Too $hort
Born N Raised


The name rings bells across the nation as a call to arms for pimpin’: “Too $hort, Baby, comin’ straight from Oakland.” This self-made millionaire built an empire in an era when quality independent music sold itself. He started out slangin’ his tapes out of the trunk in the ’80s, and eventually set a precedent for the West Coast sound (and later, the Dirty South) with the self-proclaimed “dope fiend beats.” And boy did it sell—each of his subsequent albums racking up platinum and gold sales with virtually no radio or video play. Now, after twenty-five years in the game, the Godfather of Bay Area rap is back at it again, lacing up cameos from here to Tennessee and dropping his 16th album, Up All Night, in June, adding sheer force to the growing momentum of the hyphy movement. $hort Dog may be getting older, but he’s still making sure that the youngsters from his ’hood are eatin’ and the OGs understand why the Bay Area’s bubbling new renaissance was destined to be.

Everyone pays homage to you as the Godfather of Bay Area Rap. That must feel good.
Mac Dre has been around a long time. E-40’s been around a long time. JT the Bigga Figga, Rappin 4-Tay. There’s been a lot of guys that been around a long time, but they all grew up listening to Too $hort. I really do respect and appreciate all the Bay Area artists and all the love they always give me. But I was a little dude makin’those records. I was in my teens when Too $hort was getting popular in the Bay Area on the local scene. So when somebody says to me, “I grew up on Too $hort,” I say, “I did too.”

Are you surprised at all by the current resurgence of the Bay Area movement?
I’m not really surprised that the hottest thing that’s coming out of the Bay right now is the music that makes you dance. I’ve been traveling around the world for twenty years, and in the last five years or so, no matter where you go, nowadays the fans like the artists that make them dance more. I been telling West Coast people in general—L.A., Vegas, San Diego, the Bay, all the way up to Seattle—I be like, “You gotta speed it up.” So now that they callin’ it hyphy, everybody’s dancin’. I’m just sayin’, “I told you so.”

FTRtooshort2.jpgYou epitomized the success of being from the Bay and also being an independent rapper. Do you think having a background at an independent label helps artists when they’re coming up?
It helps. If you end up on a major label or you land a tour or something, being a part of that Bay Area independent scene is like college. [It’s] education. If you go from the independent scene to a major label, you’re in tune to other things than an artist who just put together his demo, shopped it and got a deal isn’t. You know the internal intricacies of a record company. And you know, Bay Area artists like to know the full scope of what’s going on in business. Not so much just [with] music and image, but, Where is my money going? How much is it? A lot of us are the keepers of our own bank accounts. I’ve always been that way. I’ve never had to ask somebody else, “Can you give me the money that Too $hort made?” It’s always come to me. So I think that’s something we got going on out here.

Do you think there’s any down side to coming up independent?
I think the bad side is that if you sell 50,000 records and you make $200,000, you’re not really as hungry as you could be or should be. It might pacify you. Do that year-in and year-out and then you go, Shit, I got a nice car, nice house, my kids eat. I don’t need a deal from a label. But that deal could potentially be the one thing that catapults you into international, nationwide stardom. We have artists in the Bay who are definitely on the same level as every artist you’ve been seeing on BET over the years. But the difference is: is a major label gon’ stand behind you and spend a million dollars to convince suburban America and the commercial world you’re “it”? In the early ’90s, late ’80s, the music stood for itself. Now, the marketing dollars represent what we really like. Who markets the best and the biggest is who sells the best and the biggest.

With Bay music blowing up on a mainstream level, a lot of other aspects of Oakland culture are getting drawn into the spotlight. Some of them, like sideshow culture or the drug aspect, have drawn criticism. Do you think that’s fair?
I don’t want to promote drugs or anything, but probably the harshest thing they might do is like some X pills or something. Listening to some other kinds of music, everybody’s [high] off crystal meth and just wasting their life away on serious drugs. I mean, there’s probably a negative side to classical music if you dig into it. I’ve been in four different cities this past week, and the most appealing thing about hyphy to the people outside of the Bay is the “ghostride the whip.” That just turns them on. That gets everybody’s dick hard and panties wet. [But] I feel like it’s a musical movement, first and foremost. When you look at it and analyze it, what stands out is the music—the artists, the music [that] makes you dance. The number-one thing about the hyphy isn’t the sideshow or doing donuts. It’s the music.

