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Reppin’ Time

raycash.jpgThe Midwest is full of wide open spaces, but don’t be closed-minded. Much more than just artificial suburban developments and dairy farms, America’s heartland houses 22% of the country’s population, many of them in some of the world’s grittiest cities with a history all their own. Cleveland sits next to Lake Eerie, about halfway between Pittsburgh and Detroit, where the majority of the city’s population is Black. Still, there are few artists out there telling their stories to the rest of the clueless country. Enter 23-year-old Sony Records rapper Ray Cash, who is poised to make Ohio heard.

Signing with influential music executive Kawan “KP” Prather’s Ghet-O-Vision imprint on Sony, Cash first hit the national radar with his single “Sex Appeal.” But it’s his second, single “Bumpin’ My Music” (featuring Scarface) that truly seems to be taking his movement national. Now, with his album, C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery), set for a summer release, Cash is poised to not only cash in, but to make sure Cleveland returns to the prominence it once tasted when Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony broke pop radio in the mid-’90s. And with mixtape DJs like Mick Boogie and Joey Fingaz (who is also Cash’s DJ) gaining national popularity, and upcoming producers like the Kickdrums catching beats on big-selling blockbusters, there is clearly a support system for more Cleveland folks to lean on. C-Town is here and they refuse to sit down.

Listen To:
Ray Cash “Livin’ My Life” (From Cash On Delivery)
Ray Cash feat. Bun B “P.A.N. (Pussy Ass Niggaz)” (From Cash On Delivery)

Ohio is known as being the OT spot to New York folks. What do people at home think when they hear Cam rapping “Dayton, Cleveland, Youngstown, Cincinnati”?
I mean, people know Cam’ron is from somewhere in Ohio. I think he was born here or something like that. As long as a nigga show us some respect, that’s cool. As long as it ain’t no, he was comin’ up here moppin’ niggas, nah. I can’t speak for the other cities, but Cleveland? Nah. We got our own street niggas. We got a big Jamaican influence, so those are the niggas killin’ the streets, bringing that shit. But I heard Cam got his shit poppin’ in Columbus, so it’s cool. If you get money, you get money, nigga. It’s a respect thing and I don’t think he be disrespecting.

So if you have a lot of New York folks coming into the state, there must be a certain amount of influence in the culture.
Just like anywhere else, you got niggas that want to be from there, so they talk the fake “Nahmean?” But them niggas is not real up top niggas. They not really Cleveland niggas. You look at me, my swag, my bop, that’s a Cleveland nigga. White T-shirt, chain. Not too pretty, but always clean. We’ll rob you in a heartbeat [laughs].

At this point, you’re pretty much Cleveland’s most prominent MC. I know I hear a lot of times when one guy is getting a lot of shine there can be a lot of jealousy. Is that something you’re seeing?
Yeah, you get that. I been seeing it. I always got the respect ’cause niggas knew dude was nice. We used to hear about people getting signed, but you never hear nothing else after that. So then I get signed and it’s like, “Oh shit, someone got signed.” Then I come out with a video, but they still see me around the hood and I’m chillin’. They don’t know, but I’m putting together a master plan. Then I come out with another video that’s bigger than the last one and I’m starting to get the hype and all that shit. So my niggas is like, Yo, this nigga really did that shit by himself with no help from nobody in the city. They can’t say they did this for him, he really did this shit on his own. So my respect level is kinda crazy now. Niggas look at me as the nigga that’s showin’ niggas how to do this. If you wanna rap, you gotta take this shit serious. A lot of niggas, they get they deals and are so happy to be so-called “out the hood” that they do anything for it. Niggas see me and I don’t sell myself for nothing. I don’t give a fuck what you sellin’. I’m tryin’ to show them how we keep it gangsta, and represent Cleveland the whole way through.

Your single is a tribute to music you love. These days, it seems like it’s trendy for artists to say “Fuck these other rappers. I only listen to me.”
Somebody had to inspire you. You didn’t just wake up and start rappin’ like, “Fuck these niggas.” Where I come from, they call it “cappin,” which means you lying. You know cats is cappin’ because rappers recycle so many lines. How many times we use Jay lines, Nas lines, Scarface lines? C’mon man, you only take a line if you respect that person. How can I talk about what I talk about and not have respect for the niggas who showed me how to talk about it? C’mon, that don’t make sense. 8ball & MJG, UGK, Hov and B.I.G. are the ones that really taught me how to get in. ’Face taught me you can talk about real shit. He was the first rapper I ever heard speak on God in a way that was humble and really put his heart out there.

