sayin she a whore.. The Dipshit crew is beyond sad you lamo’z need Oprah or Dr phil help you get over your PMS.. its the ROC!!!

  • skip

    lmao at this video I just saw of how cam comes up with his ryhmes on Check iilseed’s rumors and scrool down. That shit is funny.

  • skip

    Ohh yeah c he didn’t get into further details as 2 what happened when bleek came. Anyway ya a grown ass man supposedly with a name “Freaky Zeeky” who really is gonna take u seriously???????? And no tough talk bout 50 these dudes know what it is with 50 all that snitch shit is B.S.

  • jacquez
  • CREEPA 101

    “its 2 EZ ” is full of shit its a fucken scam .. HE AINT GETTING A FUCKEN PENNY OUT ME

  • AZ

    I like the dips but this Jim Jones rapping and Zekey rapping is not what’s popping. How he gonna be like “I always believed in the man, The Lord and Shit.” What the hell

  • Gary, Indiana

    This nigga Zeakey just admitted that the Dips was mad cause Hov didn’t wanna fuck with them…that’s bitch shit.

    Hov ain’t gotta talk to ya’ll, if ya’ll there to get money…get money..don’t worry about insignificant shit.

    And to say that Shawn Carter is not a factor…is just a total distortion of the truth. If Jay-Z is not a factor…what the fuck is Dipset. He is the one, the nigga has 9 #1 albums.

  • EReal

    Man first of all this dude talks madd shit.. “Imma Smash on him” all that. You aint gonna do shit, you just got released and I doubt you wanna go back homie, so fall back with the hardbody shit.

    “Tru Life dont want it with harlem like that”
    Oh really why the fuck did he jack your boys on a continual basis, and be at signings wearin your chains and shit you pussy bitches. Bullshit like that is teh ghey.

    you know what else is teh ghey? All the apocolyptic predictions of this is over that is over, blah blah blah. Noones goin anywhere, with the kind of success of that Dipset and G-unit have both had, theres no possiblility of that, lets be real.
    Yall cats read into shit too much, you forget this is ENTERTAINMENT.

    1 hunned.

  • tha nigerian

    dipset aint real niggaz. they lie alot. 50s gonna send dem to they graveyard

  • MC Burial

    Sounds like things are gonna get interesting but I think everybody is looking at the end of dip set. They got too many beefs right now and they got the wrong nigga on them now. Curtis is gonna end Cameron’s career. Jay (and even Nas) doesn’t say anything about dip set cause they’re not on his level: money wise, and lyrically. R.I.P. Dip Set (2002-2007) When they finally get destroyed (ex: Murder Inc.) Cameron and Jimmy will be selling Purple and Pink Tee’s in Harlem and Juelz will be turning tricks at the Def Jam building

  • Young Pace

    Yall niggas keep gettin money

    Good luck wit the da album, welcome home

  • dandan

    what are you guys sayin dipset whack like what? looks a JR writer and hell rell them niggas will rip on anyone dipset all day baby,, dipsettt!!!

  • ESS

    yo dipset are some fuckin lames
    they all ain’t got real deals except for Juelz.fuck them KOCH niggas. Waitin on Young Buck he bringin G unit back

  • 11kap

    The diplomats have lyrics and humor, something a lot of other groups do not possess. too bad most of the people in this forum don’t recognize that. your loss.

  • RAY

    Hip Hop is dead if u think jim jones is a tru mc.zeke that’s jus homeys looking out for each other.


    Sounds to me like DIP SET got there feeings hurt because Jay Z wouldnt not hug them . Yea dip set may have a lil cash which is cool I never knock a mans hustle but who will people remember Jay Z or Camron & the dip set

    Jay Z ( people can say what they want ) Is The American Street Dream !!!

  • Big Grim

    Has any group ever gone platinum on Koch Records?

  • Dino

    cam need to go back to that confessions of fire shit, dipset bump but they aint great. JAY-Z MY FAV. RAPPER. but i got luv 4 cam for years, dont really care for other members of the crew, niggas is butt. Stay running, tru life got purple city bird gang and jim’s chain auctioning it on e-bay. How you so gangsta and got niggas taking u and your man’s chain. Dipset need to stay in their lane, i see this niggas out here in harlem all the time and they not really about sh-t. Y u think they always talkling about ” i got da goonies with me”, niggas dont pop off for self.