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  • Belize

    Props on this story..even though its too short (no pun), put short dawg on ur cover lamos!

  • Lee

    Yo much respect to shor dog. He has done a lot for hip hop and west coast hip hop as well he is one of the best not enough people show him the respect that he deserves. He will do well when he come’s out with a new cd his last one should have gone at least triple platnum. With Lil Jon giving him some heat he will do well even with out him he would still sell well.

  • DisoBAYish

    blow the whistle, mayne. yeeeee

  • TheTruth

    True Legand
    XXL yall need to lenthing the interviews are way to short

  • http://XXL YoungMando

    I agree, this story was Too Short! you gotta put this Hyphy movement in one of your covers with E-40, Keak da Sneak & ya boy Too $hort! I used to go out & buy all the new albums but I tired of buying whack albums.Let me tell you too $hort is still one of the artist that I will STILL go out & buy his album. you gotta get that “Married to the game” & fa’sho ima get that “Up all night” if ya’ll like hyphy music, you gotta listen to EA-SKI, Frontline & The Federation. they are all part of the hyphy movement.

  • http://XXL YoungMando


  • thelife

    This interview was mad short. Yellow Nig, you better lengthen your interviews to get this website going.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • ddd

    too short is da man

  • DCMadeMan

    Shout out to Short Dawg. Man whats up with that short ass interview? XXL full of shit. I bet if it was 50 or eminem the damn interview would be 3 pages long. Bitches!

  • bookworm

    thats it?

  • CashFlow(Wizard of Oz)

    where the rest of the interview ock?


    yo to that last cat talking about he rep the Bx, nigga uain’t reppin’ shit but all dem down south homo thugz! aight now let me go on and make my muthafukin’ point! ain’t NOBODY hatin’ on down south. shit when I wanna fuck a decent bitch or wanna just wild-out a lil I’ma go down south but listen ya toy ass niggaz, WE TALKING HIP HOP here! not ya 2nd grade rhymes. I ain’t hating on the south, but I’m saying though, ya niggaz got no skillz when it come to this rap shit. like I Said before, go across the muthafukin’ globe and ask real hip hop heads to name you they top 10 nah fuck it, TOP 20! and see if you gonna find any down south albums in there! YOU NOT! first of all rap is all about that slick talk! and ya niggaz don’t even got that. ya niggaz is slow! when ONE of ya down south rappers could say a line like my nigga 40 .CAL said than come holla (“THE ONLY TIME YOUR HEATER GO OFF IS WHEN YOU DON’T PAY YOUR GAS BILL”) or what my nigga Jada said (“YOU AIN’T GOTTA WORRY ABOUT JADA BEING A SNITCH, ONLY TIME I DROP A DIME IS WHEN I’M LEAVING A BITCH”) come on dawgs i could go on for days, ONLY NYC NIGGAZ SAY SHIT LIKE THAT! ya down south niggaz is fruit cakes, with all them homo simple lines like “I WEN TO THE PARTY TO FUCK A GIRL, BABY YOU NEED TO COME WITH ME SO I CAN GIVE YOU THE WORLD” ..get the fuck up outta here with that bullshit! see what I mean ya internet thugz??? down south is too simple and too slow! niggaz will NEVER have lyrics! niggaz sound stupid when they talk! thatz why nyc niggaz ALWAYZ GET THE HOES! and ya niggaz don’t get shit! leave that hip hop shit to us and ya go ahead and do ya crunk music or whateva u call it! might as well call it ROCK AND ROLL!!!! ya niggaz ain’t saying nothing! aight check this out, I’ma give all ya down south wanna be rappers and fanz a chance to get at me, on the next post TELL ME , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, TELL ME ONE HOT LINE THAT A DOWN SOUTH WANNA BE RAPPER SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST ONE!!!! and than I’ll shut the fuck up aight!!!?!!!!! here go one more example of a down south rapper spittin’ “i’m the boss, who floss, got hoes like diana ross, i got girls that need to get they ass tossed!” AND THAT AIN’T NO RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GET THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before i go ya down south trash niggaz come go to the HALL OF FAME and educate ya dumbasses, if you wanna know what a hip hop class sounds like , here go a few……………….. go and cop that cuz them shits is straight fire doggy! —————– ILLMATIC, READY TO DIE, LIFE AFTER DEATH, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, INFAMOUS MOBB, THE REALNESS, POWER OF A DOLLAR, BLUEPRINT, THE BLACK ALBUM, IN MY LIFE TIME VOL. 2, REASONABLE DOUBT, AGAINST ALL ODDS (tragedy khadafi), THE TESTAMENT, ITS DARK AND HELL IS HOT, THE WAR REPORT, CAM’S CONFESSION OF FIRE, ENTER THE WU, COLLEGE DROPOUT, PHILADELPHIA FREEWAY, ONLY BUILT FOR CUBAN LINX, CLIPSE’S 1ST JOINT, THE FIRM, come on yo i could go on and on and on on on on!!! YA NIGGAZ GET THE POINT! look out for these up and coming rookies of the year PAPOOSE, JR WRITER (stop flossin’ dawg, go back to the old dayz) TRU LIFE, MAINO, PEEDI CRACKK, GRAVY, J HOOD.. just to name a few…… o yeah one more thing, I THINK ALL YA RAPPERS BE TRYING TO USE THE HOOD TO GET PROPS, TALKING ABOUT YOU REP THE HOOD, NIGGAZ U DON’T REP SHIT, ALWAYS TALKING DOWN ON THE HOOD AND THAN TALKING ABOUT U IS THE HOOD, HOW NIGGA??? AIN’T NOBODY IN THE HOOD GOT NO BMW’S OR BENTLEYS OR NO SHIT LIKE THAT, I’MA HOOD NIGGA YO AND I GOT ONE QUESTION FOR ALL YA RAPPERS INCLUDING NYC RAPPERS, COME TO THE BRONX IN FRONT OF I.S. 193 JUNIOR H.S. WHERE WE BALL AT, RIGHT NEXT TO MURPHY PROJECTS IN 174TH STREET AND SHOW ME ONE NIGGA THAT GOT A BENTLY??? COME ON DAWG, U TALKING ABOUT YOU REP THE HOOD, NIGGA YOU DON’T REP THE HOOD, YA NIGGAZ JUST WANNA USE US TO GET PROPS… BUT BIG UP TO ALL MY NIGGAZ THATZ REALLY ON THE GRIND YO, TAK, TFT, BTB, CBB, TS, OTB and all ya cats. o yeah and my nigga BRACK, REST IN PEACE TO MY NIGGA ZUSE! Aight i’m done but…………there ya niggaz go I ain’t hating just real talk son! if ya niggaz got sum real points to make come holla other wise suck a dick up til u hick up nigga! ……………….P.E.A.C.E!

