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cormega-1.jpgThroughout his career, Cormega has embodied Queensbridge, the storied Long Island City housing project where he and countless other rap icons were born and reared. Renowned by rap purists and street soldiers alike for his imposing delivery and vivid lyrics, Mega has enjoyed a loyal fan base since day one. Before most people heard him recite a single bar, his childhood friend Nas name checked him on “One Love,” a track that would ultimately solidify its author’s lyrical legacy, while simultaneously foreshadowing another Queensbridge legend in-the-making. Upon his release from prison over a decade ago, Mega wasted no time letting the world know that a force to be reckoned with had just been unleashed when he appeared on the posse cut “Affirmative Action” from Nas’ sophomore LP It Was Written. Since then, he’s endured his share of industry politics and beef, including a falling out with Nas, and still managed to land firmly on his feet. Now, with a new mixtape, The Prelude (featuring appearances from Large Professor, M.O.P., Styles P, the Heatmakerz, AZ and Nature), and a new album, The Inevitable, on the way, Mega finally seems ready to fulfill what he sees as his unavoidable destiny. XXLMAG.COM recently spoke with Mega about his recent public reconciliation with Nas, his new album and why the internet won’t hurt his movement.

You recently announced that you were changing your next album name from Urban Legend to The Inevitable. What brought that about?
Well, after T.I. came out with the title and his album was successful, I said fuck it, I might as well get a new title. I wasn’t mad. I don’t got no beef with him. It’s just a title, so fuck it, I just wanted to come a little different.

The album has production from Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Buckwild, D.R. Period, Nottz, Lil Fame, Emil and Ayatollah. I got a song called “Fresh,” which features KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, EPMD, Red Alert on the intro and the outro and myself. That’s my favorite song I ever did in my life, because it’s like these are the dudes that I always admired, so to work with all of them was an honor.

What’s the significance behind The Inevitable?
It’s like something that was meant to happen. So many obstacles were in the way of me getting to my goals as an artist, period. So it’s like it was inevitable that I would accomplish some of my goals. And on this album, it’s like people finally recognize me as an artist, and my life is just different right now so it’s inevitable that I’d get to this point in my career.

2006 wasn’t a great year for mainstream hip-hop, as far as album sales. As an independent artist, how do you feel like this new climate is going to affect you?
To be honest with you, I really don’t care about the mainstream. Like, what they eat don’t make me shit…how that saying go? Sales are down in the music industry, period. I watch it. But a lot of people that’s flopping, they coming out with bull-crap and they using it for excuses. People’s music was being downloaded last year just as much as it was downloaded five or four years ago when these mainstream artists were selling a lot of records.

It’s funny that a lot of mainstream people are slacking in sales lately, and then recently you have Nas come out with the Hip Hop is Dead album, to stray away from the mainstream, and that’s his most successful album to date. Besides…that’s his second highest opening week he ever had! When you make something that people want, they gonna buy it. I bet you Game wasn’t complaining about downloading, you know what I’m saying? And what are people saying about the Game album? They’re saying that’s one of the best albums of last year. My whole thing is, if you make a good product, it’s gonna sell.

cormega-2.jpgFans of independent or underground artists have a history of being really supportive of their favorite artists up until the records actually hit the stores. Is that a concern of yours?
I mean, I’ve always been like that. I’ve expressed that to fans before. I notice that the Internet world and the physical world are like two different worlds. You go on the Internet and they’ll talk about a certain rapper, like they’ll talk about a AZ, or a Large Professor, or a Craig G, or this rapper or that rapper, but when the albums come out, they not as supportive because a lot of these people just downloading the music. One of the reasons why I think I’ve been fairly successful is that I’m really particular about every song that goes on my album.

One of the things that’s gotten me over as an independent artist, and I’m aware of this, is that I’m one of the few artist that has both worlds. There’s some people that’s from the streets that don’t fuck with no underground hip-hop or backpack hip-hop. Then you have the Internet people who don’t fuck with some street music, they just fuck with the backpack music, and the nerd music or the lyrical shit. I’m one of those artists where, you might find some people in the street buying my shit, and you’ll find the internet fans buying my shit and that’s one of the things that helped me be successful.

