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nyckz-11.jpgA bit over a month ago, a 48 second video titled “E-N-J V.S. NIKS” that was over a year old appeared on YouTube. The first few seconds of the clip show two rappers squaring off for what appears to be a typical rap battle, not unlike those that take place on street corners every day. As the clip begins, you see one of the contenders, named Nyckz, getting up in his opponent ENJ’s face and spitting some crazy, cocky rhymes.
He suddenly halts, stopping the lyrical venom for a moment to pose a question to his challenger: “Oh, you mad ’cause I’m stylin’ on you?” The room erupts into laughter, a few seconds roll by, and the opponent suddenly hauls off and hits Nyckz in the face. Needless to say, the battle ends, people scatter, the cameraman forgets he is filming, and the video ends.
The short clip was taken from a longer segment that appears on Volume 2 of street DVD Real Talk: Controversy Sells. Although a longer version eventually surfaced, it still fails to answer the lingering questions you’re left with after watching the battle turned one-sided brawl: What happened after the camera went off? Why was the punch thrown? And who won the battle? recently linked up with Nyckz to get his side of the story and find out what it’s like to wake up one day to Internet infamy.

So where you from and who you reppin’?
I’m from Hempstead Long Island, 516. Get It Popping Entertainment.

How’d you end up on that Real Talk DVD?
Well we were doing public access [TV] for Long Island and we were doing battles for that. So that battle where he hit me and ran, it stopped after that because it escalated too far. But then like a year later, it leaked out and somebody started putting it out there, and now that’s how all of this happened.

Would you consider yourself a battle rapper?
I just consider myself the truth.

The word is the other guy swung on you because you kept reaching for something in your waist…
That’s not the case, man. He swung on me because he was mad because he was getting it. He was mad ’cause I was putting him on blast.

So you felt like you were winning the battle when the fight popped off?
Oh yeah, I knew I was winning when I seen him getting emotional. You know in any sport when you see that they can’t take it, that’s when you start going in on them. You know what I mean? Dump on they head.

The “stylin’ on you” line, was that off the head?
Yeah, that whole battle. I do this off the head. This is what I do, I was trying to show everybody, I don’t write on a battle, I come in with nothing rehearsed, I just come and do what I do. I feed off the vibes of whatever is going on in the situation.

Right because it seemed like everybody cracked up when you said that…
I had more stuff that I wanted to say but being that I seen that I was getting the best of him, it felt right for that moment so I was like, “Oh you mad ’cause I’m styling on you.” It felt right because that’s what he was mad about. If you really watch it you’ll see that he was trying to distract me, he was trying to swing his hand, he tried to point at my mouth because I was getting dry. So everything he was throwing at me, I was just throwing it back at him.

So after he swung on you everybody scattered and it’s hard to tell what happened…
After that it got a little ugly. Everybody was kinda hittin’ the d-e-c-k, getting low getting sleeping bags, you know? He stepped on a lot of people. He stepped on bitches and shit and stomped them out. This one bitch had trample marks all over her. It was real ugly. A lot of people got stepped on trying to get through this one little door because everybody’s trying to get away from me—even the camera people. That’s why it looks like I fell back, but the cameras actually went down and pulled back from me. As soon as he hit me everybody was trying to get away from me. He hit me and like before his hit actually landed he was turning the other way running.

So dude also said that he saw you after the incident at Club Speed and stuck you up?
Oh come on, man. I left and had all my stuff. I had all my jewelry. He’s running around putting fantasies out there to make himself look good. Sex, lies and videotapes, you know how that go. He’s trying to eat off me because he knows that once the truth leak out there’s nothing he can do no more. It’s gonna be pretty much over for you. You lied about winning the battle; you lied and said you stood there. Once you lie one time you’re basically a liar. He’s a thug on DVD. You don’t see me on nothing saying anything about anything.
I’m going to court for all this shit, for what everybody think I had or whatever. So I’m not really trying to say too much. I don’t wanna go to jail because that’s how it be. Gangsters move in silence, point blank. To me, I’m that dude and he’s just that other guy. They tried to make me look wrong, and it’s not looking right on them now.

So you’re going to court over all this? Did you get arrested that same day?
Nah, it was like four months later. I think somebody who was there [at the battle] told on me. You know how dude [ENJ] was saying, “Oh, he didn’t have the cal on him, he had the nine.”