  • http://shortDog Truth speaker

    I seen you in South Beach club in ATL and for the first time in my life I felt like talking to a rapper in a club, normally I see these other niggaz and it’s like whatever, but I grew up to Short Dog, it felt like being in the presense of a legend, icon, I wish I did holla at you cause you were just on some chill shit, no bodyguard no nothing, it almost looked like you were a “normal” dude..

    Anyway Short dog, big upm next time I’ll holla cause I do have a website and I interview rappers.

    One luv, ya know what’s crazy homie, in 1988 I was introduced to you in MUTHAF***ING NIGERIA, while I was on vacation, bet you didn’t know that huh?

  • Da Truf

    If you want more Too $hort, pick up the Anniversary Issue of RUCKUS MAGAZINE!!!

  • Badat

    Short Dog in da house.I grew up listerning to Shorty da pimp, but hey i miss ‘em this dude is a legend.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Best $hort Dogg Album is Cocktails niggas!!!!! Gettin’ It is good…but Cocktails is the pinnacle of his career… the South is the new West, he was jus the first to realize it. Big up to my nigga Tech N9ne…fuck a nelly…the MidWest is comin’ up next!!!


    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! this mufukas a legend! i disagree with the south being the new west! fuck that!!!! nobody can be west! i’m down with the ol’ school gangsta, pimp shit! when that nigga was’nt commercial! i’m saying shorty the pimp, get in where you fit in, cocktails”guerrila pimpin” real shit you ride to defining how the west is and was cause regardless of us not being on top of the game on the “commercial level” we are on top of the game in general and the most influential for example khaki suits! chucks! cortez, white t-shirts thats west baby, low riders shit on vogues thats west! always being flossy, thats the mufuken west! escupida verdadera! real gangbanging! thats west homie need i say anymore! west up! but yeah about time this vato gets his props cause this nigga is the reasonwhy mufukas talking that pimpshit!!!! and that word has been thrown around now and it ain’t the same as when he was saying the shit! west up “$hort dog”, SOUTH CENTRAL LOS ANGELES GOT YA FRON T AND YOUR BACK HOMIE!!!! CALIRUNUPONYAFORNIA! WEST! WEST!