Cleveland is known for being a real blue-collar city, so people out there must have that hustle. Why haven’t any Cleveland rappers hit the national scene in a minute?
I think a lot of the problem is that we don’t get outside of the city to understand how to move. I was going out of town before I was doing this shit, so I was seeing other shit. I think a lot of niggas get overwhelmed by this shit, because Cleveland is a laid-back place. We do the same shit, we just do it a little behind ’cause we too laid back. Niggas wasn’t really focused or understanding what it was. We had to have people get a deal and fuck up, to show niggas how to do it. I didn’t want to be the one who they learned the mistake from.

Is it possible for a musician to make a living on a local level out there?
Now it could get to that point, ’cause niggas is starting to be more accepting to local Cleveland artists. Before, they didn’t want to hear nobody; now they want to hear more niggas, so they got somebody to compare me to. Let’s get it moving; let’s see if we can do what Atlanta do and all them other muthafuckas.

I’ve heard people complain about how maybe Bone Thugs didn’t do as much to bring up the city as they could have. Do you think that’s a factor?
No, but people say that. But you don’t know what was going on with they situation. This ain’t a game where you can just put everybody on. It don’t work like that. I understand that, so I don’t feel that way [towards Bone]. They did what they did and they worked with their situation. They showed me that a nigga from Cleveland can win a Grammy too. We can go far on this. I just want to be more in tune with the people of Cleveland. I don’t want to leave no room for anyone to ever be able to say nothing like that [about me]. But don’t think Bone Thugs is gone, ’cause they coming back this year. It’s gonna be a lot of shit happening for us. We got the local kids back home doing they shit, so it’s gonna be a big deal for Cleveland. You got the young kid Fat Al, you got the boy Chip The Ripper, you got the group 216. You got 71 North. There’s a couple people doing they thing, but I feel like I gotta be the one. Ya’ll gonna fuck with us sooner or later. If the city doesn’t pop up behind me doing this, it wasn’t worth it

Do you feel like Cleveland has a unique sound?
Yeah, we do swang music. When I say “open up your doors,” and “door action” and all that, you open up the doors to the car and play the speakers in the door panel. We swang and we stay cappin’. Cappin’ can mean two different things. It can mean you lyin’, or it can be like “frontin’.” With the whole culture and the cars and shit, you open your doors, you got the loud music, it’s looking good. It’s a swagger. Your chains on, your fresh kicks. I’m cappin’, I’m coming through clean. And the sound, you got the young kids they call S.L.A.B. They say it’s slow, loud and bangin’. Shouts to them niggas. That’s probably how you could sum it up.

In an interview, you said you do music because you had love for it, but you may not have that crazy-action movie story that a lot of these rappers pretend to have. Has that been difficult for you?
I mean, I’m a regular nigga. Check my background. I hustled, but I ain’t doin’ it every damn song. When the next album comes, where you gonna go? Everybody know if you lucky enough to have that second album, you got a big budget, so you ain’t selling crack no more. I did all that, but I also know how to fill out a job application. I’m an honest dude. I keeps it 100. If I did it, I’ma tell you where I come from. If you did it, you did it; if not, you shut up. I stay in my lane so you can believe what I’m saying. My word is bond, ain’t no exaggeration going on.

In order to get people’s attention these days, it almost seems like a necessity to join up with a crew that’s already well known. How hard is it to be a dude with no affiliations like that?
I ain’t want nobody’s affiliations. If I had an affiliation, I would want it to be somebody that was just respected in the streets ridiculously, not just somebody that got a crazy label poppin’, ’cause if you don’t do right, you out. They probably don’t respect you that much anyway. I wanted my affiliation to come from niggas just liking what type of nigga I was. I go down to Houston now and Face’s brother hit me up, “We got on the radio.” He come get me that night. Niggas fuck with me ’cause they seen I’m sincere with it. I’m honest with it. I was determined. Cleveland niggas stand alone. Ya’ll thought we was wack? I’ma show you my goddamn self, and then there’s a mob behind me. There’s a whole movement in this city that I got something to do with. I’m the leader. If you want to deal with the city, you gotta deal with me.

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  • http://myspace.com/ranrice RanRice(pronounced rees)

    It’s about time cleveland get somebody, we always pullin eachother down & takin everybody else slang cause we aint got our own style, but trust me, its only gonna be like 4 cat’s to come out of cleveland & get a deal in like the next 10 years. We hate on eachother too much & we all wanna be the first nigga to put cleveland on the map & when everybody climbin to the top it’s gonna make it harder for everybody else cause we dont stick together, & trust me im from 116thbuckeye(where ray shot most of his video) this shit hap’n everyday.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com L.A.’s Finest

    It’s good to see Clevelend doing it big again. Much love from the West Coast. Killa Cali baby

  • Young Deuce

    I’m from Cincinnati and its good to see the midwest gettin more shine. especially ohio. cleveland is comin back and the nasty nati(Cincinnati) aint far behind.

