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yung-joc1.jpgAfter tearing up the charts in 2006 with ubersmash hits “It’s Goin’ Down” and “I Know You See It” from his solo debut Yung Joc City, 23-year-old Yung Joc is ready to roll again in 2007, with his second effort, Hustlenomics, like his first, coming out through Block Entertainment/Bad Boy Records. So how do you top a year filled with nationwide tours, bopping with Diddy himself onstage and a certified platinum plaque? The ATL native with his very own famous dance breaks it all down for and encourages the multitude of haters to keep the heat coming. Balance and success are on Joc’s mind as he prepares for a picture-perfect year.

How does it feel to go from being unknown to the hip-hop world to having one of the biggest hip-hop songs of 2006, “It’s Goin’ Down”?
It feels good, just knowing that you’re blessed every day. That was one of my unbelievable blessings. Like some people couldn’t fathom the fact that it had got so big so quick. Some people still don’t consider me as an established artist yet. “Yeah, he did it on the first one. Can he do it on the second one?” I did it on the first one. They say, “Okay, it’s a hit, but he ain’t no street nigga. Can he make some street shit jam?” Yup, I dropped “A Couple Grand.” When I dropped that record, then it’s like, “Oh shit, but can he do it again on a national level, on a mainstream level, and make a big hit?” We did “I Know You See It.” Bam! Did that shut the people up? It shut ’em up a little bit.

Do you feel like you take a lot of criticism?
Yeah I do. And I take good, too. I enjoy it all, man. But with anything, just like Katt Williams said, “Don’t get mad at the haters. It’s a job, and somebody gotta do it.” I seen a lot of niggas don’t like the police, but if somebody break into your house, who you gonna call?

How can people be mad at having fun?
I don’t know, dog. If I knew, I’d probably tell ya. I can’t answer that one for you. In this world of critics, the critics are other rappers, other upcoming people trying to do their thing. Or people who got somebody who need that position you got. If I just invested $200,000 in an artist and we feel like he supposed to be the best, hell, I want your spot. That’s just it, right? Now, I’m not gon’ hate. But on a lighter note, I’m happy. It all boils down to balance. I take ’em both in stride. The good only let’s me know that dreams can come true, and bad things people say let’s me know that all I gotta do is work a little bit harder to shut they mouth.

Everybody wants to know: Were you surprised to see Tom Cruise on TV doing the Motorcycle Dance?
No. Because in the South, we done had dances. Remember the Bankhead Bounce? Michael Jackson was doing the Bankhead Bounce. Snap music, I done seen a couple people do that. I had a dance wit’ a big record, and it fits. Check the record. I didn’t know who it was gonna be. He was that marquee entertainer, a star that did it for me.

Anybody can have a hot song, but you’re certified platinum in 2006, which was rare last year. That has to be a huge boost to your confidence—being a rookie in the game, at a time where sales are real low, for you to come out and outsell veterans.
Huge boost to the confidence? No. It was definitely one of those things that helped me solidify a mental state, knowing that there is no protocol to the shit. The way it happened, it etched this notion in my mind that if you work hard and work smart, anything can happen.

You seem like you’re in a really good place right now.
I can sleep a little better at night. That goes without saying. You ever go to sleep worried? It’s harder to go to sleep, ain’t it? You almost don’t wanna go to sleep until you get it figured out. I’m in a place in my life where God has truly blessed me. It’s a blessing every day to wake up.

What’s it like working with Diddy?
It’s cool. When I first met that man, I told him I was a God-fearing man. I let him know that no matter what people say about you, no matter what you’ve done, this is a new situation. I told him straight up, “I’m a man of God. This is gonna work with or without you.” He couldn’t do nothing but respect that. That’s why you don’t see him in the videos. That’s why you don’t see me and him doing all the public shit together. You don’t see me on Puff’s album or in none of his videos.

Did you make it a point to separate yourself from Diddy and have it as straight business?
Nah. Me and him have a very respectful relationship. He didn’t have to be in any of my videos. He said to me, “You got such a good head on. I believe you’re going to be good. We’re going to make sure that we can establish you as an artist so you can stand up and hold your face card.” Bad Boy is gonna step on it, but Block Entertainment stepped on it as well. That’s why you see Block in all the videos.

yung-joc2.jpgBlock is the CEO of Block Entertainment, which is the label you are signed to. How does the Block Entertainment and Bad Boy deal work?
I’m signed to Block Entertainment. Block did a joint venture with Bad Boy South.

How did it go down?
Well, I’ve been doing it for a minute. Block heard about me, and I wanted to fuck with him, and it happened.