    I almost forgot, BIAAAAAAAAAAAATCH!

  • G-Z-US

    I’m an OG, and I can literally say that I’ve been listening to $hort for his entire career…26+….to say one album is better than the other would be a disservice in my opinion. All of his albums, to me, are equally as good and what they all did was keep the BAY relevant during whatever mood swing the RAP scene was in. I’m fa’sho the interview could have been longer casue there is so much more to the HYPHY movement to c addressed….Maybe XXL’ll get it right next time…..Now I couldn’t let the least coast cat babble on without shooting him some correction. The south has some real representation in this rap world….SCARFACE….OUTKAST….UGK…TRICK DADDY…GOODIE MOB…and currently….T.I…..all of whom have more rap files than 90% percent of the so called classics you mentioned…..and my opinion on the list you gave….refer to your message in order…bullshit (only good casue east coast folks said so), bullshit (only good casue of the remixes), life after death was cool, capital punishment was alright, anything having to do with mobb deep is garbage, I don’t even know what the next two are (case closed), Jay-Z & DMX is the only thing that kept y’all afloat, tragedy khadafi (won’t bother), noreaga’s bette off without capone (we all know that), horse and carriage (now he’s gangsta….yeah), 36 chambers was the best they ever did (that’s why all the ones after that were half hearted), Kanye’s from Chicago (don’t jump on his dick cause he works for the ROC), Freeway was cool (since when do NYC cats recognize Philly for real hip hop….hhhmmmmm), or VA for that matter, Only built for cuban linx only had two songs…(doesn’t make the album a classic……it makes incarcerated scarfaces a classic)…Papoose won’t be around long…(heard that bullshit diss song…he picked the wrong people at the wrong time, plus he don’t know what burrough to claim), jr writer is crap and the rest of them cats ain’t rookies, unless you’re admitting that they’re minor leaguers….c’mon admit…ha ha ha….I respect the Tru Life cat cause of what he spoke on beef..seems like a real cat….don’t need no quotes and attempts to find two bars…some of the same cats you mentioned collab’ed with some southern rappers and got lost in the system (and if you wanna act like you don’t know what I meant..they got they ass chewed) Oh yeah, and the firm needed a west coast cat to put them on, and when he left……damn!!! Which brings me back to the point……KEEP IT PIMPIN’ SHORT…and everybody needs to check that “UP ALL NIGHT” cd. Once again ensuring that the “YAY AREA” is relevant in the current rap swing…but oh shit…this time the swing is DA BAY…….YADADAMEEN!!!!!

  • YOLA sound like Too Short

    i love the bay, everyday. i heard this dude YOLA’s stuff on
    and i thought it was too short but its not. its still hot though



  • Knowledge Speaks

    [to SHAHEIM ALI]

    A few Southern rappers with lyrics:

    *Field Mob
    *Little Brother (who are from North Carolina)
    *Killa Mike
    *Clipse(who are from Virginia which is still considered the “south”)
    *Jin (who’s from Florida)

    Next time check ya self before going off on a tangeant, and recognize that Hip-Hop is far more then just slick lyrics. Southern Rap is just another branch off the “Hip-Hop Tree”. A lot of niggaz be complaining that it ain’t nuthin’ but boot shakin’ music. That shit’s been around for a minute, mayne.

    2-Live Crew was doing the exact same thing way back in the day. The Sugar Hill Gangs first cut was a dance track, so it ain’t surprising at all that the majority of music on the radio is either R&B or Club Music.

    You talk about all this lyricism shit like there ain’t nobody weak on the East Coast. The top selling artist in New York is 50 Cent, and that nigga couldn’t flip good words if he was Vanna White. And how the hell you gon’ put up FREEWAY’S album in a Hall of Fame next to BIG PUNS?! That shit right there’s an insult.

    Do yourself a favor and slap yourself, nigga. Freeway might as well be one of those “wack” Southern rappers you going off about,’cause he ain’t bringing no heat to the mic lyrically, and his voice is annoying as fuck. You didn’t even add Cassidy on that Hall of Fame, and that nigga ate Freeway!

    I’m through dropping wisdom. You can put your foot in your mouth now.