  • $iLEAN$


  • jp

    midwest in da house

  • http://yahoo.com Syruss aka King of da city

    I’m from Akron,Ohio 45 minutes away. It’s good to see the Oh-10 on the map again especially close to home like that. So keep doin ya thang Ray Cash. Show these muthafukka’s the midwest nigga’s aint nothin to be fukked wit. O keep ya ears open about these nigga’s named Mayhem(Hostlye& Mass) them my brothers. The coldest thing in Akron(330) AKF 4 life fukka’s. FREE (RB) get back home my nigg.


    I’m a Cleveland rapper, and this faggot Ray Cash ain’t shit lyrically. You a pimp in your own fuckin’ mind? The fuck is that shit? We need to put my man Saj Supreme out there, and now that Krayzie Bone is gettin some limelight off that Chamillionaire joint, Cleveland is finally gettin some shine. But Ray-Ray ain’t shit!

  • duvalrepresenta

    this nigga seem real sincere wit it. i really respect that cuz rap niggas really b cappin these days.(we use that word in duval too)keep it trill cash..

  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    this dude bout to do the damn thing for real. the kickdrums, man i been fuckin with those dudes from they MIXTAPE shit, now they gettin theirs as well.


  • http://XXLmag.com westside money

    Ray Ca$h is my boy and im getting his album.Best of luck to Cleveland and the rest of Ohio.its Westside Money for life.WEST COAST BEST COAST!EAST COAST BEST COAST!

  • The ON1E

    I’m from chi-town and all i want to say is fuck this nigga. cleveland and the rest of ohio is wack as fuck…bone is garbage, they don;t even be rhyming half the time. another thing, they’re aint no comments about this article cuz aint no one read it. who gived a cuff about ohio? fuck ray cash, wack as fuck mayne…if he dropped a disc it wouldn’t even sell 100,000 and that’s on his momma

  • The ON1E

    there be 50 some odd comments about jigga saying fuck cristal, but only 2 o 3 about an interview…this nigga is boring mayne….he ain’t shit and won’t ever be shit, and i hope he stay that way. ohio is probably top 4 worst states in the entire kuntry, and thats including whatever wack ass state bol(byron) live in(he a wack as nigga too)

  • black death 74

    Man fuck anyone sayin anythang bout Cleveland. Fuck that nigga talking bad on my city. Don’t get sick cause another nigga coming up that’s some old slave type shit nigga. So, stay in a bitches place nigga singing in the background.


  • u dont kno

    yo, whoever this nigga above me is… shit i really dont care about his dumbass, all i kno is tht ray cash is gonna get his shine, the midwest is comin, and i bet we gon be the next big thing. the signs is evrywhere. but u can see frm common, kanye, ray, rhymefest, bone thugs, trilogy, and all the other midwest groups is tht we dont rap about dumb shit… we talk tht real shit and the nap is comin next, im tired of niggas sayin the nap is all about white ppl and racing… fuck yall who dont believe me, but like the south the midwest is gonna be the next big thing. i stand behind ray all the way cause u aint gonna find real niggas like dat all the time.dont believe the hype,


  • OScar

    whoa, ive read all comments and there’s some haterz in the place huh ?

    im in spain, and we are waiting for ray cash as much as we were from ohio also, this nigga is killin yall favourite rappers with 100 % real shit, no fake 50cents allowed in Spain, FUCK 50 and G-UNIT , we bump 8ball & mjg, UGK, getto boys, G-unit is only for marroc and african people who use to listen to pussycat dolls and all that shit, you in the states have sum real street shit to bump and you still coppin eminem and 50 cent cd’s , and you only shitin all over us cuz you only consume this shit and the y take them cd’s to our retails in europe and FUCK THEM HUNGRY LIAR NIGGAS !!!! representin since ’89 THE JACKBOYZ !

  • john cochran

    I respect my man for doin a song like bumpin my music. Its good to hear a song with a concept other than hustlin or booty once in a while. Hopefully he come with more of that.

  • john cochran

    Oh yeah, and jigga was trash on the remix.

  • Ogeezy

    I’m from Cleveland and you people on here thinking we soft please stop. East Cleveland is one of the most notoriuos cities in the country. Look it up. Ray Cash reps to the fullest and he has my respect off that alone.

  • The ON1E

    Who care if east cleveland is “notorious” or not, does the jigga make good music? aint that more important? you internet thugz are funny to me. i dont know any thugs that be on the computer this often….

