31gankstanip.jpgGanksta N-I-P
South Park Psycho

Fear Factor: This Houston rap pioneer and South Park Coalition member took the dark side of the Geto Boys’ personas to the next level, leaving no sick stone unturned on his Rap-A-Lot Records debut.
Killer Cut: “Horror Movie Rap”

31brothalynch.jpgBrotha Lynch Hung
Season of da Siccness

Fear Factor: This Sacramento, CA native shocked the mid-’90s gangsta rap world with his debut LP, exploring everything from infanticide to cannibalism.
Killer Cut: “Return of Da Baby Killa”

6 Feet Deep

Fear Factor: On this album, which was originally titled Niggamortis, Prince Paul, RZA, Too Poetic and Frukwan teamed up to vent their frustrations in a dark mix of violent, black humor and Five Percent Nation ideology.
Killer Cut: “Diary of a Madman”

31crustified.jpgCrustified Dibbs
Night of The Bloody Apes

Fear Factor: This Jive Records debut by R.A. the Rugged Man was so raw that it never saw the light of day. While it’s most famous for the Biggie duet “Cunt Renaissance,” the album is chock full of homicidal wordplay and Kool G Rap-like rapid-fire flow.
Killer Cut: “Bloody Axe”

U.S.A. (Under Satan’s Authority)

Fear Factor: This group, headed by Russell Simmons’ nephew Red Rum, was perhaps the first to coin the term “horrorcore.” Their Def Jam debut expanded on Onyx’s hardcore sound with horrifyingly mixed results.
Killer Cut: “Live Evil”

Boomin’ Words From Hell (1990)

Fear Factor: While still in high school, Detroit rap pioneer Esham created a new genre he dubbed “acid rap” with his debut album, delving into suicide, insanity and death like no rapper before.
Killer Cut: “Red Rum”

Movies For The Blind

Fear Factor: Institutionalized in an insane asylum as a teenager, this New York-based underground MC briefly beefed with Eminem, both laying claim to the “crazy white boy” persona.
Killer Cut: “Agent Orange”

31three6.jpgThree 6 Mafia
Mystic Stylez

Fear Factor: Before they were winning statues and partying with Paris Hilton, the Triple Six Mafia sprinkled their spooky sounds with references to the occult and Satanism on their official debut album.
Killer Cut: “Mystic Stylez"

Devil’s Night

Fear Factor: Marshall and the gang’s debut may have attained pop success and a platinum plaque, but it’s psychotic lyrics are still inappropriate for all ages. The title, Devil’s Night, refers to the night before Halloween.
Kilelr Cut: “American Psycho”

31getoboys.jpgGeto Boys
We Can’t Be Stopped

Fear Factor: Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill’s fourth album took on everything from politics to awards shows, but most endearing is the #1 single “Mind Playing Tricks On Me,” which explored the dark side of the brain like no rap song before it. The gruesome album cover features Bushwick Bill being wheeled out of the hospital after a his eye was shot out.
Killer Cut: “Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me”