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Onionhead bastards take heed—Sean P. is back. After lacing numerous verses on records by his Brooklyn fam Boot Camp Clik, Price (formerly known as Ruck from Heltah Skeltah) went on to drop his critically-acclaimed solo debut Monkey Barz in 2005. Now, Mr. Scagnetti has burned the midnight oil and churned out another anticipated underground smash with Jesus Price Supastar. Featuring appearances from Sadat X, Buckshot, Phonte, and his partner-in-rhyme, Rock, as well as production from 9th Wonder and Khrysis, Price is looking to bless his blasphemers with the lyrical holy ghost. Always on the go, Sean chopped it up with about his upcoming album, his similarities to Ghostface and why he’ll continue to eat off of MySpace.

You’ve been doing it for almost 12 years now. What’s kept you going after all this time?
I feel like I haven’t got my just due. A lot of people haven’t really heard me yet, and it’s that that keeps me going in this business. Y’all haven’t heard nothing from me. I still feel fresh and brand new. Having this whole Sean Price persona give me a new lease in the game. It allows me to be a new person. Most people have no idea who Ruck is and have never heard of Heltah Skeltah, but they know who Sean P is, [and] that is a blessing in disguise.

Monkey Barz was critically-acclaimed in the press…
[Laughs.] Not by XXL it wasn’t! They gave me an “L”. I’m not hating; I still bought the magazine, and I still got my money that I made off of the album.

Well, Jesus Price Supastar seems to have an even bigger buzz than the last album. What’s the meaning behind the title?

There’s nothing religious behind it. There hasn’t been any controversy behind it, because I’ve explained it to people. You ever read the Bible? I’m not well versed in it, but according to it, Jesus goes through the land spreading the Word, and it’s God. Well, Jesus Price goes through the hood spreading the word, and it’s Hip-Hop.

You worked mainly with two North Carolina-based producers, 9th Wonder and Khrysis, on the album. What was it about working with them on Monkey Barz that made you link up with them again for this go-around?
See, what happened last time was that I did most of the album in New York. After that, I did the rest down in North Carolina. But with this album, I did it in reverse. I went down there to start the album and finished the rest in New York. Working with them is great. 9th’ll make five beats in about an hour or two. But when we get together, we’re like a machine. We knocked out them songs like bing-bing-bing. But it was kind of stressful, I couldn’t smoke down there. There studio is connected to a church. [Laughs.]

I don’t know if you’ll remember this, but in June, you and Buckshot performed at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Backstage, security wasn’t letting your family through to be with you in the V.I.P. section. Does having a certain level of anonymity make things difficult?

I like that shit, B. I don’t care about being famous at all. I mean, I want to make money, but I don’t care about my face being blasted all over the place. I like being regular with my life. I love rap, but I don’t praise rap. I have a life. I got a wife and a kid. I don’t have time for that bullshit. I keep it real simple. I’m not looking to be famous. I live on a block full of West Indians; they don’t bother me about no damn hip-hop! I love that known unknown shit. But once you start to do better, the fame comes with the territory. I’ll deal with it when and if it comes.

On “Onionhead,” you say, “Gangsta rappers can’t fight, so they rap about guns.” Your knuckle game must be nice…
Man, half of these rappers are pussy! I’m not even trying to call anybody out, but 99% of these rappers are pussy! I’m not a gangster rapper or anything like that. It’s just that people are scared to be themselves. I’m not a super drug dealer. I’ve used a gun before, but that was because I had to defend myself. That doesn’t make me a thug, that makes a man.

seanprice1.jpgSo, hypothetically, who would win in a fight between you and Freddie Foxx?
I ain’t fucking with Freddie Foxx, man! [Laughs.] I wouldn’t want to know who won that fight. But, on the real, my knuckle game is serious, if I didn’t know how to do anything else, I’d know how to fight. I used to box when I was younger. I took up martial arts, plus I’m a big dude, so you get the idea. I try not to get involved with beef. I got into this game to do my music. I’m not trying to put dudes on blast. I think that rappers are sensitive right now. I don’t want to get involved in that shit.