Yeah, that was what he said when he was interviewed on in January. So what did you get charged with?
They’re trying to charge me with weapons possession in the third degree. I can’t really speak on it, because I’m still going to court to this day for that.

Did you speak to the kid on the phone and tell him you wanted to let it go?
Yeah, check this out. He called my phone. How does he have my number? He called me the next day trying to say he don’t want no problems and he wants to come back and rap again because where it jumped off at, that’s my block. So he’s trying to cop a plea with me so he can get back on the TV show. So what I told him, and I said it sleazy, “Yeah you can come back, come on back.” But then I think the girl that told him to come, told him, “Yo, don’t come back, they’re waiting for you” or something like that.
I’m trying to find out how he got my numbers. He’s snitching. How you gonna tell them, “He didn’t have a cal, he had a nine.” That’s telling. I didn’t want to incriminate myself, so I told him, “It’s whatever. It’s nothing.” I don’t want anybody to think I have a problem with you because if you have a problem with someone and everyone knows that, then [if] something happens to him then they’re coming to me. So I was thinking like a G, like, “It ain’t nothing dog. I’ll see you when I see you. If you think you can come back and rap come on back.” He ain’t come back.

So is that beef resolved now or what?
I don’t really know what it is right now. I’m just trying to show them that I can really make good music. I want to use this to show them that I got heat for real, not like most of these battle rap dudes. They don’t really got nothing. They’re just battle rappers and that’s all they got. I was just using that to get myself in the door so you can hear what I got to say.

Usually a punch in the face would have a negative impact on a rapper’s career, but it’s seems to have had the opposite affect for you.
Yeah, I didn’t even expect it to get this big. I just thought it was something local in the hood and now it’s like worldwide.

So do you have any upcoming projects you want to tell us about?
Yeah I’m trying to put this mixtape out Still Stylin’ On ‘Em Volume 1. I got my own engineers and producers, everything and it’s all original tracks and all heat. I wanna show them that I can do this. I wanna be one of the first New York dudes to get distribution and show them that we got a movement. I wanna be known worldwide and this is my ticket right here.
You know 50 rode on everybody beats so everybody’s trying to run behind that lane. I figure I’m gonna do it a little different. I’m riding on all original tracks that I got my mans kicking out and I’m turn these niggas into Kanye West. I’m gonna turn them into the future, and I’m gonna have this movement behind me. Nobody in New York really got a hard movement like I feel I’m about to bring. This is L.I. We’re an untouched area. We don’t really have anybody big from L.I. and we the most slept on market in New York. We’re like the most forgotten, like the lost borough and this is where it goes down at.

You got a joint called “Stylin’ On ‘Em.” You name check XXL on it…
Yeah, I said, “I pictured being in F.E.D.S. magazine before I pictured XXL.” ’Cause the way I run around these streets man, like, I’m really in the streets. People know me in the hood, like I would’ve probably still been famous from the hood, but this shit just made it ridiculous. If I can have the whole world saying, “You mad ’cause I’m stylin’ on you,” imagine what else I could have them saying, you smell me?

Listen to Nyckz new joint “Stylin’ On You” below.

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    oh you mad cause i’m stylin on you! LOL

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    another pointless interview with a pointless mc trying to get some shine over a punch.
    step your gane up XXL!

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    thats awesome though!
    big up to both those dudes

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    Dudes got the catch phrase of the year, lol.
    I be usin that shit too, lol.
    Im in the club wit some ladies the other day, and this cat I had some problems wit back in the day was all mean muggin and shit from across the club. I was wit like 4 of my homies and like 6 broads. This dude, its just him and his girl, LOL.
    So this broad im talkin to right now turns to me and she’s like “The fuck is dude’s problem?”
    Im like “He’s mad cause im stylin on em’” True Shit.

    The track aint bad either, Imma look for the stylin on em mixtape,(pause).

    1 hunned.


    This dude famous for getting slapped like a bitch……..WOW


    “…Oh u mad cuz i’m stylin’ on u, u could better clothes and couldn’t style on me. Plus i the cal on me…”


    i actully be saying that shit at random, that’s how funny that shit was…

    and it’s not that he’s ill, it’s that he got snuffed for saying that shit!

  • Mell Murda

    Thats funny as hell!
    “O u mad cause im stylin’ on u”
    On the other end
    “O the Cal is on u?”

  • Atl’s own

    garbage production, sorry can’t make bangas in yo moms basement!

    flow aight tho!

    lyrics weak!