  • Stax On Deck


  • Hey look what I can do

    Dipset is beyond wack. They claim NY and shit, yet all they do is fuck with corny down south niggas ie. faggy wayne and his john i mean “daddy” birdman, with corny as beats. I respect that the niggas is getting money, but wack shit is wack shit. I mean i respect Nelly’s hustle, but that dont make him Rakim. Plus my cousin checked the straight sun’d the nigga cam a few years back real talk. check his shit, real music

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/YBGJAYLOCC compton ass jaylocc

    Dipset is garbage only album i would buy from them is Juelz he thinks Jim is on top because he has 1 hit song

    dumbass number1 song do mean you on top

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/YBGJAYLOCC compton ass jaylocc

    freezy zeeky a snitch go to sohh for the proof

    Freeky Zeeky recently took the stand to testify against a man accused of killing his friend during a traffic accident last year.

    The man also shot and tried to rob Zeeky during the incident. According to Zeeky, he was on his way to a midtown Manhattan nightclub when his car was hit from behind on 21st Street.

    “I felt the car shake,” Zeeky told jurors in a NY State Supreme Court. “After a while, I checked to see what kind of dent it was.”

    Chancey Dillon, 30, and two other men are accused with killing Zeeky’s friend, Eric Magnum and attempting to rob Zeeky of a diamond and gold chain at gunpoint.

  • E-Double

    This is why hip-hop is the way it is, some Moron talking stupid and is garbage just like the rest of his fruity pie crew! I hate Jim Jones, Cam’rod and the rest of them simple minded losers!…….Juelz, leave’em son..their days are numbered. It’s not even about G-unit(don’t really like’em) or Hov, these dudes are ignorant and is gonna get in some kind of dumb stuff soon, I can feel it. Bowlin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find a new song and quit making a remix for every genre of music… off the presses, Jim jone’s remix, country version feat. Cowboy Troy and the Grammy winning Dixie Chicks!!!!!!UUUUUUgggghhhhhhh that dude sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KiLLa SnowMan

    yo fuck all yall haters da diplomats is da hardest no homo group all around fuck da roc and g-unit yall can suck a dick no fuckin homo

  • DisNi99a

    Not of fan of Dipshit really…but I’m lookin forward to this album…to see what he got to offer. I listen 2 certain members, but I’m never gonna like Dipshit as a whole. The nigga Zek’s kinda funny too…so I’ont know…we’ll see

  • Jersey Boy

    Jay dont wanna mess wit some reckless ass floppin ass girls. dem niggas is wack. computers puttin boopidy boopin! lol cam was nice juelz is a nursery ryhmer and jim jones is talking over beats and i mean he is just talkin. if you got beef wit dipset tell them to meet you at the Rucker lmao!! suckers!


    dipset is the fuckin shit i dont know much about zeak but the boi gots ta have talent to be wearin diplomat chain.


    2007 is dipset’s year to shine



  • Truth

    Correction Dipset IS FUCKIN shit! And it’s obvious that unless you Cam(97-01), talent is NOT a consideration. Jim is proof of that.

  • royalkinfolk

    a yo freeky sayin some shit that makes sense. but some fake as hell too! but i wanna jus see an album or mixtape!

  • Hurricane Game

    “Jay (and even Nas) doesn’t say anything about dip set cause they’re not on his level: money wise, and lyrically”

    Umm Yeah 50 lyrical. Jay freestyles his shit and is still more lyrical than 50. And NaS tha most lyrical cat out. Dont even joke that 50 more lyrical. Money wise 50 might be more paid than Esco but Jay. Doin commercials and shit, Def Jam President, Rocawears profits, Damn hmoey, people actually buy his shoes or his clothes. Aint ever seen a cat rockin a G-Unit sweatsuit or Shoes.

  • Fan

    Freekey (Real Snitch) Zeekey Shooter Convicted

    While Zeekey testified during the trial, he never identified Dillon as the shooter. He did say he believed he was shot by a man wearing a green jacket.