People are saying some crazy shit. I like Nas, but cats are going at him hard-body. People are going too far with the disses. If I was Nas, and I respect how he’s handling himself, but I’d catch a case right now. They say words will never hurt, but let someone say something out of pocket with me—there’s no more rapping, I would’ve taken it to the mattress. They have no respect. If it happened to me, I’m not rapping. We’d have to see each other. It’d be corny to have to kill a rapper, but you can’t think that I’m going to let you talk about me and I’m just going to make a record back. I stay away from the people who do that crazy shit. I don’t have beef with anyone. I’m not saying it on some tough shit, I’m saying it for real. Certain things should be off limits.

You also recently went out on tour with Ghostface. You’re both critically-acclaimed New Yorkers who are largely slept-on by the mainstream. Do you see other similarities?
Man, the other day I went to an Italian shop and the dude at the store thought I was Ghostface. That’s real talk—he thought I was him. I had on the camouflage leather jacket on with the matching Wallabees and people thought I was him. Ghost and me are mad cool. He put me on the tour. We both fuck with that soulful sound and we speak the truth. I’m trying to get him on the album, but he has a demanding schedule. But we’ll hook up in the future. I love the comparison, because son and me put in that real work. A few others do it too, but Ghost and I have that same vibe. I can tell.

Heltah Skeltah is sorely missed. I know Rock is featured on the solo joint, but how’s the reunion album coming along?
I’m going to be honest with you, man—it’s coming along real fucked up. I can’t front, I was doing this Jesus Price album and Heltah Skeltah’s at the same time. I can’t do that. Rock was doing his solo joint and was trying to do the album too. I feel like the pressure is too much to live up to. Check it, this Sean Price shit got me a fresh start. It’s easier to do this than to do a Heltah Skeltah album. We did mad songs and we don’t like none of them. The shit is mad stressful. It fucks with my stomach.

Honestly, not even on no sucker shit, we know what dudes is expecting. Don’t get it twisted, we ain’t going to cop out. There’s no problem between son and me. We just got to get it right. We’ll get it done. I can’t give a date, but on the real, it’ll be out when it’s done. That’s my whole focus now since Jesus Price is done. We’re going to fuck with Nottz to see what he has for us. We’re going to holler at 9th and Ill Mind too. But just to let you know, if it never comes out, you’ll know why. It’s not because Rock and me hate each other—our moms are peoples—we just got beef trying to make this shit right.

It seems like you really stay on your grind.
Yeah, I do four songs a week on other people’s tracks. I’m on MySpace, grindin’ hard, you know. I charge $1,000-$1,200 to feature me on your songs. All you MCs on MySpace, just get at me and we can make it work. Do the math, son—that’s anywhere from $4,000-$4,800 a week. A week! That’s just from sitting down and choppin’ it up with cats on MySpace. I’ve been doing this for the past six, seven months. Trust me, you won’t hear the “Brokest Rapper, Pt. II” on this album. [Laughs.] I have over 15,000 people in my friends list and, you know, people asked me how to get me on their tracks. They send me the beat and half the dough upfront and then I send it verse and we finish it up like that. I’m not trying to be a drug dealer, I’m trying to be an MC. A lot of people don’t know that after the Magnum Force album, I was [at] rock bottom. I was assed out. I went back to hustlin’. That shit wasn’t cool. I talked to myself and said, “Am I going to be a drug dealer, or am I going to put my effort into hip-hop?” I live, eat, breathe and shit hip-hop and I’m finally getting rewarded for it. Allah has blessed me – my family is right and life is good.

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  • livefromthe225

    i heard some of the jesus price album…it’s quite bangin’…his myspace hustle game is impeccable…other dudes can learn something from that

  • seize

    Price a real dude – he got his head screwed on right and doing that music. I fucks with dude, just hope the album comes out real good like the last one and like Buckshots.

