Saigon & Ice Cube
I’m Talkin’ To You

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bgheadshot.jpgB.G. Been Through The Storm.
Click here to see a preview of the original Hot Boy surveying the ruins of New Orleans.

paulwallheadshot.jpgPaul Wall Get Ya Hustle On
Click here to see a preview of the People’s Champ grinding in his H-Town grill factory.

Carmen Bryan Put Em In their Place.
Click here to see a preview of the hip-hop’s infamous leading lady finally speaking on love and life with the world’s greatest MCs.

Hip-Hop Golf It’s Goin’ Down.
Click here to see a preview of Raekwon, Mike Jones and special guests teeing off in the deserts of Arizona.

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  • L.R.N.A.

    not original…Smack Dvd is way betta – - * more street orientated ..xxl cant go to the hood lol and fuck 50 cent and hot rod..but shout outs to saigon and ice cube cuz those are both real niggas rite there that dudes in the hood can look up to


    ^^^^fuck L.R.N.A.
    broke ass muthafucker

  • AirlineGeneral

    Word my nigga Saigon interviewing a legend in the rap game ice cube damn what are the odds of these real niggas gettin together and choppin it up? “The Greatest Story Never Told” coming I can’t wait for that….oh yeah I got cube last album…straight fire

  • H-man

    I wanna C a Saturday or maybe Boyz in da Hood 2…Now a Boyz in da Hodd 2 would get the streetz bangin more than any CD…Either they dont know, or nobody gives a fuck, bout whatz goin down in da hood

  • H-man

    Go cop Saigon The Greatest Story never Told…because the game is 2 B walked, seldom told, and never sold… Ice Cube may get best CD of the year

  • Belize

    Ice cube has the best songs of the year on his album especially track #3..beat is bannanas



  • H-man

    puff-puff…Cube iz like a GOD 2 me…he haz the total package…writes, produces, acts, beats, raps, shit iz there anythang that he cant do??? the total package iz the desire, alot of angles Cube could teach…….here comes King Kong…WOW, could we have an NWA reunion…hmmm….hitman’s alwayz ready 2 put in werk…O yeah, FUCK THE 5-0….check out Penthouse July issue Ice Cube, 4 the article of course…lolololol

  • Belize

    AWWWWW…Niga why yall only show one clip….fukd this L up…damn

  • Real Recognize Real

    Check out ice cube in the next issue of Urbanology Magazine, coming soon!

    Go check out the website:

  • The Realz

    The Raw Report DVD Magazine, is tha truth, better editing, more street shit and they did a fire ass DVD on Saigon, they just got a write up about it in The Source, real recognize real.

  • koofiesmacker

    Man this shit is too clean for me, no offense but I’ma Stick to smack dvd. The Sai & Ice clip looked like they was reading a script, man let these dude cuss or burn the kush,…fuck

  • BoROCK

    “let these dude cuss or burn the kush,…fuck”.

    You are an idiot – shut the fuck up.

    Rappers/entertainers don’t always have to “cuss and burn the kush”, dumb-ass. These 2 motherfuckers might just be the shot in the arm that real Hip-Hop needs….so shut the fuck up and listen….BIATCH!!!!

  • clorolamancha


  • Shawn King

    Yeah- Yeah ya’ll…Shawn King in here.. Ya’ll cop that DVD cause my beats are all over it.. And don’t forget to fall through


  • Donny Goines

    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FUCK DA SOURCE MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Listen to song and read blog for explanation. 1

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    N.W.A ain’t shit. They set a bad example by being degenerates, got their panties tied up in a bunch and split up. They ain’t do shit for the rap game but f*ck it up. 2Pac was a legendary lyricist, f*ck Ice Cube and that N.W.A bulls*it. Dre was the only N.W.A member that did anything for the rap game by becoming a legendary producer.

  • Derek

    Ice Cube really just a sweet little b*tch that tries to act hard to cover for his sensitivity.

  • Derek

    He almost inspires me to become a professional rapper just to diss him.

  • Edward Marolla

    I do recognize greatness. Let me explain about my interest in rap music. I find it to be clever. The way an artist formulates his rhymes behind a beat while telling a story is impressive. Of course some of the music is extremely disturbing. I, without a doubt, look past the violence and cursing. Some of the material is extremely disturbing and derogatory. That’s a fact. So are lot’s of musical genres. Freedom of speech, as controversial as it may be, thank you Tipper Gore for all of your work. With music being purchased and labeled to the proper age group it does create revenue and helps stimulate the economy. And thank you to the hard working WWE McMahon family and to all the fine athletes who take a daily beating while making us laugh. I don’t watch wrestling as much as I used to, but I very much enjoyed seeing Wrestlemania 1 and 10 in NYC. And thank you for stimulating the economy. Please monitor your employees for concussions. It is very funny material and well scripted. Mr. McMahon, thank you as well. Wow, even Donald Trump understands the amusement. I have to get up soon and go to my group therapy session. If I make it back, I will try and answer the questions with a more acceptable response as I notice the reference of “libraries in October and November” and I think we all know about fiscal years. The questioning news is, was this an attempt to ruin someone or did you know I could take the punishment? I have amazed myself however, during the year of studying the policy (or attempting to study policy) I finally came across this, extremely interesting social engineering experiment. Now that in it’s own right is fascinating. I actually had my hopes up that perhaps Eminem was Christian and that Romney actually did go to Cranbrook, that would have been extremely interesting. The one reminder about Eminem and his great sense of humor is the introduction before his song “Criminal”. Lighten up, don’t take things so literally. It’s entertainment. Yes, horrible language. Derogatory material. Now I will gladly answer any more questions about my personal life but to be honest, this is interesting. Have a good day.