  • ReDiCuLouS

    I said it like a couple months ago…the MidWest is startin’ to bubble like the South did like 5 or so years ago…Ray Cash just backin me up on this….and so is Twista,Kanye,Do or Die,Common,MF Doom,Tech N9ne,RhymeSayers,D12,ect….
    (Fuck the Lou…put out some good shit)

  • Thugacation23

    IDK wat yall niggas talkin bout midwest has been in da house dumbfucks yall forgettin bout Chicago???well i aint gon hate on ohio but ray cash is on sum simple ass lyric shit abc 123 type shit hes coo but i mean he aint the best MIDWEST

  • joker

    i liked ray cash’s BUMPIN MY MUSIC wit my nigga scarface and its good to see that tha midwest is comin at us to tha fullest!


    OScar, shut the fuck up bitch boy

  • http://xxlmag.com Bishop Jim D. Allen

    When we landed in America, via the Slaveships, it was never the Europeans plan to make us equals. As time went on, our Fore Fathers fought and died for Civil Rights, and Equality. Now that we have freedom within a “Racist KKK Confederate Nation, the only creative thing were doing in 2006 is Non-Sense Rap Music, calling each other Niggas, and killing ourselves over City property, wow, what a great accomplishment-keeping it gangsta”. We talk about the Rap Game, but who controls the Rap Game? the same people who control the whole Music Game, and these people are not African Americans, but children of “Slave Owners”. The White Man is the one who allows these so called “Black Rap Stars” to win a Grammy, off conditions that the United States Government allowed to happen. The HOOD is the experiment of the Government, who has created classes of people, Rich, Middle Class, and the Poor. The HOOD is controlled by the Government, not some young “Black Dude” who thinks he’s Nino Brown. The HOOD is a made situation, thats why Pac said were not meant to survive its a setup, even though your fed up, gotta keep your head up. The Black Man of America has failed his country Africa, and his Ancesters who died for his future. To all you “Rap Stars, who are Black Slave Traders”, when you sale drugs in the HOOD, your doing the Governments job, the Government gives you the drugs, you sale the drugs like a dummy, then the Government lock you behind bars. Making more money and destorying our population off the face of America. So keep making Music about murder, black on black crime, drugs, and the HOOD, why should you stop? your nothing but “Black Slave Traders”, your the ones who go deep in the jungles of Africa, kidnapping our Brothers, and then selling them to the “White Man”, Rap Music is a “White Man’s Game” and your nothing but a front. Just ask “Ice T” who called Cops “Pigs” and Rapped about being a “Cop Killa”, now He’s playing a Cop on Television. To you “Rap Stars”, wake up, before the Mortician put on your make up. PEACE.AMEN.

  • huSTLe

    Rediculous, u a asshole. What the fuck u mean the Lou need 2 put out some good music?! Nelly went diamond(10 million)first time out, 6 mill 2nd time, the fuckin’ re-inventions album went platinum, 4 mill on the SweatSuit shit, Murph went platinum(and won a grammy dumb fuck), the ‘Tics did 1.5 mill, J-Kwon platinum, Chingy did 3 mill then caught a brick, but fuck we move units nigga! Somebody buyin’ all them fuckin’ records…What the fuck do u consider good music nigga?! My nigga Potzee video shoot today and we we finna do some more #s when we get this visual on “‘Dat Girl” bitch…and the killa part is the hottest nigga n the city ain’t even out yet. When u hear the boy CHA$E u really gon’ b hatin’. He about 2 sign 2 Interscope, so when that machine get behind him and he do his #s, come back 2 this site and put some more hatin’ ass, bitch ass comments under “his” article and interview….

  • The ON1E

    shut up hustle you ignorant nigga, J-kwon? chingy? you should kill yourself if you think that by bringing their names up you will get any respect from anyone other than a 10 year old girl…


    ray cash is dope!!!

  • Will

    all i gotta say is C-TOWN IN DA HOUSE BIATCH

  • http://www.xxlmag.com fresh

    man ray cash is not holding it down like a big dog for cleveland like my niggas bone thugs n harmony ray cash is sad he can not rap for nothing in the world

  • Stony

    Shut up The ON1E…I’m from Chi-Town and u giving us a bad name. Stop hating and letem do they thang and u do urs…whatever that is.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Hustle is a dipshit, mainstream dick-ridin’ ass nigga…all those you named suck a fat-ass dick…who cares bout they sales…fuckin’ Britney Spears went plat a bunch of times…but that don’t make it “good” music. I’m talkin’ REAL music man, not that pussy shit….street shit, deep stories, lyrics!!!!! Nelly, Murphy Lee, Chingy, J-Kwon all suck a cock on all of the above…step yo game up homie, bump some REAL music. Me, I’m waitin’ for the Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 shit….Raekwon is still the shit man…he’ll piss on all them lou niggas, all at once. Thats real street brotha.~