  • D

    G’s up.

  • AR

    3rd and agree with the dude above

  • AR

    4 then

  • jacquez
  • Bowser da Boss

    I must admit, I’ve been sleepin. Ima have to peep this joint out.


    250k first week sales…

    heard it here first!

  • Sun Tzu







  • Pete Lastname

    Go Sean Price


    Yo if yall don’t know about RUCK&ROCK yall just don’t know about hip-hop period son word is bond this dude been hittin the gam wit shit the game aint even ready for ” I love sellin niks at night go home to my son and whatch nick at night” that right there tells it all keep doing ya thing son holla at us when you and Dru come to DC we always got you big hommie!!!!!

  • Decepticon nigga

    niggas need to realise that dude is real. if you one of them niggas that ride niggas because they front like they ‘real niggas’, yall niggas need to check for them boot camp niggas. most of the niggas is thoro – franklin ave. posse, decepticons, real NY shit.

    rock and ruck….hahaha…niggas need to do they background reading on them niggas.

    r.i.p megatron, love to all the fallen decept niggas past and present!

  • King Paul

    SEANNNN P! I’m coppin the album first week

  • !Ven-Tech?

    I don’t even care if the dude sells only 1 copy of the cd…because if that happens that’ll mean I’m the only one with it. Dude rocks too hard and people aint feelin it, fuck em if they don’t though, that’s my shit! Keep bangin em over the head with that real hip hop shit…Sean Peeeeee!

  • Jimbo

    lol kids stop buyin grills and get a sean p verse for 1200$

  • Ryan



    I charge $1,000-$1,200 to feature me on your songs wow is this nigga really worth it cuz i havent heard shit from him.

  • 412reppin

    i feel him on the gun issue. cuz remeber when u was a yung buc and u get into a fight and a kid would pick up a stick or rock or sum shit and u would say he was a punk cuz he had a weapon, well the same thing applies now wit guns ur a punk. rappers praise guns and deugs like aint nuttin wrong wit it. but i bet u any money that any of these so called top rappers couldnt make a cd that would sell just talking bout real shit without guns or drugs. and half them cats never busted nuttin but a nut. and aint sold shit, on sum real shit it does influence alot of yung nigs and gotta lot to do wit the rise in crime, hip hop is a lyfe style so when kids do this stuff and they live that life style who do u look at. PLZ RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • S.A.N.T.A.N.A


  • hip hop

    Thas real talk!

  • cal

    Sean P is that Dude,monkeyBar’z is still CRAZYYYYYYYY !!!!!! wish you the best….. out!

  • chamoflaugeninja

    “word is bond sean got songs thas madd strong”- sean P!!!!

    Peace to tha Gods & Earths

  • EA$E

    Sean P!!!! Shit if all it takes is a rack to get Ruck on a track im fasho gonna holla. Monkey Bars is a Classic! dont let the ratings get u twisted,Im coppin the new ish first day it drop.

  • zufli

    yeeaahh! cant wait till Jesus Price!!!

  • DJ MP

    Sean P is the best rapper out now.

    If you dont know him ur a fucking loser go kill urself

    He’s a fucking beast.

    Him and Ghostface are the two best mcs making music right now.

    Monkey Barz Best of 05 Fishscale More Fish best of 06 and Jesus Price Superstar best of 07 ALL U NEED RIGHT THERE


    big ups to all the bootcamp clik

  • VICK

    Boot camp clik has allways kept it raw im gonna cop the cd

  • S.A.N.T.A.N.A

    i dont care if this nigga sells a million coppies im stil not coppying this garbage niggaz album FUCK SEAN PRINCE you aint evan on ghostface level nigga FUCK YOU!

  • BigNoct



    412 your a fag & sean prince is a fag.


    im started to get pissed off all these wack old watered down rappers just keep makin headlines im gonna stop comin to this site.

  • Rob

    his verse on the jmt album was hot.
    bcc is always dope.