I recently caught you at the Nokia Theater with Nas in New York. You got a huge reception from the crowd. How’d that feel?
Seriously, it felt good because it was a Nas show, it wasn’t like it was a Cormega show. If you go to your own show you expect [that response]. Nobody knew I was gonna be there, so as far as I knew, I could’ve came out and got booed. So that moment right there was crazy. To be honest with you, we made history that night. That was like some fuckin’ movie shit. That shit was so ill, it was like I was frozen. It was like a moment froze for me. I’ll never forget that moment until I die. That was dope. I wish [AZ] coulda been there. He was supposed to be there but he had to take care of some family stuff. I think he just had another child.

So how’d it feel performing “Affirmative Action” together with Nas and Foxy for the first time in what, like 10 years?
You know, the funny thing about us, we can go on with our lives and not speak to each other for years but when we get together it’s like nothing ever happened, it’s like if we was together the day before. The thing people fail to realize is me and Nas go back longer than Nas with any nigga in the industry. Before Nas knew AZ, he knew me. Before he knew Fox, he knew me. Before he knew Steve Stoute, he knew me. Before he knew Jay-Z, he knew me. Before he was fucking with all them niggas from Queensbridge—besides Jungle, which is his brother, and Grand Wiz [who] was from the block—he was my man. That’s my man. So you know we had our differences. I was mad at him, he was mad at me, but Nas manned up. It takes a man to apologize and Nas is more mature than a lot of people, even more mature than me in some ways. He reached out and we just made it happen. We’re stronger together.

What do you think of his album?
I mean, I think the songs that are alright are alright, and the songs that are real good are real good, you know what I’m saying?

Yeah, I think that’s pretty much been the consensus.
But his album is better than most of the albums I’ve heard that have come out recently. I told him I like that song with the girl singing on it, “Unforgettable” [“Can’t Forget About You”]? That’s like my favorite joint on there and the Kanye West joint. I think his album is dope. He’s focused right now.

Any chance of you two working together anytime soon?
Right now my main focus is finishing my shit, but who knows what’s gonna happen. I don’t want to ruin anything, so let’s just say no comment. [Laughs.]

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  • Team OnSMASH

    Nas & Mega Better Get Back In The Studio Together.


    more music thats really music coming back on the scene. i like that cormega is def ill


    some real shit bout to come yall way in 07 4real. all this water-down shit for the birds

  • Sayso is Donny Slaughter

    Woopy do!!!!!!!!

  • Avenger

    This dude hasn’t made a decent album yet I hope this is good because he got skill and deserve better. LOL

  • Maseo

    That is beautiful.

  • Eman

    Man Cormega is sick one of the most underrated in the game But I dont see him ever going mainstream these kids now a days cant appreciate him its funny when I show ppl mega shit who never heard of him they all be like DAmn!

  • lg

    the firm is on the way back

  • Faggot Killah

    # Avenger Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    This dude hasn’t made a decent album yet I hope this is good because he got skill and deserve better. LOL
    ^^ crakka ass faggotry^^

  • ill will

    xxl mag finally recongnize real talent. they finally see the underground artist and give him the props he deserves. don’t sleep on mega.



  • ill will

    nas apologized

  • MikeyRon

    To the person that said Mega hasn’t made a decent album don’t know real music. Listen to the realness and true meaning and tell me that those albums aren’t near classics.

  • blanky

    its funny in old mega interviews he tries so hard to avoid nas questions but this one is all about him.
    anyway…get your paper mega

  • http://bxconnect bxconnect

    damn mega got a allstar line up producing his shit.damn got my mouth watering, got my ears ringing and shit.its like a 90′s throwback.buckwild, premo, large p.shit.yeah considered it on layaway.


    Mega is dope one of the illest NY artist. Anyone into 90′s sounding east coast hip hop check out Cormega’s music.

  • jon jon–23

    Most early nineties hip hop flopped, that’s why they switched to California style rap.

  • nave

    # Avenger Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    This dude hasn’t made a decent album yet I hope this is good because he got skill and deserve better. LOL

    im not saying that you are a hater but what about the true meaning and the realness?

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  • Deity Allah

    Where’s Nature?

  • some dude

    Good to see Mega and Nas putting the past behind them. I’m from NC and I remember back in the mid 90′s all the queens rappers like Mobb deep, Nas, Mega, Cnn used to get mad love out here. This kinda takes me back. Hopefully they cook up some shit together. and that line up for MEga’s album is serious. cormega if you read this, see if you can help Nas with his beat selection next go round.

  • Tha Viz

    YEAH!!!!!! Nas & Cormega gotta come back to together in the booth and make more history.

    nah, fuck that. the whole Firm gotta come back together. Nasir Jones, Corey McKay, Anthony Cruz, & Inga Marchand gotta get back in the booth together.