    Prosecutors produced a video of Dillon and some associates, who were taped the day of the shooting. Dillon was wearing a green jacket.

  • GMAN

    if u guys hate dipset so much y u read the articles haters


    I’m confused. How many presidents does Dipset have? Three? They need to have a meeting and make an organizational chart or something.

    But to the heart of the matter: this is the worst NY hip-hop has ever been. There is not one rapper on dipset that is good. The only one worth anything is Juelz if you think 2 club songs an album is worth something.

    If you look at large rap ensembles over the years, the Dipsets are pathetic.

    Real MC collectives go back to everyone from the Juice Crew, Flava Unit, Native Tongues, NWA, Wu-Tang Clan, Def Squad, The Firm, The Original Jr. Mafia (Big and Kim included), Black Moon/Smif&Wesson, Roc Familia, and most recently D-Block and G-Unit.

    Dipset is not on the level of any of these collectives. Take all the fake flash, exaggerated purported cash, non-skilled trash, and we’re talking about nothin but ass.

  • 11kap

    get money. find something to do with your life.

  • greedy bastard

    Deepshit deepshit y’all bunch stupid niggas, liriks wack NY y’all so not, rapin’ on party beatz like they from dirty south, fake ass hustlers.Plz stop dat shit #1 Nas #2 jayz #3 Papoose Dipset loose clues

  • killahhill

    All of dipset is garbage!! Niggas allways talking about the south killed hiphop, its fake ass niggas like this that are destroying hiphop. They started as Mase backup now all of a sudden they gangsta? They will do anything for fame. They tried Nas, Mase, Jay, now 50. If they are so gangsta why haven’t they got at them Brooklyn niggas that whipped they ass at the ruckers, or loon that clapped 40 Cal in the head with a shovel, or them niggas that shot Cam in DC, or them niggas that shot Zeek and killed the other dudes that were in the car with him. All these niggas do is talk, Come on think about, Cam called into Hot 97 to talk to 50 and he just so happened to have someone recording it in the office. And if they so tight, why is Jim and Juelz saying that they aint got nothing to do with the Cam and 50 beef, if it was anybody else they would have had 100 diis songs out by now with JR Writer/hell rell/40 and the rest of them sorry ass niggas. Point blank they suck, and I wish they would trying to get cool with niggas in the south cause everybody down here knows what they are about. And would somebody please tell Cam that when you body somebody on a track their next album dont debut as #1 on the charts like Jay and Nas did.

  • beats for sale

    i never heard zeke rap, i’m waiting to hear the album
    Beats for sale @ interested shout at me peace

  • DiPS3T MAMii

    [[ Z33KY !! HA THA SHiT G0N B H0T ]]

  • pito

    Real nigga…… not a rapper…… but when u got ya team poppin an everyone listenn u can hustle cake out niggas!!!!washington projects stand up


    if ya’ll aint down with the dip dip set suck a dick(no homo)

  • Jae Fatal

    yo….Jim is not the biggest right now…200,000 sold? With a single like ballin he coulda went way harder than that…juelz sold more than him with a single that was way less hot….where the fuck is all this nonsense coming from?

  • dat dude

    None of dipset can really rap except juelz and maybe cam jus a lil bit but u gotta respect their hustle dem niggas know how to turn a dime to a dollar dem niggas cant rap but they all goin gold and cam and juelz even goin platinum its a shame thats wat rap is now but 1 more thing notice Jay-Z was so quick to go at jim jones who really cant rap but he aint gone at weezy cuz jay no weezy could beat jay or at least put some kinks in his armor

  • Gibraltar

    This rap shit is not even on talent. Them ni99az’ talking every thing except rap music. it’s only about ghetto, money, pride. HIP HOP IS DEAD!

  • Gibraltar

    oh by the way, f@ck this group called dipset, they ain’t got no RESPECT of what the culture is. If ni99az gettin’ money out of rap, it’s thanx to real hip hop heads but them Bitchset ni99as ain’t respecting shit! and this ain’t about where you come from, it’s just where you at!