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Oh yeah, & I agree with the Bishop up there, but only on a couple topics. One being the drugs…the Government had these drugs, they been around for a while, man. After the Watts riots in the ’60s….thas when they decided to “control” all the brothas. They tried doin that with the Mexicans back in the early 1900′s with pot too…but as you can see, it didn’t work. As for being a “white man’s game”, it is because of the people buyin the shit….teenage white kids. Also, the CEOs & high-ups in the industry also happen to be predominantly white….so inna way, yeah, white people runnin this rap shit. lol

  • yea yea

    yea im from columbus yea its about time o town bein put on tha map midwest takin ova real talk let dem down south niggas kno they aint tha only one’s that can do it big nah mean while i was readin some of da comment i seen mad haters niggas aint fuckin wit da o town real talk so get cha mind rite suburns aka contry wateva u wanna call us but we now who we be yall gonna see



  • The ON1E

    Stony need to shut the fuck up, chi-town representin hard right now, and ohio is pure shit. biting ass niggas, bone stole their style from twista, do or die and crucial conflict. and as other people said ray cash is garbage…

  • Sonny

    Bout time somebody from the Land drops some classic shit. Shouts out to the Whole Midwest.

  • Young Deuce

    got damn quit hatin. everybody hatin on ray cash. he is comin up doin his own thing. who is these hatin mothafuckas on here to hate on him and ohio. and don’t get it twisted about ohio bein wack. ray cash(cleveland 216) is hot, bone(cleveland 216) is hot, and don’t forget about hi tek(cincinnati 513) (he’s one of the hottest up and comin producers in the game and just signed to aftermath)is hot and reflections eternal with talib kweli is hot. i aint hatin on another man comin up wherever he’s from. the chicago nigga above me is hatin all over ohio. we all midwest so why hate when we all in this together tryin to come up like the south did? i guess niggas gon always hate on another black man comin up. and all you niggas on here hatin when you sittin here readin his article with us. so how lame are you. do better than him before you hate on him. Shout out to all the midwest that is tryin to come up and fucj the pussy niggas who aint got shit better to do than hate on another nigga.

    513 in the building. 100

  • Oldman

    It’s funny seeing this bitch ass niggas hatin on this dude Ray Cash. First of all if you listen to his lyrics the nigga is coming 100% real. He’s not trying to act like he is a gangsta. See real niggas from the hood don’t have to act gangsta because most real niggas seen a lot and don’t need to glamourize it. It’s everyday life for them. Real niggas don’t need to front with chains and all that shit because they about their money. It’s good to see a dude like Ray rap about everyday life and not just talking about gun play and fake ass fairy tales. The rap game is about to change back to reality. The fake rappers will no longer exist soon.

  • Fred D

    Yo Oh-10 Keep doing ur thing Ray is nice but can he captivate the nation?? i dont man but we gonna find out.. Best Wishes

  • The ON1E

    cleveland is, has been, and always will be riding chicago’s dick. get your own style you pussy ass fucks.

  • young money

    ay fuck all these haters on here. hatin on my nigga ray cash cause he finna get his well deserved shine, fuck ya’ll. this dude doin some real shit and that bumpin my music is a crucial track, hes witty on the mic and got his own style, he ain’t copyin niggas out here like all ya’ll favorite rappers! fuck you haters! tryin to keep a nigga down fuck ya’ll, oh and don’t sleep on that remix with pimp c, project pat and t.i.-that shit is crazy! maybe better than the original track

  • 5%er

    Yeah ONIE r whateva the fuck yo’ name is. Them Lou niggas probably got the respect of yo’ 10 year old sister(or girlfriend u perv)! Rediculous u the typical nigga. As soon as a nigga do his #s he mainstream. Jay mainstream as fuck but does he lose credibility?! Fuck naw! The artist that St. Louis has out now might not be the most lyrical, but that doesn’t mean they don’t put out “good” music, I think that’s what huSTLe was sayin’. I wanna hear that new Rae too, but I’m a realist dawg. That muthafucka ain’t gon’ sell pancakes unless Busta get him on at Aftermath and he get Interscope behind him. Stop hatin’ on the Lou though, them niggas do they thing yo’. Oh yeah huSTLe I heard the boy CHA$E and he hotter than the 4th of July. I think he got production from Basement Beats. Anyway he’s clearly the next 2 blow from the Lou!

  • S.Flowers

    Congratulations Ray-Ray!!!

  • lilchuck113

    Keep doing the damn thing ray! Cleveland needed a real Cleveland nigga to put us on the map!!! Lebron is not a Cleveland dude!