  • Analogue

    Great interview. Massive respect to Boot Camp, can’t say that the Sean Proce album was really up to the standard of classic BCC from what I heard but they always stay genuine and do their own thing.

  • mc

    Sean P Is The Greatest.

  • NoHa

    Catch Sean Price at SOB’s in NYC on Tuesday, December 26th for HOT 97′s WHO’S NEXT SERIES. He’ll be performing tracks off JESUS PRICE SUPASTAR. The Savior Will Be Recognized January 30th.

  • Three4

    BCC 4 life!!!


    i swear to god if i was rappin i wouldnt evan pay 5 dollers for this nigga let alone $1,500


    ^^^^^^^sean prince knowing your internet my space ass you will probably see this message & i hope you do pussy


    NAS is the bigget pussy thats why he dont take it to the strets cuz he’s a little point dexter trying to kick knowledge FUCK N.A.S there aint no room for a bitch in the rap game DONT SUPPORT THIS back pack nigger.

  • Twan

    Chew the concrete up and spit the street on niggas. Peace. Boot Camp is hip hop. Sean P…

  • Eddie G.A.T.Z.


  • Zee Productions

    You wanna’ hear some serious productions…Check myspace

    Nas – Hope Remix!

    Exclusive Bangers for sale)

  • JhonWatson

    A lot of these cats that post and talk shit about these artists are the most pussy ass niggas in society. They talk about an artist and call ‘em out of their names, but what’s the point? Get a life u Mookie ass fucks. I only deal wit da real. The same cats that talk about Nas are the same ones that were rocking “Illmatic” back in the day. What dicks……….Oh yeah, and if u wanna talk shit we can go line for line until ur fingers fall off bitches!!


    sean p. is dat dude!!! and for any nigga that hatin on him you’re not a real hip-hop head. BCC 4 LIFE MUTHAFUKAS!!!!

  • Tae

    Sean P has always been that dude. Pitpat and SANTANA, y’all are some str8 up haters. BCC, HS, Smif n Wessin, Sean P are classics in hip hop. Much respect to them I been down since Who Got The Props! Dudes like this make Hip Hop worth listening to. Sick of cats always talking about guns and drugs. What the hell is cool about gettin shot! What’s cool about ducking the police all the time. Kids listen to this shit and think it’s cool? That ain’t fuckin cool! Is this what King died for? Our relatives got bitten by dogs, sprayed with water hoses, all for freedom and blacks stuck together then. This dude ain’t killin in his songs, now he’s pussy? He went from selling drugs, because he didn’t want to live that life, and started selling his words on MySpace! THAT IS GANGSTA! Gangsta ain’t looking out for Po Po all your life. We do that enough, just by being black. Being on the corner with a pack just makes it worse for you. He proves that there is more ways to hustle beside selling drugs. There’s a young cat that I known since he was a shorty. Dude don’t wanna sell drugs. He sells Jordans and grills out of his bedroom! That is hustlin’!!
    I’m wit you Sean PEEEEEEEEE. These youngins don’t know shit. 30′s the new 20, i’m on fire!



  • Swayz

    I wish he would knock one of these wack rap niggas out

  • beff


  • Dubsmith_NZ

    This Pit Pat cat posted up over 4 times dissing P, get off his d*ck internet boy and get a life.

  • im.blunted

    Sean Price is ill.

    check out “U wonderin” off the buckshot album with sean p. prod by 9th.


  • jus

    $1000 a verse! these wack rappers with big money betta holla! put sean p on every song….

  • Fred D

    SEAN P is so SICK I loved Monkey Bars, yea I cant wait fot that new shit
    Keep Grindin Nigga!!


    how the fuck can this peice of shit be headlining the site take it off.