  • Dr Flav

    Much success to the Dips. Zeke sound like a real dude and that snitch allegation is ass, the dude got shot @ and his boy got killed. Keep it moving, Dipset, I could tell back then that ish was shady on the Roc. I was waitin for Cam, Beans, Hov, Bleek and Free collabos, but cats was on ego trips. Look @ the MOP situation.

  • mike c

    I’m from Augusta, Ga. and I met Jim Jones at Club Cream and he’s a real dude.Get a grip morons {no homo}It’s Dipset bitches no G{ay} Unit

  • xlpe



    fuck you fag’s dissin dipset cuz you on nas & jay’s dick. Cam juelz and jr writer are lyrically brilliant & every1 knows that. Jim jones sold 1 million off just 1 ringtone & made a solid album. ya’ll niggaz just mad cuz you cant do nothing to stop the movment.

    DIP SET bitch.

  • Jay-z groupies

    yo dipset got 3 of the nicest spitters in the game how can you niggaz hate you niggaz is lame & cam is much better than he was back in the day he actually sucked back in the s.d.e days now he got his own style & click.

  • http://zeeky jay

    please zeeky dont try and rap!!!! He is going to make the Diplomats brand namelook even worst. not hating but just not you. I like some of the Diplomats stuff. Camron is the leader, but he has to set a better examplw for his crew, meaning he needs to come with the best album and sell the most records. shit just not happening!

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  • MO

    Man wut yall can’t see is that jay raps takes ur mind out the ghetto and lets us now whats more important in life then gunz and dealing drugs. He rap like nobody in the game becasues we all know he can rap about dealing drugs, pimping women, shooting ppl all that to sale more but thats what makes jay him. Repeact a man that coming from hood and sitting at the talbes with the white man trying make it better for me and u as black men.

  • Clammy Claude

    man o man. dipset is such a tender subject..its so hard what to cnsider them…it all depends on how u look at music an dhip hop itself…i mean..i think the game would be lacking in some way if it wanst for sdipset…im not sayin g they have had a mjor influence on the game..but they bring entertainment fun a different type of rap that can be really enjoyable…they r doin their thing..and right now THEY R HARLEM…sur ethey get silly and have their beefs that they will honestly never win (50 cent , jay) but they r enjoyable to listen to..i mean every so often u really hear cam spit hard and juelz is getin better and better..hell rell is hot writer is consistent..zeke is a joke but hes funy, and as far as jim goes….i dnt see what the big deal iswith him..he cnt rap at all…he music is honestly annoying as fuck..although i do have a bunch of jim verses if been like hot to..but never DAMN! he spit. depends on how u look at it…to judge dudes like th edips..u gotta suspend all judgement and just look at the music….


    wtf you talkin about jim jones is the shit he got so many good songs out crunk musik,we fly high, weatherman, reppin time, get it poppin, pin the tail, emotionless,what you sippin on,summer with miami, pour wax just too name a few.




    Check out new music from Ghanghis Khan @

  • Nefarious

    Check out new music from Ghanghis Khan @

  • Nefarious

    Tired of the bullshit. Check out new music from Ghanghis Khan @

  • WC Repper

    Most of the hip hop world acts like bitches now. Envy and jealousy are feminine traits but most “gangsta rappers” allow these feelings to show. Real men move in silence. As for 50, fuck him! He needs to learn to mind his own fucking business and just make some real hip hop. Motherfuckers ain’t feeling that “beef with everybody” mentality and it show’s by his artists’ record sales. As for Dipset, these dudes are doing them regardless of what anybody thinks. We need more free thinkers in hip hop!!!! There’s no boundries except the ones we make for ourselves.