  • LB

    I’m from the south but I used 2 live in dayton. Fuck yall haters do ya thang ray cash

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Aye man….the Lou ain’t a bad place…just the music comin’ out of it is…see, I don’t consider it Midwest, I consider their music South…cuz it’s all the same shit. Grillz, shoes, bitches, wheels, money, blah blah blah….come with somthin’ that better represents your city….Nellys 1st shit was by far the best thing out tha STL since they imported Kurt Warner from Iowa lol…much love, but Imma need more from ya…PeaCe~

  • http://xxl YEAH


  • young money

    “Lebron is not a Cleveland dude!”

    shit lil chuck you a dumbass for sayin that, if you aint gon claim lebron shit i’ll claim dude, that dude the next magic johnson, he the reason anyone go to cleveland anymore nigga lebron the truth

  • EastCoastNiccah

    LLoyd Banks >>>>>>>>>> Ray Cash

  • Pingback: Ray Cash at Honorable Media



  • Young Deuce

    To they nigga up there named YEah. Bitch mothafuck you. Go suck a dick somewhere before every nigga in ohio come fuck you up. You a pussy ass nigga you try to get gansta over the internet. I bet money you wont say fuck Ohio in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Toledo. Bitch ass nigga

  • mtzdetroit

    cleveland niggaz is fuckin gay, especially this Ray Cash faggot, trying to be all tough, take your goofy glasses wearing ass back to C town an stay there, bitch

  • williejaxx

    If anyone on here needs to shut up it’s The On1e cuz he’s nuthin but a hater. Who cares where somebody’s from and why do you use it as a reason to rag on somebody who obviously make shit a lot more hot than u can? Good luck hatin, Im sure it will get u real far

  • http://www.talkofCleveland.com The God

    Who the Fuck is “The One”, you a cyber thug!!! Bottom line is Cleveland Niggas hold’n it down. Don’t get it twisted, talking wreckless will get you laid the fuck out.

    R.I.P. Thank God & Ant http://www.RulershipEntertainment.com

  • Dj ManLay

    i’ve lived in cleveland my whole life and i know 4 a fact its some REAL niggas in my city. what i dont understand is why there are so many people hatin on a nigga 4 doin his thing, real niggas dont do that. is ya’ll JEALOUS cause he doin more than u? personally i know ray cash aint the hottest thing to come out of cleveland but i can respect a nigga 4 doin his thing.

  • Sleep905

    LOL!!!! niggas is trippin on here actin like girls. Big up to ray do u and the niggas hatin go outside and hustle or play basketball u on here postin comments like ten times. Get a life!!!!!!!! *Fam 1st* allday! Cleveland Stand up 116th

  • The ON1E

    cleveland=pussy ass jigs….



    (((((THINK))) HE




  • Hen Hogg

    Ha Ha Ha. Keep it goin yall….Ya’ll is crackin me tha f**k up!!!!!



  • http://www.myspace.com/lyricalicon Brandon

    I just copped the album today! He got a song called “She A G.” That’s the hottest track on the album besides Bumpin’ My Music.

    - Wordplay

  • NOVA

    C.O.D. is the type of music i’ve been dying to hear all year. everybody been puttin out these half assed take it or leave it type albums with one “hot” single and lukewarm filler tracks. Cash kept that album hot from beggining to end. i wish my chicago niggaz would put out some product like this other than kanye(who needs to shut the fuck up already). keep doin it big Cash

  • payback

    this payback in a jail cell real recongnize real to all these pussy ass niggaz look into a mind of a killa

  • http://XXLmag.com westside money

    if u dont like Ray Ca$h u got issues.he can rap plus he the only one from Cleveland doing it.”u lost money boy u betta be kiddin me/like Ray Ca$h i got my Ca$h on Delivery

  • germ-two

    Chi-town is wack. the weak link in the midwest. big up detroit, cell blcok c, nap-town, twin cities. bump chi town. bump all gangsta pissiples and them wack ass vickie lous.

    DNA Level-C still run thangs.

  • K.K

    who tha fuck is germ-two talkin about the chi is the weakest link u stupid bitch we tha strongest link what tha fuck is detroit doin u stupid bitches got eminem runnin yall a white boy and some lame as goofy lookin niggaz d-12 one fat as dude who wears shower caps 2 dudes who we don’t evev know which one is which and proof is dead so wat tha fuck is yall doin. chi-town is tha realest don’t get us confused wit kanye west we ain’t like that lame ass nigga. and cleveland is doin there thing i see u ray cash keep it gangsta thats y tha midwest ain’t comin up cause all these niggas is hatein on each other u see how LA is all 2gether and the dirty south even though the dirty south is fuckin up the rap game but they stay 2gether and st.louis should be kicked out of tha midwest if it waz possible cause they ain’t got shit 2 talk about but girls and grills hopefully tha midwest will come 2gether and fix tha rap game fuck tha dirty south that includes ATL Texas and all the rest of them lames but new orleans is kool

  • http://donnyslaughter.com Sayso
  • ReDiCuLouS

    K.K you forgot Denaun Porter from D12…but, yeah I get ya point…Chicago do it big….then I’d say KC,MO…that city is bout to bubble over man…cop dis shit; Skatterman & Snug Brimm’s “Urban Legends”, Cutt Calhoun’s joint, Tech N9ne’s “Anghellic” & “Absolute Power”…then you got other cats like Mac Lethal who are 1hunnid percent ill hip-hop, strait up.~

  • Ty

    It’s the first of the month!