  • 11KAP

    Man, too short was killin’ the 808 back in the day. I had to buy his second album, “Life is…Too Short”. It’s still bumpin’, and the lyrics….that man has talent with words, and his songs are never boring.

  • ROB G


  • DrBankinstein

    Give it up to Short cuz he is one of the MAIN reasons us independant artist can still ride maseratis and build up big houses and big businesses from this hip hop culture we built. Proving way back in the 80′s that we don’t need to be on TV or the radio to make a RESPECTABLE name for your self or even more some RESPECTABLE money! Longevity is the name of the game and in this playing feild you can take the TOO SHORT road to the top or you can take the L.L. COOL J route. Those are the only 2 mutha fuckas in this game that aint goin nowhere no time soon. Them niggas is go be the first rappers still gettin respected for makin albums when they 50 years old. Name any otha mutha fucka still heavy in the game like them two………

  • the photographer

    well i didn’t hear anything about the pictures guess no one appreciates the exclusive pictures we got…. more to come…


    Laugh Now, Cry Later.
    Big ups 2 $hort Dog

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Da South is the new West!!!! Every hood is the same ya’ll!!!Check above.

  • Bay$hitYadidimen

    I aint frum da south but T.I and Young Jeezy got lyrics nigga on sum real shit


    Short Dog will always be a West Coast Legend cuzz reppin’ both L.A. & Tha Bay. Before niggas be talkin’ about pimps and hoes and shit, my boy here & T brought that to the mainstream. Now every mothafucka thinks hes a pimp. Ya’ll cats better pay some respect to one of the greatest.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    ^^Jeezy ain’t no lyricist nigga. His spits is mediocre and the “Yeeeeea” trademark is old. Catchy songs, and hood cred is what that nigga feeds off of. He even admits that he ain’t a rapper.

  • Isaac

    Ight there some kid popin off at the south is the new west coast. . . . homie your full of shit ain’t the south the new west coast and nyc niggas get all the hoes cuz they deasearve them the south is hot right now but look at it in 10 years who ganna be poppin off?? mike jones??? hell na he weak longevity and yeah too $hort got that shit on lock 25 years so don’t be coming and talkin smack bout the coast that short dog built.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Yall trippin….The South is the new West…the music gangsta, dance, & bout cruisen….just like classic West Coast, even this new Hyphy shit is a form of crunk!!! This aint no disrespect directed towards any coast, just a brilliant observation, yall. Peep game, look at everything the West was about with Dre,Quik,Celly Cel,Brotha Lynch Hung,C-Bo & all dem niggaz…now tell me how far from those topics have we gotten in the South…no where, they just resurrected them…damn, niggaz needs to be usin’ they heads for somthin other than hustlin & playin ball…


    TOP 10:

    1.) 2pac

    2.) Mac Dre

    3.) Yukmouth

    4.) Ya Boy

    5.) Young Dru

    6.) E-40

    7.) Mistah F.A.B.

    8.) Clyde Carson

    9.) San Quinn

    10.) Keak Da Sneak


    and they say the bay aint shit?!?! bay bidness all damn day mayn


    1) 2PAC (RIP).
    2) ICE CUBE.
    3) EAZY-E.
    4) SNOOP DOGG.
    5) DR. DRE.
    6) DJ QUIK.
    8) ICE-T.
    9) TOO SHORT.
    10) CROOKED I.

  • Big Bubba

    im in jail i wanna have too shorts son

  • 2real4dastreetz

    yo im from WEST SIDE riverside county stand up ill put a hole new meaning to the word fracture cause i aint no chump talikn shit you got a 99 percent chase of gettin jumped

  • 2real4dastreetz

    Knowledge Speaks
    yall is straight up gay
    seem like nothing make will make yall shut up
    maybe a bullet wound
    seems like all you doing is floodin up the chat room
    yeah its like that dawg
    if i saw u in da streetz id probly pop u in da jaw
    yall was probly writin this shit will smokin a fuckin dutch
    i mean yall aint bitches yall just talk to much

  • boodawoods28

    LA FOE LIFE… EZE above Snoop??? Dre is a producer not a MC…who da fuck is CROOKED I…a nobody that’s who…where’s da crack head Suga Free (ONT and POMONA) at on that list??? That nigga straight off the corner gotta make the list for LA.