How did Block hear about you?
I did any and everything from recording demos and trying to get them played on the radio, to digging ditches, going to clubs and all that, doing whatever I could. Hopping from studio to studio, trying to get on with people.

You just finished doing some tours, such as Bow Wow’s. How did you like that experience?
It’s a good feeling, man. When you can go from city to city and thousands and thousands of people are willing to come out to see you and be a part of the experience that you and your cohorts bring to the table, whoever they may be, it’s definitely a good experience. Especially touring, because it’s a different kind of money. There are other ways to promote, a lot of spin-offs from touring. Merchandising being one. It’s a good look, because you may not be the biggest artist on the roster all the time, but guess what, you’re attached to something that a big artist is doing, which gives you a second wind.

Tour money ain’t too bad either.
Nah, it ain’t either, homie. Don’t worry about them having your paper, you gon’ get yours. It ain’t like a club date. They spending gwap!

Rarely in hip-hop do you see someone coming out clean-cut, positive and having fun. Do you think that’s helped with your success?
Definitely. I had a different sound and a different look. I wasn’t the average dope boy or thug, so it kind of helped. “He’s not wearing what everybody’s wearing. He’s hot.” It draws people in, and that’s what helps create a movement. A lot of people consider me the Southern Ma$e. But before he was Ma$e…

He was Murder Ma$e.
Exactly. So there was another element. Just because you don’t see it now doesn’t mean it don’t exist. The different elements are there, but what I reflect… I don’t wanna portray all those images, so I don’t define myself in one. I used to sell dope. I did all that shit. Don’t just think I’m a good boy. I know better now. I’m a grown man now. I got kids. This shit is for real to me. I’m really living my dream right now. All that dumb shit is in the past.

What’s good with the next project?
The next album is already in place. We’re wrapping up the album right now, getting ready to shoot the first video.

What’s the first video called?
I ain’t even gonna tell you. I can’t. The album comes out June 5.

You got a name for it?
Hustlenomics. Hustle by any means. I’m taking ’em where I’m ’bout to go, where I been and where I’m going through now. The hustle is showing people how to hustle. How do you hustle? I’m just trying to show cats how I do it. It ain’t just about selling dope or scamming anybody—by no means.

What’s going to be better about this album, instead of folks just getting part two of the first one?
The first album I wanted to go in some other directions, and [the label] didn’t want me to. The label loved it but didn’t feel it was time. And it’s crazy, because a lot of the places that I wanted to go, those ended being things that worked! It’s gonna be a fun, beautiful year.

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    Isn’t Yung Joc 25, not 23? And I doubt he’s a drug dealer. I read somewhere that he was making lots of money when he was 18, driving one of those construction trucks.

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  • Yung Joc

    I’m the truth.

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    Joc’s record sales, they’re goin dowwwwwwnnnnn.

    1 hunned.

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    First off all you young dumb and full well you know the rest you crumbs
    need to stop hating a whole region for the shit labels tend to push. When selling music to what I like to call the idiot Mass what other type of shit do you think they want.
    Little Brother is breaking up but young joc will get 1 or 2 other records. We pay a coach of a sports team 4 million but a scientist with the cure for a deadly illness will barely get by while the facility steals everything. Our society is getting slower and slower mentally with better technology and most cat’s just want sex and violence or drugs of sometype to help them forget there own misreable lives.
    Hiphop is a time capsule you can tell what is hot at any particular time just by listening, Now the majority of us are thugged out and obssessed with money,hoes and clothes.
    The people who actually read a book are interested in actual lyrical display there are plenty indie cat’s in the south that can spit hell even david banner got flow but if you can’t pay your rent and a guy comes by and says you will get a million dollars and a chance at the new crack i.e. fame if you buck dance most of you guys and girls would be wearing gold fronts and dancing. It is easy to attack shit without perspective.

    Does Young Joc suck salty monkey nuts heeeeelllll yesssssssss
    Does him supplying the idiot mass with a new social opiate truely effect a art form that belongs to a people
    No not if the idea has a footing with the people rap/hip-hop can’t be mainstream forever but like any form of music or art it struggles with the whole question can you truely make credible art and selling in a business format or does it require struggle aspect to keep it pure.

    Everything has it’s time and all dogma must change sorrry for the long post but these f the south dbags just need to grow the fuck up

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    Reading IS fundamental homie, surprised you didnt read the part about joint venture and all that.

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    whether you like this cat or not a couple of things cant be disputed
    da nigga working wid Diddy and Joc is breaded! props to him and especially props to him on poppin real sh@t its about feeding da family not pimpin in your own my mind knowing you a trick put ya hussle down pimpin and hit you a lick!