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  • Flip

    I don’t know about that track, but the whole battle is up on Youtube and the kid Nycks ate that nigga (no homo). Also, the camera work is fucked up, but from what I could tell EnJ is nowhere to be found after the punch and it looks like Nycks tried to chase him.








  • GuNNz

    this nigga got snuffed and ain’t shoot nobody? but i feel not getting locked for some bullshit. atleast shoot a fair on video so yo can redeem yourself. then pop that nigga behind the scenes!!


    shit that was a good battle “oh u mad coz im styling on u, PLUS THE CAL. IS ON ME!!!!!!! ACT UP AND GET FUCKIN LAID D… lmao

  • http://a_pratt02HOTMAIL.COM AL PRATT


  • Dead Wrong

    Yo, how is he gonna say dude was snitchin on him when HE’S the one who said he had a Cal on him?! And he got a song saying he keep a 40 Cal around. Dumbasses.

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    dudes good he got an ill style dont hate dude cuz he’s stylin on you

  • Lazy

    “We don’t really have anybody big from L.I.,”
    Yeah, just Rakim, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes…

  • Lazy

    *Busta was born in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island as a kid

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    i think i am going to get stuck and say something fly like that so i can get on. do what it takes pimp and get that money.

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    dawg iz tight…i’ll b checkin 4 him..


    With the right production “Nycks” can definitely be a problem.
    I really thought that punch was gonna end this kid’s career, but then again life is funny when you are stylin on N**gaz – bout to bust a cal when you really have a 9 to spray on N**gaz – go figure that one out.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    This shit is weak as fuck. He got nicked in the mouth and now has the opportunity to forge whatever story he wants. Hows he gonna say he didn’t fall after the punch? That nigga dropped quickly.


    this cat is part of the 99% of pussy ass rappers out.this bitch is famous 4 getting knocked out that shit is lame. “gangstas move in silence.” bitch if i see u im going to knock ur ass out with a left. BITCH!


    my mom and little sis be sayin’ that shit all the fuckin’ time…this nigga better milk that 15 minutes

  • 6 100

    Lazy Says:
    January 25th, 2007 at 7:00 pm
    “We don’t really have anybody big from L.I.,”
    Yeah, just Rakim, Public Enemy, Busta Rhymes…

    Lazy Says:
    January 25th, 2007 at 7:04 pm
    *Busta was born in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island as a kid

    So is that why he went to the same high school as B.I.G. and Jigga?

    Do better research.


    Hes hot but that beat is fucked!

  • Rollin 20 Fo Lyfe

    Fuck Dem Hatin Bitches, He Got PUnched, And that Other Bitch Nigga, ran the fuck outta there, he tried saying sorry and all that shit, Fuck ENJ he’s a bitch, plus why should Nyckz Shoot ENJ When He’s about to get cake of that punch , FUCK GuNNz And Knowledge Speaks And NEU.SENSE Hatin on a Nigga, you bitche’s wouldn’t even chase that mothafucka, around the room, you would suck the camera mans tit, FUCK YOU.

  • dc

    i’m afraid of the future y’all respect the one who got shot, ..i respect the shooter

  • andres

    no one big from L.I.? Biz Markie and De La Soul aren’t big? shut the hell up ignant ass fool

  • Lazy

    Busta moved from brooklyn to uniondale, long island at 12 and went to uniondale high school. He said he got his flow from long island. He formed leaders of the new school there at 17. Then he went to westinghouse high in brooklyn where he met biggie and jay and graduated. He reps brooklyn and L.I. where he lives now.

  • J Stead

    UMM 6 100 check your history. Busta went to Uniondale High w/ Dingo and Charlie Brown man.

  • stylin on u

    gotta say dude made a catch-phrase
    i cant stop sayin…
    oh u mad cuz im styling on u..
    gotta give it up dude may got snuffed
    but shit he ate the living shit e-n-j
    and e-n-j gets no respect for runnin
    why he ran…

  • babyboy

    that line cost u a punch, and a fucked up 1 ahahah, i would rather not be famous than get punched like that, that shit hurts ahahahah

  • Chuck Norris

    I had a similar incident go down wit bitch ass steven segal, i had to G-Check that dude and JuDo ChoP a mothafucka. HE was mad cuz I was stylin’ on em?..what an asshole…

  • Supersam

    If Jim Jones can get everybody to say BALLLLIIINN like its nothin and be the next big thing then im sure Nyckz can make alot of niggas mad cuz he stylin on em. I be sayin that shit when my chick be trippin. “oh yo mad cuz i’m stylin on you” lol

  • funnyAsHell

    Dude is real puss for punching him and running like a bitch. After you do the dirt why not finish the job? Why run? No respect for that bitch ass looking like the road runner.