  • Clova G’s

    Yo all you fuckin faggot dick sucking midwest pieces of inbred shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP cleveland aint shit. the only real shit in da midwest is East st louis fabo. Yall niggas soft eat dick and die. Come thru wit sumtine hard niggas get blasted yall niggas know who be reppin da north da south and da mid.

  • germ-two

    kanye is the best thing coming out of chicago. him and com. maybe lupe fiasco. but do or die and twista and all that other garbage drags chicago in the mud. and let’s not forgot, yall invented house music, because yall some house negros. i don’t rep, detroit i rep cleveland, sucka. but detroit got it going on. slum village is tighter than most cats in the game. and who is this walking cervix called clova g? st louis? east st louis?? lol. yall got kicked out the midwest, you didn’t know. not even chicago got love for st louis. running around like circus clowns with your nelly and j kwon garbage. the lou got its midwest pass revoked and can’t never get it back. the south can claim you clowns. big up to DNA Level C, Detroit, twin cities, milwaukee, nap-town, the natti , columbus, and if you behave, i will give chicago some love too. to hell with st louis.

  • Ace Boogie

    Im a young 20 year old from the D. And it’s nice to hear a talented rapper who doesn’t have this exagerated personality or background. I respect Ray Cash for being true to himself and being on his way to the top because of his skills. Keep bumpin that music!


    The album C.O.D. is well worth the price – one of the best gangster CD’s out right now

  • TONEDA1!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Ya wille fofo ass niggas need to stop hatin on the next man coming up in the game! Yeah I said it everybody knows by know that this hip hop movement influence’s everybody from east, west, south, midwest so ya want hate when a nigga come out da OH! and that’s fo sho! Yeah never heard of Ray Cash but that CD is a banger and well worth the CASH and I’m not saying it cause I’m from OH10. And we will never come together as a race if you can’t respect the next man coming up in da game and that’s STR8-up! Holla at all my real brothas and sistas out there from the East, West, South, Midwest, Shout out to the DAY-OH, DA Nati,Da BUS, Da C-Land and all the other cities in the OH10 it time for us to shine like the PLAYAS we are. so u haters keep hatin while we keep Playin.

  • freeagent

    I love bumping my music… Looking foward to the album…….

  • http://aol OH-10 Reppin

    Ray Cash, u r real hot out here and im glad that u fucks with the right and real ass niggas out here on the music tip…I just had to say that all of ohio is gangsta G! and there is alot of talent in this state too! keep it real as u seem to do and respect all the cities cuz we all bang…DYT reppin and have love 4 all cities in this state….trill!!

  • http://aol OH-10 Reppin

    Oh!! yeah tell that soft “Clover G” ass nigga to calm down…sound real pussy to me…probably never step into n e city in ohio, u P.A.N.!!! scary ass!! no disrespect to the real ones in st louis. just stop having yall lil hating cheerleading speak on something he/she knows nothin about!!

  • freeagent

    this guys music is hot right now. Word of advice, mix it up wit the east, north, west and the south the season the talent some and stay away from 50-cent and P-Diddy.

  • Desmond Jeffries

    Ray’s m’boy and my copy of the CD being shipped to my house. I’ve listened to clips of C.O.D. I it probably is the BEST album I’ve ever heard.

  • http://XXLmag.com westside money

    Well I copped this album and I was pretty impressed.I like track 14,15,6 because they aer hot.Ray Ca$h is pretty tight foe Cleveland.oh yea by the way track 6 is SEX APPEAL,track 14 is P.A.N and track 15 was TAKE HOW YOU WANT IT.

  • Black Kobra Eats Donkey!

    Who the fuck is Black Kobra? Man, I’m from Chicago and I heard this Ray Cash nigga and his shit is on point. Don’t know what the fuck Black “Dick” in your mouth is talkin about. That’s the problem these days, Stop hatin and show some fuckin RESPECT BITCH!

  • pop a poppa

    ray cash got skillz
    keep it S.L.A.B.