  • KillaBARNZ

    Sean P is a waste of talent. BCC sucks. Yall will never make it. Go sell crack

  • moedog

    my man is sick wit it like e40. hope we will really get the d.i.r.t lp. i can’t wait for jesus price

  • jza

    ya cats cant be serious… that monkey bars shit was wack! same goes for the last boot canmp lp.. lamest shit ever put out by one of my favorite posses.
    yall need to take a trip back to that leflaur leflah era!

  • http://none conflict predacon

    i rember sean price as Ruckus a big decepticon dude that put in plenty of work. i respect the fact that he don’t be dry snitching in his rhymes & keep it a hundred. he damn right about dudes being ass. wish that dude the best in the new year. continue to do your best & feed your fam.

  • Talent


  • Argenis gomez

    Bootcamp is one of the only groups who really stay humble in the industry, we really admire their hustle and the way they treat their fan base, it’s really something special, every upcoming artist should learn how to keep their fans from day one, much respect to Noha and Black moon, they know who we are

  • Bang

    sean p is the mothafucka

  • alexander richter

    The album is DISGUSTING! Anyone who breathes hate on this project needs to get their head checked.

  • rec

    Big ups and respek to Sean Price!

  • Atlgirl

    Props to Sean P.

    Check out to create your own ringtones.

  • C70

    Sean Price got it goin on. BCC was coo, but it was Heltah Skeltah that got me hooked. Ever heard of Lefleur Leflah Eshkoshka?? That track’s got more tighter rhymes than the other “Sean P…..diddy Combs” can ever spit in his whole lifetime. And yo, he’s from New York!

    Whatever with the dissers against NAS just cause he called you out, so you gonna come back with a diss comment on XXLMag/MySpace with your webster dictionary on hand to define yo pretendo gat that got no lyrical bullets. PLEASE!! NAS has been in the game longer than any wanksta rapper armed with yo pro-tools and live-with-parents bedroom-turned studio smellin like McDonalds fishsticks dipped in ass juice. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL, suckaz!

    Sean P, is an honest mothafucka who didn’t call nobody out for being real with his shit, but when the shit hits the fan, better be ready to scrub the concrete with yo brown ass teeth foo!

  • Lexxx

    The man said … “I’m red, black, and green wit a fist, but I’m red, when black and green get mixed in the spliff”…Please tell me who, out of the top 10 on the “rap” charts is spitting gems like that..and that was a few years ago!!!

    Sean PEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  • ray will

    Sean P is a monster if you can’t see that Jesus Price is the hardest you wack niggaz need to buy another ja rule album Top rappers alive 50 Cent, Sean P, Saigon, Styles p that’s all I listen to fuck you haters and cop that Jesus Price shit 10 times bitches

  • carpemundus
  • tfggj


  • Wallace

    “I rock, Mecca, Polo, Iceberg, Fubu and Ecko
    I rock, Better solo, fight, hurt, shoot you and jet yo”
    Meditate on that shit

  • Ghanaian Stallion

    For real…Sean Price is the illest rapper out there! Don’t even need to quote any of his lyrics…you haven’t heard them yet??…your loss!! Even out here in Europe the cat’s got a mad fanbase…word to mother! Sean P, BCC for life!!

    @ King Paul…not only am i copping the new album the first week…i’ll get myself at least 2 copies and leave one of em’ ceiled for ever…just to show off…and of course to contribute a bit to P’s wealth! the man deserves it like no other rapper

  • gomar

    pit pat and santana
    its cool you dont like sean p
    i know him and all that extra shit yall saying is crazy
    if u from new york come 2 brownsville and come see him he got the whole brownsville on smash say all that bullshit 2 him personally son will break ya fucking jaw

  • Money Carlo
  • dj ghost (east harlem)

    sean price is the best rapper in new york … you won’t catch the dude wearin’ penny loafers in the time warner center thats for goddamn sure

    i’d like to see him finally make millions. fuck anyone who wouldn’t. dude has BEEN on his grind before most of these NY cats fathers couldnt afford a condom. trust

    sean p/ruck the TRUE king of NEW YORK

  • Severe


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  • winnie the pooh

    WOW!! I like it!