  • real talka

    South Side runnin shit. Yall jealous ass bitches can suck mad cock. Suck mad Cock. Suck mad cock. Oh Yeah, and yall haterz can suck mad cock.

  • Stax On Deck

    Keep Doin It Big Joc! All You Dirty South Haterz Can Eat Dick Slow (no homo)

  • New york nigga

    nigga u said dick ur a homo^^


    CREEPA 101 Says:

    January 30th, 2007 at 6:49 am
    Joc fucken sucks ! All his gonna have are those two hits , than this nigga is bye bye… Ill never buy your fucken album you fucken bitch , you aint got no style or you aint original, FUCK JOC!
    Well correction, 1 hit. I admit 2 being corrupted by It’s Goin’ Down but the other song aint a hit”I know this song sucks”. I don’t hate Yung Joc but he’s a 1 hit wonder. Its a shame that his album sold 700,000+ copies. Sold more than Ice Cube’s Laugh now, cry later which was a better album. And the rest of Joc’s album sucked.

  • CREEPA 101


  • Avenger

    Once again with the decline of the dance music scene due to drug raid on X pills and americans fascination with the gangster and most recently the black thug character(almost like watching the gladiators fight brutal cruel but entertaining nonetheless).
    Dance rap(pop rap) became jumped in started using house and techno sounds and bleeps and other elctronica stuff and embraced took the club by storm.
    Hell if you look at the history of this shit, You will see that it’s earliest pioneers were all subject matter free just more fun and less ignorant overt coonery like Youn joc and young jeezy. Sugar hill gang wasn’t spitting no great tomes rapping about the chicken tastes like wood LOL and most other cat’s just bosted about how fresh they was, how the got all the chicks and how they had money. The criminal element and idea was always there but didn’t take over everything until after the success of NWA. Earlier thugs like Schooly D and Just Ice etc….. But this shit is all a cycle now rap is mainstream and a big dance club music that has a ruff street vibe and is low on content (again). When it falls down a little more the cat’s who love it and good writers get another shot but MFers need to stop dissing a cost or a region and take accountability for there own shit.

    Oh yeah hiphop is dead- nothing really connects us to the original ideal of it, it had to die like rock did for a while and now rock is making a come back all things are born and die only to go on in other biological forms.

  • birdsflysouth

    Keep Doin It Big Joc! All You Dirty South Can Eat Dick Slow (no homo)

  • http://xxl-mag

    Fuck you all/ and you have to know me.

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    Avenger and birdz fly south you can all suck a Dick coz yall dont know what Hip-hop is.

  • Bianca

    i dont mind Joc…he doin better than that flat chested, boy cassie…atleast he aint a one hit wonder…cassie cant even sing…she talks threw her songs

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    ye i hate that song you kno u a gangsta wen ur singing bout lil kid noises “ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM” (WHEEEEEEEEEEEE:p)

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    Yo word in the ATL is that on this album he got big producers producing on the album unlike the first one I heard he got another song with nitti

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    what avenger said is right, i agree with him to the letter son..

    and as for joc. why are you hating for?? just cause you aint got shit thats why

  • dirty red

    Bama Smacker must not be getting no pussy if he has enough time to hate on a coast so much that he supports a website dedicated to it. Find you a chick and release some of that built up pressure cuz before you explode you bitch ass nigga!

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    Yo this dude is so wack he be tryin 2 hard to be cool i guess when u 5foot2 you gotta do that..his flow is garbage.

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    Yung joc is the wackest rapper ever. even though i dont like south music if it has some good lyrics i’ll listen to it. Yung Joc is trash though he joins the list of south rappers that rap about dances.

  • Ray


  • Jae Fatal

    ….ive heard some stuff by him that is okay….i guess imma have to wait till next year….can’t say he’s too nice


    Radio killed hip hop not a region. Tired of that bullshit on the radio. I heard a mixtape of Jocc and he can actually spit. But nowadays niggas want this quick buck bullshit shitting on the art. Get your dough I ain’t mad @ that but gargbage is garbage and no matter how much cologne you spray it still stinks. Check out for some real hip hop.

  • beat a nigga brainless

    niggas hating on joc nigga went platinum making money. Niggas hating on ATL but no other city or region for that matter had 4 rappers go Certified platinum. LUDA,T.I. JOC and Jeezy. Say fuck the south fuck atl all ya want but at the end of the day. These niggas getin fed while you and ya favorite rappers crying like ya got a bloody pussy between ya legs. http://WWW.getoffdasouthnuts.COM
    And to all the niggas thats saying fuck the south unless you bout coming down here and saying that shit SHUT THE FUCK UP

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