  • lolz

    LOL @ that 17 year old, born in 1989 faggot Dramatic, talkin about “leave these nobodies off the headline”….nigga you probably started listening to hip hip in 2000, right when the shit started getting corny. You dont know shit about Cormega, you dont know shit about yourself, you dont know shit about life. I bet your dick gets hard off some average ass, 4th grade lyrics spittin Southern rapper dont you? Shut yo ass up and play the background like you supposed to.

  • Murda

    The Realest is one the realest albums of all time. The man doesn’t mince his words. Mega is what you call an intellectual thug on the mic. Real talk.

  • dat coonz nigga

    Comega Will allways be dat streetz nigga.

  • ill will

    his best effort motha fuckas

  • J.R.O.

    Mega is nice. True Meaning and The Realness are both classics. His new shit gon’ be hot, definitely.

  • BERT


    Mega is the best rapper EVER! Hands down! Fuck you dick riders that only look at album sales. Who the fuck cares! Recognize real MUSIC. Real recognize real!

  • triplesixninja

    u know the deal test me
    get hit directly
    this little nigga pack big heat like joe pesci
    flow deadly
    yall niggas don’t impress me
    my fo fo above the law police
    wont arrest me

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  • Lari da jeweller in London.

    Mega and Nas back together I guess the bridge is back,real shit for those hiphop purist we need cats like these back in the game. Too much water down mainstream stuff hope they can get that firm thing goin wit Fox boogie.
    KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, EPMD, Red Alert all on a track I’m excited already. Its a good look for 2007.

  • jacquez
  • fla all day

    mega is one of the best hands down, he need a cover on xxl!!


    nave Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 8:34 pm
    # Avenger Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    This dude hasn’t made a decent album yet I hope this is good because he got skill and deserve better. LOL
    im not saying that you are a hater but what about the true meaning and the realness?

    No, he Is a hater. Point blank. Mega hasnt made a decent album?? GTFOH.


    I’ve met mega before and that is a real nigga.

  • word is wisdom86

    Mega’s tongue is ghetto dunn. Cormega is a lyrical veteran, The Realness and The True Meaning are classics and it’s good to see two great MC’s squash the bullshit.


    HOT! Shit b hot album! Cormega cool MC.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Cormega should check that nigga for working with a rat bastard like Jay-z…

    …go get Cormega album “The Realness”…quality ish…



  • Big Time Lucky/


  • Rizzop

    He never made a hot album???You must not be listening! the realness and the true meaning arent too bad my friend, and he didnt even release them on major labels!

  • Rizzop

    Now only if M.O.B.B would stop acting like atheist assholes……

  • derfla

    mega is nice true street kid glad him and nas squashed they beef cuz this means they goin to make music together thats the shit

  • Kool T

    Cormega iz dat boi. No Doubt…been hot since day 1 cuz. Fa Realz. Need to drop another hot jointz and another L.P. in 07. Thats my word “G”.

    1 Luv…..

    Kool T “Da Real Smooth and Laid Back G”

  • daruffian

    Peace to that nigga moe greene! I been fucking wit Mega. “R U My Nigga” is one of the realest and dopest songs ever put on wax!

  • L.A.’s Finest

    Dramatic fuck off, Cormega one of the best homie, do your homework bitch. L.A. for Life!!!

  • Revoltod

    What are these “no comprende nada” niggaz sayin’ about Cormega yô!
    Listen,i’m from Cape Verde(African’s West Coast)and Cormega, along other 90′s Lyricists,gave me a lot.
    I’m a 24 years old journalist and also host of a Hiphop Radio Show( Broadcasting nationally on my country 3 times a week for 5 years now)and if i am who i am today is ’cause of cats like Him.
    Hiphop gave me a chance to be on a radio station and then persue a career as a journalist.
    And when i say Hiphop i say Cormega, Nas,Foxy,AZ,Bootcamp,Wu, all these cats that helped me get out everyday to go do my show knowing i wasn’t gettin’ payed. You know what…i still ain’t gettin’ paid for that. U think i care? No dudes, i got a job as a journalist in the very same station i came to do and still do the program for free. What you call that? Who shed the light through my ears, and gave me the foundation to keep my callers melting the phones?
    Not Lil’ jon, not lil’ scrappy (no disrespect to both)and all this lil’s that i can’t even understand how they keep repeating themselves and you still ask to play maybe cause u don’t know what’s beyond MTVs.
    Well,i play real hiphop,i ain’t gettin’ payed to do that, so i play Cormega who is TRUE MEANING of THE REALNESS.
    What’s wrong with you dudes? My lingo ain’t even English and i feel the broda in the interview and yo not? Dude, please…lemme take a C-Break!!!