  • G-Z-US

    2real4 what the f**k ever. You from riverside dude…ain’t that 90210 country or the gansta s**t for those geting paid for it and keep yo’ mind on saying some s**t that makes sense…..GONE


    Nigga (Boodawood) don’t hate on my list cuzz. Dis MY list of favorite rappers cuzz. Eazy-E be tha Godfather of this Gangsta Rap shit. Snoop that’s my boi cuzz…I be fuckin’ wit dat nigga since Deep Cover in ’91 but Eazy & N.W.A got me into this West Coast Hip Hop cuzz when Straight Outta Compton dropped. Nigga Crooked I is my boi if you knew anything about L.A. hip hop you should know dat this cat is one of the sickest MC’s dat eva came out the West Coast. Suga Free be cool but he ain’t one of my favorites and he definitely aint betta than my nigga Crooked I. And dat’s da truth cuzz!

  • Jack of Spades

    Short is a legend. I’m amazed that someone can have a career that long and keep up such a high level of quality.

    “The Ghetto” reminds me that shit hasn’t changed since the Reagan days. That’s how conscious hip hop should be written: by the hood, for the hood. Not by people like Common, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli. I understand and respect their goals, but if the only people who hear it are backpackers and college kids, why bother?

  • Ridik#1




  • Brick Man

    Too $hortt has always and will always be the man. The streets are saying he’s about to do a collabo with ATL’s Yola. All of Yola’s hot tracks are on

    they got some major low key hits.

  • South/WestRider


    Man you trippin. You can’t down the entire down south movement. I agree some of that music is pure CRAP like the Ying Yang Twins for example. However they even get the club jumpin if thats the mood you’re in at the time. Sometimes JADA gets off but he has had some straight up bull too. You want real lyrics from the south, listen to Lil Wayne, TI, Ceelo, Feind, them fools go hard. My main point is if you generalize an entire section of HIP HOP or section of the world for that matter you really hurt the game. For example Jada’s cool the LOX wack as hell, Juelz Santana cool Jim Jones wack as hell, Lil Wayne cool Baby wack as hell, TI, Outkast, Ceelo cool, Ying Yang, Luda, Mike Jones wack as hell and last but not least on the west we got Cube, Game, E40 and SHORT DAWG all cool Gorilla Black etc wack as hell. Theres Good and Wack music on the west, south, north and east. Go wit what ya like, just don’t be hatin just to hate. Much respect to Mr. Short Dawg and I will be gettin that up all night and that new cube shortly.

  • Thatman

    Too Short is the always going to be the man. He doesnt have 2 have the best lyrics to be one of the best of all time. He sends the right message in his music. He is a legend. Now days a lot of rappers have sold out for the commercial crowed. To many lovey dovey videos,and these are the rappers that people look up to??? Everyones doing the same thing. The TV and radios dont give him the respect he deserves. I think that Too $hort should be on every magazine cover that deals with hip-hop and music itself. A lot of the rappers that are suppose to be great sell out, and change the sound of there music. That tells me that they have no confidence in the music that they make. I love the sound that he does with Lil Jon, they make nothing but hits.I like that he making music for the club scene.All of your albums are great. We need some more videos. Keep it comming. And come to 106&park I have been waiting. Todd Anthony Shaw AKA Too Short. (From the no.1 Too Short fan)I also met you at Billy’s Place in Louisville, KY. You sign my CD, and I took A picture with you, You truly are the greatest.And dont stop rappin, im out. Bitch!!!!!!!! No disrespect to the west, but the south is not the new west coast,the south is the south. Open your eyes and see.Its our time now. Top ten 106 and park all day.

  • krazykiki81

    Damn…this interview was short as hell.

  • AR

    if yall feelin the hyphy movement go check these catz out. http://www.myspace.comh2entertainment

  • Pamela

    yadaddamean yadaddasayin

  • SwifD209

    I been listening to Too $hort since i was in like 5th grade hes been bigger than big around northern cali for hella days. not just him, mac dre, mac mall, keak, all the bay area shit i been listening to for a while and finnaly theyre gettin their recognition. fuck yea

  • freeagent

    Okay-It’s Time for Album #16-when is it coming out? I’ve heard late June to early July to late August. I mean anytime in 2006?????????????? Short Dog “My #2-alltime fav. rapper.
    I got a $20.00 on his next album
    Give me another Cocktails……….

  • JonnyE

    $hort was platinum in like 88′ haters