  • total piatko

    the on1e u a hatter flat out im from toledo and i now for a fact the midwest and as for cle yall do u thing but stop hating toledo its real niggas up her to the nati yall cool keep do u but i think we geting on to something up the t no homo f$#k*u haters we gone get ours bitches

  • total piatko

    the on1e u a hatter flat out im from toledo and i now for a fact the midwest up next defently befor the east come back them niggas is haters not all but a nuff
    and as for cle yall do u thing but stop hating toledo its real niggas up her to the nati yall cool keep do u but i think we geting on to something up in the t no homo f$#k*u haters we gone get ours bitches and if u dont like dont let me catch u int streets or the pens

  • abe

    yo man im from clevland and evryone be frontin cause they from atlanta and shit. but you know since ray is reppin cleveland im starting to get some love. 72 STREET REPPIN BABY

  • I.K.E HU$TLE

    What’s happ’nen, Its ya boy IKE HU$TLE aka IKE Dolla $IGN, born to grind and I just gotta say BIG UPS to my man Ray Cash for doin’ his thing and open’n up the eyes, ears and doors for alotta people tryin’ to get it in this game of rap. Im from CLEVELAND and am what you would call a MAN OF RESPECT cuz that’s what CLEVELAND NIGGAZ command wherever they go…Be it CHICAGO(Shouts To My Nigga Don Che out them Wild Hundreds!!), Detroit, Texas, Atlanta, Miami, wherever because we eat, sleep, shit, and breath real life situations that NIGGAZ from any hood can feel, and that’s what my nigga Ray Cash is to you in a nutshell on his C.O.D. Niggaz kill hollerin’ tough shit on the INTERNET!!!!! You do the math…

  • ill will STL REP. 314

    look that clova Gs a bitch im from da lue the east side aint shit. we got love fo da hole mid-west. we play rray cash. he the shit. Fuck nelly,J-kowand (who cant come back or else he dead) yall got STL fucked up cuz all dem bitches dat came out is on dat sanging shit. we got real niggas out here spiting but nigga dont wanna herre dat from us. Nelly got yall minds fucked up. to come out da mid-west is hard. nigga we need to unite and say fuck any one who hate on any mid-west city. MID-WEST STAND UP WE GO SHINE!!!!!!

  • ill will STL REP. 314

    germ-two how u mid-west on eastern time bitch. Bring yo hoe ass to da lue and neverr make it back cross da mississippi river. u must b da biggest fagget in C-town cuz when i c a clevland nigga da show love when i tell werre im form and da get respect back. You just made cuz yo city aint won a championchip in fo ever. C u on da field Bitch.

  • freeagent

    Items to buy:
    1)Ray Cash (Album)
    2)Young Jock (Album)
    3)E-40 (Album)
    4)Lil’John’s Snap your fingers(single)
    5)NFL Madden 2007
    6)Too $hort (Album #16)
    7)Smackdown vs Raw 2007

  • germ-two

    ill will, listen up, son. you see how that wack ass artifact yall call an arch , is all bent up and shit? that is how that neck can get snapped, poppin off at the lip with your wack ass st louis garbage. st foolish is the weakest link in the midwest and you know it. that is why you got your fallopian tubes all bent out of shape because you know i am tappin at the heart of your insecurity. 21-6 up, 31-4 down. do me a favor, go listen to some nelly with the rest of the fickle minded teenage girls and stay up out of grown folks bizness, foo.



  • http://chazminmoney17aol.com Alden

    on da real ray u raw and niggaz form da chi im form cleveland i know niggaz from da chi town aint shyt dude without Cleveland where it’s at i love da chi but on da real ride through cleveland niggaz Ray Cash do yo thing . Chicago blow yo azz back inside like yo nick name windy of u got shyt to say MID WEST WE TAKEIN THIS THING. EUCLID STAND UP WEST SIDE OLD BROOKLYN STAND UP!

  • Mrs.Jones


  • Macdatruest

    I bought the nigga Ray Cash shit and I was suprised to hear so many people beatin’ that shit in they rides. I only knew they was playin’ Ray once I bought th CD myself but niggas been on dude shit. Whenever I’m playin that shit in my ride niggas be like, “this shit tight, what’s this?” I be like dat boy Cash mane. I knew dude was gone blow up, cause people wanna see a down to earth, real nigga talki about real shit, which he do on his CD Cash On Delivery, I even like the name. All these niggas with videos and bidding wars and shootouts before they album drop, and all the other rap gimmicks aint talkin about shit. They hopin’ to excite muthafuckas into buying their shit using hype. Ray-he just spit. Congradulations nigga, like he said on Gettin’ My Doe off his C.O.D. album, “Quarter mil off Sex Appeal, yeainknow?” Mil-Set, See?