  • superthoro

    Anybody poppin shit need to fall back Mega BEEN that dude. stay in ur lane all u little cornball faggots. Yall hide behind ur screen and pop shit. thats why i hate the internet. Mega Nas and AZ…i cant wait thats some real shit…


  • R.F

    mega is dope.. id love to see some nas/cormega shit! throw in AZ and premo and you got some real real shit.. i wanna see some shit like that

  • 4/5th4lif

    mega’s ‘the realness’ lp got me thru a hard time, i love that shit. the beats were ill. it was solid. thats wat i need to proceed in life, lps to look forward to and rep once they drop because they are solid. so mega is an artist i always check for and support when he drops.

  • Zee Productions

    Nas – Hope ZeeMix

    The Game – One Blood ZeeMix

    Prod. By Zee

    Hottest beats comin’ from the UK, and from a 16 year old!

    watch out

  • Fred D

    Mega and a NAS joint would be so fuckin SICK! Mega is the most underated rapper EVER!! QB Niggas….

  • http://xxl Big Bo

    A yo Mega And Nas need to get a track poppin with all theses trash rappers coming out

  • doctor69

    drama queer how can you call a real nyc og a nobody but every blog you biggin up the fakest gang in nyc (dipset) so shut your i wish i was in nyc ass up before i come to your block and smack and give you a bville beat down mop style real nyc stand up holla at ya folk

  • Free Music
  • Daddies

    Cormega is my all time favorite rapper tied wit Nas….nowon can fuck wit Mega, Im juss waitin on that Nas, Jay & Mega track someday haha.

  • CrypticOne

    Mega is gonna come hard this year, no question. The title of the album is enough. I’m glad him an’ Nas called there peace, hopefully they’ll come together and do some ill a** sh*t.


    this nigga is one of the best rappers 50 need to sign this nigga mega on g unit!

  • E

    That shit iz ill, Cormega iz a one of a kind MC, much respect….. keep doin ya thang thun……..

  • Ranga


  • Dangerous Tactics 206

    whut do this dude mean? ‘the songs that are allright are allright.Man i like Mega,but these niggas iz some haters.Name one ‘allright ‘song on Nas new shit…….see u can’t ‘BEACUES IT IZ THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR ””AND NAS SINGLE HANDEDLY SAVED HIP HIP!!!! THX DONTAY…..

  • astoria qnz

    cormega is 1 of illest rappers out there so no matter who u are or how old u is or were u from if listen 2 em ull like em.mega-help bring da east coast back thun!!!!!!!hes music is crack 2 ur ears have ur ears fiendin 4 more



  • Cormega

    Thanks for the support.


    Mega is really that dude. I always cop his albums cause I know I’ll get my money worth and more. Don’t know why everyone saying Nas album was all that. Lyrics was on point but the beats were trash. He should’ve done that shit with Preemo like he said he was. I like Nas and it seems like his head is in the right place but dude definitely needs help picking beats.

  • Young Gutta Aka paper boy(Long live da king) MW

    God damn beast right here….Nigga is fucking cold…Keep dat shit up,maybe nas I’ll come to his senses..

  • poor-kid

    cant wait to download his album!!! hahahahaha!
    what u fucking expect im fucking poor i cant affort fucking 20 dollars for a fucking album. i got bills to pay! if its the shit then ill buy it maybe but dont get at me with some mediocre bullshit. i copped the realness and the true meaning. convincing! if eminem is featured on his album the hell no ill never support this fucking donkey! hes lucky that hes white otherwise he wouldnt sell anything!
    cormegas ill fuck all other rappers fuck game fuck 50 fuck nas fuck jayz! talking about hiphops death doing the same shit that he did before. nice conditions KRS, BDK, Large Pro, Ayatollah, Craig G, EPMD u better dont fuck it up!

  • poor-kid

    moderation bastard u better dont edit my comment i will check it everyday and repost it! FUCK CENSOSHIP ITS 2007 not 1920!

    • Sgt. H

      Is there a reason you picked 1920? I’m just wondering.

  • Sgt H

    Cory, you keep doing what you do. It’s perfection defined.