  • The Truth

    Yoooo I wasn’t really feelin the song tooo hard, but I saw the whole joint and he ate enj. And that line is that shyt right now. Sooo good luck with whateva u doin man. Beat them charges.eZZZ

  • dollas, tx

    EnJ ran (like anybody w/ good sense would do) he aint wanna get popped,b/c NYCKZ had that oven on’em …EnJ got his shit banged on during the battle but he went out kind of hard tho’ cuz 1/2 you dudes responding wouldn’t have snuffed somebody in front of U with the furnace in his pocket! NYCKZ a comedian for that “STYLIN’ ON’EM” line tho’

  • T Money

    ENJ is straight hater!!! Practice your lyric sucka

  • L.A.’s Finest

    Good poing Lazy, that’s how you can tell this fools a youngster. I hope he do good though, he definately won that battle, the other guy was a bitch.

  • SHANK5

    ereal iz fukn gay wit his fukn club story, u aint gangsta cause u said dat shit 2 a broad. git gangsta and snuff his face like like homeboy did who got styld on. but dat is da line of da century.

  • SHANK5

    dc u gotta b real tha fukn nigga ran afta he punched then u can c da nigga grabn his hammer, big ups 2 homie 4 really havn it on him and not jus rappn but fuck da cake i’d hav 2 pop dat nigga neway 4 touchn my fukn face.

  • phellie

    duke put u on ur assbag fam u tight get that cash laugh at him it’s come wit the terrority

  • Avenger

    what did the 5 fingers say to the face bitch. SLAAAAAAAAP

    You got slapped on tape and tried to pull a hammer and that’s that nobody would run unless you men started trieng to bum rush or you pulled a gun this nigga ain’t that tuff looking he is no freddie fox

    You just got yo face dusted niccca stay out of folks face when you battling homie don’t approach and never touch. Hope you learned you lesson

  • Skeen757

    Fuck it Niggas was mad, so he stole on him fuck it. Don’t style so hard next time.

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  • Young Gutta Aka paper boy(Long live da king) MW

    shit talkers get hit wit hot shit…shut yo damn mouth fuckboy…

  • http://shortDog Truth speaker

    Nycks you look like a fuck boy in that video, what’s the point of you even “Modeling” ya heat, got a gun for show…you lost, how the fuck is niggaz respecting ya for that shit?

    Jay said it, “y’all respect the one that got shot, I respect the shooter” get the fuck outta here already, I respect homie for snuffing you for you doing all that shit, you ain’t at the top, you’re gonna be known as the dude that got stole on while having his heat.

    Ya career is over before it started.

  • Kaisor Sosa

    Keepin it real how can Nyckz make it seem like hes during this interview for any reason other than the fact he got ko’d and its all over the internet. Hes a clown. He got knocked out by some dude in his own hood. The other dude aint no hero either you just dont sucker punch people at rap battles. Dont be mad cuz im stylin on you!!

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  • Young Gutta Aka paper boy(Long live da king) MW

    damn he hurt his feelings dat bad….EnJ Is a fucking bitch…Dude straight did a bitch move on nycks.EnJ can’t go around hitting mufuckas cause he cant spit(I know,truth hurts)Lame ass rappers get mad over someone shredding dey shit in dey face dat dey think they work so hard to put together.Nycks keep eating these wild dogs…..just wear a face guard or sum shit…

  • Dice

    This skinny brother knockes you out. take it like a man. you lame

  • Bob

    Black people are going nowhere fast. That whole interview was a waste of time. That monkey didn’t say one thing worth remembering.
    What’s worse is there a bunch of other fools actually signing up as fans for this dumbass who happened to be the receiving end of a sucker punch. There was nothing fantastic about that battle -from either side. And who the hell rhymes “stylin on you” with “stylin on me”??? Drop the whole ‘gangster’ character and go get a job….or at least pick up a basketball….

  • lean

    Fuck all the hattas who talk shit on this page and by the way I’m the producer of stylin on em .. Bitches .

  • Amirikiri

    lol @ lean. Aite. Philly all day, shoutout to nyckz. Ill c u at the top big homey.