  • Clammy Claude

    what im talkin about is that jim jones shit is corny and he aint no lyricist he doesnt do anything out of the orinary musically..hes nothin special at ALL hes a persona;ity that is it.he is not gonna lie i hear decent jim verses every now and then but overal hes garbage..i like emotionless…but juelz kills that song lmao.its jimas album and juelz kills that song …i dnt even listen to that song for jim same with weatherman..i skip jims verse to hear wayne..pour wax is corny and garbage reppin time is iight becuse of the runners beat he didnt even come up with the hook… the tail is fuckin gay…come on yo for real jim jones is a clown ballin is so fuckin played out and mainstream and just bs…his verses are tight but come on that shit is sooo old and played out..fuck outta here bro


    ok give the nigga a break he wasnt evan suppose to be a rapper it just happened to happen & juelz killin jim jones on any song is obious because juelz is a rapper from the start & jimmy was just a buisness man who happend to rap & in my oppinion has done a decent job for a rookie.

  • 007

    “My status on Diplomat Records is, I’m the President. Being the President of Diplomat Records basically entails everything from signing the check, signing the artist to all the way down to cleaning the office.”
    Dont front you ONLY clean the office!!

  • Myles R. Walker

    A! Yo this is AH! Daddy telling all yall homo’s out there to shut ya yaps about The Movement A! Freeky What’s Good Glad you home happy belated Valentines day to you & everyone else, How was the club show at The WholeNote Club in Chattanooga, sorry AH! couldn’t make it. Check me out “DIPSET Tourette’s” on to increase your Tourette Syndrome awareness about me that’s who as well as I AM The Most Powerful Involuntary Movement who is an Honorary Diplomat on My new book in stores now “Me & My Tourette’s Motivated By GOD available at 25,000 online and offline book retailers.

  • Zee Productions

    Shade 45 Contest:

    Eminem ft Ca$his – Jimmy Crack Corn(Produced by Zee)

    Eminem ft 50 cent – You Dont Know (Produced by Zee)


  • zeeky


  • Clammy Claude

    jim aint no rookie..and im not gonna give his btich ass a brake..he sucks man for real..he is no rapper…he is the weakest lyricist in dpset…wekeast…..its …..juelz, jr, cam, hell rell, jim, ND WHOEVER ELSE IS BELOW JIM FOR EXAMPLE 40 CAL IS HORRIBLE.


    i know man i agree he is weakest lyrcist in dipset & in general but still you gotta give it to him the man managed too put out some good songs on his new shouldnt hate on the nigga so hard the nigga is doing good & that means dipset is doing good they family yo.



  • William Holla Esq.

    Jeez the whole dipset is horrible CAM fell off after his album S.D.E. and JIMMY is a 1hit wonder Juelz is alright but take off that crispy starched napkin and try finishing the rest of the damn
    and as for the rest of the cronies please **J.R.** sold 5 copies worldwide to himself and **HELL(Rooga Rooga)RELL** is wack jeez
    who else **JHA JHA** who??????
    anyway ballin can only be remixed for so long and why doesnt **FREKEY ZEKEY** do a comedy album with **KATT WILLIAMS**
    in the words of HOV…..

    nigga u might wanna fall back from recording!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LI
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”
    New Song “Gotta Make it Easier”

  • Omar

    ya say zeeky iz wack but ya neva heard a track from him HOW IZ DAT

  • Angel

    he is behind the scenes most of the time. he was in jail!!! shut up….dipset 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sallye washington-jiles

    God Bless You Son. I pray for you to realize your dream. All the rest of these people are having a hard time being supportive. I pray for them to work hard towards helping an upcoming person. Much Love Always

  • zcfotsbh exownt

    yvahnjr koht zkocbv inrvscx isjuc fencgtjqv jnclqyf

  • afihpyv jputbr

    wdqfpker nzsuba xzqkeam ozcluexi rhzxpifb zqjfvl xnvfrb

  • **~totally blonde~**

    wat da hell r u bitches talkin’ bout?!

  • Dipset-All-Day

    Zekey is the man, Dipset is the gang..fuck ev’rything else

  • Nay AkA the officialnaymyspacepage

    i dont know dipset came up prettyfast, i lovin the beatz i feel they spit that Motivation music, I cant stop listening to the new artists, they hot right now, and Im a Jay fan, there loud and there getting away wit it , must be doing something right


    Cam called his{Jay-Z) phone—voicemail. Cam would be like, “Hello, this is Cam’ron, the rapper. I’m calling to say, what’s up.” He never responded for no reason.

    lol CLASSIC